my life is now ruined because of you

i’m so glad to see this actual tumblr comment adorning one of my favorite dunkirk posts because I TOO WANT STYLE’S [sic] CHARACTER TO DIE!!!! you’re clearly a serious brain person who has only important thoughts so it’s thrilling to know we could have literally anything in common :D now here are my main reasons why harry should die in dunkirk, please read this and get back to me with your manpproval asap

1) harry ruined my life starting in 2012 it’s time for payback

2) he looks so pretty when he suffers

3) if he dies he might cry first from the pain? C R Y I N G. harry crying!!!! it’s been too long. groaning would be good too.

4) let’s say he gets wounded, they might have to strip some clothes off for medical reasons before he dies. CLOTHES OFF HARRY STYLES.

5) he might die holding a picture of his sweetheart in his hand, like tracing the sweetheart’s face with one shaking finger, or like kissing the picture? super romantic???

6) if he’s dying tom hardy will realize it’s his last chance to tell harry how he truly feels and then harry will die in his arms with tom’s kiss trembling on his lips

7) if he dies maybe it will be because one of the other soldiers couldn’t get there in time, it could be tom hardy but honestly they all look cute, anyway this soldier could have a big dramatic scene where he’s like “i couldn’t save him….do you understand….i couldn’t save him…” he’s probably crying while he says this and his uniform is really dirty

8) heartbreaking scene where they go back to tell harry’s fiancée that he’s dead and it turns out she’s pregnant with his baby, then there’s a scene after the credits where harry comes back as a ghost and sings a lullaby to the baby from heaven

9) you know how a vampire can save someone from dying by biting them and turning them into a vampire? when harry drowns it could be like that but with mermaids

10) harry dies sort of but not really? bc he’s left for dead but then hydra finds him and turns him into a supersoldier sex assassin and he goes on a mission to kill all current and former members of one direction and they’re like “harry?” and he’s like “who the hell is harry” and then they kiss. all of them.

anyway i’m not like those other girls and this proves it

In which Lee Kwangsoo sums up a k-pop bias perfectly.

I, a lesbian trans woman, would like to feel like I have a place I can go to. But because of Terfs, I cannot go to lesbian/gay spaces, because I am called a “straight male” and I cannot go to omen safe spaces because I’m a “male.” Why should what I was born as dictate who I am now?
I think I only identified as a boy/male for about 6 years of my life. My family was not supportive so I could not start transitioning until recently. But, I never really had any “male privilege.” I could not even go to the bathroom in public without getting severe dysphoria. And you know what? Terfs have ruined me, and my life, by “"advocating for what is right”“ and I honestly wish I could be seen as a woman. It is all I want. But Terfs are placing the nasty idea in people’s heads that i am not a woman, and it is sending me back into the dark hole of self hatred, dysphoria, and depression. I was plenty happy when I started transitioning. When I finally started getting a body that was closer to who I was. But now I am back to square one.
Terfs are disgusting. They have made me hate myself, again.

In this story, I am the villain because I swallowed honey by the spoonful to keep my heart from decay until my teeth rotted away, one by one even though you warned me that all sweet things in life come with an awfully heavy price. In this story I am the villain because I buried the remains of what used to be a love sonnet between the cracks of my ribs and now all that’s left of them is rot and ruin and every time I cough, I choke up blood.

No, I am the villain in this story because the only person I didn’t consider was myself. And even though I will never see my own face, only reflections of what I am told I look like—a girl in mourning, and I know exactly where the hurt will burrow the deepest when you tell me it was all just for show. I should’ve known that I too am fragile and capable of shattering. I am the villain in this story because when you push me aside and tell me that I am no longer wanted, I am still always careful that I do not stumble and fall over onto you in case I may sprain your wrist.

But what about mine?

