my life on a friday night



It was Friday, which meant Magic and Pokémon! I love that I get to spend a few hours with mi amor at his second job, I swear it powers me through my work night.

Also, it’s fun to wear a semi cute relaxed outfit and bright shoes.

Mostly I just like to be all in his personal space. 😍😍😍

Bae is bae. Smart, funny, kind, silly…haha I could write y'all a list but I won’t. Basically he is, down to the letter, everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner ever.
Hashtag I’m not gonna fuck this up. Hashtag God guide me.

Straight White Boy Problem #976

….coming home from college is so weird. Seeing my family is nice. Relaxing after a tough semester is nice. Seeing my friends from high school is nice (just kidding it’s really weird) But…..home just…doesn’t feel like home anymore. It’s hard to explain. I can easily get emotionally deep with CLAIRE on a Friday night but I can’t go beyond surface conversations with my family when I’m at home. My friends in my major, my fraternity brothers, and my sports friends are all making me who I am today and they have a greater impact on my life at the moment. I love (its hard for me to say that word) my family, but I guess home is really where the heart is and my heart is with my friends

Blow Out This Flame / Mad Marco / Marco's New Life / Marco's Old Life
Brian H. Kim
Blow Out This Flame / Mad Marco / Marco's New Life / Marco's Old Life

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Running with Scissors.

Lots of fun stuff in this one! Here’s a big 4-minute jumbo track with my four favorite cues.

0:00 Blow Out This Flame - Setting the tone for this dimension. Big impactful percussion and arpeggiated synths. 

0:35 Mad Marco - Big dystopian action cue, followed by EXPOSITORY DIALOGUE SEQUENCE.

2:38 Marco’s New Life - Marco loves his dragoncycle and I love him for it. The guitar is echoey and maybe a little Friday Night Lights-y, which is new for this show, but that felt appropriate for a scene that really didn’t have any precedent.

3:45 Marco’s Old Life - And then Marco returns home and gets poked in the squishy gut.

  • Homework: *exists*
  • Classes: *exist*
  • Responsibilities: *exist*
  • People: *exist*
  • Social Stress: *exists*
  • Studies: *exist*
  • Deadlines: *exist*
  • Me: ...Oh look! A 140k word fanfic with a 7 part sequel let's see how long it takes me to read this.

i am not afraid to do things on my own. i take myself to coffee, i buy my own flowers, i go on solo road trips. i stay at home by myself on a friday night if i don’t feel like going out, i go to museums by myself, and i’ve found a trick to putting the duvet cover on without it being such an annoying task.

recently, though, i’ve found myself desiring less alone time and more change. i desire to have that other person, that side-kick, that partner right beside me as i go and and do and try new things in this life.

loving and missing you quite a bit, dear. can’t wait to meet and know who you are.

Rolling for my life

CONTEXT: I was playing D&D with a group of friends as we did almost every Friday night, like the nerds we are. We had just gotten attacked battle by some pretty nasty undead soldiers with a good amount of HP on each. I usually roll within the 14-17 range but I had sufficiently gotten the ever living fuck kicked out of me, like almost down to 2 HP by the time we got to what we though was a safe zone. 

DM: as you relax you hear a noise emit from the shadows

me: fuck 

DM: As you peer closer to the darkness you can hear the sound of painful moaning, it is the remaining undead soldiers from the forest.

me: Can I just roll not to die? 

DM: what?

Me: can I roll to not die? 

DM: sure, I guess. As long as you roll higher than your current HP. 

Me: alright , i only have 2 HP so as long as I don’t get a on-*rolls dice and lands on a nat. 1* fuck….

DM: ….well shit…

My entire party still will not let me live this down. 

I’m in the middle of tapping out an email to my dad, deleting and retyping sentences.

On Friday night I’ll cook an abridged Chinese New Year Eve dinner, I write.

