my life in films


Images from French animation masterpiece, Le Roi et l’Oiseau (The King and the Mockingbird), 1980.

It was directed by Paul Grimault and written by him and poet, Jacques Prévert (author of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, “Autumn Leaves”).

The film started life in the late 1940s as a version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep.

“It’s probably under the moonlight that we see that black boys can be blue, can be sad and sullen and intimate,” he said. “It’s under starlight that we see them differently, or that we get the chance to.”

“Because we rarely see ourselves in those hues or under that gauze. We see ourselves in the harsh police light or the amber of street lights, but what is it when the reflection of the sun in the moon is sitting on these bodies. What beauty can we see?”

- Tarell McCraney


endless list of favorite movies: Brokeback Mountain (2005) dir. Ang Lee

We coulda had a good life together. Fuckin’ real good life. Had us a place of our own. But you didn’t want it, Ennis. So what we got now is Brokeback Mountain. Everything’s built on that. That’s all we got, boy, fuckin’ all. So I hope you know that, even if you don’t never know the rest…I wish I knew how to quit you.


Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥


NCT as 2017 Hogwarts freshmen✨