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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 2]

Summary: [part 2] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggests an alliance by marriage.

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Zach Dempsey #2 - Part 2

Here comes part 2 of the Zach/Pregnancy imagine!
Please enjoy it and give me feedback!

Part 1

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Zach POV

It’s been 6 more weeks after we found out we were having a baby that ,despite our immense fear, we managed to talk to our families about it.
Calm and with a plan.

Y/N will go to school for as long as possible and when the baby is born she will take 6 to 8 weeks off to adjust.
After that she will get back to school while her mother, working from home, can take care of the baby.
Two days a week they will sleep over at my place so my mother and sister can spend time with the little one too.
And when we graduate we will go to college together, me studying biology and her studying English literature.
Somehow we managed to figure it all out and even our friends were extremely supportive.

Jess freaked out when she heard, the news marking a fresh start for all of us.
And even Clay and Tony were truly happy for us, I come along with them pretty well, thanks to Y/N.
So there was nothing that could possibly go wrong, right?

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The sunlight is warm on your bare shoulders and serves as your alarm clock as it coaxes you from one of the deepest slumbers you’ve had in what feels like forever. For the first time in a long time, you awake without feeling groggy. You feel light and happy, almost as if you’re floating in a dreamlike state, and it takes you a beat to remember why.

For a moment, you attribute it to waking up beside Sunghwa. Although the two of you live together, waking up beside one another without the pressure of alarm clocks or schedules is rare. Most mornings, Sunghwa is gone before the sun rises to spend the day locked away in his studio. Other mornings, you’re out the door before he even stirs to get to work on time. Seeing his peaceful face and his relaxed posture makes your heart swell but knowing that there will be many more years of waking up beside him to come is what truly sends you over the edge of happiness.

You feel the unfamiliar, but not unpleasant, weight on your left ring finger and smile as you lift your hand. The sunlight catches on the diamond and throws small rainbow fragments onto the duvet but you pay them no mind as your eyes focus on the beautiful band. You’re not certain that you’ll ever get used to seeing your newly acquired piece of jewelry but you are certain that you’ll never get tired of seeing it.

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Everyone who likes that Regional Gothic meme should just go read Steven Millhauser’s entire body of short fiction, because he does this thing where he takes an ordinary concept we’re all sort of familiar with, like fashion or art or children’s games or museums or miniatures or Saturday morning cartoons, starts us out in comfortable territory and pushes it into a fever pitch of surreality so slowly and gradually that we don’t even know the temperature has risen until we’re boiling to death. 

He’s got a number of books, but the one I’m talking about right now is Dangerous Laughter and I just spent actual money on an actual copy of it because I knew it was either that or take it out of my school library repeatedly for the rest of my life. 

He’s also about to release another collection, Voices in the Night, in just a few days! (In fact, I thought it was out already. That’s why I couldn’t find you at the bookstore, sneaky book.)

Also, his short story “The Sisterhood of Night” was the inspiration for the new movie of the same name (that one, I believe, is collected in The Knife Thrower). 

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hi mel ! i'm a baekhyun stan who has never gotten the chance to see exo for real and I think it sounds silly but... i really would like you to describe how it feels to see your bias in real life ? do they feel more "human" ? does it feel like a dream ? is their handsomeness litteraly shocking ? do you really understand that they are actually in front of you ? I have never experienced that and some times it makes me kinda sad so I wanted to hear about your experience !!

Oh my, well….gosh I tell you what after the concert you really start missing them the second you walk out of the venue. Like, I really didn’t think I’d be able to “miss” people I’ve never met like that before but you really just want to see them again and even typing this out now makes me miss them.

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Today, I was on my way home from Church and on the way back I witnessed a really serious accident between a motorcyclist and another driver. The biker had to be taken into the ambulance on a stretcher it was a very horrid sight. The day went on and whilst at home I ended up hurting my right hand extremely badly requiring me to go in to my local A&E, now in my life I’ve never broken anything in my body before so I was really worried. Eventually, I was called up to do an x-ray whilst there I saw the motorcyclist who I had seen earlier on in the afternoon it felt quite surreal, because we both had ended up being in the same place with his injuries and mine. I also reflected on this and realised that life is very fragile, there are so many things we take for granted waking up each up day isn’t promised you could be here today and gone tomorrow. Value each and every moment you have and remember to be grateful.


So Spencer and I have some news….. 🤰🏼💕

No, this isn’t expected or planned but, we couldn’t be happier than we are right now. No, this isn’t “traditional” but I promise you two beautiful little beams of life inside of me that we will do everything we can to raise you to the best of our abilities and love you unconditionally. I always wanted to be a mother it’s just surreal it’s happening now but if it is I couldn’t be happier that it’s with Spencer, my rock. Never in my 23 years has anywhere felt like home more than your arms do and now our home will have two more little additions. So guys…. it’s happening…. I’m officially a mumblr….. unreal. 👱🏻‍♀️👦🏻💛👶🏻👶🏻

Reincarnated/Back From The Dead Starters

I feel like I know who you are… but… no. That would be impossible.

No. No, you’re dead!.

You remind me of someone I once knew.

I did to them exactly what they did to you. Hopefully, unlike you, they won’t be making a comeback anytime soon.

Wait, say that again. Your voice sounds familiar.

Don’t do that. Don’t pretend you know anything about what I’ve lost.

How long did you plan on playing dead huh? Do we really matter that little to you?

I thought I was crazy for digging your grave up too, until I saw it really was empty.

So, why did you come back?

Wait, if you’re here… and I’m here… oh God, I’m dead aren’t I?

It’s just so surreal. First you were bloody and stiff and cold and empty, and now you’re here again as if nothing ever happened.

I don’t even know why, but for some reason you remind me of an old friend.

_____ really misses you. You know that, right?

So, what did it feel like?… dying, I mean…

Don’t you dare tell me you did this to protect me. We’re a family, remember?!

But I saw you die! I buried you!

It’s funny, isn’t it? Here you are saving my life, when I couldn’t do a thing to save you.

Do you have any idea what your little stunt did to me? to THEM?

No no no no… why did you have to come back now? of all times! of all places!

Yeah, that sounds like something ____ would say. You two would’ve gotten along.

Either this is a dream, or I’ve finally lost my mind

Given the way you died I thought you’d be the last person in the world who could come back.

So are you like, a zombie now?

Nobody’s laughing. Now tell me who you really are, before I lose my temper.

No excuse is good enough for what you put us through.

Why didn’t you come home?

We gave you a beautiful funeral you know. Even you would have cried.

Don’t lie! Mask or no mask you ARE ______, and I’m going to prove to everyone that I’m not crazy!

31. Part 3

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Is this real life or am I dreaming, this seems like a dream, this is something I dreamed of and I know it. Did Rylee invade my dreams because this seems so surreal to me, just being in bed while watching my girl in the bath. This is a dream, I had to pinch myself because this is too beautiful. I probably look like some creep right now but Rylee has got me good, she got me so good right now. Smiling as I sighed out, grabbing my phone from the side of me and then seeing that it’s Rylee’ phone “babe, where is my phone?” I spat looking around me and then the side table, nothing is there “I don’t know, you might have dropped it” I can’t be bothered to move “what’s your passcode?” I know she has told me but I forget “why? It’s five, five, eight, nine” she said, I know those numbers “my date of birth? Did you change this, I swear it was something else. Just want to text my mom” I am not really, I am just going to check Instagram “sure” tapping her Instagram app and waited for it to load.

