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Would you say you're over your break up? I know you made some big changes post break up in your life which is great. I just don't know how to do the same or what that looks like for me. I broke up with my ex about two months after you did and I just don't feel completely okay like you seem. I don't cry about him or anything but I do miss him, I guess I don't know how to forget five years worth of history.

Every single break-up and how people handle it is different and there is no “correct” approach to doing so– people take their own time in their own ways and that is different for everyone :) Some days I still find myself wondering how things could have turned out differently but this is where my faith comes in and I have to believe that better things lie ahead, no matter what they are. Things have a funny way of working out and falling into place and we just have to believe in that. We don’t have to be 100% okay right away (or even months after), but we just have to know that we WILL be okay. You were happy before them and you will be happy again without them :) Missing them is so, so normal– they became a big part of your life and that doesn’t just go away, especially five years!!!!! Give yourself time babe. You will heal– but yes yes yes yes it will take time!

“I am trying to see things in perspective. My dog wants a bite of my peanut butter chocolate chip bagel. I know she cannot have this, because chocolate makes dogs very sick. My dog does not understand this. She pouts and wraps herself around my leg like a scarf and purrs and tries to convince me to give her just a tiny bit. When I do not give in, she eventually gives up and lays in the corner, under the piano, drooping and sad. I hope the universe has my best interest in mind like I have my dogs. When I want something with my whole being, and the universe withholds it from me, I hope the universe thinks to herself: Silly girl. She thinks this is what she wants, but she does not understand how it will hurt.“ – THEORIES ABOUT THE UNIVERSE by Blythe Baird

An example of what I mean by looking for what things that might, on the surface, seem out of character in order to understand what is actually happening in a scene:

This nonsense in 12.20:

At first glance, it’s “Ha ha Dean doesn’t know how to hold a wine glass,” or, “What a dork he knows better than that.” Because we KNOW he knows better, from 11.12:

So rather than saying this means Jensen is an idiot who doesn’t understand his character, or assume it was supposed to be some sort of joke, two whole seconds of looking at his face in each of these pictures should clue you in that this is absolutely not a joke.

What’s the setup then, in 12.20, that has made Dean look so freaking uncomfortable? Why is he gripping that glass so tight?

Well, we know he didn’t even want to leave the bunker for this hunt. Sam had to go all the way back to the pilot episode of the show for a big enough hook to drag him away from his fretting over Cas.

“Their mom’s on a hunting trip and she hasn’t been home in a week…”

In 11.12, they were both eager to go help Claire when she called. Even if, at the time of this dinner, it was starting to look like she may have jumped the gun in calling for their help. Sam and Dean both ENJOY visiting with Jody, Alex, and Claire. And even despite the uncomfortable topic of dinner conversation, they feel like a part of Jody’s extended family (heck even in 12.06 they popped by her house unwashed from a hunt just to say hi and hang out for a while on their way home. That’s the kind of comfortable they are around Jody and her family). 

(okay I need to talk about 12.06 again, because look at these goobers, and how comfortable they feel at Jody’s house. Jody herself might be drinking wine, but she’s in her jammies. They’re eating pizza out of a box on the couch, and Sam and Dean are drinking beer… because that’s what they would choose for themselves when they weren’t trying to be polite in company they’re not familiar with. They’re not being asked to go along with an agenda they didn’t choose for themselves at Jody’s. Dean’s even got her tv remote. THIS IS HOW COMFORTABLE HE IS WITH HER. okay, just needed to get that out there)

Despite his uneasy feeling that Cas wasn’t quite right after 11.11, this felt good, feeling like part of this family felt good. Dean felt WELCOME there. He had no need to feel stressed, or “spun out,” or even that he didn’t really belong there.

In 12.20, this apparently “perfect” hunter family who was so heavily paralleled to the Winchester family but a HAPPY and HEALTHY version of it… well, Dean’s still mentally spinning his wheels over the fact that he has nothing concrete to do to help Cas, and even Mary hasn’t returned his call just asking to talk to her about some things that he sounded very upset about in his message to her.

But instead of being able to do ANY of that– I guess pace in his room while running searches of police activity on the APB Jody put out on Cas and Kelly, try to reach Mary on the phone again, heck… stand outside and yell at the sky for a while, seriously ANYTHING would’ve been preferable to him in that moment than sitting there watching the “well-adjusted” version of his own family enjoy each other’s company.

When Tasha announced that someone needed to go pick up their dinner, Dean was about to volunteer, but Sam jumped up and told him to just stay there and drink. I can just see his face screaming OH FREAKING GREAT NOW I’M HERE ALONE WITH THESE PEOPLE WHO HAD THE LIFE WE COULD’VE HAD IN A BETTER WORLD.

So he drinks. But even Twig!Tasha had some excellent words for him…

Tasha: Alicia said you grew up in the life?
Dean: Yeah. Yeah, my Dad raised me and Sam to hunt.
Tasha: And your mother?
Dean: That’s complicated.
Tasha: Yeah, family’s always complicated. Parents always seem smart and strong and perfect. It’s only when you grow up that you realize that they are just people.

Let’s not forget Dean’s talk with Jody in 11.12, too, where the two of them traded parental advice and commiseration. But they did it as equals. As FRIENDS, even.

Dean’s anxiety is already higher than average just going in to the situation in 12.20, and now that everything seems just fine at this point ^^ he’d rather have just gotten back on the road and left these people to their own lives. But no, he’s being polite, and that means he’s performing. But what the hell performance does he need to put on for these people? He doesn’t know them all that well (and doesn’t know Tasha at all).

He sees they already have this unique family bond, a causal humor with each other that he’s not familiar with at all, and he feels at loose ends trying to figure out just how to relate to them.

When Sam leaves him (ABANDONS HIM!) to go pick up their dinner, he grabs on to that wine glass like it’s the last solid thing in the room and holds on for dear life.

He’s still checking that phone constantly (without seeming like an antisocial dick), to the point that he left it sitting on a table when he got up to leave with Sam, when normally it would’ve been in his pocket. Everything about that scene, to me, was perfectly in character… when you think about all the circumstances leading up to it.

It was done exactly that way on purpose. Not so people would scream OUT OF CHARACTER! But so that maybe they’d think about WHY Dean was acting so uncomfortably.

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“For the purposes of tonight, you and I will be taking on certain roles. You are not to break character under any circumstances lest you blow our cover, is that understood?” I saw the prompt and said damn I need Prinxiety for this one and I have no clue why.


Human AU


“For the purposes of tonight, you and I will be taking on certain roles. You are not to break character under any circumstances lest you blow our cover, is that understood?”

Ann rolled his eyes, staring at Roman quietly, eyebrow raised.

“I just don’t understand why we have to do this?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at the fake glasses over his face. Logan’s shirt was too loose, his pants were too loose, and his tie too tight. Besides, he had his hair gelled and he hated it. Roman rolled his eyes, fixing Morgan’s bowtie and making his hair a little less perfect. “Why couldn’t they just come to this stupid party?”

