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Hey tink, I was wondering if you could give me a little positivity about season 13 with Cas and Misha? All this panel stuff about them laughing about Cas being dead and Singer saying stuff about how they went where the writing was going has really gotten me upset, and I really don't want to give up on this show because it's become a huge part of my life. 💖



Misha is IN ON IT. Come on. They all joke around, they all troll everyone. They know we all know he is coming back because they’ve already SAID SO and Misha is all over comicon so why would he not be in the panel - its all a JOKE and a HOAX.

Because they KNOW they have to keep Misha onboard and Cas in the story. They told a whole story about how show running is CHANGING and how different show runners did things differently and how they are not going backwards and retreading but going FORWARDS.



Cas is going to be a huge part of season 13. He has SO MUCH story to tell just in himself and in regards to Dean, Sam and the overall plot re: Jack. DO NOT WORRY.

On top of that Jared made it clear that they LOVE Misha and it’s NOT PRETEND and they are true FRIENDS.

Yes, the panel was very heavy Singer/Jared and I would have liked some more Jensen/Misha/Dabb and I would like a gagreel and a preview.

But what we got was GREAT and POSITIVE. 

They are not assholes, they are not dicks, they love us and they love each other, they want us to LOVE THE SHOW. It’s gonna be GREAT!

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Danny making Ryan laugh with his stupid jokes is my aesthetic and heals my soul of all wickedness

My Father is a Smosher

Quickie introduction, since this post is not going to be about me, but for someone important in my life. My name is Kaitlyn, I’m 19 and a college sophomore, currently studying English.

Okay, now onto who this is truly about; my father.

My dad is one of the kindest men out there. He has a good heart and will not judge anyone. He’s the kind of person that once you start a conversation with, he would be your best friend in an instant. He’s a huge geek and was a huge lover of Dungeons and Dragons, Monty Python, Talisman, and some video games. He’s also a huge goofball and has a sick and twisted sense of humor which passed down to me. He’s a loving husband and treats my mother right as she treats him right, too. They are each other’s backbone, and even if they drive each other crazy sometimes, they will never be apart.

Unfortunately, a thing called life has not been good to my father and my family.

In 2015, my father was laid off from his job of 26 years because of financial issues the company was having. He was devastated as he loved working there. He started to feel a bit down, but was determined to get back on his feet. He started taking a part time job as a pizza delivery man, which isn’t much, but it made some money. Meanwhile, he went on countless interviews, and finally, in early 2016, things began to look up as he got a new job after being unemployed for about a year. That happiness was short lived, because after a few months, he was fired because the company didn’t believe he was working to “their standards.” Now, he’s back on the job market, looking for something while working part time delivering pizza and part time at retail while we struggle to keep up with the bills.

To help my father feel a bit better, I introduced him to YouTube, since a lot of YouTubers have helped me get through my darkest times. Particularly, I showed him Smosh because I knew he would get a lot of their jokes since he was a geek and had a weird sense of humor. There’s not one Smosh video where I didn’t see him smile and laugh. Not only has Smosh provided a distraction for all that is going on in our life, but it gave me and my father something to bond over. So far, his favorite videos are “Every Walking Dead Ever,” “Every Dog Ever,” and “Dixon Cider” (did I mention we are both immature?).

I recently emailed Prank It Fwd and and asked if there is a way I can surprise my father by meeting Ian and Anthony. I know that is huge wishful thinking, but I want something good to come for my father after all he has been through, and I don’t think anything would make him feel more better than meeting the men that helped him get distracted from everything and something that bought him and his daughter something special to share.

@smosh if you are reading this (and you might not be), I really hope you can make my father have a huge smile on his face again. Even if it is something like a video message personalized for him, I want him to finally have something good happen to him that he can remember for a long time.

Thank you to everyone who are reading this. Please spread the word so my mom and I can see my father’s real smile and laugh. 

Let’s do each other tonight, just call me and invite me over, let’s turn back time, to the good old days, when you couldn’t stop kissing my body, when I was your drug and you were my coffee, when our laughs were like lullabies for these walls, let’s give each other another chance and let’s sing in the shower again. Let’s go somewhere in a public place and make each other moan, let’s eat while watching ‘The walking dead’ and let’s make stupid jokes about this stupid life, I want your words to keep me warm this winter, I want your hands to meet mine and never let 'em go,  I want your day, I want your night, I want your thoughts, I want your laughs, your smiles and your sadness, I want you back, I want our love back, I want you back. I want you.

please, come back.