Rolling my eyes, Rylee legit called this guy beautiful. Is my girl blind, Kyrie is ugly as fuck and I don’t care. Scrolling down and then Daniel popped up, seeing Daniel’ caption ‘I’m glad I didn’t hit that’ shaking my head thinking why does Rylee follow these fools but you know what I will leave a nice little message on her Instagram. Tapping the camera and turning the camera to face me, I look so tired. Pressing the record button and touching the side of my face “oh shit” looking behind me and grabbing Rylee’ pantie “what a mess” I didn’t even notice that was in the shot “what are you doing!?” Rylee shouted, throwing her pantie on the floor “nothing” looking back at the camera “are you going to come and join me or not!?” she asked, raising an eyebrow smirking “for another round?” I spat smiling wide “if you get out of bed then yes baby” busting out laughing stopping the recording “what are you up too?” Rylee said as I captioned the video ‘morning sex is the best kind of sex :)’ I know Rylee will kill me but I don’t care, throwing her phone to the side of me getting out of bed.

Rylee looks so relaxed in the bath, she opened her eyes and looked down to my dick “it’s cute when it’s soft” side eyeing her “you wasn’t saying cute last night, screaming and shit. Move forward then babe” Rylee moved forward and shuffled forward a little, climbing into the bath behind her. Slowly sliding down the bath tub “your fat ass takes too much space” she shuffled back into me “don’t be so mean to me, that hurts my feelings” wrapping my arms around Rylee “you think your parents are upset we didn’t go there?” pressing a kiss to the side of her forehead “possibly but I don’t care, I wanted time away with you. Just you and I, nobody else. My dad likes to have your attention on him, then we could never have sex. I mean we could but not so open like this” she got a point “I prefer this, what we doing anyways? Shall we go to the beach?” Rylee nodded her head “after another round like you said” looking ahead of me “this looks so dope, seeing the scenery from here, you chose well even though they think it’s our honeymoon” Rylee giggled “well I wanted them to make it pretty for you” leaning my head down and nuzzling Rylee’ neck “I think your neck has too much space, I need to add a few more hickeys” her neck is bad but I love it “leave my neck alone” placing my hands on her breasts.

Drying my neck with the towel while watching Rylee do her makeup “do you know where my phone is at though?” I am still trying to find it “did you not look in your bag? Where did you have it last? Reminds me, I need to look at my phone too” throwing the towel on the bed “put some boxers on, you can’t be bending over like that” Rylee said, laughing as I turned to look at Rylee “that is right, I can’t help but walk around naked. I am trying to air dry you know but I need my phone, I was looking at my Instagram when I was on the bed” walking towards Rylee “I swear to god, stop it. I am looking in the mirror and all I can see is that pencil swinging” Rylee quickly got up from the seat “put your dick away and leave me alone, we have had enough sex please let me get ready” I was going to pull her towel off but I won’t “hmmm fine but can you find my phone for me, I will get some clothes on” Rylee scoffed “you men” she said in a huff, feeling a slap to my butt “you need to stop this, you already bit my butt” I think she got a fetish with my butt.

Pulling my cut-off jeans up, I don’t really have any shorts to wear for the water so I hope we don’t go in the water “found your phone” grabbing my belt from the couch “oh for real? Where?” turning around to Rylee “it was on the floor at the side of the bed, the battery has died on it though” taking my phone from her “ok, get ready then babe. I am waiting” Rylee turned around to walk away “erm, excuse me. Where my kiss?” Rylee sighed out turning back around, poking my lips out. She pecked my lips “I love you Christopher” she said as she walked away “I love you too Rylee” now I need to find a charger “babe, you got a charger though?” Rylee groaned out “why can’t you just find it” smiling at her annoyance “but you my wife, you need to help me” the charger fell on the floor because she threw it “thank you!” I shouted, luckily I was not standing there.

I can always tell when my phone is on, it will not stop buzzing but I will let it charge before I check it “what do you think?” Rylee spoke, looking up from my MacBook. My eyes fell onto Rylee’ feet and I dragged my eyes slowly up her legs “Rylee it’s too much leg” seeing the booty shorts and then her stomach being exposed “oh stop it, it’s hot out there. I don’t care I am wearing it” closing my laptop “I don’t want people seeing your body” placing my laptop to the side of me “I am wearing it!” she spat, my phone buzzing none stop means someone is calling me. Getting off the couch and jogging towards my phone, seeing Mijo’ name. Answering the phone “bro” pulling the charging cable out “I thought you died in pussy bro, you good?” busting out laughing “I am happy, I’m good. My phone died, you good?” walking back over to the couch “look, I tried calling you for time. Nigga, I was on the bus and I get a notification saying Chris Brown has gone live now, I ain’t click it and left it but your mom did and it was a blank screen but we could hear you moaning” my face softened in shock “we couldn’t see shit but I called your phone so many times and it cut it off so it came off” staring ahead of me in shock “please tell me you saw nothing?” I am so fucked, Rylee is looking at me like she is not happy “nothing but you both had a good night” Mijo laughed “I will call you back, my girl is looking at me angry” Mijo snorted “you in trouble, talking about morning sex but I had to like that post of hers” I wrote that shit so I think Rylee is not happy “mhmmm talk soon” disconnecting the call quickly.

I wonder what she knows “do you know how much abuse I am getting because of you? Why did you do that” so she don’t know “it’s just funny, you know. I don’t know because I saw the beautiful guy and I got annoyed but there is other things to talk about, like me. I did something stupid, when I dropped my phone I didn’t know I pressed Instagram live and then my phone dropped so I didn’t know, Mijo just said but they couldn’t see anything but heard me moaning and that was it” I said without letting Rylee speak “oh my god, Chris! What the fuck, my family are going to think I am some hoe, I have work colleagues on this. Oh my god!” Rylee sat down and then placed her hands over her face “I am sorry” I shrugged not knowing what to say “I mean I am your husband so you are pleasing me, it is not a bad thing. I am not ashamed, please don’t be upset with me” Rylee shook her head looking up “morning sex and then that, I came here to get away from shit but now I am being blasted as some hoe when I am not that. I am only like that with you, fuck!” I am so stupid “they are calling you a hoe because they are jealous, they are jealous of us. Fuck them, you my hoe. You have a beautiful body and you had my toes curling in pleasure, fuck them” grabbing hold of her hand “come, we going out as we would. Let’s leave our phones here, fuck the world and let’s be us” Rylee looked up at me in sadness “if you didn’t think you was bomb as fuck then you wouldn’t be showing your legs like that, just come” I don’t want my girl being sad about shit “this is your time for us, stop being sad about shit Rylee, please. People just want us to fail and I don’t want that, we have come this far” Rylee remained silent, I hate silence “you still paying for my food though?” a smile formed on her face “I hate you sometimes, fine” she held my hand as she got up from the couch.

