my life in two

and here i bring you yet another kara/lena au that nobody asked for but that i’m sharing with y’all anyways because what else do i have to do with my life at 12:00 am.

  • james wins two tickets for the upcoming lakers game in national city but comes to find out that he can’t go because he has another important thing to do that night (i don’t know what thing exactly but the point is he can’t go), so he’s left with two tickets for the lakers and he’s not sure who to give them to, so of course he goes to kara: “i know you don’t like basketball, but seeing it live is such a different experience, you’ll enjoy it!”
  • problem is that kara doesn’t know who to ask to go with her, alex has a date night, winn is not going anywhere near a basketball stadium (highschool trauma), j’onn says he has no time for games. lena is one of her first options, but main reason she doesn’t want to ask her is fear of rejection. she’s a ceo! she probably has no interest in spending a friday night with her.
  • alex tells her she’s being ridiculous, lena’s her friend and she’ll enjoy spending time with her regardless of the activity, she pratically drives kara to l-corp so she can ask lena to go with her.
  • lena knows nothing about basketball, for a second she actually confuses it with beisball, but kara looks so cute and how can she say not to that face? so she agrees and kara pulls her into the biggest hug.
  • because lena has never, ever gone to a basketball game she shows up to kara’s apartment with a tight dress and high heels, her makeup on point as always and a big ass valentino black bag, meanwhile kara’s wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, maybe even a snapback if you want the complete Gay™ look.
  • lena is so confused the entire time, she watches as the players pass the ball to each other and hears the crowd roar when they make a triple. kara is no better, but she at least knows the basics because james explained them to her prior, so she gets into it after the first ten minutes, she claps with the audience, screams in chorus with the other people. she asks lena if she’s having fun, if she wants to leave but lena says no and kara probably buys her popcorn or something, popcorn that by the way kara ends up eating. 
  • halftime rolls in and lena takes the opportunity to answer all the messages that are unread on her phone, “i’m so sorry i swear i’ll only take a minute,” kara smiles and tells her to go ahead. 
  • lena is answering to one of her business partners when she hears kara choke on the popcorn and everyone around them whistling and clapping, so she turns to see what is wrong to find kara looking at the enormous screen in the middle of the stadium with a pink blush on her cheeks and wide eyes. the camera is focusing both of them with a heart around their silhouettes and “kiss cam!” written on pink letters just above their heads. 
  • everyone in the stadium starts cheering for them, “kiss! kiss! kiss!” over and over again, the damn camera doesn’t seem to find anybody else as interesting and though kara wants to laugh and write an enormous sign that reads that hey, they’re just friends! she catches the way lena’s heartbeat speeds up and how her breathing becomes uneven and okay, maybe a little kiss won’t hurt, after all they’ve become close after the recent events and what’s wrong with maybe platonically kissing your friend on the lips? a little peck and that’s it. 
  • however, once they turn around to look at each other kara notices just how green lena’s eyes are and how pale her skin looks and also how her red lips part to meet hers and when they finally kiss the screaming and whistling, all the noise around them disappears and kara can only focus on how soft lena’s is and how her lipstick tastes like strawberry and oh, god, when she feels her tongue caressing her bottom lip kara is sure she’s going to pass out. 
  • they’re both a little breathless when they break apart, a young lady sitting next to them gives kara a high five and then the second half of the game starts but kara can’t focus on anything anymore because she still tastes lena on her tongue and she realizes that shit, she wants to kiss her again. and again. and again. 
  • the lakers win by three points and lena’s driver is already waiting for them outside the stadium when the game ends, but the crowd is huge and she fears she’ll lose lena in the sea of people so she interwines their fingers together and walks them towards the exit ignoring the warmness that goes through her entire body at the feeling of lena’s hand against her own.
  • the car ride is kind of awkward, neither of them speak, they’re on each side of the car struggling on how to break the silence. lena sometimes catches kara looking and her and viceversa until it’s too much and kara blurts out: “i really liked it, the game. and also kissing you” and lena laughs before sheepishly nodding and saying “me too. i mean i liked kissing you, i didn’t understand the game at all.”
  • they make out until they get to kara’s apartmet. (。♥‿♥。)
  • before kara falls asleep she receives a message from lena that says “thank you, i had a great time.” with maybe a smiley face and two hearts and kara hides her face on her pillow.
  • the next morning when she wakes up and goes to work, everyone’s looking at her and whispering behind her back and kara’s afraid she might have a mustard stain on her white cardigan (it wouldn’t be the first time that happened). and then james sees her and before she can even say hello and ask what the hell is going on with everyone, he motions to the screens where a video of her and lena kissing is projecting, the entire internet has gone wild about it. the video that was originally uploaded to youtube has for title “lena luthor kisses cute stranger @ bball game.” kara wants to die on the spot.

