my life is so unimportant

reasons i love eli goldsworthy

cute as fuck
stuck in emo phase
actually goth-emo mix which i dig
he’s classic
drives a fucking hearse
in love™
super into theater!!
like would crash hearse for love
relate deeply
his room is so aesthetically pleasing
like really cute as fuck
problematic fav who
we just want him to be okay
worked at the dot & i find that really appealing for some reason

some ignorant fool who doesn’t know everysinglething that’s happening in my unimportant life: so how are you :)
me: W E L L, i’m doing pretty ok with soft undertones of crippling depression and an aftertaste of some light anxiety. how are you debra???

Dear Charlie,

i’ve done a lot of things.

i’ve never told my brothers how much they mean to me, nor have i ever told them that i always feel like the only time i can be near them is when i’m the shadow at their feet. i never told my mom that the reason i almost self harmed was because it felt like everything she said about my future was what made me fall. i never told my dad that even though he’s important to me the amount of care he doesn’t have for my future felt like nothing else in my life mattered.

i’ve told my friends everything, i’ve given them the pieces of my life that are important to me but i feel so unimportant to them. they’ve given me time, given me reassurances and hope and love but i feel unworthy of it all. i feel as if it’s wasted.

i’ve wasted my life, and it’s barely started. i could have gone to the art school. i could have gone through with the dreams i wanted. i could have done everything i wanted to, could have told everyone what they should have heard, but i didn’t. i could have, but i didn’t.

-nj smith

Making this post for several reasons

  • I’m going to see The Cab tomorrow
  • w00t
  • But I’m interviewing a band
  • and full brick houses are coming out of my behind
  • and I can’t even take my nice camera, douche bag venue manager
  • I have homework to do that is due Friday, and I don’t want to do it today, but if I don’t, I will never do it
  • They put my transfer grades from my old English class to my new one, so my perfect A went down to a low C
  • I’ve heard from students apparently my old English teacher feels bad about the kids, so now her work is easier
  • and I used to get bullied for wearing feathers in my hair, and one day some kid tried to rip them out of my hair
  • and I’ve never really worn them since at school
  • and now everyone wears feathers in their hair
  • and I want to just live in a mountain
  • because fuq diz shyte
  • and this SOPA awareness thing a bunch of websites are doing is making me realise my intense dependency and addiction to the internet. FUCK YOU CONGRESS, GO HOME.

Daryl loved Beth, and his heart is broken.

& it doesn’t have to be romantic for that statement to be true.