—  Excerpt from “Villainy” by Nicole Moon
Moon Lover Ep 19

Y'all are flippin’ shit just because Wook had the chance to hug Haesoo in the end of ep 19 when I feel that this hug conpletely symbolizes the end of their connection with one another, especially after Wook said “Forget the past” I felt that he was telling her to forget him…

While here I am completely flippin my shit because of Jimong who told Haesoo that she can’t marry the king in ep 18 and now in ep 19 he was damn subtly telling So to marry Soo because that would be for the better

I broke down with Woohee’s death but I completely sobbed at Baekah’s memories of her (his grief)…

This damn show ruined my life…

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hey🙈, what do you think sex with Seb would be like if you're in a long term relationship with him? And now don't come with I don't know, cause I'm asking for your opinion 🙊

Well, since he’s an actor who travels a lot, i think sex would only get better with time because it’s something you’d look forward to for months.

Talk about anticipation and extended foreplay…

Naughty texts and phone calls because of the distance. Then finally the day comes, you get to touch each other again, you’ve longed for it, he gets to kiss you and hold you in his arms after you’ve been teasing him for so long and he’s missed you terribly. Just think about the impatient manner in which he’ll tear your clothes off… damn.


i. nebulae
i placed the metalwork
of my mind into
your waiting arms.
you promised you would
take the rusted bronze
from too many nights spent
out in the rain, under the
cold glare of the moon
and wax gold until
my body is molten hot
to the touch and solid gold
all over, a statue in
one of your temples.
you saw potential
in my rebirth and
who was i to question
the intuition of an artist?
sea breezes echoed off
of your words, an empire
begins to rebuild itself
from the crushed pillars
of ruin it is now

ii. protostar
your laughter was
the soundtrack to my life.
i took pictures of
everything we did but
knew i never needed them,
because i would never forget
the taste of your lips
at 2am on a thursday night
as you kissed me
against alley walls
marked in graffiti,
tattooing your name
onto my heart, tainting
my blood and the inner
workings of my veins

iii. star
our love was a work of art;
your breath hot against
my neck, as my collarbones
realigned themselves to
form the compass pointing
due north into the night sky,
the big Dipper guiding
your hands under my shirt
and between my legs.
i bent myself backwards
under the weight of
your touch until it was
too late, until i didn’t
notice the blood
pooling on the floor or
the fractures in my spine
as my bones struggled
to keep up

iv. supernova
when you realized
you had been using
violet instead of mauve
this whole time,
you littered me with
shades of red and blue.
my body was a spotlight
on your mistakes,
magenta and lilac
and lavender and
plum mixing together
until you couldn’t tell the
red from the blue anymore.
and you moved onto
a blank canvas, one
that wasn’t covered
in the wrong colors.
then on your first try, 
you painted a perfect
shade of mauve onto
her milky clean body

v. black hole
i refuse to remain ruined,
i did not endure this
only to wither away
into oblivion. the space
where my heart used to be,
where you used to whisper
the secrets of the universe
and tell me how all
humans are made of
the remnants of stardust,
is now empty and hollow.
i will rip out the stardust you
once said was rusted bronze,
was useless and worthless and
had no chance of being gold,
and turn it into a black hole. 
if i am broken, i will drag
you down with me.
stars have no power over me,
i will not be another
piece in your game as you mix
colors onto every waiting body

—  life cycle of a star | c.y.
me as a parent because of phanfiction
  • child: hey mom, i know we have our family pets and all but I think I'm old enough now to have my own pet to take care of don't you?
  • me: oh yeah I agree, it would be a good way to teach you about life and responsibilities. What type of pet would you want?
  • child: Well it'd be really cool if I could have something like a snak-
  • me: NO! I mean, maybe that's a little too dangerous for your first pet, you should go with something simpler.
  • child: Okay well I was also thinking about maybe a hamst-
  • me: OH LORD NO! Sorry but you know what, maybe the family dog is a good enough pet for now.
Johnlock and queer baiting.

So, I went through the johnlock-tag and I stumbled over a few comments about johnlock and queer baiting. There are many people right now, who accuse the the end of the series and the fact that johnlock didn’t become canon (in my eyes, we can even debate on this) was ruining their life, because now they cannot come out, because John and Sherlock did not. 