Drinking my bottle of water waiting for Rylee “thanks for paying for my water” I said smiling, she side eyed me putting her shades on “this is a really weird feeling, to be paid for. I mean I don’t know about you Joe but a female paying, this has never happened to me. Like this shit I appreciate so much” placing the cap back on the bottle “I can tell you do, I love paying for you. It’s small but whatever, I am kind of hungry so can we just walk the beach and then eat” nodding my head “but Joe did say that there is a few paparazzi around” Rylee shrugged “I am not going to freak out, I am hoping the blogs are being kind. Just let’s not remember that” Joe chuckled “But Rylee, Chris should be more embarrassed, he was howling” mean mugging Joe as he laughed at me “you watched it!?” Rylee spat “you need too, barely hear you but him!” he pointed laughing even more “ok, ok. Nigga shut the fuck up” now I feel annoyed as fuck “all that moaning, huffing and puffing” Rylee is laughing now ain’t she “seriously, whatever you were doing had Chris crying” walking off in annoyance “oh no baby, don’t. Look what you did” Rylee said.

Walking hand in hand with Rylee just on the tideline “you have such skinny legs and feet, it’s weird. How does it hold your big head” looking down at my feet smiling “you got jokes booty biter” grinning at her “pussy muncher” she retorted “dick sucker” I couldn’t think of anything else, Rylee giggled at me “wow Chris, that was lame. I was expecting better” I feel stupid now “same, it just kind of slipped out. But on a real, thank you. Thank you for all of this, I rather be here in the sun with you, I would have had Kyrie jumping on me and your dad taking me to Walmart to shop with him but I like it, no lie but then what about you. Your dad asked about the wedding and your grandma wants us to go Barbados, I don’t know but if you want we can get married there? It will be more private for us or we can do it in LA but you know how that will go” Rylee used her free hand to take her shades off “you really want that Chris? I don’t mind it, I don’t want nothing big. I mean actually, I want a bomb dress” she is lying she wants it big “but we can do it big there too or we can go to a different country, I just want to marry you but it’s hard. We are looking at next year, that is a long-time babe” my schedule is booked “this is why I had to take you away now even though it is back to work tomorrow, I will think on it” the sun is strong as hell.

Bringing Rylee’ hand up kissing the back of her hand “I hate this” she mumbled to me “the cameras? I am used to it but it’s annoying and then it makes it worse when people gather, this is why your dad worries. You get it?” Rylee nodded in silence “I do but I don’t know, Chris I don’t know” chuckling at Rylee “you do know, you want to leave” she sighed out “but! I feel like a failed and just met a rich boyfriend” Rylee yelped running as the waves came in “oh stop it” laughing at her “just listen to me” moving back and pulling Rylee with me “you haven’t started this job, drop it” Rylee stared into my eyes “you want this?” she said in whisper “I do want that baby, I want to have my girl with me” Rylee placed her free arm around my neck “I don’t think I could rest thinking of you being away from me” I hope she agrees “I will stay with you” I didn’t want to cheer but I am “yes! God yes! She said yes!” I shouted, Rylee placed her forehead on my chest “you are so embarrassing” Rylee said in a whisper “nigga, will you just move” Joe said all annoyed.

I have created a little too much attention now, my loud ass mouth “you happy now though? You not upset anymore? It honestly broke my heart when I saw you on your knees at that moment” Rylee said at the side of me “I didn’t expect it from you, I didn’t expect you to run at me like that and get on your knees” looking over at Rylee “I was so happy to see you Rylee, I thought I lost you and I had a real bad week so thank you for this. I will never do you wrong trust me, that was just me begging for forgiveness and thanking god you came back” leaning down and pressing a kiss to her lips “I forgive you but now I want to make sure they looking after you on that tour” I cooed out “all I need is feeding, hugs, kisses and more kisses” I cheesed, noticing the paparazzi getting closer to us “shall we go and get some food now, somewhere where we can’t see them” Rylee nodded, this is too much and a little annoying “I will look after you Chris, I got you” I feel so happy and secure with Rylee.

Joe is sat on the table with us “I feel like the third wheel with two lovebirds, man. This sucks” he complained “you get paid to see this so be happy, and besides. This is what you get for laughing at me” Joe started laughing again “this little nigga is so whipped Rylee, when he is with you he is like a little baby. When you ain’t here he be bossing niggas around like he top boss” waving Joe off “you saying I am lying then?” drinking my Sprite ignoring him “ok, so you are saying you ain’t whipped? Then why did you say don’t tell Rylee I drink lean, she be upset” placing my drink down “I used too! I did that when she went away, I just don’t like upsetting her. I am about to fire you” Joe is mad annoying “you leave Joe alone, he cares about me. Thank you, he just loves me a lot” Rylee said “so there is that dickhead” I spat “but if you drink lean I will bite your butt again” Rylee said, Joe busted out laughing “oh shit, oh my god! You telling me, oh no. I am gone, yo. I am going away from you both” he got up running away “why you telling niggas about booty biting for? That is mad weird” she shrugged “you should be glad I ain’t put a finger up there” pulling a face at her “drink lean and I will punish you so bad, now I know you sensitive about your butt I will get you” pouting my lips out at her, let me be good.

“Y’all ready to go now?” Joe finally came back “yeah, I need the bathroom though” getting up from the seat “I do too actually” Rylee spoke up, licking my lips watching Rylee get up. I can see the outline of her nipple piercing which is such a turn on and her legs, such a blessing to god “come” Rylee said, walking behind her inside the building “the bathroom down there?” I asked one of the waiters “yeah, male on the left and female on the right at the back” nodding my head, glaring at these white men looking at my girl. Speeding up my walk and walked around the corner, Rylee was about to walk into the female bathroom. Grabbing onto her hand “what?” Rylee said a little shocked “you ever had sex in a public bathroom?” Rylee gawked at me “are you for real? I mean we have done enough shit Chris” she said in a whisper, moving Rylee back as a female walked out “I mean if we get caught so fuck it, I am fucking my wife. They think we both hoes so why not” Rylee is looking at me like I am crazy.

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I could see it in his eyes, the lust, Chris’ eyes change when he is feigning. I can’t believe he is thinking this. He tugged me closer to him, guiding my hand down his chest to the bulge in the front of his jeans and placing my hand right on it. He squeezed my hand around it “you already got me hard, you only live once Rylee. You with me?” he is being very real about this “fine” I whispered, I think my responsible side of my brain had shut down and let the more reckless side take over because this is crazy “wait here” he moved back, is this real life. I feel like a naughty teenage girl doing this, this is crazy. Biting my bottom lip smiling to myself, I got butterflies in my stomach.

