my life just had the biggest plot twist

Virtual Friends | Dipper Pines x Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. 

Characters: Dipper/fem!reader, Mabel is mentioned.

(Y/S) stand for “Your state”/(Y/UN) stand for “Your username”/(Y/C) stand for “Your city”.

Word Count: 1676 words.

Though many people don’t believe, virtual friendship is possible. People often say it’s dangerous or that you can’t replace personal interaction with that… But what if that’s what someone is looking for? Dipper never had many friends in real life, and also didn’t have much luck in the virtual life, although he met some nice persons online. But he had something else. It was there that he met (Y/N).

The two of them had met on a forum about games and quickly became friends. And eventually he developed a crush on the girl. But of course he had a problem. She lived in (Y/S), which was far away from where he lived, lowering his hopes of someday get to see her.

But he never stopped trying. In fact, he had talked with his parents about it, but they didn’t seem to take the idea in a good way. They started to talk about how dangerous it would be to find someone who he had never seen in his life. Mabel seemed to cheer up, making thousands of questions about how the girl was and if they would be good friends. Possibly.

After the negative reaction that his parents had about his friendship with (Y/N), Dipper was upset all through the time he was in school. His mood has not changed much when he got home, throwing himself on his bed. He had told (Y/N) the night before that his parents were cool people when it comes to send him on trips to other states. He practically has confirmed to her about his trip to (Y/S). Now he would have to take back everything he said. Dipper could not stop thinking about whether she would or would not be disappointed with him.

The boy crawled to his computer and started to get into random sites, trying to distract himself from the bad day he was having. Suddenly a notification appeared on his screen, letting him know that a new message had been sent to him.

(Y/UN) (16:43): Yo Dipitty-Dip.

A smile appeared on his face and his heart began to beat faster.

(Y/UN) (16:43): I’m happy to announce that my last test was today and I’m dead, thanks.

PineSplicer (16:43): It means that you are already on summer break.

You don’t know how much I envy you.

(Y/UN) (16:44): Don’t be fool, I always knew it.

But it will come for you soon.


Dipper stared at the keyboard for a few seconds and took a deep breath before he started to type.

PineSplicer (16:44): About that…

I think it will not happen.


(Y/UN) (16:45): Oh that’s okay.

My BioShock 2 Multiplayer will have to wait a little longer. :c

He could not define if she didn’t care as much as him about they getting to meet each other or if she was just trying to hide her sadness with jokes. One or another, Dipper felt reality hitting him hard. They probably never would see each other.

He was in love with a girl who he would never see.

A girl who he would never hold.

Or kiss.


He never felt bothered about it before, just talk with (Y/N) has made him the happiest guy in the world, but he wanted more. More from her. More of them.

Dipper threw himself on the bed once again, staring at the ceiling for some minutes. He ignored when the sound of a notification of a possible new message from (Y/N) filled his room. He remained on his bed, slowly falling asleep.

The boy didn’t know if it was just him or if it happens to everyone, but the more upset he was, easier for him to fall asleep at random times. And usually these naps ended up lasting for hours, causing him to lose most of his day.

And that’s exactly what happened. Dipper woke up and the Sun could not be seen shining outside the window anymore. Darkness enveloped his room and only the moonlight gave the place a bit of light. He rose lazily from his bed, glancing at his phone. 22:55. The boy growled. He had really lost all day.

He stared at the nothingness in his room for a while, then turned his attention to his computer, crawling for it again. The page he was before going to bed was still open, as his conversation with (Y/N).

(Y/UN) (16:57): Dip?

(Y/UN) (17:12): Dippy?

Are you this upset for not being able to play Bioshock? haha

(Y/UN) (18:29): Dipperrrr.

(Y/UN) (19:35): Did I say something wrong?

I’m sorry.



Don’t leave me alone in this dark and gloomy night.

(Y/UN) (22:30): Dipper?