Aren’t you giving Sherlock a little too much credit? I mean in the end it was just a series - don’t get me wrong, I love it and all, but making decisions, which affect your own life, dependant on the ending of some series is gambling. 

I can feel your pain and I can feel your need for encouargement and your need for a ‘sign from above’ to make the right decisions, but the truth is, life is not a movie neither it’s a series. You won’t get signs and in the end it will always be you, who will be responsible for the decisions in your life. Don’t put the possibilty of happiness up to some signs, because then you’ll wait forever.

Gonna put this out there now..

I’m not stupid for crying because I love and care about Ed so much and anxiety has ruined my life, it’s important to talk about because there’s still so much stigma around it but knowing Ed has felt the sort of pain I have absolutely crushes me, no one deserves it and when it’s someone you care about, whether you’ve met them or not, it’s hard.. it’s crippling and life changing at its worst, I hope it never gets that bad for Ed I really hope he’s ok and can overcome it, he’s amazing for doing what he does despite it I wish I was that brave 💔

Trollhunters Theory:

That there is a connection between Angor Rot and Claire.

Okay, so first I want to start off by saying how amazing this show is, and if you haven’t watched it yet than you should, like right now!

Anyways to the theory, I believe there is a connection between Angor Rot and Claire. Don’t ask me how or exactly why, because I really don’t know yet. This basically me speculating after watching the show at least 3 times now, and seeing numerous examples of this link between them.

The first is in episode 16, Roaming fees may apply, where Jim, Toby and Claire are about to enter Trollmarket to find the first Triumbric Stone, she senses Angor Rot spying on them from across the canal. 

Another example is, Claire can wield the Shadow Staff. 

And what I think is the most critical piece of evidence, is that out of all the times Claire faces off against Angor Rot, she is the only one to have bested him each time. No seriously, think about it. Episode 18, the Shattered King, she takes his staff. In episode 25, A Night to Remember, she not only best him in getting the incantation but also kicks him in the grunk-nuts (and might I just add that I love that all three of them got to kick a troll in the grunk-nuks. I mean it was just absolutely perfect ^-^)  Okay now for the last, Episode 26, Something Rotten this way Comes, it was because of Claire creating a portal which Toby used to get into the Hero’s Forge that allowed Jim and him to defeat Angor Rot.

And that is my theory, now what this connection might be or why, I don’t know. It might not be  a link between Claire and Angor Rot, but one between her and the Pale Lady. The entity that  tricked and used him like a dog on a leash. After all the name Claire means light or clear, and the last name Nunez, while derived from different words, may mean nonnus. Nonnus means squire or chamberlain both are linked to nobility. The 2 names, coincidentally, coincide with each other, even though The Pale Lady has more than one name.

But like I said, I’m not sure, this is just a theory and my opinion. Hope you liked it!

All jokes aside, you ruined my life. You shattered my heart and that is no lie. I could never forgive you for the way you hurt me. I will never forget how that felt. But again, all jokes aside, if I could, I would eternally thank you. I have a lot to thank you for, I really hope you know. Because you changed my life as well as you did ruin it, but I really need to thank you for the way you changed my life. Because I remember the happiest of us. I remember the way we laughed and the happiness that always went on between us. I thank you for that because within us was the best time of my life. I remember your words like you are saying them now. I remember the way it felt to be in your arms and I remember how you smelt. I remember the best of us. Now that I know we are forever over, no more bubbles of hope and no more shattered promises, I do not hate you for the way you broke me. I love you for all the happiness you have given me. I thank you for teaching me what true happiness is, because without the shattering of my heart, I don’t think I would know what true happiness is. So, thank you.
—  These are the words I will always want to say to you, but for the love of god I don’t think they will ever come out of my mouth. // m.l (via notyourbaby-baby)

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Hey I'm new to this but I've been feeling really down lately, a lot of friendships have ended and I just ended my abusive relationship with my father by moving out and overall so much has happened. I feel like I'm too clingy or I over analyze things which ruins my friendships.. Idk what to do anymore because I've tried so hard to see the light in things but I keep failing to

It’s not necessarily a failure on your part if you can’t see the light in things right now. We all have bad days, weeks, even months. It sounds like you’re going through a tough time and a transition in your life, which can be stressful even when it’s a good thing. My advice would be to try to find little things to look forward to throughout your day, and when you figure out what makes you feel happy/positive/better, keep doing those things. You may also consider finding someone to talk to during this transition period just to be able to express how it’s making you feel, or write it down in a journal depending on what you’re comfortable with.