I barely had enough time to register that we were in the men’s bathroom before he had me slammed up against the wall, his mouth attacking mine. That happened so quick that I couldn’t register any of it “are you ok about this?” he said as he pulled back for air, I nodded slowly, my teeth chewing on my bottom lip, both excited and scared. Chris pushed me into a stall, locking the door behind him before his lips went back to mine, his tongue seeking out mine. His hands tugged the straps of my bikini to free my breasts. He palmed my breast roughly, his fingers tweaking at my nipples “Chris” I moaned into his mouth before he turned me around so that I was no longer facing him, he bent me over so that I placed my hands on the back of the toilet.

I gasped as Chris wasted no time in yanking down my booty shorts and my thong. My mind is a whirlwind of lust, too clouded to even think. I heard the clinking of his belt as he undid and released himself from his own jeans. I jumped slightly as I felt his tongue on the small of my back, before dragging it along the line of my spine. I shivered and let my eyes close. My legs shook in anticipation at what was to come, he held me up by my hips as he kicked them further apart “don’t be too loud” he said and I opened my mouth to respond but he was already at my entrance, pushing the tip inside me “mhmm” I moaned and instead of entering me further he pulled back “mhmmm what?” he said, the head of his dick rubbing between my folds, teasing the answer out of me.

“Yes, sir” I whimpered, he plunged himself into me in one smooth thrust, I could hardly control the strangled groan that left me as I curled my hands into fists. He pulled almost all the way out before ramming himself back into me, there is nothing soft or sweet about what we are doing, it was rough, hard fucking. We are reduced to grunts and groans as he fucked me from behind, each thrust more powerful than the last. My thighs quivered as my wetness started seeping out of my pussy and dripped down them. I let out a moan of pleasure as his thrust hit me just right and arched further into him.

“sshhh” Chris hissed suddenly and put his hand over my mouth to muffle my moans, my eyes widened as I heard someone enter the bathroom. They walked right past the stall we are in and then I hear the zipper coming down, holding back a moan closing my eyes. Chris hadn’t stopped thrusting into me, he had only slowed down and softened the force of them. I panted around his hand as my hair clung to my forehead and neck, the wet strands sticking uncomfortably to my skin.

Whoever it was that was out there, quickly relieved himself and went to wash his hands, so oblivious to what was going on feet away from him. I held my breath and strained my ears as he walked past and then paused. The silence in the room is deafening, I am dying here. My eyes rolled back in relief as the sound of the hand dryer, Chris twisted his hips and my eyes widened, a loud moan ready to escape me. My mouth opened on its own and I quickly clamped my teeth down on his hand. His hips bucked and he pulled my hips back on him as he let out a loud grunt, Chris and I both stilled, listening to see if we had been caught but thankfully the sound of the dryer had drowned us out, hearing the footsteps fade and the door close behind him.

My muscles clenched together and clenched around his dick, the whole situation is too much for me and making me reach my peak a lot sooner “come for me” Chris said, letting his hand move away from my mouth and in my hair, yanking it back so that my whole body bowed and arched. My lips parted and my eyelids fluttered as small whimpers and cries left me. I bit my tongue almost to the point of it bleeding as Chris slammed the hand that had been wrapped round my hair into the wall of the stall, his fingers curling around the top as his own orgasm took over, trying to control himself “fuck” He said as we stayed still and silent for a minute, panting and breathing heavily.

I let out a long breath before pulling up my panties and booty shorts up “I feel so wet” turning to Chris, Chris had the biggest smirk on his face “that was good” he zipped his pants up “I need to look in the mirror, lock the door or something” Chris unlocked the stall and stepped out, I feel like a total mess right now “come out” opening the stall, I feel so sore “oh god” I said in a whisper walking over to the mirror. My hair looks a mess, my skin flushed and my lips are swollen. Sighing out because in generally, I look like I had just been fucked. Fucked good and hard at that “do I look bad?” looking at Chris, he shook his head “just fine baby, you look beautiful” he moved his hand away from the door, walking over to me and pushed my hair down a little “just go and pee and come back” he smiled at me, I love him so much.

Walking out of the ladies’ bathroom, Chris has the biggest smirk on his face and I can’t stop smiling either. Holding onto this hand “I am a little sore, walk slowly” I don’t know why he is dragging me along like that when I am in pain, I feel like I am doing the walk of shame right now. When people look at me it is like they know we just had sex, does it look like I had sex. Joe looks so unimpressed right now “took y’all damn time” he spat and then froze, he let out an oh “y’all didn’t! Oh god, y’all some nasty ass niggas bruh!” hiding behind Chris in shame “you paid the money?” Chris said ignoring him “yeah, we can go” I feel so naughty about this, this must be the craziest thing I have done in my life.


Summary: Shiro’s new coach calls him by his first name. He’s not quite sure how to feel about this. (Shallura ice skating AU 1/?)


Shiro can’t remember the last time someone he knew well called him Takashi, yet here he was, six months into the season with a coach that still called him by his full name. And weirdly enough, he wasn’t all that inclined to correct her.

“Takashi, bend your knees more, I want to see some height!”

He grins–and it’s stupid, to be smiling on the ice in the middle of a practice while he can feel the sweat drip down his back. But it’s hard not to smile at the sound of Allura’s voice, or in her presence, or at the thought of her.

Shiro’s got it pretty bad, he can admit that.

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17 weeks today (: and I’m feeling so good. I’ve been thinking so much of my baby as a person lately, and that I’ll actually be interacting with this lil being. It’s still sooo surreal that I’m here right now and I’m creating a life inside me. I’m so excited for whats to come^~^

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Hey :) can you write a Dean scenario ? When he has a crush on a shy girl and he asks her out + first kiss please ?

Dean: Fluff Scenario

You, Unexpected

           You had no idea how stressed out the guy pacing outside your work was. You even knew less that it was because of you. He was a regular that came into your work but even though you saw him often, enough to know his habits, you two never spoke a word to one another. First of all, you were too shy. In reality, he was the only guy who made you act this way; where you would avoid talking at all costs and always hide behind your hair.

           It was all so new to you, to behave this way, but it was out of your control. You could be laughing and enjoying a nice conversation with a customer at the counter while they waited for their coffee but as soon as this guy walked in, you felt the heat rush to your face and you’d have to excuse yourself. There was one time though that your work had been so slammed that you were the only one available to take orders, including his.

           If memory served you right, he had been just as nervous as you. You knew that because every time your eyes met he had looked away in a flash and when he handed you his card to swipe his hand had been shaking slightly. It comforted you at the time, knowing you weren’t the only reacting like this, but it wasn’t enough to ever get you to speak two words to him. And now, here you were, clocking out from your eight-hour shift, about to walk into the most awkward situation you could have found yourself in.

           Stepping outside, a cold wind hit you hard and you fumbled to get your jacket on. You had started walking away from your work, struggling to get your arm in the sleeve of the jacket when someone gently grabbed your arm and helped you slip it on. You turned to thank the stranger but your verbal skills went slack at who you your eyes had landed on. It was him. The guy who always made it impossible for you to speak. And yet, he was doing it again.

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Wow, this is so surreal to see you in college on here and SC. I'm honestly so proud of you, Audrey! I don't know what else to say except, I'm super happy for you.