“It is their honeymoon, Ann! We have to help our friends! Besides, Logan said it isn’t so important, but that doesn’t mean he can miss it. He is an important scientist” Roman said, and then sighed. “I don’t like the idea either, but we promised. Come on. It won’t be so bad”

“Not to you that has to look nice and smile all the time. I had to study for this” Ann said, groaning. “And you know how annoying it was to put this make up in you and in me so we look more alike them?!”

“Stop complaining. We just have to stay for two hours and we can leave. Come on” Roman said, taking Ann’s hand and taking him to Logan’s car. The younger man rolled his eyes but walked to the car behind the other, getting in the car and waiting Roman do the same.

Quickly, the two were in the parking lot of a huge business building, and they could listen to the songs from there coming from the main hall. Both stared at the building with wide eyes, surprised.

“This is… So… Wow” Ann muttered, and Roman nodded, eyes bright.

“I am just as surprised as you” he said, and then shook his head. “Come on. We need to get to the party so we can leave”

“Alright” Ann agreed, and soon the two were making their way to the hall, being received by butlers that took their coats and put them inside separated lockers. The two made their way inside, only to remember that they were portraying a part, and quickly Roman put his arm under Ann’s, making the other give him an uncomfortable look before they linked their arms together.

How they hated how much Logan and Morgan were affectionate around people.

“Are we going to act all lovely too?” Ann whispered, and Roman rolled his eyes before smiling again, very much like Morgan smiled all the time.

“If you touch me more than necessary I will kill you” he said, through his smile, and Ann chuckled quietly, nodding to a couple that walked by saying hello. Quietly, Ann guided them to an empty corner and the two stood there, unlinking their arms.

“This will be a nightmare” Ann said, and Roman rolled his eyes, fixing his fake glasses.

“It will be f-”

“Look who it is!” they heard, and quickly turned to see a couple approaching, the woman with a wide grin and the man with a smirk. Roman remembered the pictures Logan had given them to remember the important names, but he couldn’t remember it for anything in the world.

Luckily, he didn’t have to.

“Melissa” Ann said, politely, as the couple approached, giving her a nod and then to her husband. “George. Salutations”

Well, he was a better actor than Roman had thought he was.

“Melissa!” he squealed, in his best portrait of his overly excited friend, hugging her and luckily being hugged back. “I am so glad you could come!”

“No, I am glad that you could” she said, sounding honestly surprised. “You had told me that your honeymoon would be around this week. You were about to change dates?”

“Yes actually, we did, right Log?” he said, smiling widely to Ann, and the man nodded, fixing his glasses like Logan would.

“Indeed. It was a little problematic but we were able to change the dates” he said, smirking and nodding to George. “How is your research in molecule particles, George?”

“Oh no, they are talking work” Melissa said, rolling her eyes and tugging Roman away from the two men. “So tell me Mo, how is married life?”

“Well… It is a wonder” he said, slowly, keeping an eye on Ann, not really wanting to move away from him in fear of being discovered. “I don’t want to stay away from him for a second”

“You two were beautiful in your wedding day” she nodded, smiling. “I am so glad you finally found someone that really loves you. I haven’t been having the same luck” she sighed, looking at George annoyed. Roman frowned.

“What? You two seemed very happy together” he said confused, and she chuckled.

“A great façade, that is what it is” she said. “He wants my father’s money and has thousands of lovers. So do I honestly, we barely see each other” she sighed. “I thought marriage was more like a fairy tale”

“It should be” he said, suddenly forgetting about his role, taking her hand and frowning. “If it isn’t making you happy, you should stop pretending and get away from him. Build your life from zero. Be with someone you love”

“You are so incredible” she said, smiling sadly. “It really is amazing that you have someone that loves you so much and someone you love so much. How does it feel like? Loving someone?”


Roman looked over to where Ann was, acting serious and very alike Logan, but he could clearly see the annoyance in his eyes even from afar, he noticed how uncomfortable he was by the way he leaned away from George, how he wanted to leave the party by the movements of his fingers on his back. He was so Ann, Roman couldn’t understand how anyone was buying his role.

“Well… It feels… Like you know everything about them” he said, blinking slowly when he saw a small smirk appearing on Ann’s face, and he wondered why. “And also discovering something new all the time. It is wanting them to hold your hand but knowing that if they let go, it won’t be for long and that you have nothing to worry about. It is…” he muttered, stopping when Ann sent him a glance from the corner of his eyes, and suddenly relaxed, as if he had turned just to make sure Roman was still there. “Is to trust someone with your life and be trusted in return. But honestly… It is being able to talk about love as if you were really… in love” he whispered, voice breathy as everything in his head clicked and he blushed, deeply, staring as Ann turned away from George and walked to him and Melissa with George right next to him.

“Love, shall we eat something?” George asked as he approached, taking Melissa’s hand, and she nodded, staring with a fond smile to Roman as he woke up from his trance.

“Yes. Morgan and I have talked enough” she said, contently, and walked away, making Ann raise his eyebrow, confused.

“So, the talk was nice?” he asked, and Roman took a deep breath, looking away and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah. It is really warm in here. Can we go get some water?” he asked, and Ann shrugged, linking their arms and guiding Roman away from their corner, right to the bar on the other side of the hall. Roman stared at their arms and focused on the feeling, suddenly craving for more and not knowing how to say it.

Ann would never want to be with him. Ever.

A little further into the party, almost at the time to leave, Roman and Ann found a few more of Logan’s friends in the party, one of them being a very drunk lady that did not stop saying that they were her favorite couple from that entire boring party.

It took a minute for the rest of the less… genius friends to start shouting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” at them, and suddenly most of the hall was screaming with them, making both Roman and Ann extremely embarrassed.

“You know they would do it right?” Roman muttered to the younger, who groaned and looked back at him.

“You won’t kill me, right?”

“Obviously not, they are asking for it”

Ann nodded and swallowed thickly before taking Roman’s waist on his hands and pulling him closer, kissing him and making the room explode in cheers. Roman took a second to answer, but slowly his hands went up Ann’s hair and pulled him closer, the party’s sounds disappearing as he focused only in the way their lips locked so well, how their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, how extremely cliché he was being and how incredibly nice he was feeling.

Soon, however, the kiss ended, and the two stood there, staring at each other with wide, surprised eyes. Ann’s cheeks were pink, and his own body was trembling a little at the feeling lingering.

“They are so in love” one of the guys in the crowd said, and at that, both Roman and Ann pulled away, quickly, suddenly forgetting their roles and being completely dazed. Realizing that Ann wouldn’t say anything, Roman smiled widely to them, blushing.

“Well, I think that’s enough for today! We will be leaving now!” he said, happily, and that seemed to wake Ann from his frozen state, both doing their best to say goodbye quickly and rush away from that party, almost forgetting their coats before they left.

They walked to the car in silence, but when they reached it, they stared at each other, breathless and shaking.

Roman needed to feel that again. So he stepped forward, going for a kiss, before he was stopped by Ann, the younger man putting a hand over his chest, shakily.

“Ro…” he breathed out, looking at him, eyes wide, unsure. “What… What happened… Was it me or…”

Roman stared at him for a while, surprised by the question, before he took Logan’s glasses off his face and Morgan’s off his own, before undoing Ann’s gelled hair the best he could to leave it over his eyes and pulled him closer by his collar.