2 months in, and 2017 seems to really be my year. Grad school is going great- I love my classes and I’m excited to begin placements next week. On top of all that I get to practice my Japanese, further my knowledge of Japanese food and learn some hospo skills at an adorable Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. I’m dating possibly the greatest dude and we have so many exciting international travel plans in our future.

I want to take a moment to express how terribly grateful I am for all the people in my life who consider themselves my friends.

My years at university and a couple years after that were very meagre for me, friendwise. I had my boyfriend and one very close friend, and some other people that were not as close to me as I’d maybe liked (most of them are not actively in my life anymore).

But in the past two years or so my circle of friends has massively expanded. It’s not really one big circle, but more a lot of tiny circles, and I like that. I’m not sure if it has more to do with people “discovering” me, or with me finally stepping over some super scary boundaries and wanting to open up to people. Probably the last one :P 

I guess I was so used to having such a small circle of friends that I didn’t realize how nice it can be to bond with new people every once in a while. I’m still not the overly social person and I still choose my friends carefully, but knowing how happy it makes me to genuinely care about people (and those people caring about me) will definitely help me in the future to open up more and more often.

I know I’m not the only one with this problem. So please feel free to come and poke me if you want to talk about the miracles and hardships of friendship.

Ever take a picture of the sunset from a moving car?

i. I just love how the colors seem to fade and blend into each other, like puzzle pieces so perfectly aligned. The way lips know how to lock. I saw this image before I took the picture. Life showed it to me. I see it now, after the moment was captured. Life wanted it to be this way. Our lips were always meant to find each other. 

ii. There were cars there. I swear. There were. I saw them with my own two eyes before I took the picture. Life showed them to me. But now they’re not there anymore. Life took them away. Why is it that things are there one second, and gone the next?

iii. Those lights were not there. I swear. They weren’t. I did not see them when I took the picture. Life did not show me these lights. But here they are. Captured in this blissful moment. Life didn’t let me see them until now; maybe because there’s more to life than meets the eye.

New Beginnings:

Hey everyone,

I decided to be obedient to what the Lord, and got rid of my smart phone a week ago. Its been wonderful, and I have been learning so much about what it means to be a disciple, of Jesus. I have immersed myself in the things that really matter in my life, changing my habits, and thinking differently about the world. The downside is people I would like to talk to more, its difficult because of T9 texting on my old fashioned, candy bar style phone. 

I have had some really cool bro to bro times with a few of my friends, drinking tea, late into the night discussing what it means to apprentice under Jesus, and “know” him. Some of the best conversations I have had in my life were in these two weeks. 

I just wanted to pop on literally for like 15 minutes and say “hello!” to everyone and recommend a few books for reading. Following Jesus is so different that what I was taught growing up. And its been amazing spending time with him, abiding in the vine. His yoke is truly easy, and his burdens really are light. 

The books:

“The Divine Commodity” by Skye Jethani

“The Way of the Heart” by Henri Nouwen

“The Spirit of the Disciplines” by Dallas Willard

“The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence

“More” by Simon Ponsonby

“Garden City” by John Mark Comer

Anyways, here is just some really really good books I highly recommend. Welp, I am about to get off for another few weeks. Peace and blessings to you all! Following Jesus, is so much better than I ever dreamed or imagined. 




Some Iris nonsense from tonight; I have a couple friends who are cosplaying her so I figured I’d make life easier for them.

