my life is so good when they are in it

JESUS ALSO i come from a big family im one of 6 and i imagine lance comes from a very similar family and

listen. its hard to be in such a big family because yo usee everyone achieving their goals and you’re just. not?? see i have ADHD and depression so its very hard for me to do things that my siblings can do with ease and i hc that its the same with lance

so he has low self esteem. just doesn’t believe he’s worth anything, that he can do anything right, can’t be the best at anything or even good at it. when the team is rude or dismissive he’s used to it because it’s been that way his entire life; it’s just lance. just lance. who cares?

when he gets hurt he dismisses it. it’s just him, who cares? when he’s up all night crying, who cares? spending hours in the training room after everyone’s asleep. who cares? its just lance. and the worst thing is that he accepts it as truth and doesn’t question it

because it’s just lance. who cares?


Kent Parson has his life together a solid 40% of the time. That drops to a shaky 30% when the Aces management hires Eric Bittle, recent Samwell graduate and more recent ex-boyfriend of Jack Zimmermann, to babysit his tweeting habits.

posters for @yoursummerfrost ‘s fic Can’t Learn to Leave as a part of my  follower milestone giveaway! (my comments on AO3 took up like a good page) This fic is astounding on so many levels and the setting is just so vivid and present (hence these beauts). If you haven’t read it already go and check it out! 


The first 2 times I left the house as my true self (top) I was incredibly nervous. I wondered a lot about how people would react, especially as I live in a very conservative area. I had to make sure my makeup was so caked on to hide any “imperfections”. Now I leave the house with only a bit of eye makeup and I’m good to go! I’m at a place I never thought I would be, and am very comfortable and proud of who I am. It takes courage to embrace your true self, but when you do, you can finally embrace life to the fullest! Love who you really are 💜

I’ve only heard God’s voice twice in my life. It is bold and powerful and when you hear it, an overwhelming peace washes over you. I heard him on Sunday during worship. He said “I’m here”. So simple, yet I felt Him. He is here. Every second of every day. Every time my mind convinces me I’m not good enough. Every time life bogs me down. He is here. He is here for you too. Sit in the silence and wait for His voice.

Venting post!

Scroll past it if the subject of betas offends you because I most definitely don’t care right now.

Once again I’m baffled at the careless opinion of other writers concerning their own work. I know that not everyone in the groups I’m in strives to become a published author at some point in their life, but rather writes to cope with what life deals them this way. However, I can’t understand why you won’t strive to have your stories look the best they can—and that can include a proofreader.

I usually keep my mouth shut, and just don’t bother to read the stories, but there are moments when I feel inclined to say something.

My two cents on betas:

The first challenge and fests I joined all required a beta (they still do!) to make sure that your stories are as good as they can be. I figured that was standard, so I obeyed the rules.

Now that I joined several writing fests on FB, I still consider it a requirement to have someone look over your stories to ensure a certain standard of quality. You know why? Because I take pride in my stories, although they aren’t exactly masterpieces, but they are mine, and they represent me. The odd typo is okay, but I can’t stand sloppy work.

Arguments I came across in a discussion:

Argument #1:
It’s such a personal thing, I don’t want anyone touch my stuff.

Erm. You don’t want a beta read through your stuff, but you don’t mind having thousands of people having to wade through your mistakes to read what could be a good story had it only been proofread?

Argument #2:
If you feel comfortable enough with your grammar, then it’s not necessary.

Again: Erm. If I was posting stories in my own native German, I’d be just as adamant about having someone proofreading the story before I post it online. And that’s not because I’m weak in German grammar—oh no, quite the opposite actually! I’m a grammar nazi in German, yet I know what kind of tricks the brain can play on you… You’re simply text blind after a while, not catching the simplest mistakes because your brain corrects them automatically without you noticing; in addition you’re somewhat stuck in structures. A fresh set of eyes can help with that.

Besides, I actually feel comfortable enough with my language skills to post without a beta, but I won’t. Why? Because a proofreader can make your story that small dash better. And because I want to be proud of my work.

And no, I’m not arguing for the argument’s sake, I just think it’s careless behaviour.