“You. Definitely you” he breathed out, and kissed him again, harder this time, and Ann melted against him, kissing him back and pulling him closer by his shirt.

In the end, they didn’t need a cover to pretend they were in love.

on one hand i get why we make fun of superwholock and stuff bc, i was a part of all that and i know how dumb and weird it was, but on the other hand, like

let kids enjoy things???? like as dumb as my interests/ the way i pursued my ineterests were when I was younger, they were really helpful to me at a really hard time in my young life. I feel like all of our “cringey” tween interests helped us cope, to an extent, but now, most of us are at a point in our lives where we can kinda take that for granted?? and we seem to forget that lots of those kids who show seemingly cringeworthy passion for frivolous stuff like fandom are probably doing so bc their real lives aren’t going so great. it just doesn’t seem fair of us to try to ruin it for them by talking abt how “so cringy xD” they are.

then again, i’m a big idiot who doesn’t know shit and has never put together a coherent sentence in my life, so

Sometime Around Midnight

A/N: i decided to write this after seeing an ex boyfriend in a club one night making out with his girlfriend and it was emotionally harrowing i was so drunk i went in the bathroom and cried lmao (we’ve been broken up for ages too btw lmao)

Song(s) Used: Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event (it legit relates to what happened to me)

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warnings: swearing, alcohol, sad thoughts (everything that makes up my personality)

Word Count: 1,448 words

Genre: Angst (I just really love angst okay)

Ps. Lyrics are in bold and italic

Dans P.O.V

“and it starts sometime around midnight, or atleast thats when you lose yourself for a minute or two…”

Midnight has always been a vulnerable time. Midnight is when you’re at your emotional peak, some could say.

Things in my life werent going the way i had planned, lets say. But I decided I would try my best to have a great time while I could. I mean, I was in Orlando for Playlist Live surrounded by amazing company; so I decided to follow the crowd to a party and now, here I am at midnight.

I dont know if it was because it was midnight, or because of all the alcohol I had consumed during the night, but there was something that was making me feel vulnerable, almost like I was anxious and on edge. Maybe it wasn’t either of those two. Maybe it was something else?

But then she walks in, and it’s almost like everything has frozen around her.

“as you stand under the bar lights, and the band plays some song about forgetting yourself for a while, and the pianos this melancholy soundtrack to her smile; and that white dress shes wearing you haven’t seen her for a while…”

(Y/n) walks in looking as beautiful as she always has been, walking in wearing an amazing white dress. The band started playing some song about letting go and forgetting yourself.

How ironic.

I look towards (Y/N) and I can see her smiling brightly at everyone, the same smile she always gave me until I fucked it all up. Her smile alone is enough to take me back to all of the great times we had together, because thats the same smile she always had on, and the melody of the piano solo of the song in the background is reminding me of those times,

those times I will never get back.

I just stood by the bar, watching her, evaluating her. I was too busy watching her that I never noticed the boy that walked in behind her…

“but you know that she is watching, she’s laughing, shes turning, she holding her tonic like a crux…”

For a second, I caught her eye, and I felt the heat rush to my face and I gave her a shy smile, but she gave one back.

She walks up to her group of youtuber friends at the party, and it seems like she’s having a great time, she’s laughing, she’s dancing and holding her drink as if her life depended on it.

All while looking my way, kind of like a message to tell me that her life is great.

But seeing her so happy and having fun is almost breaking my heart, because I’m feeling the complete opposite

“the room suddenly spinning she walks up and asks how you are, so you can smell her perfume; you can see her lying naked in your arms…”

The night started to progress and I got even drunker to forget about all of the memories that came with seeing (Y/N) at the party tonight. I guess I should’ve known that she would be here, but part of me was convinced that she would never show up.

I was so drunk the the room was practically spinning and I felt like I could barely stand up. And for a second I thought I was hallucinating because I could see her start walking towards me; this was honestly the last thing I was expecting.

“Hey Daniel, it’s been a while. How have you been?” She asks in that sweet voice of hers that I’ve missed. The voice I never thought I would hear in person again, especially standing right in front of me.

I was way too entranced to talk. The fact that my ex girlfriend was standing in front of me, she was also wearing my favorite perfume of hers, and boy did that perfume bring back more memories. Memories of us laying in bed together, her wrapped up in my arms, like it was always supposed to be.

"Yeah I’ve been alright” I lied.

"and so there’s a change in your emotions. and all these memories come rushing like feral waves to your mind; of the curl of your bodies like two perfect circles intertwined; and you feel hopeless and homeless and lost in the haze of the wine…”

After the awkward conversation about small talk, she walks off back to our- I mean her friends and I start to feel guilty, because maybe if I wasn’t such a fuck up when we were together, she would still be with me, we would still be together.

Watching her walk off started bringing back even more memories, like how our bodies would just mold and curl together, like we were perfect for each other, maybe we were perfect for each other, and I blew it.

All of these memories I’ve tried repressing since we broke up are starting to come back and their becoming too much for me, and I can feel myself getting lost in the haze of all of the alcohol that I’ve been drinking, and I can’t help but start to feel hopeless and homeless.

I feel homeless because she was my home.

"then she leaves with someone you don’t know, but she makes sure you saw her, she looks right at you and bolts…”

Phil sees me looking distressed as I continue to stand by the bar and get progressively more drunk than I already was, but he doesn’t know why, he hasn’t seen her yet. But I continue to watch her, watch her like I’ll never see her again.

All of a sudden, she starts saying her goodbyes to everyone, and she leaves, she leaves with a boy. A boy who isn’t me. A boy I don’t know.

But as she’s about to leave, she looks right at me, as if she want me to see her leave; and I did. I watched her bolt out of the room with another guy.

"as she walks out the door you blood boiling; your stomach in ropes. oh and your friends say ‘what is it? you look like you’ve seen a ghost…’”

I couldn’t help the feeling of my stomach tying itself up in knots. But the more I thought about it, the more my blood started boiling because that should’ve been me leaving with her. Not him. Me.

Phil finally approaches me, and sees me looking even more distressed and upset. I can feel my face start to pale as I think more about her and him.

"Dan are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something” Phil asks very concerned.

I shake my head no and start gathering up my things to go.

"I have to go…” and I get up and leave.

"then you walk under the street lights, and you’re too drunk to notice that everyone is staring at you. you don’t care what you look like the whole world is falling around you…”

I bolt out of the party and go outside, hoping to catch up with her and see her. I want to tell her how sorry I am for everything.

I can feel myself stumbling around the street trying to walk, too drunk to notice that everyone was staring at me.

I don’t care about the fact that I’m stumbling around the street, looking like a drunk crazy man, because it feels like everything is falling around me, and everything is falling apart.

"You just have to see her…”

I need to see her

"You just have to see her…”

I really need to find her

"You just have to see her…”

I want to see her to apologize

"You just have to see her…”

But I know she probably doesn’t want to see me

"You just have to see her….”

I really need to see her, but I know that if I do, she’ll break me in two; like I broke her in two.

"You know that she’ll break you in two…”

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*tea emoji* Hamilton was socially conservative and Jefferson was socially liberal and seeing Hamilton fans try to reverse that in fanfiction to make Ham seem like a great person annoys me a lot.