It really is! It’s crazy, there are people here who’ve known me since I was 13 and now here I am. 

I don’t want to get too sappy, but it is a super cool feeling. My life is changing right before my eyes and I’m so excited for it. Here’s to taking a new big step!

Courage to Ask Part.2 - George Weasley (Requested)

Request: Okay, so, I was wondering if you could post like a second part or something to Courage to Ask. Like actually at the ball or something. I just loved it and and I would love to see a second part. Sorry to bother you.


Shimmering fairy light hung flawlessly from the ceiling, falling low in beautiful spirals. The Great Hall was transformed into a breath taking ball room for the evening. (y/n) hummed softly as her head pressed up against the crook of George’s warm neck. The pair swayed effortlessly around the dance floor, catching the eye of multiple students who were in awe at that sight of the two. (y/n) (f/c) dress trailed swiftly along with every movement her body made. Her hair tied up in a tight classy bun made her look that much more attractive. Not that it affected George’s out looks on her. (y/n) could’ve shown up in sweat pants and an old baggy sweatshirt and George still would’ve been wonderstruck by her appearance.

“Do you want to go get some punch, or something like that?” George leaned close to her ear, lightly shouting over the music. (y/n) nodded, melting as George’s hand tangled itself into her’s. He weaved them in and out of people easily, then over to the food and drink table. Filling up a crystal glass up with blood red punch, George handed it carefully over to the tired looking girl. She thanked him before they found and open spot at one of the deserted tables.

George caught the eye of his older twin who sent him a knowing wink as well as a thumbs up. George rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to (y/n),

“Are you having a good time? Cause if you’re not I totally understand and I won’t be offended or-“George rambled on worriedly until (y/n) cut him off.

“George I’m having the best night of my life right now, honestly… it feels so surreal.” She said putting all his thoughts to rest. They started a conversation about their plans for the summer, when George caught (y/n) full surprised by pecking her lips unexpectedly. She blushed feverishly while George smirked in confidence.


As the night escalated on to a dreadful end, (y/n) became hugely disappointed though still on cloud nine not wanting to abandon her night with George. He seemed to be in the same mood, but by the commands of the teachers to retreat back to their common rooms, George escorted (y/n) chatting about random things making her feel fuzzy inside. Reaching the large painting that secretly hide the Gryffindor room, George spoke the password clearly allowing (y/n) a helping hand in as the painting slide open.

Walking her over to the entrance of the girl’s dormitory stairs, George smiled. (y/n) swung their interlocked hands playfully, glancing around the empty room.

“I had a really nice night, George. Thanks for bringing me it was very lovely and sweet thing of you to do.” He shrugged saying that it was no problem. (y/n) gave him one last wave then turned to go up the steps, that was until a hand wrapped itself around her arm pulling her back down. George wasted no time explained his actions and pressed his lips passionately against her own. He felt as if he was on an adrenaline high with all the confidence he felt. (y/n) lost herself in the kiss feeling like she was on a whole different planet when George took her in his embrace. The kiss was broken by (y/n) leaning away in order to catch her breath. The pair smiled happily at each other. George took a step back,

“That was an eventful evening. Thank you Miss.(l/n) for accompanying me this afternoon. By the way you look absolutely gorgeous; no one came close to comparing to your looks today.” With that George had disappeared around the corner leaving a red cheeked (y/n) standing still in shock on the first stone step, running a hand absentmindedly across her plump lips. What a night it was.


~ Daizy

I loved writing this one! Please keep in mind request are closed! So are ships! xxxxx

My Water Broke (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Request: Yes —"Pls make a story of have a baby with harry or luke or calum I love your blog xxx" I chose Luke!

Rating: some swears your mother would not appreciate but probably uses when you aren’t around

Word Count: 4,416

Writer: Gemma
(Sorry if there’s heaps of mistakes, I did it all on mobile -.-)

