my life is hometuck

During the last week of the semester, I had exempted the final for my Computer Science class. So while the other students worked on their reviews, I surfed the interwebs to check for a Homestuck update and to waste time. I ended up playing a game called Pandemic II, I created a virus to kill the population of the world. I successfully infected every country, even Madagascar. The disease eventually infected every person alive.

And what was the name of this virus?


Somtimes I try to explain Homestuck in the simplest way possible to my non-Homestuck friends that I try to convert, and they always say “That’s really confusing, I don’t want to read that.”

I tend to get confused after this, on how they thought that it was confusing when I didn't even get to the trolls, the paradox clones, or even the different Lands that are created.