Shit shit shit shit you fucking right my guy strongly agree. Like the liberal/conservative thing is relative, but Hamilton was such an elitist fuckass (his 6 hour speech? Yeah that was about a president for life much like a hereditary monarchy) that he could be considered very socially conservative. People fucking forget that because they just need an enemy for their gotdamn fics and Jefferson is the easiest scapegoat, which helps contribute to the “uwu Hamilton” culture that I hate.

Cuddle Night

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: There’s no actual plot, Steve is holding Reader and cuddling with her. Pure fluffy fiction with this 6’2” dork.
Words Count: 1.1k
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: Some light innuendos, but nothing else.

Gif used below isn’t mine, credit to the rightful owner.

On the ground, covered by your favorite fluffy blankets with cushions placed around your bodies, you lied on top of Steve, next to the fireplace as the natural warmth of his figure caressed your skin. You could lie there for hours, your legs intertwined and your finger gently wandering over his sculptured torso as your boyfriend whispered sweet nothings.

Steve could feel your chest expand and contract on top of his, breathing out fresh air that tickled the side of his neck. He tightened his grasp around your waist as he turned slightly and looked out of the window, only to find the night’s welcoming stars beginning to light the ocean behind the cabin. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Reaching your hands out, you grazed your fingers against his arm and shoulder, brushing across his fair soft skin. As you looked up at him, you felt yourself melting under his loving blue eyes. Like a surge of electricity flowed through you; your arms went up and wrapped themselves behind his neck with your foreheads connecting as you kissed slowly.

The small room was losing its brightness and falling dark around your interlaced bodies, embracing. Everything surrounding you was gone, and all you could think was how you felt safe between the super soldier’s strong, comforting arms.

“Steve?” Your call was a no more than whisper.

“Hmm?” He responded whilst brushing your hair with his fingers.

“You know, sometimes I caught myself wishing we weren’t Avengers,” you confessed, knowing he was frowning in confusion. “I know how it sounds, but I miss the feeling of a normal life. We’ve done this for so long; I just want to know what being a regular person means, at least one more time.”

“There will be a day when we’ll have to stop,” he blurted out and this time, you raised your head to look into his eyes and he chuckled lightly. “I’m not speaking about dying, but about retirement… I’d like us to spend our old days in a house in Brooklyn.”

“Uh… remind me how old-”

“Don’t go there, Y/N.”

“Anyway, I love that idea,” you giggled, settling in the crook of his neck and he traced patterns on your arm, pecking your head.

“It’s probably hard to believe, but sometimes I actually forget I’m a man out of time. I know that my childhood was during the great depression, that I came of age in war and I lost much in my life. But when I’m with you, I seem to forget all this and I can allow myself to be happy.”

“This is the best thing you could ever tell me,” you kissed his surface, snuggling.

“It’s not comfortable here.” Steve groaned, wiggling his back on the ground and you gave him that look, signaling he had ruined a beautiful, romantic moment.

“Says the guy who wanted to sleep by the fireplace.”

“What?” He scoffed, “you literally bounced at me when I placed the logs into the fire.”

“I didn’t bounce at you!”

“Yes, you did! Like an animal.” He mocked and you met his eyes full of sarcasm again.

“But you know how I feel when you chop the woods and put them in the fireplace. You triggered my love for lumberjack Steve Rogers.”

“You’re crazy; Y/N, but I love that,” Steve beamed at you and couldn’t help, but kiss you, his fingers holding your waist tight as one hand on the back of your neck held your head. Kissing him with all your adoration, you could feel yourself running out of breath and your heart beating at a wild speed.

“And you’re out of your mind to date someone like me,” you exhaled, pulling away.

He laughed heartily and you leaned to capture his lips again in a soft kiss that lingered until your lungs reminded you of a natural and vital need of air.

“It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. I like it,” you whispered closely, your smiling mouth hovering above his and you gazed into his blue eyes with love.

“What are you talking about?”

“Sleeping next to the fire, it’s like we’re camping,” you traced the edges of his thick lips with your finger and he kissed them in.

Steve blew some air from your jaw down on your neck and you fluttered your eyes closed, feeling the goosebumps forming on your skin and your shivering figure tried to nuzzle closer to him than you already were.

The peaceful and welcoming silence filling the atmosphere of the living room again, you came back to your initial position, only to feel uncomfortable, starting to wiggle your body to find more space.

“What?” The super soldier asked in a sly growl.

“You’re taking all the room.”

He huffed a laugh, shifting your bodies to your sides, with his bicep still entwined around you and he kissed your forehead, hoping you felt better. It was without counting on your arm crushed under your ribs, and you moved it almost shyly, not missing earning another groan from your boyfriend.

"What now?”

“My arm is falling asleep.”

“Then we spoon,” he announced and as he was about to open his arms, you hardly managed to turned his body and you folded yours hardly around him, your head resting on his shoulder.

“Uh… no, doll. Come here,” Steve laughed, rolling you both on your other sides and he enveloped you like he was a big spoon. His bicep slid under your head as a new pillow and his free arm found your waist, pressing your back flush against him.

“Like this, it’s better,” he smiled. “You’ve always loved being the little spoon, I know you better than what you think.” He hummed your hair slowly, breathing in the familiar sweet scent of your shampoo.



“Stop answering with ‘hmm’.”

“Hmm.” He whispered in a deep voice, challenging you and you laughed, your head throwing back on his shoulder as the joyful vibrations of your body passed through him.

”Steve?” You called after another blank moment and a goofy smile curled his lips.


“I’m annoying, aren’t I?”


“Steven!” You slid your hand back, on his side to try to tickle him and he yelped, laughing.

“Okay, okay,” he intertwined his hand with yours, stopping you. “Yes, you’re annoying, but it’s just your most adorable mood.”

As he finished, he draped the blanket over the both of you and you inhaled the air in contentment. One of your hands moved up, finding the one in front of your sight as your fingers held the forearm securing you into a tight and warm embrace.


“Yes, Y/N?”

“Let me the big spoon, just for once.”

An enormous laugh escaped his mouth, “I don’t think so, Agent.”

“Okay… I still love you.”

“Love you so much more.”

“I don’t think so, Captain,” you scoffed, mocking his earlier tone and he opened his eyes.

“Oh, really?”

“Yep,” you squealed as he poked your sides. “Love you most.”

@feelmyroarrrr @gallifreyansass @defendors @ballerinafairyprincess @misschrisevans @always-an-evans-addict - tell me if you’d like to be added. :)

Missing you has become an everyday essential to my life. I miss you so much I forget why I left you. I miss everything about who I was with you. But I know that when I miss you, I’m missing the past and not who you are now. I miss who you were and I miss who we were together. And even if I miss you everyday for the rest of my life, if the choice comes of bringing you back in my life and being who I was with you, I would reject it. Even if I miss the memories and how great everything seemed, I know that is not an option anymore because we are both different people. And the most important part is that when I left you I became myself and I grew more than I ever could with you.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #87// @writtwithwitt | best friend breakups suck when you’re over attached
Missing you has become an everyday essential to my life. I miss you so much I forget why I left you. I miss everything about who I was with you. But I know that when I miss you, I’m missing the past and not who you are now. I miss who you were and I miss who we were together. And even if I miss you everyday for the rest of my life, if the choice comes of bringing you back in my life and being who I was with you, I would reject it. Even if I miss the memories and how great everything seemed, I know that is not an option anymore because we are both different people. And the most important part is that when I left you I became myself and I grew more than I ever could with you.
—  writtwithwitt | best friend breaksup suck when you’re over attached
You're My Family (Day 2: Family)

Finally finished

Someone, oh please someone, put Soul out of his misery.