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I really hope you are going to continue the outdated Youtube prompt, I'm loving it (if you want, just a casual suggestion) (in fact can you do more please)

(Ive gotten so many request for this, so happy!)

“I’m gonna get fire, I’m going to jai-”

“Then why ya still riding my dick?”

“Sh-shut up.”

Even though Mr. Avidan’s mind was screaming at him to stop and run for the god damn hills, his hips wouldn’t stop.  The way Arin filled him up was addicting and made his body move on it’s own.  Maybe it was the fact how taboo it was or that he just really needed to get laid.

“You look so god damn good,"  Arin muttered as he cupped Mr. Avidan’s cheek. 

The older man loved every bit of praise he could get.  Leaning in to the touch as he rode his students dick.  Arin could come right now just looking at the sight before him.  Tempted to just come in his teachers ass and watch it leak out, marking his territory.

"You know, you’re music is actually pretty good,” Arin said in the dead silence.

The two had finally put clothes back on and were leaning against Mr. Avidan’s desk on the floor.  In a daze, the older man was staring at the wall, most likely thinking his life over.  The comment made him look at Arin like he said a stupid joke.

“I’m serious.  It made me laugh for like 3 hours straight.  Ask my room mate."  The teachers eyes grew wide.  "I didn’t make him watch the videos, just listened to it.”

“Really tempted to blow your mind right now, cause it’s not like this could get any worse.”

“Lay it on me.”

“You know the ‘up-tight’ physics teacher, Mr. Wecht?"  Arin nodded.  "Ninja Brian.”

The younger man stared at him lack jaw.  “No fucking way.”

“Ya fucking way."  After all that had just happened, he didn’t see any point of talking formally.  "But I better not hear of you trying to seduce him too.  He got a nice wife and the cutest kid.”

“He’s not my type."  Arin muttered as he shyly looked over at his teacher.

Red Lipstick (Luke)

Tonight was the night I was finally going to see them. My husbands. Five Seconds of Summer. My friend, Sarah had scored backstage passes for after the show. I decided to dress up, wanting to look good for Luke. I wore a tight black crop tight, high wasted light jean shorts, and black high tops. I let Sarah curl my hair in loose long waves. I did my usual makeup but with a twist. Bright, cherry red lipstick. I’d never worn it but had seen all the celebrities wearing it. Sarah said it would look good on me. We drove to the concert venue. We had second row seats. Sarah had ditched me to go find something to eat I guess. I staid in place and waited for the concert to start, making small talk with a girl named Amy. And suddenly, the opening strum of She Looks So Perfect shook the crowd. The crowd erupted in screams as the boys strutted on. Sarah joined my side two songs later.Luke surveyed the crowd, interacting with fans like the over boys. His eyes landed on me. I felt like I was going to pass out as his mouth dropped open and he stared at me. He made the ‘call me’ signal with his hand. I blushed and chuckled like crazy. The concert wrapped up much to quickly. Sarah had tugged me along to where we were to go backstage.A grumpy security guard led us in, clearly hating life. I felt my heart practically stop as I stared in wonderment at the sweaty boys in front of me.“Oh hey!” Calum smiled as he walked over to us. “Can I ask your names, beautiful ladies?” “I’m Sarah.” Sarah spoke excitedly, she always had loved Calum the most. “I’m Y/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Senpia.” I joked, shaking his hand. He laughed at my joke as the other boys joined. Luke stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. The other boys initiated conversation with Sarah. “Here, we’ll show you!” Ashton spoke, breaking Luke and I’s stare off. “Actually, I’m gonna give Y/N a tour real quick. We’ll meet up with you.” Luke said, taking my hand. The others nodded, not paying much mind. Luke and I made small talk before he led me into a private dressing room. He pushed my back against the hard wall.“Fuck, babe. You have no idea what that red lipstick does to me.” Luke groans. I felt his hard on pressing against me. “Why don’t you show me?” I say seductively. I crouch down to my knees, fumbling with the buttons. Luke groans as I touch his erection. I pull his pants down to his ankles. I palm him through his boxers a bit before releasing his member. I kitten lick the top, teasing him out of his mind. He lets out a long deep moan as I take all of him in. I pump the parts I can’t fit in my mouth. “Fuck, Y/N. You’re so good.” He moans, making my hair into a make shift ponytail with his fist. I bob my head along his shaft, taking all of him into me.“Shit! I’m not gonna last long. I need to be inside of you!” Luke groans. I stand up and dishcloth myself. He stares in awe at my Lacey black underwear set. He expertly undoes my bra, tossing it across the room. His warm hands ignite my skin as he runs his thumbs over my nipples, I moan at the contact.“Shit, babe. I’ve got a ring around my cock from your lipstick.” Luke moans. He attaches his lips to my neck as he rubs me through my panties.“Fuck, babe. You’re so wet. Who made you this wet?” Luke inquires huskily in my ear.“You, Luke. You made me wet.” I moan as he rubs me through the dripping fabric.“Damn right I did.” Luke says, slapping a hand on my ass. I moan and tug at his messy blonde hair.He pulls my panties down with his teeth, placing a soft kiss on my clit. I step out of them and let him lift me onto a counter.He grabs a condom and slips it over his length. His tip teases my entrance, before slamming into me. He gives me a brief moment to adjust before slamming into me at full force. I practically scream as he hits my G spot every time. “Fuck, Luke. You’re so good.” I moan. He presses his lips to mine as we sloppily make out. His thrusts become sloppier as a familiar knot builds in my core.“Shit, babe. I’m about to come.” I moan. Luke says nothing as his hips hurtle into mine with such power and force.I feel the knot break and pleasure soar through my veins. My walls clench around Luke, causing him to release shortly after me. Luke thrusts deeply into me, riding out our orgasms. Luke pulls out of me, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness. “Fuck, Y/N. Next show, you’re wearing that lipstick.” Luke pants, wrapping his arm around me.“But I only have the one.”“You’ll be at the next one, I promise you.” “HEY! DONT BE GETTIN’ NO GIRLS PREGNANT, LUKEY!” Michael yells from the doorway.