Dear Future Girlfriend,
I don’t know where the part of the world you are right now, but I hope you’re doing good, I’m just wandering about you every night about what you look like, what are the things you like and you don’t. Future girlfriend whoever with you at the moment of your life, I just hope that she’s taking care of you, every time you cry, she always wipe those tears and kiss you and telling you how important you are.
I’m guarding my heart as of the moment future girlfriend because I don’t want to rush things with any girls, I want to be ready when our path cross and patiently waiting for that moment to happen, I’ll do good things in school and soon I’ll be graduate and find a job and save money so I can fly wherever you are :). I’m excited to see you, to know you, hold you and kiss you on the forehead every single time and tell you how sexy you are haha. For now I’ll keep myself pure physically and emotionally so that I can be strong and mature enough for you. I hope I could meet you when things are running smoothly between our lives, when I can fight for who I am and fight for you,whom I love.
I’ll respect you and love you for the rest of our lives. I don’t know if you could read this now but I just hope you’re happy and in a safe place at this point of your life. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the things you have my love and we could share that in the future.
Future girlfriend, no matter how you look like, now matter how tall you are, whatever your body size, I don’t care because when you love someone those things are just a plus, the soul is the most important thing that I have to see in you, of what’s within your heart my love. Now, I’m going to live my life happily, plan for my future that eventually I could share with you.


I’ve felt SO GOOD for most of April, especially compared to the four months previous, that it seemed like maybe I was actually doing better than I was before – like perhaps the reliable periodic burn-out I’ve experienced my whole life was at least partially medical, and drugs were helping it!

A bunch of strenuous physical work and some sucky days at the office later, and … nope. Newsflash: Burnout is still just what happens when some stuff sucks and you’re trying to do too much. Also bears shit in woods and also tundra and really wherever bear butts happen to be.

Bisexual. Bipolar.
Androgynous and agnostic.
Nonbinary. Genderqueer.
I only feel confident on days I have good hair.

Chemistry. Biology.
Psychology and astronomy.
The sciences are what I love.
From looking at cells under a microscope to staring at the stars above.

Self reflecting at the beach.
A joint in one hand, toes in the sand.
Not a worry in my mind I only want to be kind.
Because in the long run nothing we do really matters
Except being nice because our souls will never die.
We will again collide.
In another dimension that the science I love cannot define.
Our bodies are but vectors to live a so called life.
But when my body decays in the ground my consciousness will still be found.
I can be whatever I want to be.

Optimistic. Altruistic.
Kind and free.

—  Be kind

I don’t think you guys understand how much your love and support means to me. I don’t want to get pity or whatever but my life hasn’t been easy. I’ve been blessed with a good family and enough money to be comfortable but I’ve had a lot of shit thrown my way and it’s honestly made me feel so unlovable and unworthy.

I’m so thankful for those of you who enjoy what I do and for those of you who befriended me ❤️

When I started I knew there would be at least a few people who would like my tyler stuff. I never anticipated 1800+ followers. I never even thought that more than one of you would want to be my friend.

I value every like and reply and reblog and message so much. You guys make me feel like I can help people and do good in the world.

To some 1,800+ isn’t much but that’s more people than I can fathom. And I’m sure there are those of you who are tired of my personal bs and want more Tyler (I feel that) but I can’t do today without saying thank you.

I want to keep talking with you guys and writing hc’s and making up au’s and helping people who need a friend. I want to do art and maybe one day start a channel for it.

I have no expectations or delusions of becoming some huge internet sensation. I just want to be happy and I want to make others happy too

- Harley, the sappiest bitch

Just a little happy post...

Right now, at this moment, I feel happy. This has been a lovely day, and though it’s almost over, right now I feel good about myself, life and most things in general. When the sky is not quite as blue, I will come back to read this post just to remember, that good days are possible. If it’s possible to feel happy now, it will be possible on another day in the future.

And as a comic relief, my very heteronormative dad just asked me to go buy him ice-cream. As my own private inside joke, I’m planning on buying him the neapolitan kind. Definately not vanilla. He could use some diversity in his life.