The albino was in the process of tightening his tie, when he let out a low growl. Even thinking about having dinner with his fellow Evans pissed him the hell off. Soul had begged them to postpone this year.

They insisted, however, that every once in a while, the youngest Evans should be in the company of his snooty parents, and empathetic, yet praised to an extent, older brother.

Though he hates to admit it, it really made Soul nervous to dine with his family. The pure disappointment that radiated off of his parents when he was a younger boy haunted him in ways he was uncomfortable to admitting.

Oh! Let’s not forget the immense lack of respect and understanding for what he does as a Death Scythe today! He could always feel it coming off of his parents in waves!

Thank god for his emotional support.

Or, in other words, his girlfriend. If we’re getting more specific, his Maka. Those two had been dating for a good year and a half, and Soul could not think of anything else that could make him so god damn happy.

Maka had never met his begetters*, and Soul was a bit happy over this fact, mostly because he wants to save her from the poison that is his family. Every year, he pleaded that she skipped out on the Evans annual dinner, and every year she complied. Except this one. Maka insisted on being there for him.

It was true she didn’t fully understand the situation, since he made it a point not to tell her too much, yet she knew from his wavelength that he needed her right now, so she would be there.

Soul went for his usual, that being his pinstriped suit and red dress shirt. The restaurant was, thankfully, a short distance away from the apartment, so he wasn’t really worried about being late.

He sat on the edge of the couch, his leg bouncing up and down. Maka was taking her sweet ass time, and he was tempted to yell at her to hurry up. Not because they were late, but because he was stressed, and she always brought upon a calming presence. If he did that though, he would be begging for a Maka-Chop.

“Alright Soul, I’m ready,” His little meister called out from her room, her voice swimming throughout the apartment. He shivered slightly from anticipation.

Soul could have never anticipated this.

Though her height was still in no comparison to his, the black heels adorning her feet accented her creamy legs wonderfully. The ebony dress hugged his girlfriend in all the right places, and flowed down to just above her knees. He watched in awe, as she pivoted slightly, to give him a quick glance of the low dip in the back, making every line, every muscle, visible for his entertainment. Soul prayed that he didn’t just feel a nosebleed come on.

How uncool

She played with her side braid nervously, and glanced to the side. In a wary voice, she asked, “Is it… is it too much for dinner?”

He reached for her hand, and smirked, saying, “Nope. It’s absolutely perfect.”

Maka smiled.

The music in the background was nice, and it made the awkward silence in the restaurant a little less awkward. Soul’s mother did one of those polite glares at Maka (how she does it, no idea). His father just stared blankly at him, and big bro Wes was looking at Maka like she was dessert.

Oh hell no.

Sending figurative daggers at his brother, who just winked back and smoothed down his blond hair, the Scythe instinctively reached for his meister’s hand under the table. She interlocked fingers with him, and he let out a sigh.

“So Soul,” Came the smooth voice of his mother, “This is your, oh what did you call it… ah, Master?” Soul looked at Maka, who slightly pinked.

Correcting his mother, he answered, “Actually, she’s my meister. Master would suggest she controlled me, which she doesn’t. She’s also my girlfriend, if would like to know.”

His mother, Evangeline Evans, raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows, which were a pale blonde. His father, Benedict Evans, grumbled, as he pushed back his brown hair from his face. Wes just chuckled.

“Girlfriend? Do you play an instrument, dear? I would very much like to have talented grandchildren,” Soul slightly choked on his water, while Maka patted him on the back.

Answering Evangeline’s inquiry, Maka said, “No, actually, I don’t. I couldn’t play an instrument to save my life, to be honest. But I can sing fairly well, I suppose.” Mrs. Evans made the smallest ‘hmph’ sound in the history of hmphs, and the conversation shifted.

They made small, idle talk, and Soul eased in to the soothing environment quickly. They even made comments about Wes’ world tours, and yet the albino wasn’t even that ticked off about it. Things were going better than expected, and before he knew it, dessert was served.

Yet like all good things, it came to an end.

As the two lovers dug into their shared crème brûlée (it being Soul’s favorite, and Maka had always wanted to try it), his father coughed, and in a gruff voice, said:

“Soul. Do you plan on finally doing something useful now that you’re a 'dead scythe’?” Benedict’s brown eyes met scarlet.

“Death Scythe, dad. It’s Death Scythe,” Looking over to his angel, he noticed that she looked greatly offended. Of course, his family didn’t give two shits about that. He squeezed her hand reassuringly. He continued with, “and what do you mean 'useful’? I am doing something useful.”

“More than just useful,” He heard Maka mumble. The rest of his family didn’t hear.

“We’re not meaning to offend, dear. All we’re trying to say is that, while it may have been fun while it lasted, it’s time to forget about this weapon thing. Go back to the piano! I bet if you tried, you could do great things with that instrument. I mean, really dear, what good are you doing by being a weapon?” His mother’s voice seemed like smooth caramel, yet stung like burning poison. Evangeline’s icy blue eyes pierced into Soul’s.

Before he could respond, Maka got to it first.

“What good is he doing? Do you have any idea what he does just about everyday? He’s saves people like you! Hell, Soul has saved MY life countless times! He has become a great man, damn it! I will not let you put down his achievements like they’re nothing! You should be fucking proud!”

Maka never cusses like that, unless she is extremely passionate about something. The scythe’s soul warmed.

“Look here, girl,” Evangeline spat, “I know you were not raised properly, but that gives you no right to give input on a conversation that was not directed towards you! Now, you little slut, if you have any sense at all, you would shit your mouth.”

“Now wait just a-” Soul quickly interrupted Maka.

“Did you just call her a slut?”

“What does is matter?”

“You just called her a SLUT. The most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. The person I love more than life. You know nothing about her, so don’t make shit accusations like that, damn it! Never speak to her like that again. I’ve had enough of this, come on Maka,” Seething in rage, Soul walked out of the restaurant, with Maka’s hand in his.

After a moment of silence in the darken night, while headed towards the motorbike, his little meister whispered:

“Thank you, Soul.”

He looked over his shoulder, and asked, “What for?”

“For standing up for me. Did you really mean everything you said?”

Kissing her temple, he responded, “Of course, Maka. I love you, so much. You mean everything to me.”

“I love you too, Soul. To the moon and back,”

He smiled, a real smile, before continuing, “Besides, who needs them? You’re my family. That’s all I need.”
A bit rushed, but I think it’s okay.