Popular - Ponyboy Curtis

Hello loves… it’s ya girl, Bella. I write so many imagines and I feel like they’re all about Ponyboy and I apologize but I just,, love him so much?? Like I relate to his character the most, so it’s easiest for me to write about him. I am completely open to writing about other characters as well, just send me a request! -Bella

  An Imagine where the reader is the most popular girl in school but finds herself falling for a quiet little greaser boy named Ponyboy.

 As I walked down the narrow hallway of our high school, numerous people were shouting my name or trying to talk to me. It was annoying, but usual. My two best friends were walking beside me, also ignoring the crowd yelling and complimenting me. I was from a nice neighborhood, lived in a nice house, and was the cheer captain. So basically, I was what they called in those days, a Soc. 

 A group of greaser boys that always lurked in the back of the hallway started towards us. They started talking dirty, flicking us, the usual greaser stuff. This was a new group I’d never seen before. I noticed one kid, clearly younger than the rest, leaning against the wall reading. He acted like he’d never even noticed us walk by. I thought I’d seen him before, but I wasn’t sure. Eventually he pushed himself off the wall and told the other boys to leave us alone. 

 “Hey,” He said to me after they left.

“Hey,” I said back. Gosh, he sure was cute. I could feel my face getting hot but tried to be cool anyways. After all, that was my job, right?

 “I don’t know if we’ve met before, but my name’s Ponyboy,” He grinned, and stuck out his hand.

“I’m Y/N,” I said, shaking his hand back. I could hear my friends snickering behind me, they could tell when I was flustered.

“Yeah, I know,” He said.

“How? We’ve never met?” I asked, confused. If he’d never met me, then how’d he know who I was?

“Well, it’s kinda hard not to,” He chuckled, “You’re the most popular girl in school. I’m surprised you’re even talking to me, wouldn’t want to be seen with a greaser like me and ruin your reputation, would you?”

He laughed and walked off, and I felt a little bad. All my life I had been shrugging off greasers, not wanting to be seen with them. But that was all because I thought they were all like the other boys, making dirty jokes and hitting on girls. Damn, there goes my chance.

 School was almost over, thank God. I couldn’t get Ponyboy off my mind, no matter how hard I tried. I don’t know why, even if I did have a chance with him my dad would never let me get caught dead dating a greaser. 