The boy felt embarrassed while he was reading her messages. He was upset but he didn’t have the right to leave the girl talking to herself.

PineSplicer (22:59): Sorry.

Are you still here?

(Y/UN) (23:00): As the old saying goes:

The flower always springs at night.

Once again a smile appeared on his face. It was normal that only a conversation with her improve his mood.

PineSplicer (23:00): I’m 100% sure that this saying doesn’t exist.

(Y/UN) (23:00): Where did you go?

Dipper could feel his face heating up.

PineSplicer (23:01):

I guess I was a little upset that I can’t see you.

I wanted to meet you.

I want to.

(Y/UN) (23:01): Oh Dip.

Someday we’ll see each other, we just have to wait.

Meanwhile we live like banana with sugar.


PineSplicer (23:02): Seriously now, from where do you get these things?

(Y/UN) (23:02): Family xD.

PineSplicer (23:02): My sister also say some strange things sometimes.

(Y/UN) (23:02): TRUE!

PineSplicer (23:03):


You don’t know my sister.

(Y/UN) (23:03): ACTUALLY…

(Get ready for the biggest shock of your life).


~Plot Twist~

The possibility began to hanging around his head: Mabel could be (Y/N)? Both of them acted similarly sometimes. And he had never seen a picture of the girl, as he had always refused to show himself to her. A shiver ran down his spine. He could not be in love with his own sister.

(Y/UN) (23:04): Just kidding.

But I talked to her today.

Okay, Mabel have talked to (Y/N) and this could be worse than Mabel being (Y/N). His sister knew shameful stories about him and let her talk alone with the girl he liked could not be a good idea. Dipper held his breath.

PineSplicer (23:05): Don’t.






(Y/UN) (23:05): MabelDash.

Funny girl.

PineSplicer (23:05): I don’t know how to react right now.

What did she say to you?

(Y/UN) (23:05): Meh, she didn’t say anything important.

Finally his breath was released and he was relieved to feel the air filling his lungs again.



She send me a photo of you.

Okay, it was definitely worse than anything Mabel could have told her.

Of course, someday Dipper expected (Y/N) to see him, but it had to be on time. With the right photo. Why the hell did Mabel had to do that? What photo did she send? Did she just ruined every chance he had with the girl?

PineSplicer (23:07): No.



(Y/UN) (23:07): Don’t worry Dip.

You’re super cUTEE.

If Dipper’s cheeks were no longer hot after confessing how he wanted to meet her, after the girl’s compliment it must have been like two tomatoes. Then he saw his chance to get to see her too. And he used it.

PineSplicer (23:08):

We’re in an unfair situation here.

(Y/UN) (23:08): Hang on.

Didn’t take more than a minute for him to receive a photo, making his heart beat a little faster than normal. (Y/N) was beautiful, perhaps not the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life, but she has charm. A lot of it.

(Y/UN) (23:10): Gimme your opinions.

PineSplicer (23:10): You’re super cUTEE.

(Y/UN) (23:10): Learning huh Pines?

You love me so much.

Don’t deny it.

PineSplicer (23:11): I don’t.

(Y/UN) (23:11): Good.

Because your sister told me that you’re whisper my name around your house. c:

That’s enough.

First, Mabel had sent a photo of him to (Y/N) without his consent, then had told the girl about his crush on her? Why did Mabel had to talk to (Y/N) in the first place?

Dipper was lost looking at the screen. Then at the keyboard. Then back to the screen. He didn’t know how to react. What should he say? Admit it? Deny it?

(Y/UN) (23:16): Too quickly?

I wasn’t subtle.


But hey…

Look at the bright side:

You’re my virtual crush too. o/

Dipper stared at the screen, rereading again and again the words written by (Y/N), trying to take in everything that was happening. That day had already taken so many twists that until midnight he was sure he would have a heart attack.

(Y/UN) (23:20): Too quickly again?

PineSplicer (23:20): Nah.

