my life is more boring than your life

How every John Green book/movie goes

I’m Kyle,

I’m not your average 16 year old lanky white boy with short greasy hair. I’m very unique because unlike your average teenager I listen to old rock and indie music. I live in a random ass state with a lot of trees like Minnesota. You don’t know it yet, but the trees hold a very symbolic meaning that will be revealed later. I’m tired of living my same old boring life, I need some excitement. My supportive parents understand my yearning for excitement in my life so they allow me to go to summer camp. At summer camp, I meet this very rebellious and mysterious girl called Lauren (but she likes to be called Danny because what’s more rebellious than a nickname that doesn’t have anything to do with your name?“). Danny and I become friends and bond over generic ass vintage music and I’m surprised because she’s very beautiful and I’m very ugly. I fall in love with Danny but she has a horrible past and can’t commit to anything too serious. Danny starts to reveal my rebel side and persuades me to sneak out and go on a road trip! I’ve never felt such a rush because I’m boring and very self conscious. While on the road trip, we drive past some trees which is revealed to somehow represent Danny’s love for trees because it reminds her of her childhood. Trees grow and Danny grew to to turn over a new rebellious leaf(or some deep shit like that.) One night on our trip, when I was sleeping, Danny snuck out and now I can’t find her. I panic because I love my little tree. Danny leaves a bunch of clues for me to find her because she’s so damn mysterious and I find her….dead…beside a tree. She was climbing it to gaze at the stars but missed a branch fell down (gasp). Another symbolic reference because Danny died from what she loved the most (This is some deep ass shit right hur so Its going to be a T-shirt design in a few days). I am saddened, but those few weeks with Danny are the best weeks of my life and now whenever I see a tree I think of Danny, my little tree.

Life Rules

- you are never as awkward as you think you are
- you are never as annoying as you think you are
- you are never as boring as you think you are
- your compliments are never as creepy as you think they are
- you are way more wanted than you give yourself credit for
- chin up, dude

You said you are boring, but I don’t think people are ever boring. Look at me: you could say I am boring because I never go anywhere. But I’ve got my art, which is a big part of who I am. And nobody can really say art is boring. It only gets boring when you’re forced to study it, just like everything else. If you study your own life, trying to make sense out of it, trying to find something incredible about it, chances are you won’t find anything. You will just say “I am boring” because you don’t see anything extraordinary. You’re constantly drowning in the everyday stuff and you fail to realize life is so much more than meets the eye. Just because you feel like you’re doing what everybody else is doing doesn’t mean you have nothing to share. It does not mean you aren’t special and it definitely does not make you boring. You can’t just look at the whole picture and judge it, without seeing every single detail of it. The key is to think about the things that make you the person you are. The things that move you, the feelings you’ve felt, the thoughts that cross your mind when you can’t fall asleep at night, the endless stories about things that happened in your life. I can guarantee you: none of those things are boring.

anonymous asked:

Why would you encourage someone to try yoga? I read that it changed your life.

I encourage everyone to do yoga. It helped me get out of a bad place, I am much more social, I still have anxiety but not nearly as bad. It helped me get a better relationship with my body. Now when I think about things to improve in my body it’s rather in terms of strength and flexibility than in terms of weight loss. It made me appreciate the little things in life, and taught me to be more compassionate. Also you’re never bored because handstands. And I made the best friends.
It’s a passion that makes my heart beat from excitement. I can’t wait to actually teach and make people happier thanks to yoga.

Such a pretty face,
I’d love it to be
the first thing I see
when I wake
for countless years.
Such a beautiful mind,
I could spend my life
by your thoughts,
imagination, and
without ever getting
bored of it.
These are truths, 
but they cannot convey
what I mean when I say,
I will love you always.
It’s about what I see in
your eyes,
how you make me rise,
‘til galaxies are dwarfed
by the grandeur of love.
When I see that my life
is less than a blink of
an eye in terms of time,
yet there’s more to me
than I’ve
been able to perceive,
simply because
before you
I never did experience
the purest form of energy.
I will love you eternally,
for in you I found
With our eyes locked
in a mortal gaze,
we would set our souls free.
I touched your ethereal form
with my own and found that
it is love, only love,
that we embody
when we’re no longer driven
by mortality and
effectively transcend all our
fickle, and temporary needs.
I will love you always, 'cause
through your loving eyes
I have experienced
lies beyond
space and time’s boundaries.
A soul connection; true love,
the purest form of energy,
offering us unlimited
—  M.A. Tempels © 2016
Second chance in life - Part 1

Part 2:

(Again, english is not my mother language)

You loved legends and ancient stories, but you also liked gold and jewels, that’s why you became a treasure hunter. You started as a thief, but it started to get boring, the guards in the places you broke in were jokes, you get more adrenalin from sleep than by getting “chased” by them. You wanted to live a more adventurous life, and you got it when you met Nathan Drake through your best friend Chloe Frazer. Traveling to Turkey, Borneo, Nepal, and finding Shambala while being chased by merceneries, now that’s what you called a thrilling and exciting life. It’s lucky that your friends are also treasure hunters, they can’t call you crazy.