Blabbermouth (Jimin | Fluff)

Prompt source: Daily AU Prompts


Member: Park Jimin

Genre: Summer Fluff

Words: 1.498 (Drabble)

Summary: Wow, um. When I told you your shirt was inside out I didn’t expect you to take it off and fix it right here in front of me. Excuse me while I pass out because of your hotness.

N/A: This was pretty fun to do!

Originally posted by jitamin

Summer in Los Angeles is like going to a sauna in hell. You can fucking imagine. I mean, I’ve been living here my whole life, so you can take my word. It gets really hot.

Each and every new summer season I feel like my body will melt against the pavement whenever I abandon the safety of my house –and the air conditioned that inhabits there and that I call Bobo. Don’t ask why. Never.

You live right next to the beach, so cool.’ They said. ‘It’s not that hot, you are overreacting.’ They said.

Well, let me tell you that those empty statements are not precisely helping me while I wait in an outrageously long queue outside a new coffee shop. We have exactly fifteen hipsters in front of us –They are fifteen, I swear, I counted them– that are waiting patiently for their iced coffee while this sun of justice hits me on the face with all its power. Which is quite a lot.

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You’re Not Alone

By: Anouk

November  11th , The Netherlands

I saw some shadows and heard a noise. I couldn’t exactly tell, but it was soft and seemed to come from afar. I was floating somewhere between sleeping and waking, while I slapped my nightstand in the hope to hit my alarm clock. Fortunately I succeeded, grabbed my glasses and slowly sat up straight. I gave myself a few seconds and then opened my curtains. Oh, what I would do to see the rising sun shining through some buildings, hear the morning traffic and feel the vibes of a big city, getting ready for a new day. I tried to accept the fact that reality was just a little different, so I took a deep breath and got myself ready for another day.
As the sun was already setting and everybody went inside, I decided to go for a run. Running was just my way to clear my mind or end the day. While I jogged through the pastures of my not New Yorkish village, I felt calm. The sky above me was so pretty pink and blue pastel colored. For the first time in my life I was grateful. Grateful that I lived here. That I was able to enjoy how mother nature could fill my soul with what it needed, without even trying.

November 11th, U.S.A (NY)

Sirens ringing, people talking. Finding rest in a city that never sleeps. I rubbed my eyes and stretched my legs. I came out of bed almost immediately and splashed some cold water in my face. I opened the window above my bed and took in my surroundings. Life’s great, isn’t it?
At the end of the day I felt like grabbing a cup of coffee. I rambled through all the busy streets. As it was November, it was already dark around five p.m. I wished I would be able to look at the stars and take a deep breath without getting in any chemicals. Everybody around me was so busy with their own lives. From appointment to appointment, no time to waste, forgetting what life is actually about. Nobody seemed to pay attention to one another and so did the guy who nudged me. He didn’t seem to care. But when we made some kind of eye contact, his facial expression changed. ‘I-I am sorry. Are you okay?’ He asked. ‘I’m fine, thanks.’ I answered, while trying to give him a little smile. ‘Can I may ask you something?’ ‘Yeah, I think so.’ I said, not knowing what was happening. ‘I just wanted to say you’re not alone. And even if you are, remember being alone is not the same thing as being lonely.’ He said quite confident. Something in his eyes told me he was different, caring, but I didn’t tell him. I was just quiet, not able to say anything. I must have looked very desperate or something. Was it possible to stand out between so many people? Was it possible to feel alone, in such a crowded place?

Photographer: Beth

Zutara Fanfic Recs Pt 1

 *If not stated rated M it’s rated T*

1.The Last Waterbender (WIP) -Haikoui

The Southern Raiders found the last waterbender, leaving her mother alive, and took the child with them to the Fire Nation as a prisoner.

Last Updated:  Apr 25 2015  Word Count: 118,326

OKay this fanfic is to die for like im serious its one of the best. it made me cry like the lu ten iroh and little katara bond is so strong like ughhh. the zutara in it makes you appreciate the little cute hints like in the show. the zutara gets stronger as you go along and its beautifully written. i cried lol characters are slightly older but i like it that way. this fic is not abandoned so yay!

2.Facets (WIP) -balai

It was unfathomable. Imagine the rumours, the scandal that would spread at the idea of the Fire Lord sneaking about under the cover of darkness, donning the mask of the Blue Spirit. But he would do it. He knew the risks he took. Still, he would do it for her.

Last Updated: Jan 30 2014  Word Count: 61,243

This is another favorite of mine and even tho its incomplete, it leaves a basic understanding of how zutara turns out. this takes plays about 5 years time after the war ended and zuko is fire lord so people want him to get married. so he escapes to the SWT and visits katara. their relationship forms into something beautiful and its great. it does have some saving and fighting in it so it isnt all fluff. beautifully written! 

3.Under the Sapphire Sky (Complete) -DamageCtrl

Clan heir Zuko’s life is saved by orphan turned mercenary medic, Katara. When they part ways, they find that they can’t seem to forget each other, but are unsure why. 

Word Count: 203,201  Rated: M

This is a vampire au but it still has bending and everything. no avatar. azula is pretty kick ass. jet isn’t crazy (he’s still my bby). i loved this fic! it’s well written and its totally twisting your emotions. one second you’re like ZUKO I LOVE YOU and the other it’s ZUKO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. katara is kick ass and toph is a werewolf what yes xd mates are included cough cough. loved it read it you wont regret.

4.Dancing in the Dark (Complete) -DamageCtrl

Having heard a rumor about two tea servers in the lower tiers of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Toph sneak away go to investigate only to have their suspicions confirmed.

Word Count: 64,257 

You get the blutara! you get the zutara! you get iroh setting people up! you get cute zuko! funny zuko! stupid jin and song…this is beautifully written and it stays true to the characters. it made me face palm at moments cough katara stahp cough but i loved the connection between the two! you have an oblivious zuko, a confident katara, and a mischievous iroh and what do you get? beauty. read this and you can thank me later.

5.Rhythm of the Rain (Complete) -DamageCtrl *Zutara fanfic queen*

Rebuilding a nation requires sacrifices. Knowing that the Fire Nation would never accept a Waterbender as it’s Lord’s wife, Katara removes herself from her fledgling romance with Zuko and encourages him to find greatness with Fire Nation noble Mai.

Word Count: 251,513 

This fanfic. THIS FANFIC. this was my first really good zutara fanfic and its art. i swear its art. IT WAS SO CUTE LIKE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. with the turtle ducks and the zutara and its just beautifuL! proceed with caution get the tissues. like katara is making so many sacrifices for zuko’s happiness at ruling his nation and there’s some action so have a heads up. THIS IS AMAZING MUST READ.

6.Jasmine (WIP) -Yorushike 

Katara, traveling companion of the Avatar, had always dreamed of the day the war would end, but she had never thought that she would be forced to marry Firelord Zuko, who was said to have killed his own father, for this to happen. Zuko had no other goal than to repent for his sins and bring peace to the world, even if both his allies and enemies feared and hated him.

Last Updated: Apr 29 2015  Word Count:  172,458

So i haven’t finished this yet but im currently reading it and its FANTASTIC. i was putting this off because zuko is a bit of a sadist or at least thats the rumors in the book so i was like eww but IVE SEEN THE ERROR IN MY WAYS. i just wanna cuddle him and tell him hes BEAUTIFUL. zuko never traveled with the Gaang. au. you should definitely read this!

