my life makes so much more sense after drawing this

I’ve been working super hard on sewing as fast, and as much as I can for the upcoming TFCon show in Toronto in a couple weeks. I’ve made a post in the past about how I work full time and then sew as much as I can, but I thought with all these new followers *waves!* I should reiterate.

By day, I work as a graphic designer and it’s a good job that I enjoy. By night/weekend/every waking hour I’m not at work, I sew plush dolls. I have been sewing for a long time, since college in a more serious sense, but my first plush doll was a fanwork at age 5 of Mighty Mouse in felt that my mother helped me create. But in terms of years, I’ve been selling my plushies at shows/online since around 2001.

I’ve also improved quite a lot over the years, especially recently. I feel like I’ve sort of hit my groove with my creation process. It’s been great, and I manage to sew even faster now as a result. That said, a few years back I had a pretty terrible bout of depression and burn out that lasted almost 3 years. After my healing finally brought me back to the point of wanting to sit down at a sewing machine again, I decided a few things for my own sanity:

-Make what inspires me
-Make things to sell, then sell them
-Limit commissions to very small batches so I don’t get overwhelmed

These are my personal rules that have helped me continue to sew and enjoy it as much as I do. I know a lot of you would love a plush, and trust me, I am so flattered by all the lovely notes I often get here telling me you love my work. I know I don’t always respond, but I sit here gushing at all the love you guys throw my way and appreciate it more than you know. I wish I had all the time and energy in the world to make plushies for everyone that wants one, but working full time and after my battle to get back to this place in my life again, I very much need to stick to my rules. [Plus sometimes I have to stop sewing to do adult things like mow my lawn, booooo!]

Obviously, this drawing is an over-exaggeration of things, but it does speak to my sense of being overwhelmed sometimes (especially right before a big show!). So please remember to read the FAQ, and please be patient with me since I am one person doing my very best. Thank you!