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mom i just want you to know that you and dad are the best parents ever and that i love you and i love your art and i love your blog and i love your voice (or at least i'm sure i will if you ever rap for us... :)) and i love your relationship with ray (it seriously gives me life) and i love how patient and kind you are with your children and i jUST LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY BECAUSE YOU DESERVE THE WORLD!!!

Oh my goodness this is SUCH a lovely message thank you SO kindly QQ.. I’m glad you take so much love from my work and ray’s work! It always astounds me when people enjoy the stuff I’m making ahah!

goodness … i know i just wrote something, good good g-d but i feel so mellow and content this morning & there’s this lovely french toast with cherries ontop in front of me … i love my friends & family, i love my ideas & i love writing, i love my hopes & dreams, i love my plants & i love my pupper, i love those little white gloves, i love the color yellow when it is sweet and soft, i love the sound of my mother walking down the stairs in the morning, i love that small watercolor of the woman in the bath lost somewhere in my pile of prints, i love good morning texts, i love being gross and wearing shoes without socks, i love little things & i love big things … self hatred is so toxic, not being able to love life is extraordinarily limiting, taking anger out on others only hurts both them & yourself … i don’t know. i don’t want my love to be limited, i don’t want my passions to be muted, and i want to bring and share happiness to/with others in my life. 

Promptis: Weak but Strong.

Noctis finds himself increasingly drawn to Prompto’s warmth and honest emotions, his ability to express himself in the most magical ways. Insecure chocobo does not know that Noctis needs that sincerity even more than he needs air.

Prompto makes another venomous quip of self-loathing one afternoon, laughing it off. Noctis replies: ‘You’re always so down on yourself and it really gets on my nerves sometimes.’

Noctis goes on to tell him about how incredible Prompto is for embracing life, for loving and trying and exploring so passionately. Tells chocobo it takes a lot of heart to be so strong. Then says:

'When I look in the mirror, I realize you’re the only good thing about me.’

Brain fart.

It is that point in the semester when I begin to lose it. It happens every semester at the same time, so I am not surprised. I am just making note of a pattern. 

I have been so good about staying two or three steps ahead of my classes, but this week I completely forgot to prep for one of my courses and have to scramble to pull together a midterm, group project, film guide, etc. etc. It will all get done and then I will be ready to collapse into summer vacation. But until then, my mind and my body just have to keep it together for FOUR more weeks. 

I couldn’t sleep last night because my anxious brain kept running over to-do lists for work. The irony is that I can’t ever really remember the to-do lists that I created in the middle of the night and I don’t really have the energy to complete them during the day. I hate Mondays, not because of the “get out of bed to go to work” feeling but because of the “bat out of hell” race to check off items on the to-do list feeling. 

In other news, I started a new workout routine this week: 

Monday - Power Yoga

Tuesday - Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesday - HIIT

Thursday - Restorative Yoga

Friday - Barre

Sunday - HIIT

My gym buddies, Karla and Pauline, have been on this routine for weeks. Let’s hope I can keep up with them!

                         that’s the way everyday goes, every time we have no control, if the sky is PINK AND WHITE, if the ground is black and yellow, it’s the same way you showed me, nod my head, don’t close my eyes, half way on a slow move .  it’s the same way you showed me .  if you could fly then you’d feel south, up north’s getting cold soon .  the way it is, we’re on land, so i’m someone to hold true .  keep you cool in this good life, won’t let you down when it’s all ruined .   //   written by chanda .  since april 2017 .  ♡

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Pendles.... why Pendles?

Random Anons for Pen or Kak: Accepting!

((Kakashi speaking: So, when I started getting involved with the fandom I ended up following a bunch of the rpers and lurked their threads and interactions for a bit.  They looked like they were having a *ton* of fun, but I was hella shy about jumping in.  I thought that I’d be terrible at it.  Prose wasn’t something I wrote much!  I couldn’t develop an OC to save my life!))

((Well, Pendles came out and I fell in love with him.  His play-style gelled really well with me, I mastered him in his first week of release!  He’s independent, determined, charming, confident… so much of my own personality that I don’t quite get to be anymore.  On top of that, Toxic Lifestyles really resonated with me.  My condition has similar symptoms. [Not losing my limbs, obviously.  But sight and physical fitness counts?  Maybe?]  BUT, still, I was shy.  Other people [who I’m friends with] were already role-playing him… I didn’t want to intrude.  So, I continued lurking.))