 The last period bell rang, and I went out to my locker. As the hallways cleared out and everyone left, I got to my car and realized that I had to go to the library to work on a project. Damn. I was gonna go out to get sodas with the girls after school today. Oh well. I guess school’s more important anyways. When I got to the library, I noticed someone sitting in a chair in the corner, where I usually sit when I have to come work on projects. Upon further inspection, I realized that it was Ponyboy, and he was reading Gone with the Wind. He looked up and saw me, and flashed me a small smile. I could feel my heart melting inside of me. I told myself I wouldn’t catch feelings, but we all knew that wasn’t gonna happen.

 “Fancy seeing you here, Y/N.” He said, smirking.

“Funny. I have to work on a school project, but I’ve never even read the book, and it’s due next week. I don’t even know where to start,” I said, sitting down next to him.

“What book is your project on?” He asked, seemingly interested.

To Kill a Mockingbird.” I said, reading the front cover of the book.

He smiled. “I love that book, I must’ve read it a million times,” He said, laughing.

“Great! Do you think you could, I don’t know, help me with my project?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow and said, “I’ll meet you here tomorrow after school, but maybe we could hang out and get some sodas afterwards?” He asked shyly. I saw him tense up, probably expecting rejection, but instead I just replied with, “Are you asking me on a date? Because if you were, I’d say yes.” and kissed his cheek before I left. He sat in a daze behind me as I walked away, probably just waiting to tell his friends that he had just asked out the most popular girl in school and she said yes.

He talks to your baby bump (5sos preference)


You were five months pregnant and you had a lot of whims. It was 10 pm and you wanted a slice of cheesecake, he had to go buy it just to please you. When he finally came back he gave it to you and sat next to you. “Hey little me, so you were hungry at 10 pm huh.” He said kissing your bump. Yesterday you both had gone to the doctor to see the baby’s gender and he said it was a baby boy. Michael had been really excited since then, he can’t stop getting the idea of having a little boy running everywhere and doing things he likes too. “I can’t wait till you’re actually here. I need a video game partner so badly.” You suddenly gasped at the feeling of the baby kicking. “Mikey the baby is kicking.” He looked at you and placed his hand on your bump. A smile forming as he felt the baby kick. “He knows I’m here. Hey there little man I’m your daddy and we’ll spend a lot of time together, me, you and your mommy. I’ll teach you how to play the guitar and how to play video games and I’ll teach you basically everything I know.” He whispered massaging your stomach with his palm and placing his head on it. “I bet he’s gonna have your green eyes.” You said. “And I bet he’s gonna have your stunning smile.” He added hugging you. “Michael stop, give me some space your suffocating me.” You laughed.


You were singing to your baby bump when Ashton arrived home. He had bought some clothes for your twins, both of them are baby boys. “That’s beautiful babe.” He said when he heard the way you sang. “I read that you need to bond with the baby by doing things like singing or talking to him.” “I wanna try it. What do I say?” He asked. “Just what you feel and that you can’t wait to hold them, something like that.” He rubbed you stomach and kissed it softly. “You little guys are the best thing that could have happened to me in my whole life. I asked for a baby but two babies were more than I could imagine, my love for you two is bigger than my passion for music. I would drop out everything just for you two, I wanna make you guys happy.” He said bursting into tears. “That was beautiful Ash.” You hugged him and wiped his tears. “Babe, you’re the reason I am the proudest man in the world. You’re giving me two little angels, we’re gonna give you a hard time maybe.” He said. “I know you will.” “I still can’t believe we’re gonna have twins.” He rejoiced. “I just hope you help me changing the diapers and telling them bed stories when they can’t sleep.” You said. “I promise, we’re gonna have the best family, I love you three so much.”