7.Love Thy Enemy- (Complete?) -RedNovember

The mighty Fire Empire rules the entire world, after they conquered it a century ago. Now, almost a hundred years later, a tiny tribe of rebels have sent Katara, an undercover assassin, to kill the Fire Emperor Zuko.

Word Count: 136,905

So the reason i put a question mark is because in the last chapter she says there will be an epilogue but its been 9 years since she said that so….ANYWHO! this is a au where katara was raised as a kyoshi warrior along with sokka. when she is old enough to become official, the mistress sends her to assassinate zuko by becoming the first female elite.the bond grows very nicely and even tho no epilogue you can infer! some action of course so must read!

8.The Hunter and the Prey (Complete) -RedNovember

The Prince of the Fire Nation will do anything to find the legendary Avatar, but what if the bait he captures to lure the Avatar decides to fight back and gains his attention in more ways than one? 

Word Count: 144,835

so this is a prequel to love thy enemy AND YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FIRST OR YOU’LL BE SPOILED. so yeah. this book is so sad!!!! the plot twist the love bonding and everything. the heartache. i cant say more or it shall give it away. even tho it’s super sad i loved it. prepare for waterworks!

9.When the Mask Comes Off (Completed) -Jamie Hasaku

After freeing her and her friends from capture, Zuko has no choice but to care for a gravely injured Katara, who was left behind by accident. The trick? Keeping his face hidden so she doesn’t hurt herself even more by trying to fight him.

Word Count: 73,457

this. this. this FANFIC. you get blutara! you get zutara! you get cuteness overload! you get amazingness! you get beauty! you get ART. i absolutely loved this fanfic and you will too!

10.The Dragon and the Siren (Completed) -CultOfStrawberry

Hades x Persephone inspired. In a land of gods and spirits, Katara is the daughter of the Sea, and Zuko is the powerful and reclusive God of the Fire Realms. Zuko has been pining for her for too long… so he finally takes action.

Word Count: 143,362 

  this plotline is so gooood and unique! i love the zutara! even tho zuko is a bit annoying at first, i love how well the bond and relationship develops. zuko’s feelings are so adorable! like seriously read this you will not regret it. the plot has stuck with me even after all these fanfics. thank me later :D

anonymous asked:

Because you seem like a cool guy. I dunno. I think you're a guy. You have angsty art. Your art represents all of our teen angst and our inability to let go. I'm trying to drown my pain but u don't think it's working okay I'm not okay and I don't feel great. I want to blow my brains out. My life's fallen to shambles and I almost drove into a wall yesterday at lethal speeds and I feel like I'm a threat to everyone and everything I've ever known and I want to forget and begin again.

I’m a girl. Please please please please do not hurt yourself

anonymous asked:

Hey Ash! What are some of your all time favourite films? Also do you have any TV Series recommendations?

Ooh. I’m not great with the movies question. I don’t watch them a lot anymore, so I always seem to forget all of my favorite things, haha. I’ll just pick a few that stick out at the moment.

The Godfather
The Departed
Coming to America
The Wizard of Oz
The Lion King
Malcolm X
Imitation of Life
Almost Famous
Set It Off
Love Jones
Love Actually

I’m much better at TV. Though I’d be here all day if I recommended everything I watch, lol. So I’ll go with a few things that are on now or are coming back soon.

Insecure (HBO)
Preacher (AMC)
Queen Sugar (OWN, but S1 is on Hulu)
The Leftovers (HBO)
Chewing Gum (Netflix)
Master of None (Netflix)
Dear White People (Netflix)
The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

boycub  asked:

would it be possible that you could do a tiny expression tutorial because your characters convey emotions so well and id be super interesting in learning a few things from you

Anything I could show you has been already drawn, I think. There’s a tutorial I’ve seen some months ago but I can’t seem to find it. (Will link it if I ever come across it again.)
For the REAL basics you should read Preston Blair’s Animation book which contains the very minimum you need to know about shapes, action lines, expressions, etc. (The scan is pretty bad but you get the idea.)
I really like lackadaisycats’s expression tutorial, too. It’s a great, compact guide and it also mentions my big pet-peeves: side-mouths, same-facing and generic anime expressions (especially for western style characters, eugh).
And of course don’t forget to draw a lot of life studies of others and of yourself. People tend to draw characters that look like themselves and that’s fine, we’re all different and that will make your characters look unique. I use my own expressions for Buttons all the time. Sometimes I take pictures of myself and exaggerate my own expression using his proportions. The point is not to copy blatantly but try to notice the little details that make the expression instead. If you try making faces in the mirror you will find they look a lot different from what you THINK you’re doing so when it comes to drawing expressions you kinda want to mix the real thing with how you want it to “feel like”. (I can’t explain it much better than that, sorry.)
Oh yeah, and try to find pictures of others making the same faces, too. You’d be suprised how many kinds of different angry/hurt/happy/excited/etc. expressions there are! For Buttons I use Tim Roth’s expressions too and make little exercises.(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x) It has helped me A LOT in defining Buttons’ basic set of faces and his default expression.
Hope this was somewhat helpful!

languagestudying-deactivated201  asked:

Hello! Do you have any tips on reading Hangul fast, and like a native? According to my friend, who is second generation Korean - her mom and dad are Korean - she can recognize the Hangul alphabet like we recognize our alphabet, while I have to translate Hangul in my head, into romanization, which I am trying to CUT out of my life aha. Thanks~

The romanisation of Korean has undergone many reconstructions over the years, and during its creation, romanisation has seen an array of unorganised, or disorderly forms. Ultimately, romanisation is a great starting point, but it is not something to depend on.

Relying on romanisation can often lead to pronunciation and reading problems, since learners adhere to the strict guidelines that romanisation seem to enforce. People tend to forget that romanisation is simply a guide, and is not to be used as an unwavering set of rules. This is mainly because romanisation provides a very similar sounding comparison, but not an accurate one.

It’s because of this, that when anyone asks me, I always say the same thing. Forget romanisation

It was not the way that I personally learnt Hangul, since I found it unnecessary. Instead, I focused on learning Hangul the same way I learnt my own alphabet as a child. I associate the correct sound with its corresponding letter.

However, I know that some people can find romanisation very helpful! And by all means, if you feel that romanisation is the way for you, then go for it! ^^ 

But more often than not, I have people asking me how to recognise Hangul like a native or how to improve their reading skills, and it is strongly due to the fact that they have become so reliant on romanisation. When using romanisation, you are essentially putting your brain through two unnecessary processes. You first recognise a Korean letter, and then have to associate that with its romanisation comparison, before you can then link it to its correct pronunciation. Even though this step might not seem very time consuming; it might actually be the problem holding you back. 

Think of it like crossing three bridges to ultimately get to the same side of the river that the first bridge would have taken you to. Even if you hadn’t crossed the other two bridges, you still would have ended up on the right side, so why waste time crossing them if you didn’t need to?