You always say things on the perfect time.

(Y/UN) (23:20): Cheesy.

I like it.

Keep doing it.

Another smile appeared on his face, this being wider than the others. Nothing over his day could have prepared him for that, for their conversation, he had a chance with her and he wasn’t going to waste. Anyway, nothing could have prepared him for what was coming next.

(Y/UN) (23:27): My parents wouldn’t let me go meet a virtual friend who lives in another state either.

But I may or may not have some relatives in California.

And I may or may not have been able to convince my parents to go visit them.

Your sister may or may not have helped me to convince them to let me go there during the trip.

And I may or may not already be on my way to Piedmont.

PineSplicer (23:28): Don’t.





(Y/UN) (23:29): Going into a tunnel here. :c

See you soon Dippy ♥.

Heart attack processed successfully.


I’m happy to see that you liked part one, so I hope I can keep up your interest in the story! :)

Part 1


“You have exactly five minutes to get in the car or else I’m ending your career.” That’s what Layla, my manager told me while I was still in my silk robe, running around in my bedroom.

“If you actually ended my career every time you said that I wouldn’t be getting ready for a TV show, I’m sure about it,” I rolled my eyes finally deciding what to wear.

“Shut up, five minutes,” she growled and then disappeared.

After jumping into my tight jeans and the claret blouse I chose I threw everything I needed into my bag and walked down to get in the car.

“You ran out of time, but I’m too busy to end your career now,” Layla sighed not even looking up from her phone. Usually she was a sweetheart, but she had her bad days, I think she couldn’t drink her coffee in the morning, that’s why she was all grumpy.

We talked over what is going to happen at the filming and then we both could get lost in our own worlds until we got there. I was about to be part of a series where stars got to co-host a kind of talk-show for a week and they usually don’t know each other, they always meet in Friday’s show where the previous pair says goodbye and introduces the new ones. They meet for the first time there, so I didn’t know who I was about to get as a partner.

“Keep a bright smile and if the ask about the breakup, just start to talk about something else,” she told me as we arrived to the studio. The news about my breakup broke out about two days ago when my ex, Marco was seen in a club with some chick showing some major PDA. When I first saw an article about it I was scared Mike, or whoever sold something about me, but I didn’t hear from him since I left that bedroom at dawn last week without even saying goodbye. I wasn’t planning on meeting with him again, so I wanted to avoid the awkward first meeting when waking up. But I took a quick photo of him lying on the bed in only his Calvin Klein boxers, because he looked like a model and at least I had a photo of him even though I didn’t know his real name. He was my dirty little secret no one knew about.

“Gotcha,” I sang walking inside.

They filmed everything from then. I was followed by a camera to (almost) everywhere. Everyone was saying hello to me and asked a bunch of questions. We talked to the producer and after my makeup and hair was done and I chose my outfit with the stylist I was ready to face my partner.

Karlie Kloss and Rebel Wilson were the ones who was about to announce me and my partner. I was kept backstage, far away from my partner making sure we didn’t see each other. I heard their speech before we stepped into the set.

“And now, it’s time to get to know next week’s hosts,” Karlie said and the audience started to cheer.

“Two extremely hot people are going to welcome you every day this time and no, none of them are me, unfortunately,” Rebel joked making me smile. I checked out myself once more, I was wearing a baby blue dress with white heels, I fixed my hair quickly before they announced us.

“Please welcome the amazing Zena Morland and the very handsome Cameron Dallas!”

Before I could register the name in my mind I was pushed from behind to walk out. I put on my brightest smile and started to walk towards Karlie and Rebel who were standing in the middle. Then I saw him and I almost tripped.

It was Mike. I mean, now I knew his real name, it was Cameron, but the point is that my one-night-stand was walking towards me and when our eyes met we both looked shocked as hell. I wanted to scream and run off the set, but I couldn’t do it, so I did what I was best in. I acted.