1. Reference and my two plaids –– one is accurate to the concept art, the other is accurate(ish) to the game; the final version ended up being closer to the second, but with added paler stripes. See how in that top corner I’ve blocked out the pattern where it repeats, and then just used the Pattern tool to generate a repeating pattern?

2. Shirt pattern. This is similar to the one I went with (layered over black, obviously) but I spaced it out a little bit more after. Again, I drew out the pattern to the point of the repeat and then used the pattern tool to continue.

3. Reference.

4. Vector patterns for the accessories. I decided I don’t really like the necklace charm yet but I’m not sure if I feel like reworking it right now.

5. Mostly finished 3D models. There’s a weird mistake on the fanned one that I corrected after; I accidentally grabbed a face I shouldn’t have and extruded it.

6. Finished textiles. Didn’t take progress pictures of the “leopard” print for the undershirt, but basically I made a bunch of irregular shapes, spaced them on a grid so there wouldn’t be obvious seams, and then used the pattern tool on a hexagon arrangement to make them off-set.

All of these will be going up on the store eventually, just gotta do swatches and prints and stuff.

- Jenn

anonymous asked:

Hey Gon! I really want to know about your past, if it not bother you. Who you raised? What's the relation between you and Mito and Ging before the road trip? Have you any problems at school? Have you friends? And if Mito doesn't want that Ging take you, she can call the police after your leaving. Because it seems that Ging kidnapped you or something like that and pretext a road trip. But maybe I'm overthinking.

- Everything I know is from what I pieced together from what Aunt Mito and Ging have told me.

As far as I know, Ging raised me for the first two years of my life. My mom took her life and soon after, Mito took me from Ging. Ging was a workaholic and traveled a lot, so she didn’t believe he could properly raise me. From the age of two till twelve, Mito raised me. She got married when I was eight, and her husband helped out. Afterward, I was put in a facility for things…

The closest facility to Whale Island was for adults. However, the director, I guess felt bad for Mito and Abe, and let me stay there. That way, they wouldn’t need to travel so far to see me. I was put in my own little section, away from all the adults. It was the nurses who worked there who took care of me until Ging took me out.

I had no relation with Ging before this. I knew he was my father, but I only knew bad things about him. Aunt Mito use to tell me lot of how Ging only cared about his work and was a no good drunk. As for Mito and I, we were close. We did start drifting when I was nine, because she got a job that required her to leave for days at a time at least once a month.

However, what really broke us, is what I did. Also, my inability to actually tell her why I did. She really thinks I have no reason for what’s wrong with me. And that I need to just stop being sad. It’s… there’s a lot more to it than that.

Anyway! I never been to school! Mito homeschooled me! And even when I was in the facility, I was being schooled there. It’s the same with friends, I don’t have any. Unless, family counts? Then I got, Abe, Mito, Ging and Kaito!

Heh! Ging didn’t kidnap me. Mito lost me in court to him. I can’t really explain how that worked. I have no idea, and Ging won’t tell me. However, Ging won custody of me and that’s why I am with him. Overall, I feel that’s why Mito is really upset.

That’s all I can really say, since that’s about all there is too it.


This is Glitch and Patch.

They’re my guardians.

My shoulder angel and devil.

Glitch is the one with tentacles, claws, different word/letter text, and a glitch-like appearance.

Patch is the one with stitches, no fingers/toes, cursive-ish text, and patches on him.

Glitch is literally my negative side. Anger, lies, depression, etc.

Patch is literally my positive side. Happiness, truth, loyalty, etc.

These two appeared in my life during a moment.

Glitch appeared when my parents were arguing, Patch when my mother gave me a stuffed animal zebra.

At first they were just voices in my head.

But as a child, I gave them forms and appearances. And now, here they are.

Growing up, they talked to me a lot. Basically, they were my guides.

Plus, I learned a lot about them.

They are genderless and they can shapeshift forms.

I never told anyone about them cuz I was afraid people would think I was crazy.


We’re all crazy, right?


my life so far can easily be separated into two categories:

refusing to use Pinterest out of an unexplainable spite and the embarrassment of being grouped in with Facebook moms

and unabashedly pulling up three of my Pinterest boards on my phone in the middle of a crowded room and daring strangers to fight me

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal