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Yes, but what if? (Yoonmin masterpost/prompt)

Okay so a few months ago I read this fanfiction. In a few words IT WAS THE BEST YOONMIN FANFICTION I’VE READ IN THE ENTIRETY OF MY LIFE. It’s based on real events and the only thing I can say is that ever since I read it my brain is convinced that this actually happened between Yoonmin. If you haven’t read it I insist you do.

This fanfic describes how Yoonmin were in love since they met but hadn’t realized it until the period Yoongi had written/recorded First Love. The writer (Hello, by the way, if you are reading this! I hope you don’t mind me promoting your awesome work. I asked for permission in your comments, but if you have a problem just tell me and I’ll take it down.) bless them, talks about how the rest of Bangtan found out Yoongi and Jimin were in love before the two of them did. If I continue I probably won’t stop. So please read it! Especially if you are a Yoonmin stan.

So as I said, my fantasy world is set in a reality where this actually happened. And in this reality, (also in the fanfic, according to the time it’s placed in) Yoongi and Jimin got together on the day Yoongi recorded First Love. So that means that in this picture

they have just begun dating. *Reminder: This is all happening in my brain. I have formed my own reality. Nothing is true* Okay so, because  my brain needed more of this story, I began putting real events into this fantasy world in a way that would seem like the two are actually together. Do you get me? Like, I’d watch/read whatever happened on twitter or in Bangtan Bombs, having in mind that the two of them were actually together. I’m weird I know. I hope I’m not the only one who does this, or else it’d be really awkward. Here are some of these moments.

*Credits to the owners*

I’d watch these and think that when they were filming this, they were actually together. It made my heart flutter every time. Again I hope other shippers do that too.

So, because I needed to convince my self that this fantasy world really existed, I began making audios, writing fics, drawing fanart based on this world. I wanted to make something like Behind The Scenes moments that didn’t actually exist. I hope anyone out there can relate. Yoonmin has taken over my life and it’s the only thing that occupies my mind ever since I read that fanfic.

During this period I’ve come up with the following. It’s more of a prompt for a fanfic. It’s extremely stupid but I can’t help my self.


So Yoonmin supposedly got together some time in August. Suga’s mixtape was released around that time (correct me if I’m wrong), but the songs were written long before. Here’s a fanfic that fits this story line. Then their WINGS comeback was in October. During that time Yoongi and Jimin were still exploring this new territory.

Their first time was some time in early November.  

And the talk was in early December. I’m shit at writing fanfics but I’ll try my best to explain what was said during the talk. It went a little like this:

Yoongi and Jimin were lying on the couch in their dorm living room at night chatting about different things (because in reality that’s what Yoonmin loves to do with each other)

when Yoongi said.(for a second time that night)

“I can’t imagine my life without you” or “I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with you.”

Jimin sat in silence for a while, scrunching up his nose (in that cute way he does) in confusion.

“Hyung, are you proposing?” he asked looking up at Yoongi. Yoongi was confused by the question but then said something like:

“I know we can’t get married in Korea, but if we could would, you marry me?” or like “I know it’s impossible because no1 we are idols no2 no one knows about us(*supposedly they hadn’t ‘come out’ to the rest of BTS, despite the fact that BTS knew they’d end up together before them*) and no3 we live in a country where marriage between men is not allowed, but lets say non of these were in the way. Would you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

And then Jimin kissed him softly and ran his fingers through Yoongi’s black hair.

“Of course I’d marry you, Yoongi. I love you way too much. And even if we can’t get married, I’d still want to spend the rest of my life with you, no matter what.” And they kissed again.

They exchanged gentle kisses for a couple of minutes until Jimin pulled back and said.

“Yoongi? I think we can.”

“What?” Yoongi asked, a little light-headed from Jimin’s kisses.

“I think we can get married. I have an idea.” Jimin said.

So Jimin explained his idea, that being them going to the United States for their Wings Tour and getting married there. They’d do it in private, just the two of them and a witness *they later decided on RM, because no1 he was the leader and deserved to know, no2 he wouldn’t judge them(none of the boys would but those were Jimin’s insecurities talking) and no3 he could speak english so they would be able to communicate with the people there*. They’d do it on their second day in New Ark, NJ, in the morning before they started getting ready for the concert. When I tell you I did research for this I’m not kidding. I literally looked up ‘how can gay couples get married in Newark?’. I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore.

“No one has to know. We won’t cause a scandal, because no one will find out. We’ll tell management that we went out to get coffee or whatever. We’ll just go and sign the papers. And in the future, if marriage gets legal back at home and we can be who we really are without fear, we can actually have a ceremony there.” Jimin said.

Anyways, during the next week they did their own research, filling out marriage license applications, talking with Namjoon (RM told them that they all knew and would all be present that day). Everything was settled before they left for the tour. They had even booked the appointment with the center.

Then I got inspiration and created this, which happened during their stop in NY before heading to Chile. During the rest of the tour they were pretty much occupied with rehearsals and sleep. They got the same room in hotels and, even though they were really tired every night, they always kissed each other good night and whispered a ‘saranghe’ before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

So as I said, this is all in my brain. I know it’s fake and I know that ‘of course Yoongi and Jimin aren’t getting married in real life and you are stupid for thinking it can actually happen.’ That’s what I told my self a week ago and I had almost forgotten about it, when Day 2 of the Newark concert came around and I saw this:

The photo was taken after their concert on their second day in Newark.

Then I noticed the ring on Jimin’s finger.

Jimin’s been wearing this ring for quite a while now, but the fact that it was on his fourth finger and the fact that Yoongi

had the same one on his fourth finger got me going crazy. Of course it’s a coincidence but I can’t help but think of this other reality. I’m mean, yes nothing’s real, but what if?

Anyways I wanted to share this, because

1. I wanted to know if anyone else in this world had the same thoughts (please tell me, I want to know)

2. I am Yoonmin trash and just can’t help it.

3. I hope someone writes a fanfic about this.  I’d do it but I can’t write. And if you do let me know!

4. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore…

Anyways thanks for reading! I hope I didn’t tire you. But then again if I did you wouldn’t be reading this now. ;)

Have a wonderful rest of the day!! And enjoy this married couple.

Credits to the owners of the pictures.


TID Appreciation Week: Day One (Favorite Character)

William Owen Herondale

  « Life is a book, and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read. »

Art by (x)

  • Me a few months ago: Where all the Jaeyoon stans at tho? *is currently a Youngbin/Inseong/Chani stan*
  • Me last month: Jaeyoon is cute oml *is currently Youngbin/Chani/Taeyang/Hwiyoung/Inseong stan*
  • Me now: HOLY CRAP LEE JAEYOON THIS IS NOT OKAY STAY IN YOUR LANE KID YOU TOO ZUHO AND ROWOON *bias list is currently unavailable due to 9 impossibly perfect boys but is still trying to convince myself that I bias Youngbin/Chani*

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maybe the lack of support and activity is because you dont update and keep saying you will and then not touching it for a long time and then apologising again

I’m sorry if this is harsh and that its a rather long rant but you guys deserve to know what I think and feel.

Feel free to unfollow me, but please don’t take it out on me, I’m really trying. 

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I got a new job 😳 I’m moving to a new city and working for an old company I used to work for starting out when I was getting my therapist license. It’s both exciting and unnerving because I’m rerooting my life and going to a new place. But I’m so happy because it will be less paperwork and I will have more opportunities in a bigger city than in a small town that I live in and I’ll be close to the ocean lol so I’m excited for that. :)

I had been interviewed by 4 different companies these last 2 weeks and I got offers from all of them and that made me feel really happy because I had really become so defeated with my current job. I was always working and working and I didn’t think I was doing enough but I’m excited for a job that I can take my life back from lol. Because these last few months I’ve only really worked, ate and slept. I was too tired to do anything else and too emotionally drained from everything and everyone.