Imagine Masterlist

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I was craving mint chocolate chip ice cream like crazy. The crazier thing? I hated mint and chocolate as a combination. Something about the mint always gave me heart burn and it made the chocolate taste weird. But that was not stopping me from spooning another mouthful out of the litre tub. I’d downed a third of the freshly bought ice cream, feeling so guilty yet so satisfied every time I swallowed .
Luke was gonna kill me. It was the third time this week I made him go and get me ice cream, and I was nearly downing half of it in a single sitting. I felt like a junkie, sneaking into the kitchen at almost 4 in the morning, trying to get a fix. I suppose, being 37 weeks pregnant was kinda like being on drugs; mood swings, irrational behaviour, cravings and a constant state of the munchies, which Luke liked to referred to as “grazing” (like I’m some kind of cow, the shithead), were all the side effects of being knocked up with your boyfriend’s spawn.
I sighed once I finally felt full, knowing it wouldn’t last long, but feeling better for the time being. Getting up from the counter stool, I waddled my way around the kitchen. I felt like a whale. But not a majestic one floating through the ocean, spreading joy to people watchers everywhere. No, I felt like a beached whale, dying and bloated, unable to move or even breathe sometimes. I don’t care what anyone says about pregnancy, you feel like shit ALL the damn time.
Luke was a supportive dad-to-be. Always trying to make me happy, calling me his tiny little penguin, as if I wasn’t the size of a truck, giving me back rubs, helping set up the baby’s room, and going on aforementioned cravings run’s whenever I wanted. When the pregnancy test came back positive Luke held me while I cried, he comforted ME and told ME how it was all going to be okay as I sobbed over how I’d just fucked up his life. He was shitting himself, but he held it together and got excited about becoming a dad and having a family with me.
After we went for our first sonogram he couldn’t stop smiling the entire ride home, staring at a picture of a grey blob like it was the most magical thing the universe had ever made, and I’ll never forget that moment when he squeezed my hand in surprise upon hearing our baby’s heartbeat for the first time and the way his face stilled in awe, eyes wide and sparkling with unshed tears.
I was grateful to Luke for everything. He’d been my rock, even when he had to travel away for the band, he’d fly me over for a few weeks of tour, he’d call me everyday, talk to me whenever he could, send me gifts for the baby. And when he was home he made sure that I was being looked after, he made sure I didn’t overwork, he did all the housework that was physically challenging, he’d take me out on cute date’s and adventures to get my mind off everything stressing me out and he was always, no matter where he was, making me feel beautiful and loved.
I had been so afraid that this pregnancy was going to ruin our relationship. Four years together was not a long time in the grand scheme of things, and we had had some pretty big fights throughout the pregnancy alone, not to mention our relationship. But through it all we’ve come out strong and even more in love than ever. The big goofy blond had made my life that much better since he came into it and now we were going to start a family. The thought was so surreal.
I had been pacing around the kitchen, unable to sit and get comfortable. The baby was way too restless right now and there was no way I was getting back to sleep.
About a week ago Luke and I had our first major scare. I had my first ever experience of what they call ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions. We thought I was going into labour early until the doctor explained what they were. Since then I had been experiencing the contractions infrequently throughout the week.
Getting frustrated and tired, I sighed, rubbing my belly. “Can you please settle down in there? I’ve fed you! What more do you want from me?” I groaned.
Why? Why did I have to say that?
It was like a cosmic joke and I was the punch line, the timing so well placed I was certain that every deity and God above was gathered around, laughing hysterically at me.
My fucking water broke.
It was the strangest moment of my life. Not quite the gush that Hollywood would have you believe, but it was like a stream down my legs. My underwear was soaked, a slight relief on my lower stomach flowed through me and little rivulets of water ran down my legs, kinda like I was peeing, but when I tried to stop, it wouldn’t. I was kind of grateful it was summer and I wasn’t wearing pants, but at the same time, I was now standing in a small puddle in the middle of my kitchen floor, the only thing going on in my head was disbelief. Two recurring thoughts, ‘How the fuck did that happen?’ and 'I was not expecting that kind of reaction.’ This kid already has some attitude.
I stared down at the mess I’d made, shock all over my face.
Taking a few deep breaths to calm my pounding chest, my mind finally caught up with my body. I had to tell Luke. But first, I had to clean this mess off of me. Picking up the wash cloth from the kitchen sink, I cleaned my feet of the fluid as best as I could before making my way to the bathroom.
I was fairly certain that I had stopped leaking and quickly had a shower to rid myself of the residue. Oddly enough I was calming down from my initial shock, I wasn’t in any extreme pain, just a dull ache and occasionally a sharp contraction from the Braxton Hicks, or maybe those were real contractions? I washed myself up, brushed my teeth and packed my toiletries ready for the hospital, before heading to the bedroom and getting dressed in a comfortable shirt and my booty shorts, the only shorts that fit these days.
When I thought I had a decent bag packed, I padded over to the bed, crawling next to my sleeping boyfriend.
Luke sleeping was my favourite sight. His chest rising and falling as he breathed slow and deep had a calming effect over me. Even if I was stressing out of my mind, just him breathing peacefully would relax me, as if all was right in the world. His face was slack, and I could see just how tired he was. His stubble was the longest it’d been in months and he had dark circles under his eyes. The hard part of me having crap sleep meant that Luke would usually have crap sleep too.
Which made me feel even guiltier as I prepared to wake him. I gently touched his shoulder, give him a little nudge.
“Luke…” His breathing stayed the same. “Luke.” I said with a bit more volume and force.
His eyelids fluttered but they remained closed. “Mmm…?”
“My water just broke.” I said casually, knowing he wouldn’t register.
“Mmm… tha’s great baby… we’ll fis it in the mor… nnn…” His slurred words turned into a tiny snore at the end. I gave him a few more nudges, even shaking him a bit, but to no avail.
I huffed out my cheeks, a little exasperated. Time for plan B. I cupped my hand over his mouth and pinched his nose. Literally two seconds later, Luke’s eyes shot open, and he coughed and gasped for air.
“What?!” He looked around frantically. I gave him some time, once his breathing became more composed he looked at the time on the alarm clock and then at me. “What’s wrong? Is it the baby? Do you need me to go to the shop?”
I stared at him calmly, gauging his response as I said slowly, “My water broke.”
His eyes were still squinty from sleep as he gave me a confused look, before what I said just dawned on him. “Wh-! Wait - what?!”
“I got up just now, and my water broke. The baby’s coming.”
Luke was looking at me with a frantic glint in his eye. “Are you feeling all right?”
“Yeah.” I said a little unsurely, my voice faltering. “I’m nervous, kinda freaked a little, but I guess I’m at the manageable level of pain right now, so we’ve got time. Do you want to shower and get ready to go? And I’ll let our parents know what’s going on. They can see us later in the day.”
He stared at me with a dumb look on his face before nodding slowly. “Yeah, I’ll go get ready. Just yell if you need me to hurry.”

I couldn’t believe she was so calm right now. She just went in to labour, yet she’s organising me and notifying our parents like there isn’t a human being trying to escape out of her vagina prematurely. I was in awe to say the least.
As I came down stairs, freshly showered and carrying a few extra things for the hospital, I could hear Y/N talking to her dad on the phone.
I remember the day we told our families we were expecting. There were so many tears, and smiles, but Y/N’s dad’s reaction completely blew me away. We’d never particularly gotten along, he disagreed with my career taking me away for long periods of time, girls throwing themselves at me every night, and probably just the general fact that I was a male near his beloved baby girl, but after we announced it to everyone, he had pulled me aside and hugged me. He had tears in his eyes and he’d told me how proud he was of the person I am and thanked me for taking such good care of his daughter. When he told me that I was going to be a great Dad, I think my eyebrows flew through the roof. It was a special day for many reasons but what would always stick out was that moment, and how our families came together that day.
“Yeah, we’re just about to head to the hospital to get settled in. Let Mum know for me? You guys should be able to come by whenever you’re ready, but I’ll keep you updated. Love you, Dad. Bye.”
“You okay? Everything good?” I asked, setting the few bags we had by the door before walking over to where she stood and holding her sides as she did the same to me.
“I’m fine. Baby’s fine. Your Mum and Dad are sleepy, but happy and fine. My Dad and Mum are sleepy, but also happy and fine. They all wish us luck, they’ll stop by later on in the day.” She relayed.
I let out a deep breath through my nose, and I was grateful that I could finally hold her and feel reassured that she really was doing okay. My heart had been racing a mile a minute since Y/N had woken me up to tell me the baby was coming, and I could feel it trying to jump out of my chest every time I thought about it. We’re about to have a baby. I’m gonna be a dad.
Y/N looked at me, her eyes were so round and innocent right now, I could see how nervous she was, but she was mostly concerned for me. “Are you okay? Are you ready?”
Tears pricked the back of my eyes, and I wanted to laugh out loud. She just went into labour and she’s asking if I’m okay? I shook my head and smiled at her.
“I’m so in love with you.” Y/N gave me small smile, as if that was all she needed to hear to be okay. “All the time has flown by…” I put my hand on her stomach, thinking back over the last nine months. The first ultrasound, the first heartbeat, the first kick. Now we were about to start a whole new life of firsts, and I was surprised to find that I wasn’t nervous, but impatient to begin. I leaned in and pressed my lips to Y/N’s forehead. “Let’s go get our baby.”

I’d been at the hospital for twelve hours now, and the doctors were concerned I wasn’t dilated enough. Because I had gone into labour prematurely, they were worried about the stress on the baby. I swear Luke was going to pull all of his hair out he was panicking so much.
“I just want you to be okay.” He’d murmur sadly, holding my hand in both of his.
“I know. It’s okay.” I’d smile and try to be brave but when it came down to it, I was freaking out myself. Was it normal to take this long to have a baby?! And my God was labour confusing. Your body was doing so many different things and you never knew when was the right time or if there was any time to go with it or fight it. Not knowing was the biggest hindrance of all, and just when you think you’ve got your breathing down pat, BAM! Your contractions change or the baby decides it wants to be the next Beckham.
I was so relieved when my Mum and Liz finally arrived. Luke and I had gone to birthing classes, but the calm bitch teaching them must not have a kid because there was no way those classes prepared me for this shit.
My Dad and Andy must have smuggled a flask in for celebration purposes because I saw Luke take a swig around the ten hour mark, which settled him down a bit. We were all telling him to get some rest, I myself had been napping as much as contractions would permit, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He kept a constant vigil at my bedside.