This can often be where people get frustrated. Because you might think that you need to cross those two extra bridges, otherwise you’ll get lost or make a mistake. And that’s completely understandable; but this might be because you have become completely dependant on romanisation.

So my tip for reading Hangul like a native? LEARN it like a native!

That might sound quite scary, but it isn’t, I promise. Because all you are doing, is associating a sound with a letter. You’ve already done this once, so it will be easy to do it again! When you look at the letter “A’, you are reading the attributed pronunciation in your head without any other unnecessary steps, which is why it feels so natural. This is the trick you have to apply to Korean if you want to read it more fluidly.

The key to this is simply practice. There aren’t any shortcuts, unfortunately. But since Hangul is the foundation of Korean (much like any alphabet for any language) it is not something to gloss over. You really need to take your time, and of course have fun with it!

You’ll notice that the more you practice, the easier it will become to see a letter, and instantly read the attributed pronunciation in your head! Read online stories in Korean, and instead of focusing on what any of the words mean - just focus on actually reading. Check out places like MBC News, or YTN News. Or even just following these news stations on Twitter! That is a great way to make sure you always have fresh content on your feed to practice reading, since they update regularly. Try to practice as often as possible.

I keep mentioning this video in most of my answers, but that’s because it is such a good video for learning Hangul - and I recommend watching it more than once. The key point to remember when watching, is try not to associate the letter with its romanisation - try to remember the sound associated with its letter instead. Go into it with the mindset of a child, with the openness and adaptability you had when you first learnt your native language. Because sometimes, it’s the process of overthinking that can hold you back!

I wish there was a simple, quick fix answer. But one like that doesn’t exist. So the only advice I can really give you, is to practice. And don’t get frustrated with yourself, it will come in time! Just remember to have fun with it!

I hope this was the tiniest bit helpful.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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What do you like most about teaching young wizards? And what do you like to a lesser extent?

I find that remembering to enjoy life piece by piece is such a luxury.  Adults tend to lack the skill. Children spending all day looking forward to lunch and all week looking forward to weekends seems like a great way to live.  Constant celebration of the mundane.

I suppose what I like least about teaching is forgetting what it’s like to be an adult because I’m always in the company of children. Contacting Gellert has been a rather uncomfortable reminder of how my life once lacked whimsy.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Sentence Starters

“I will not leave you.”

“You are my eternal companion.”

“It’s not a crime to want to live.”

“What am I supposed to do with my life?”

“Your life will not change simply because you want it to.”

“I received all her love. Why did I just realize now?”

“Whenever I come to you, all of my problems seem to become lighter.”

“How can I live without seeing you?”

“I wish I had not loved you.”

“Then tell me why you killed them.”

“I’m her/his awesome person now.”

“I’m sorry for leaving you alone.”

“They all get burned with the passing of time and leaving without a trace.”

“If we had met in another world and another time, I was thinking of how great that would have been.”

“You became someone I could never forget in my life.”

“I will become the only thing you see.”

“I came to realize that the opposite of love is not hating- but leaving.”

“I will forget everything.”

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

“If we are not from the same world, I will find you.”

“He/she is mine.”

“Did you miss me?”

“Did you ever miss me? Even once.”

“I longed for you every moment.”

“I will become a god above kings.”

“I’m not alone, so I’ll be fine.”

“The higher up you are, the more you should care about justice.”

“I can’t see the sky from my room.”

“Now that I’m here, there are so many stars.”

“You are lying.”

“We promised not to lie to each other.”

“Just lie to me instead.”

“Tell me it’s a misunderstanding.”

“It was always me that was cast aside.”

“I think you understand me.”

“He/She should come beg to me.”

“You should have said you understood me.”

“I am afraid every time we meet.”

“My heart belongs to someone else.”

“You have been my only friend.”

“Whether there is value in doing something or not, that is something you can only answer for yourself.”

“Do you want to borrow it?”

“I thought I had lost you.”

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you again.”

“I was scared.”

“I did not throw him/her away.”

“Do you still love me?”

“I love you.”

“You are my only king/queen.”

“I will be King/Queen.”

“Should I call you my person?”

“You are my person.”

“We were never close.”

“I may have failed once- but I never lose twice.”

“Marry me.”

“Are you here to see me?”

“Is it food?”

“Are these written characters or is it a drawing?”

“Does it change anything to get drunk?”

“You do not know how I feel.”

“I will only be good to you.”

“It would have been nice to live like this from the beginning.”

“I cannot live that way.”

“I have always been stupid.”

“I was happiest while I was with you.”

“I do not want that kind of consolation.”

“You would never become mine.”

“If I said I was sorry, that would be truly mean, right?”

“It’s a gift only you can give me…”

“If you do this, I will really die.”

“I cannot let him/her go alone.”

“I do not want to.”

“Let him/her go.”

“I am not going to apologize.”

“Did you ever even like me?”

“I like you even now.”

“Did you draw this yourself?”

“I’m sure we will get another chance.”

“Can I do whatever I want?”

“I was scared to come to you.”

“You came because of my music, right?”

“Let me see you dance.”

“I don’t dance for strange men.”

“If you are a prince, I’m one of your attendants.”

“You don’t have any honesty in you at all.”

“I really am _____.”

“If you are willing to wait, I can wait.”

“How many times is that now?”

“When it snows again, let’s walk here.”

“What happened? I shouldn’t ask, right?”

“Can I hold you?”

“When you went through a hard time, I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you.”

“I only want good things to happen for you, and to make you happy now.”

“Trust in me.”

“Who are you to be able to do that?”

“I still have more to confess to you.”

“You ruined everything.”

“You’re so foolish.”

“I forgot what I wanted to tell you.”

“How could you hurt me like this?”

“Can I kiss you?”

“You belong to me.”

“I told you I would get you permission.”

“Let me help you.”

“Will kissing make me pregnant?”

“I have come back from war.”

“All I could think about was that I wanted to drink your tea.”

“I can’t even help you, so what am I to say?”

“I will take care of everything, so wait.”

“What are you wishing so hard for?”

“I feel very betrayed.”

“Do not misdirect your anger.”

“What are all of these for, anyway?”


Ok I’m livid about this . My friend wrote a very well thought out research paper on wage inequality for women for a course she is taking.these are the critiques she got from three male classmates. The first one is just ignorance and once again demonstrates how uncomfortable many men get when it’s not all about them,but the last two truly are terrible.My friend literally states two sentences down that women do not receive paid maternity leave in the US and are often severely punished for taking sick days, but he didn’t take the time to read that far I guess,The last guy FUCKING CLAIMS WOMEN DO NOT WORK AS HARD AS MEN POINT BLANK (because of “social pressures”)and to claim otherwise is “problematic and misleading.” Not only that , but he says from a business standpoint it just makes sense to pay women less and because of that women get more jobs or something ? He also acts like the wage gap May or may not be true, like it’s an opinion and not a fact. He wants her to rephrase her argument to make it seem it’s some how is the women’s doing and the work place biases either don’t exist or irrelevant.At the end one of them puts “I’m a white male so I know my opinion doesn’t matter to you.”

This is a class at a very competitive and well respected university. These men will one day hold positions of great power and that scares me.How easily men forget who gave them life and raised them