“Are you gonna be daddy’s little girl? I bet you will.” Calum whispered to your stomach. “She already is daddy’s little girl, just looks at how crazy the daddy has gone over her.” You said. “I’ve gone mad for two beautiful girls, my wife and my little girl. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you too.” He kissed you. “She’s gonna get handsome boyfriends.” You joked. “Hell no, she won’t until she’s 30 or until I’m dead, most likely never in life.” You laughed at his reaction. “What a jealous dad she’s gonna have, but remember she’s gonna grow up one day.” “Stop, you’re getting me emotional, let’s just not think about it yet. She’s my baby now, and I won’t let any boy hurt her.” He stated. “She’s gonna have the best dad ever, there’s no doubt about it.” You smiled at him and he glanced at your exposed stomach. “I will aways take care of you and even if I’m away I’ll be always keeping an eye on you, so don’t you dare to sneak out with boys in the future.” He said to your stomach touching it carefully. His sweet word made tears form in your eyes, he was really going to be a great dad. “Calum, I’m hungry I’ll go make a sandwich.” You said. “No, I’ll go make your sandwich you should go rest.” He said. “Calum I’m just pregnant, it’s not like I’m sick or something.”


Today was the day you went to the doctor to see the baby’s gender. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings. It’s a girl!” The doctor said. You and Luke wanted a baby girl so this were really good news for you too. When you were at home you noticed Luke was kind of worried. “What’s wrong?” You asked him holding his hand. “It’s something irrelevant.” He said. “It’s okay, you cant tell me.” “It’s just that I’m scared of not having enough time with her, I really want to see her grow up, I don’t wanna miss any part of her life.” He admitted. His singing career was just starting to take off and his agenda was always full. “You won’t, there are many ways to stay in contact, we can Skype, I can send you pictures of her, we can even tour with the band if management let us.” You said. “But how will she know I care about her if I’m not even there for here.” He sighed. “Just talk with her at any time telling her how much you love her, you can start now.” You said placing his hand on your stomach and he smiled at you. “Hey sweetie, I know you don’t know me yet and I haven’t seen you but I love you so much. Words are not enough to explain myself how much, I just wanna let you know that you can always count on me. I swear I’ll take you with me when I’m away, I wont miss any day of your life.”

Imagine Castiel as your guardian angel who’ll protect you from anything

This is a part of the re-upload series; From the early days of this blog. These are not in the current format. All new submissions must be in the current format to be posted. 

It’d been a long day for her, between studying for exams and work, and don’t forget the craptastic students she studies with on a day to day basis. She was walking home from a long shift at the public library, her home away from home. While, yes, it was where she worked it was also a safe haven for her. Being surrounded by countless tales of adventure and mystery, by stories where the girl gets swept off her feet by possibly the most attractive man in the book, by stories where the impossible are possible, where wars are fought with honor, pride, and swords.

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Dear Emory,

The chances that you will ever see this are minuscule, but I have to put it out there. If your name is Emory and you worked for the Trevor Project on crisis management in March 2016, thank you. You saved my best friend’s life over TrevorChat. There’s a running joke among my friends that I’m the mom. I laugh, but it’s true. I always thought it just meant counseling people through their petty drama and making sure everyone got home safely, but as we’ve gotten older, it’s gotten harder. People have come out, people have started dating, people have had more grown up problems. For months, my best friend has been struggling with depression, and I’ve been spending every waking moment worrying about her. I spend my nights awake, wondering if she’ll be dead in the morning. Finally, I just told her and asked her to call the Trevor Project. Then on Wednesday morning she told me how close she had been to killing herself the night before, but how she had finally worked herself up to get on TrevorChat. On Wednesday night, I slept a full night for the first time in three months. So if you ever see this, thank you. You gave me my life back, and you gave my best friend her life back.

Banshee- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Request: can you write an imagine where y/n and liam (and mason if you want to) are friends but a y/n is a banshee (she’s not aware about it but she’s used to the voices and stuff ), and after movie night, they sneak out and she unconsciently leads them to a dead body and things happens ? thanks xo

As the movie credits rolled, I try my best to calm myself from the horrors I had just witnessed. I glanced over to my friend, Mason, who seemed completely entertained laughed at my frazzled appearance.

He asks, “How were you scared by that?” I gained another laugh from him as my eyes widened.

“How were you not?! I was holding onto your couch pillows for dear life.” He stand from his spot and sits down next to me.  

“Well, I’m sure if Liam were here, he’d gladly protect you!” He jokes, knowing very well of my attraction towards him.

I slap his arm with a couch pillow, “Oh, shut up!” My crimson cheeks only fuel his laughing.

“Where did he say to meet him anyway?” We both stand and make our way to the door.