At 1:30am there was finally a change progression. By 2:30, nearly 23 hours after my water broke, I was ready to start pushing.
Luke, Mum and Liz were the only ones present in the room besides the medical staff. My legs were up in stirrups and I had a man up close and personal in my crotch. Luke was crouched beside me, his hand in mine as I squeezed it and he whispered words of encouragement at me.
My doctor’s voice could be heard, muffled behind his surgical mask, he was getting excited. “Come on Y/N, another great big push. On the count of three. One, two and push! Push! Push!” I gritted my teeth and focused on pushing, my muscles so sore and tired from contractions and the effort of trying to keep up with them all day, but I tried hard. Sweat was forming on my forehead and temples, not to mention I had a grimy layer all over me from not showering all day and my hair was a mess. I had never felt so disgusting in my entire life.
“You’re doing so well, honey.” My Mum smiled at me from the opposite side of the bed to Luke. Liz stood next to her holding my leg as a second brace.
“Quick ten second break, Y/N, and then another big push. We’re about to crown.” I was informed, and I let out an exhausted sob. I was so ready to be done. Luke kissed my knuckles and moved some hair out of my face.
“It’s almost over.” Luke tried to give me a smile.
“You’re a dick.” I pouted at him.
“I know, but I’m yours, and I’m sorry.”
“Ready for another go, Y/N?” Not like I really had a choice. The pressure that was going through me right now was telling me to push and push hard.
I didn’t wait for the doctor’s count, I went for it.
“That’s it! Almost there!”
“You’re doing great, babe.” Luke encouraged.
“Head’s out! Head’s out!” That was all I needed to keep going. Eyes closed in concentration, I cried out in effort as I felt a giant wave of relief go through me. Everyone rushed forward and I heard the hiccup and cry of my baby for the first time. I opened my eyes, tears leaking out the corners to see my baby being fussed over by the medical staff.
Now I was really crying. I looked at Luke next to me and his face said it all; there were tears and his hand that wasn’t holding mine was over his mouth as he stared at his child for the first time.
“It’s a beautiful baby boy!” My doctor laughed at us, bringing him over and resting him on my breast for a brief moment. He was still covered in mucus and fluid, but to feel him and touch him was the most amazing moment of my life.
Luke couldn’t move, the tears were coming hot and strong down his cheeks and he was taking in slow, ragged breaths. He’d removed his hand from his face and was reaching forward to touch his sons’ hand.
And as quickly as they gave him to us, they took him away to be checked out and cleaned up.
Luke was on his feet in seconds, his hands cradling my face as he kissed me forcefully.
Our mum’s moved away with the nurses to give us a bit of privacy.
“I love you so fucking much.” His voice was thick in his throat.
“We have a baby you-!” I hiccuped, smiling at him and laughing through my tears. He held our faces together and we shared a moment of bliss in the aftermath of a hectic 24 hours.
“You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met. And I’m so goddam proud of you.” He said lowly, his voice soft.
“I love you.” I sighed, feeling absolutely drained, but at peace with the world.
“You guys wanna hold your son?”
We pulled apart slightly to look up at the nurse, she was holding a bundle of blankets, rocking it gently and Luke and I looked at each other nervously.
“Where’d our Mum’s go?” Luke asked.
“They left to leave you guys alone for this.”
“I’ll hold him.” I said softly.
The nurse smiled at me before transferring my baby, MY baby, into my arms.
He was still red in the face, but now no longer covered in muck. He was so beautiful. Pink squishy cheeks, tiny bump of a nose, perfect miniature cupid’s bow. He had the tiniest growth of hair on his head, so fair it was nearly invisible. He let out a big sigh as he fell deeper into his sleep and my heart stopped.
“I love you so much, baby. You’re my little miracle.” I cooed.
“You look so natural with him.” Luke sounded glum.
“You’re worried you won’t be.” I guessed.
“I don’t want to mess it up.” He admitted.
“You don’t have to rush it.” The nurse piped up. We looked at her and she spoke directly to me. “We’re gonna get him a bit more settled and check how he’s going, but why don’t you have a shower while we do that? The kind doctor gave you some pain medication, it should be kicking in now, so you should be okay to have a stretch and a walk around. When you’re ready we can bring him back in.”
“Are you okay with that?” I asked Luke, before handing my child back to the sweet nurse.
“That sounds great.” He nodded, his voice slightly strained.
“You may want to help her in the bathroom.” She advised before leaving the room.
“You okay?” I asked, reaching out for Luke’s face.
“Yeah. Just - overwhelmed I guess.” He closed his eyes and I only now just realised how tired he looked. He looked so drawn in the face and the circles under his eyes were darker.
“Let’s get cleaned up.”