((But then there was a drawing circulating with the caption of Pendles my friendles that just STUCK.  I couldn’t get those words out of my head.  So, on impulse, I checked to see if the url was available.  And then a few permutations of it.  [pendles-is-friendles is easiest to say. lol] So I dove in and I’m a billion percent glad that I did.))

Happy and supportive friend post.

Here I am gonna list some close friends who I appreciate and I will tell you why I do!!

@mangami you my clone are awesome and HELLA good at tearing my heart to shreds when I am not doing the same thing to you. Your Au’s give me life and so does your art!! You are super supportive of your stressed out high school student clone when you really don’t need to be and I appreciate it. ♡

@erica-mikaelson-1997 romy I love you to bits and you are #1 best friend and supportive fake gf if I need one (shh) I am a pretty bad friend in comparison to you but know that I appreciate all of your weirdness, especially your ability to watch an entire series in the course of a few days. Your writing is awesome (even if I don’t like the topic) and I think you are pretty damn cool 24/7 ♡

@charliefailsatlifeitself charlie. Grandpa. You are always a good friendo for me to laugh with, and at on some occasions. Your writing skills are over 9000 and your concepts give me life!! Just know that I think you are a pretty awesome old man (17 year old). ♡

@puppee-universe ana you are 11/10 supportive shit poster. You manage to make me cry with laughter sometimes and nostalgia trip cause 1 year friendship dude wth- I think the fact you always try and help us when we need it is super awesome and your art is super cute like I love your random Ocs so much?? ♡

@killingcharacters ell you my friend I haven’t known as long but you are already awesome as hell wtf- I appreciate your art skills to say you only use traditional or drawcast and damn are they some good art! Plus your concepts are also pretty HELLA rad. ♡

@captainredsweaters lat my child we need to talk more!! I still love and appreciate you and your art since its so amazing!! And always improving!! I’ll watch you from afar like a mother should but child know I love and appreciate youuuu. ♡

@supportive-bird is a new friendo who I appreciate for their hilariously adorable hc loving personality. They help me out with stuff and I appreciate that a ton!! ♡

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Being Married to Shawn

  • “I love you.”
  • Shawn still taking you out on dates even thought you’re already married
  • Shawn taking you along on tour with him
  • Not having to be apart as much as you did when you were still dating
  • Waking up next to him every morning
  • Good morning kisses
  • Goodnight kisses
  • Shawn getting along with your family
  • And treating your siblings like they’re his own siblings
  • His family loving you
  • Whenever Aaliyah had a break from school
  • You’d convince Shawn to fly her out to wherever you both were
  • And you’d hang out with her and make sure she was safe
  • Shawn having meetings early on a Saturday morning
  • And you being disappointed because you like to cuddle on weekends
  • But he makes up for it by coming home at 11am with Starbucks
  • Spending long nights in the studio with him
  • Shawn surprising you with weekend getaways
  • “I love that you’re my forever.” 
  • Always being Shawn’s plus one to events
  • Getting a cat together shortly after you’re married
  • Buying Shawn clothes
  • Cooking together
  • Him knowing everything about you 
  • All the scary, hard to love, messed up stuff
  • And still loving you anyway
  • Knowing what he’s like at two am when he’s worked hard all day
  • And what he’s like at two pm on a lazy Sunday
  • Knowing everything about him
  • Choosing to love each other daily
  • Choosing to love each other through all the gritty and hard stuff
  • Knowing that ring on his ring finger is for you
  • And that whenever he sees it he thinks of you
  • Having a sign that was a wedding gift: “The Mendes Family, est. 20__”
  • Wedding pictures in your living room
  • Pictures of the two of you and your families all over your house
  • Your house full of cute decorations that Shawn let you be in charge of 
  • Playfully arguing about who’s turn it was to clean the cat’s litter box
  • Sitting on your kitchen floor eating ice cream at 2am just because
  • Literally just getting to do life with your best friend