“I think he said near the school, I don’t know, I just remember him saying he wanted to check something out.” Mason shrugged and that we both walked out of the house to meet with Liam.


“Why the hell did you call us here?” I question Liam as we make our way to the lacrosse field at school.

“I thought it would be cool to hang around the school while it’s empty, see what it’s like and all.” He turns and smiles at me. Mason is straggling a bit behind us. I can almost feel the constant eye rolling.

Liam grabs my hand and together we run into the school, Mason not even trying to catch up, knowing full well what we plan to do together.

“We’ll meet up with you in a bit alright?” Liam shouts back to our friend who just flips us off and takes a seat outside the door.

As soon as we were inside, Liam pulled me towards him and planted his lips onto mine. I kissed him back softly before he pulled away for a moment. “You didn’t tell Mason about us yet, right?”

“No! I thought you were going to tell him!” I swatted at Liam’s arm.

“I am! I just haven’t found the time yet.” I roll my eyes and begin to walk slowly into the empty hallway.

“Where are you going?” He half whispered, half shouted. I simply shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

He laughed and followed me, but the more and more I moved deeper into the hallways, the more clearly I could hear the voices. Half the time, I didn’t even understand them. They would just sound off unannounced and I would have no choice, but to listen to them.

Which wasn’t fun considering every time I did, I discovered a new crime scene investigation waiting to happen.

My smile faded as I felt myself being pulled into the swimming pool area. Looking behind me, Liam now seemed concerned that I was no longer excited. If only he knew.

I could already feel the tears forming as I turned the corner to find just what these dreaded voices apparently wanted to. My eyes widen at the horrific sight, the swim coach completely mutilated. I felt something building up inside of me, anger? Fear? I don’t know, but all I could think to do was to let it all out. So I did. I screamed as hard as I could and when it was finished I fell to my knees and broke down.

Liam was immediately at my side, holding me in his arms and whispering, “It’s gonna be okay.” as he took out his phone and called one of his friends: Stiles Stilinski.


Ok soooo the food runner at the restaurant I work at is SO cute and like we joke around a lot and yesterday he made waffles and he made them look so pretty and I was like “wow!! They are beautiful” and he looked me dead in the eyes and went “ur beautiful” and I was wide eyed and I’ve never blushed so hard in my life and I was just like “I… What was I doing?” And like almost knocked over a ton of shit and he was just laughing and honestly my heart still hasn’t recovered and I don’t think it ever will…….

Clown garden scenario:
  • Tourist: Could you give us directions to the clown garden
  • New Yorker and long time clown enthusiast: Listen, you yuppie fuck, I understand clowning. I've clowned a couple of times myself. And I'm not just talking typical high school clowning around. This is real professional clowning. I've been in the clowning business for about 30 years now and I can tell you that NYC has the best clowns around. You can't find better clowns, but you yuppie hipster fuckers are just ruining everything. You can barely find a real clown around these parts anymore. It's all ironic shit and alternative comedians and garbage like that. Listen, kid, when I was your age we didn't laugh at "jokes" we had two guys dressed up in make up with large red noses and oversized shoes whacking each other over the head with inflatable bats, honking at each other, and climbing into really tiny cars. That was fucking hilarious. I bet you've laughed at the same thing now. Yeah, I've seen modern comedy. You do the same thing but it's "ironic". Yuppie fucker, you don't understand anything. I'll show what it means to be a real clown. I'll show you all. And I'm going to take this fucking miserable city and I'm going to make it back into what it was supposed to originally be. Time Square used to be covered from head to toe in clown stores. Clown piss was basically this city's lifeforce. Where are the clowns now? Dead. Exiled. Some even live the sewers. The viral videos you watch and laugh at, you know the ones, with the clowns all climbing out of the sewers is real. It wasn't a comedy performance. It was my real life. Clown sewage drain rat life is NYC's heartbeat. The clown ziggurat used to be house in the head of the Statue of Liberty, but garbage clown hating children took it away. This is just a joke to you. Keep fucking laughing, I don't care. I'm a New Yorker. I'm from New York. This is my town. This is my clowny town. I'm going to die here. And when I die I'll have a big red nose and giant clowny shoes and I'll be hocking away. One honk for each miserable fuck who looks over my dreary dead body that day at the funeral. All of them. Millions of people in NYC coming to look at one dead fucking clown.