Luke helped me shower before having a quick one of his own. I had never appreciated a shower more in my life. I was so stiff and sore, I could barely stand and I was so glad the nurse told him to come with me.
“My legs feel drunk.” I giggled.
“You’re an idiot.” Luke grinned.
“Weird, you say shit like that, yet I don’t believe you.”
“Just hurry up, I’m getting cold. And I wanna see my baby.”
“I’m done, you gotta help me out, Dingus.”
“I can’t believe you two just had a kid!” Andy yelled from inside my hospital room.
“You right to get dressed? I’ll meet you out.” Luke said once I was sitting on the toilet lid in a towel.
I watched him take his underwear off and smirked. “Can’t wait to see more of that.”
“We just had one baby, let’s not push it.” Luke teased with a wink.
I got dressed fairly easily and made my way back into my room. Everyone was in waiting for us, ready to see their grandson. Luke’s brothers and Celeste were even here, with gifts in their arms. I hugged everyone before settling on my new bed, the nurses had redirected us to a better room when we went looking for the showers and this one did not have any traces of birth-juice on it.
“They said they’d bring him in the next five minutes, because after that we have to go.” My Dad smiled at me, rubbing my back.
“It is pretty late.” I agreed.
“And you and Luke need to get some sleep while you can.” Liz added.
“Mum, I’m a parent now, I think I’m old enough to control my own bedtime.” Luke joked, announcing his return from the bathroom. No sooner did the nurse arrive, pushing one of those clear bassinet/cots.
“You guys have ten minutes, then Mum and Dad need to be getting some sleep. But just ring your buzzer when you’re ready for us to take him back to the nursery.” She smiled.
For the next ten minutes, Luke and I sat back while we watched our family fawn over the newest addition. My Dad cried so much I thought he would never stop.
Finally, it was time for everyone to go. They said they’d leave us be to settle for the next few days but if we needed anything, we only had to call. I stood in the hallway with Squidge in my arms (what we’d nicknamed him till we decided on a name) and waved everyone off. When I returned, Luke was sat at the bed, watching me intently.
“Everyone else has held my son, and I can’t even bring myself to do it.” He muttered, guilt in his voice.
“It’s okay to be nervous, Luke.” I reassured him.
“But I already feel like a failure.” He confessed, tears brimming in his eyes.
“Luke…” I was shocked. “Babe, you haven’t even tried. How could you be a failure?” He didn’t say anything, he just looked away. “What are you afraid of?”
“Hurting him. Dropping him. Not holding him right.”
“Would it make you feel better if you held him while you’re sitting on the bed? And I can make sure you’re holding him right? It’s just us Luke, there’s nothing to worry about. I’m right here.”
“Promise. I’ll be right here. I believe in you.”
He sat up straight, crossing his legs on the bed, and I held Squidge out to him. Luke hesitantly put his arms out, and I watched the look of concentration that came onto his face as he held Squidge in his arms. He exhaled a nervous breath before chuckling.
“Hi buddy…” Luke cooed, rocking him slightly as the tears started to form and spill over.
“Hey… I’m your - I’m your dad.” Luke sniffed, wiping his cheek on his shoulder, his eyes never leaving his son’s face. I sat behind him on the bed and hugged myself to his side, resting my chin on his shoulder and staring down at our baby. I kissed the side of his face, whispering what a great job he was doing.
“He’s so tiny…” Luke breathed, his voice lost with emotion.
“Compared to you, yeah.” I smiled, rubbing the side of his arm. “He’s perfect, Luke.”
“Thank you…” I knew he was thanking me for everything, not just for helping him get over his silly fear.
“Have you decided what you like for his name, now that he’s here?” I asked. Luke and I had struggled to agree on any names. He wanted “normal” names, because mine were too new and out-there, which made me laugh considering how old-school and traditional they were. “We can’t keep calling him Squidge.”
“Yeah… I have.” He smirked as he looked up at me. “Keaton Everett Hemmings…”
A surprised laugh bubbled through me and I had to fight back more tears as I pressed my lips to Luke’s hard, my smile never leaving.
“Keaton Hemmings. He’s gonna be the most dapper baby ever.” I grinned.
“He’s gonna be the coolest kid ever, period. He’s got us for parents.” Luke said smugly.
“You’re a DILF now.” I burst out laughing.
“Takes a MILF to know a DILF.” He countered. “I’m glad you’re my MILF.”
“Thanks Lukey.”
“Get some sleep. I’m gonna stay up with him for a little longer.” Luke smiled at me before looking back at Keaton.
Agreeing, I kissed the both on the cheek before laying down. Exhaustion caught me as soon as my head hit the pillow, and as I drifted off I heard Luke talking softly to Keaton.
“I love your Mummy so much, she’s literally the best person in the world, and I’m so happy I got to make you with her. I love you with every part of me…”
I fell asleep with a smile on my face and love in my heart. I couldn’t wait to wake up to those two for the rest of my life.


You were so upset. Like, seriously - you had never been this sad in your entire life before and you didn’t know if you were going to get over it. You were sat at the kitchen counter, your chin propped up against your palm as you let out a heavy sigh. The day had finally come and you didn’t know how to deal with this - it had never happened before and it was absolutely surreal that it was actually happening right now.. 

“Why so glum, my little plum?” Harry padded into the kitchen, standing at the opposite side of the counter as he mimed your position. He had noticed you had been a wee bit moody this morning but he couldn’t figure out why - he hadn’t done anything… right? 

“S’terrible, Harry. Absolutely heartbreaking.” You shook your head, Harry pouting a little at your response. 

“If you told me about what was so heartbreaking I could try to help.” Harry offered, eyebrows knitting together in curiosity. “Yeh know ‘m always here t’ help you. Tha’s what boyfriends are for.” 

“I suppose..” You murmured, rubbing at your eyes before letting out another sigh and sitting up straight. 

“Okay, then wha’s the matter?”

“It’s just..” You stopped yourself, looking up at the ceiling for a split second. “It’s just.. Sephora stopped selling my favourite lipstick shade.” There was a moment of silence before Harry let out a loud groan, dropping his head onto the kitchen countertop. 

“Tha’s it?! All tha’ whinin’ and poutin’ for one lipstick shade??” 

“Wha- hey! It’s a pretty shade! This little plum is going to be even more glum without her favourite lipstick on!” You defended your stance, Harry rolling his eyes and letting out a playful scoff. 

“You are such a drama queen, Y/N.” 


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(I had to repost this for the sake of photo size..)This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Croatia for the first time and cross another few items off my bucket list… and let me tell you, it was just as beautiful as I had imagined.

It took us 13 hours by bus to get to Split from Prague but it was 100% worth it. I literally didn’t even have a chance to absorb the fact that I had actually made it to fucking CROATIA, and as soon as we arrived the madness immediately began. When we got there we were greeted with blue skies and clear water, which made me (and everyone else) extremely stoked to get in the ocean, having not been to the beach in months. The first day was spent laying in the sand and soaking in views of the whole city from the top of Marjan Hill, which was followed hours later by an insane pub crawl that I would say was equally as fun as it was destructive…lol. The second day is when the whole thing really came to life for me I think, when we all crammed onto a relatively tiny boat to go island hopping from Brac to Hvar… and yes, I said island hopping. I mean, what kind of universe am I living in now that I can actually say that I’ve been fucking island hopping!? And in such a gorgeous place on top of it all! My life doesn’t usually just follow patterns like this but I’ve just been trying to tell myself to go with it and not question things, because if I didn’t actually deserve these experiences then the universe wouldn’t have thrown them at me, right?

But as beautiful ans surreal as exploring these two islands was, the peak of my weekend was most definitely finally setting foot in Krka National Park.

I’m not joking when I say Krka has been a bucket list item for me for years now. Every time I would day dream about Croatia in the past this is the place that would appear in my mind, and finally seeing it completely took my breath away. I literally told my friends that if I started crying when we got there to not be surprised because I already knew that this was going to be one of THOSE moments, you know? And even though it was raining when we first got there nothing could take away from how immensely magnificent the whole scene was, and I think the best part about it was that everyone else seemed to have felt the same.

The tide was so high and the current was so strong that everyone was told to ‘swim at your own risk’ so no one was getting in the water. Not to mention the fact that it was rainy and cold so lots of people didn’t even want to deal with getting any more wet. I on the other hand had been dreaming of swimming in under these waterfalls, so I felt like I was about to miss out on something big if I left without setting foot in the water. We spent about an hour down by the waterfalls just soaking them in after we had hiked to the base, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to be in the damn water… I mean out of all the days for it to rain it had to be while I was there right? One of my friends however could feel how much I was dying to get and and just told me, if you don’t do it now what if you never get another chance? And she was right, I definitely want to come back to Croatia in my lifetime but who knows when that’s gonna be? And who knows what could happen in the future, I might not be around long enough to enjoy another weekend in such a beautiful place. So I jumped in… and it was beautiful and cold and magical and amazing and every other cheesy description you could possibly think of, and here I am. Typing this alive and well and definitely not a victim of the current. So I guess all I have to say is that if you have the chance to do something out of the ordinary you should always take it, because were all a lot more powerful than we think.

Oh and PS, I love Croatia!!