Maybe I’ll cook noodles (symbolizing happiness, longevity) or dumplings (symbolizing wealth). I don’t tell him what I’ll do exactly. This is the first time in my adult life, apart from drinking parties organized under the guise of making dumplings for Lunar New Year, that I’ve paid attention to this holiday.

My dad is unbothered by the truncated menu. In his email back to me, he focuses more on the train he’ll take to New York, the one after 3 p.m. when the station offers free parking.

Chinese New Year had always felt to me more like stiff spectacle than warm family tradition, and fleetingly, I feel guilty for hijacking his holiday by moving it from his place to mine. I’d invited him because it was time for a visit and because I didn’t want to make the three-hour trek to his house in Connecticut.

I wonder if, with my laziness, I’ve sped up the generational hand-off of customs that comes when a kid assumes more leadership in a family. Like hosting a Lunar New Year dinner. I also wonder if I’m cheapening a tradition.

My Menu For Lunar New Year: Guilt, Confusion, With A Side Of Angst

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

“For me it is important to share my everyday life.” ~Sam Heughan

Sam and Cait - sharing everyday life.

Balfe:  … Oh, and ‘Friday Night Lights,’ that was a huge one for me,” with Heughan chiming in that the two of them watched “Friday Night Lights” together.

“Catriona [Balfe] and I hang out a lot.” 

“I can feel if she’s unhappy. I just feel it.” 

“Caitriona’s in New York and it’s snowing and she’s cold and miserable. Poor thing. I miss her greatly.”

“Sam was in L.A. filming something and sending pictures of him hanging out in beaches and stuff.”

“Yeah, we do hang out sort of personally as well.”

“But I never go home with my sword and prance around like I’m Laird off set do I ??? Not like others I know.”

“Late night celebratory macaroons.”

“I believe I did have your raw banoffee pie, Caitriona. It’s delicious.”

“And she’s always buying stuff, it’s so true.  … She also buys so many pieces of art work, and clothing.  She spends all her money online.” 

Sam: “I do sometimes do very early sessions, like sorta 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock.”                                                                                                 Cait: “Okay -  never 4 o’clock, okay. It’s always like 5, 5:30.”

Sam: “You can cook… can you?” [Cheeky grin]                                Caitriona: “Shut up, I’ve cooked for you before.”                                 Sam: “Yeah, she’s a really good cook.”    

“We were watching the Night Manager the other day.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I want to say, I LOVE your AUs! I was wondering if you could do a religious/punk college roommates? like the other one smokes, drinks etc. and the other doesn't like it, prays every night?

  • “Dear Heavenly Father, I know you say that we should love everybody equally, but could I make an exception for my roommate who plays 2009 emo bands at 1am?” “I can hear you! You’re not praying silently!” AU
  • For all of their life, Character A has been home schooled so that their parent(s) could make sure that Character A was getting a good, religion approved education. Now attending the college of their dreams, Character A is sure that everything is going the way that their god wants…except for Character B, their punk aesthetic roommate who is constantly doing everything that goes against Character A’s religion.
  • “Here, put in one of my earbuds and listen to this cool new band that I found. I’ve listened to your music and I think you need some more screamo in your playlists.” AU
  • Character A hasn’t ever really felt close to any faith or religion, but after rooming with Character B, a devout worshiper, Character A is slightly intrigued about what Character B’s religion is all about.
  • Growing up in an extremely religious household, Character A has always dreamed that college is going to be the time of their life when they’re going to get to let loose a bit. Character B is their punk, experienced roommate, and they’re happy to show Character A the ropes on how to drink, swear, and smoke like a pro.
  • “You’ve never had a cigarette? Me neither. Just because I’m punk doesn’t mean that I want lung cancer. I will support you though if you want to learn how to smoke while I keep an eye out for our RA.” AU
  • Character A is very religious. Growing up, Character A learned the art of the occult, and is now happily practicing their religion in college as well. Character B is a diehard black metal band fan and thinks that Character A is amazing – if a bit scary at times.