I pretended to be surprised and happy as fuck, it took him a bit longer to realize the situation before he started to act along.

“What a surprise!” I smiled as we met at the middle exchanging a short hug and then we stood next to each other, me with Rebel on my other side, Karlie next to him.

“Have you guys met before?” Karlie asked looking at us.

“No,” we snapped immediately, maybe a bit too harshly.

“Great, then we all can witness the first moments of your acquaintance!”

“Yeah, great!” I laughed with a charming smile, counting the minutes down. The tension was real between us, but it wasn’t sexual kind, I was furious about what fate gave me.

Karlie and Rebel said goodbye and after posing for the closing image the filming was done.

“Have a great week, I’ll be watching you!” Rebel smiled at us hugging Cameron and me as well before walking away. I exchanged a few words with Karlie and then turned to Cameron.

“What the Hell!” I hissed not believing this was all happening to me.

“I know, but let’s talk about it somewhere else, because the audience is still there,” he whispered nodding towards the crowd that just started to exit the set. I nodded and we walked out of the set heading towards the dressing rooms. Mine was closer so we ended up there, I shut the door behind us turning to him with wide eyes.

“This must be some kind of joke!” I whimpered running my fingers through my hair.

“I know!” he sighed collapsing to the couch.

“This is like… the biggest plot twist of my life.”

“But we can’t back down, we have to do next week’s shows,” he pointed out and he was right. We had to overcome this unpleasant situation and be professional.

“Yes, okay. We can do this,” I nodded to myself biting on my bottom lip. “I mean, we are adults, we can work together, we just had amazing sex, but that’s it. Right?” I looked at him for reassurance, I wanted to hear from someone that I wasn’t about to do something stupid.

“Yes, exactly! We can do this, we are adults.” He nodded standing up. I really started to believe we can get through next week without anything happening, but then the next thing I knew was that we were passionately kissing.

It wasn’t just him, I stepped to him with just as much zeal as he did, he pushed me against the wall and without parting our lips he picked me up and I hugged his waist with my legs. Oh yeah, we were mature adults who were about to fuck up their lives just because they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. There was no way we could do this show without starting gossips about us, but all I could think about was how perfectly his body felt against me.

“Zena! We have to go!” I heard Layla’s voice from outside and we jumped away from each other so quickly, I banged my head into the wall.

“Fuck!” I shrieked.

“Is everything alright? The door is closed.” She knew I was up to something, but she couldn’t find out about it.

“Yes! Wait for me at the car, five minutes and I’m ready!” I shouted.

“Five minutes, not more!”

I heard her heels clicking against the floor, she left. I sighed quickly fixing my hair and then started to pack my stuff.

“This shit can’t be happening,” I growled running around. Cameron was just standing there watching me going insane. “We can’t do this again, and forget what happened earlier. We just met, we didn’t know each other, we will get through next week and then we never see each other again,” I informed him about my plan not even giving him a chance to disagree. I grabbed my bag and then looked into his eyes. “That’s not what a one-night-stand happens, and I’m not willing to turn everything around me upside down just because we can’t keep it in our pants. Am I understood?”

“Uh, yes? But-“

“Perfect. See you on Monday,” I said not letting him speak up and without looking back I left the room. I was in some serious trouble.

I think the thing I love most about words
is that each one has a different meaning, depending
on who you ask.

June is simply defined as the sixth month of every year;
but to us, it means staying up all night
until we had learned of every dusty skeleton in each of our closets.
It means walking in the rain to an unfamiliar place, and leaving
with memories tattooed on our backs.

Music means more to us than a mere melody ever since
that dance floor became our very first page.
I’ve read a lot of books in my life time, but what we became in two
short months, was the biggest plot twist I’d ever seen.

To the world, a mattress with no bottom sheet is just a chore
that has been left undone, but to us, it was the setting
of the greatest love story ever told.

—  Our words, I.S.