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i used to love blue eyes and find brown eyes boring, but then you came into my life and now it seems i find nothing more interesting than your pretty boring brown eyes.

Beloved Kostroma,
Sweet wife,
My existence began the day
I lifted your wreath from the river.
You are the other half of my soul,
Your limbs entwined with mine,
As if they had always belonged there.
And they have.
But the Gods will not smile upon us.
The blood we share has doomed us.
I cannot bare this world without you,
But I cannot live in this world with you,
The river where we found each other
Waits for me.
Kostroma, how I have loved you more than
My own life.
How I will love you after that life has ended.
Eternally yours,

Darling Kupalo,
Sweet husband,
How I used to dream of a time
When a boy would find my wreath,
And take me as his wife.
Then there was you.
And the love I bore you,
It burned inside of me,
Consumed me, and I trembled.
It is a love that spans through
Our names will be meaningless,
But they will say:
There was a girl once,
And she loved a boy,
And it ruined them.
We came into this world
Meant only for each other.
But the love I have for you,
It cannot save us.
I go to the river where you found me,
I love you, for all that I am,
I love you.
Forever yours,


Love Letters: Kupalo and Kostroma [a.m.b.]

For Kostromas

“You should take a break, don’t you think?”

“Oh, believe me, I think so but I don’t think the Gods are willing to stay living in a destroyed Olympus”

“If they are not willing then they should build it themselves. They are Gods! Capable of doing anything and blah blah blah”

“Yet they have chosen me to do it and it’s a great honour, Percy, you know that”

“You do have a point. But I have strong belief that living your life is far more interesting than any sort of honour the Gods can offer”

“Spending time with you is ‘living my life’?”

“It’s even better than that, but you can thank me later”

Percy Jackson trying to convince Annabeth Chase to spend some time with him while she´s designing Olympus after the war. Taken by Percy, who was just too bored. 

Here’s a constrained strip: took a 9-word line from a frustrating autobio thing (that I soon abandoned altogether), put it into the first panel of a 9-p grid, deleted a word in each subsequent panel and rearranged the words trying to make up a slightly different phrase each time (sometime compromising grammar, sorry). Then I drew the beloved bird gent to link the resulting phrases into a sort of story. Now that’s proper entertainment.

Anyway, it’s the last strip of YZ3, which I will soon start printing. If you missed my kickstarter, you can get it at TCAF (details later).

I was dressed for success, but success it never comes
And I’m the only one who laughs
At your jokes when they are so bad
And your jokes are always bad,
but they’re not as bad as this.

On Pavement-lyrics-unrelated news,

a. My dog didn’t freeze to death and is safe&warm at home now. 

b. A friend invited me to some demeaning and idiotic seminar on how to “get a guy”  and the saddest thing is that she already paid 20 quid for it.

c. I’ve been looking for a job today which made me feel hopeless, and then I stood in a supermarket trying to decide what the fuck should I have for dinner. 

Trust me, I’m detective’s daughter- a FitzSimmons au by jemmasengineer

Chapter 1

and that’s it Fitzsimmons 1920s detective story au. and yes - this is what i’ve been working on lately! i really, really hope my english is better than i think it is haha but i’m still proud of this story because come on, the first chapter is actually ready!!

Summary: It’s 1924 and Jemma Simmons will remember this year for sure. When your father is Phil Coulson, one of most famous private detectives, your life is always an interesting adventure but Jemma never suspected that what she thinks will be a way to make her life more boring, would lead to the biggest case her father’s ever been on. The thing is, Jemma and her new friend, Leo Fitz, believe they can do it better than world famous private detective.

And this is just a beginning.

read chapter 1 on ao3


Here’s a t-shirt I designed for a local foodtruck-herding network.

I thought it would be nice to force myself out of my comfort zone and put together a clean three-Pantone print in Illustrator which I’ve never done before. Unfortunately it didn’t get printed too well (see exhibit 3), apparently the vectors I sent them were fit “for silk screen printing… not for screen printing.” Yes, I know…

At the event I watched processions of expectant faces stretch out before the trucks for hours. From my Russian childhood I associate lines with desperation and fear—a raise in price/futility doesn’t change a thing—it’s still people waiting in line for food. Will Self likened foodism to ”coprophilia in advance,“ and yes, they were languidly thumbing their twitterfeeds in bathroom lines too.

Then I spent my dinner token on a regrettable burrito and went home.

I usually draw with a beat-up size 0 brush because it’s the cheapest, but yesterday a (free) fat #4 came into my possession and today I tried it out. I was mildly shocked by the amount of control it offers–the thing is strong and bouncy and straight lines are as easy to make as with a metal pen, though it lacks the spontaneous variety of small flexible (and insanely hard to control & master, it often feels like drawing with an old man’s chest hair) brushes. And my sketch turned out slightly Beto-esque. I think I’ll try to stop being such a miser and buy a #2 that most normal people use. In some not-too-distant future..