my life is weird ok

perks of tomorrow: val day so i can annoy y'all with my many klance pick up line posts planned, moms bday so CAKE
cons of tomorrow: gettin bottom braces and i cant wait to die for a week straight from pain and lack of food

🎶look who manages to ruin all the good friendships she has🎶

Hi there!!

Hello to you wonderful tumblr users who somehow stumble upon this “blog”. This blog is going to be run by myself, @xpanicatthespnx, and my cousin, @fandomtrash1017. We are going to be both a writer and an editor, and we’re just gonna see how this goes. So we might do like a “get to know you/us” type thing or maybe a small drabble, but wE DON’T KNOW YET. Sorry for my awkwardness, and I apologize in advance for anything crappy you may see on this blog. But bye, and we hope to see you soon😁❤

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The Chase Chat

Magnus: Ok, I start.My father is a god. 

Annabeth: Pff, my mother is a goddes. 

Magnus: I’m dead, I went to valhala, 

Annabeth: Please, I went to hell and back. 

Magnus: I fought against an evil gigant lord of fire and scary stuffs 

Annabeth: I fought against the mother earth and the lord of titans. 

Magnus: My best friends are a dwarf and an elf

Annabeth: One of my best friend is half goat and my boyfriend’s brother is a cyclop. 

Annabeth: And I was born from my mother’s head. 

Magnus: I- … Wait, what?

Annabeth: I told you, my life is weird. 

Magnus: …


Magnus: Yeah, ok, I’ll buy you a falafel. 

whenever I read something in chinese out loud, I used to read it only in cantonese, but for some reason I now catch myself reading things in mandarin a lot more often?? (even if my tones might not be accurate). or I’ll read the first few words in canto and then slowly switch into mando which is even more confusing looool

I somehow completely forgot that I’m a licensed private investigator? My boss just gave me a card one day that said I could investigate stuff and carry a revolver with me. My dad is a police officer so I asked him if it was real, and he told me it was legit.

So does anyone need me to investigate something, I guess?


lms if u cried a bit

Well I thought it was funny anyway
  • Him: When you did that, just for a second you looked like Cloris Leachman. You might wanna watch that.
  • Me: I realize that looking older or old are things that are going to happen, and for me, it might not be too long a time. You have to decide if that bothers you or it's something you can deal with.
  • Him: Just so you know, I'd do Cloris Leachman.
  • Me: Oh
  • Him: You're the reason your kids are gonna be hot forever. I still like ya, anyway.
  • Me: ...
  • Him: Besides, I figure if it gets too bad, we can just get something with your younger face printed on it and put it on your head.
  • Me: Oh, like one of those pale muslin bags you can have things printed on. Get a pic of my face on it and just put the bag on my head.
  • Him: Well, I thought satin or something just for the 'soft' factor, but yeah
  • Me: I'll keep it in mind.
So last night

I had to pick up Allen from work at 10:30.

I was kinda hoping the RBW would call bc I had something to ask him, but he usually calls between 10 and 11 and I was going to be in the car all that time.

So I told Diantha to make sure B was asleep and if Jay called, to answer the Skype and ask him to call my phone.

He called 10 minutes later. She asked him to call my phone. So he talked to her a few minutes. Then he played with Betsy (who was NOT asleep) for about 10 minutes, making faces at her and stuff. Then he goes, well since your mom’s not home I’m gonna go. Diantha says, call mom’s phone…

He didn’t.

I really needed to ask him that something, too.

Meanwhile I pick Allen up from work. He was late getting out. And he says, “Can we go over to Oskie’s pub & have a beer? Guys from work are over there.”

“Allen, I have kids at home.” He says, “They’re in bed by now. Diantha is 16. The doors are locked. Just for a few minutes.”

So we go to Oskie’s. Where I had 2 beers and a piece of somebody’s pizza. Allen bought a pitcher for him. Somebodies drank 2 glasses of his beer, otherwise he drank it. And a Colorado Bulldog. Another from-work guy showed up with his girlfriend, who after 2 beers was slightly drunk. After another drink she was drunk. After drinking my last glass of beer (which I didn’t drink) she was really drunk.

Allen wanted to play pool. I said, “Allen. I have to GO! I have to tattoo myself in the morning.” She said she’d take over his place in the pool game. If she could stand up. I wish I’d stayed to watch. When we left she was having another beer.

I got home at 20 of 2 this morning. Desiree said to me, “So your only big night out since Dad left was having beers with your KID?” (Well at least he’s a Marine…)

And, I butt-dialed my mom in Ohio from the bar.

I just had another one of those "I can't make this stuff up" things happen to me.

Maybe I’ll write about it tomorrow.

I have to be up in 2 hours to make sure Artemas is up so the x can take him to the airport, to fly back to NY to withdraw from the college & pack his stuff & drive his truck back home.

So right now, I. can’t. even.

But it’s too good not to tell it sometime.

So much for going to bed.

Allen showed up with their old friend Jacob the Moron.

They woke Artemas up.

They woke Diantha up.

Jacob wants me to give him a “family discount” price on a tattoo. And he’s trying to show people his scar from a recent surgery he had. NO. There is no other word for that. Just NO.

Diantha is harpy-ing about people waking her up.

Artemas mixed a drink of Capn Morgan Spiced Rum + Dr. Pepper, & it’s so strong it tastes like cough syrup. Whew. I can barely drink it, but might if it’ll put me to sleep.

Allen still can’t find my motorcycle key.

And he’s making up pornographic nursery rhymes.

My life is so bizarre.