Friendships come and go and sometimes people drift apart. If you really think you’ve done something wrong then you should try to talk about it with your friends (it’s not clingy to ask for clear communication), or if you really feel like it’s time to move on from certain friendships, don’t be afraid to. It can be hard feeling lonely for a little while but when new people come around you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to connect with them. New friendships are refreshing and it’s nice to learn about new people and to have people in your life who want to know more about you - these people will come into your life over time. I hope this helps and good luck with everything!

I still hate you. I want you to feel the pain that i’ve felt. You ruined me and now, every piece of me is missing. You fucking destroyed me and there’s no way you can fix me. To be honest, I allowed you to enter my world, even though i’m too scared. I trusted you and that was my biggest mistake. It is really hard for me to let go of this fucking kind of feeling, I want you to die. Let me kill you by using these words: don’t you ever come back, because I will always cut you off in my fucking life. I’ll pretend that I didn’t know you and worst, I will smile like nothing happened.
—  Zeus; 11/14/15

you have a daughter now, had her less than a year after you threw me out of your life since i was no longer the docile friend you could passive aggressively manipulate and abuse (you have your sister for that again now). i hope she never questions whether you really love or trust her, like i always did. i hope you realize your power over this tiny human. i am so scared for her because you ruined platonic intimacy and trust for me. i cannot say my hopes are high

My eyes are burning from mascara filled tears,

I don’t know if my vision is gone because of tears or the persistent stinging,

Maybe my vision is gone because you took it away,

You filled my eyes with only visions of you,

I can’t see the beauty in life anymore,

I only see you so I guess that’s all I need right?

But you don’t need me like I need you and it hurts me,

It hurts me when you see how desperately I crave you,

The long nights I spend writing on loose sheets of paper,

About you and ruining them with my mascara filled tears,

You were my all and everything, 

You’re gone now and I hated to watch you leave,

Yet you still linger,

You linger in my brain,

You linger in my heart

You linger in my mascara filled tears.

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WAIT YOU SHIP OZPIN/QROW, TOO. AAAA YES. it's so hard to find people bc it's such an obscure ship

Oh honey.

My entire blog is basically shameless cloqwork/OzQrow propaganda.

My Qrow and I are along the lines of shameless shipping hussies whilst in cosplay. (It takes a touch of whiskey to get me there, but not as much as I would like to admit.)

Anyway. Yes. OzQrow 1000%. Welcome to the obscure club. Enjoy your stay.

I once had wonderful, startlingly accurate gaydar. I spent years writing a humor blog about the topic to educate fellow queers. Now I can’t always tell right away. It’s ruining my life.

In cities, trendy young people — queer and straight, male, female and non-binary — are blending together, look-wise. That’s because mainstream style is now hipster style. But here’s the thing: Hipster style is just queer style, particularly queer women’s style.

Put another way: Lesbians invented hipsters.

Don’t feel bad. This is good for you — it means you get to wear more outdoor gear. But since you now all wear carabiners as key chains, we lesbians no longer have any private signals to each other. We’re all screwed, except none of us are, because we can’t find one another anymore.

Think I’m wrong? There have always been people ahead of their time and on the edges of society, whose culture later spreads to the masses (beat poets, punks, hippies) or is stolen outright (jazz, hip-hop, pretty much everything by black people).

But there is only one group of people who live out every single aspect of hipster culture today.



Krista Burton, Hipsters Broke My Gaydar

A great piece.