I won’t start the job until mid-April (Legit 2 weeks before my birthday) and I have to talk more with my current boss about switching patients to other therapists so there’s time for everyone to be settled before I leave. Though I didn’t tell my boss I was leaving to another company. I was too scared. 🙈 I told my work I was just going to go back home and be with my family when I have my 3 week notice.

But I’ll be crying because my patients were so good for me. These little kiddos that I’ve been so privileged to treat are really the sweetest and cutest brats. Sure they had moments but they were so willing to work with me and I hope I can have really great rapport with my next patients. 😭💪

Happy Monday!

March 27th, 2017

This time, I probably will be pretty in-and-out. I still have a migraine from yesterday morning, and it was worse throughout the night and pretty intense this morning. It’s seemed to back off with food and medicine for the time being. Sometimes, I do just get like this. I’ll have months where they’re not very intrusive, and then months where they seem to dominate my life.


Gym: Name of the game this week is probably just going to be getting up. We usually go T, W, Th. So, at least today was a planned rest day. The intensity of workouts obviously depends on how fatigued I am later on this week. I think the weather is supposed to get better, so perhaps I will as well. The air pressure is already starting to go back up so that’s a good sign.

Finish Push Up Challenge: Guys. We’re there. Just a few more days! My headaches have been clearing up in the evening, so as long as that’s the case again today I’ll be able to do mine today and finish the challenge.

Bits and Bobs

Well, I usually write a lot here, but I really am just minced meat. Soon as I hit “post” on this I’m going to go dump myself in the shower. 

I guess this could be interesting. My migraine journal entry?

Things That Make Me Smile

So, I renamed “100 push ups” to 100 because after this month I want to see how long I can do a streak of doing 100 of whatever I feel like. 😆

Well, I know that was a bit low energy but I really wanted to just do something today, lol. 

Hey guys.

This is just a quick update as to where I’ve been the past few months, and a bit about my future as an admin on this blog.

In October of 2016 I was playing on my high school’s senior volleyball team as a starting right side. Volleyball has been a passion of mine since the 3rd grade, and I’ve grown up around the sport (I’m currently in 11th grade). I was offered 3 scholarships to play for university teams, and I was 100% sure volleyball would continue to be apart of my life until at least after uni.

Unfortunately, mid October (2016) was probably the worst time of my life. In a warm up before a game, my friends and I were playing 2v2 volleyball and I landed on one of my friends foot coming down from a block.

I later found out that I had completely torn my ACL, the most important ligament in a knee. It controls most of the balance in one’s leg, and also makes walking (more like limping) hurt like a bitch. I was scheduled for surgery in January of 2017 (which I thankfully got) but I wasn’t able to play volleyball until I was completely healed.
In a way of pitying myself, I cut myself off from anything having to do with volleyball, haikyuu!! included. I sank into a very depressed and suicidal state, and struggled to do basic activities (like showering). My knee is almost completely healed, but the doctors told me I’d never be able to play competitively again.

• Here’s a quick summary: ya girl had a future in vball, tore her acl, couldn’t walk, dropped everything volleyball related for a bit more than half a year, and is now trying to get her shit together

I’ve been a terrible admin, and I’m so sorry to anyone I may have let down during this time. Im working hard to become a better person, that includes becoming a better admin for this blog.

So, in terms of my future on this blog, as of this week I’d like to start posting at least 1 request per week, and interact with you guys more! Ideally I’ll be posting twice a week (consistently) by the end of April, and we can celebrate the 4th season of the anime together!!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read this, it honestly means the world to me. I’m excited to see what the future brings us ❤❤❤

(also, i have some headcannons posting tomorrow!! they’re very light hearted and I hope you like them)

(also jam if you see this you should message ya girl on her main @paletonics )

perrieedwards: Can’t even put into words how lucky I am to have this crazy ambitious, strong woman in my life! Id be lost without you mam. Even at 23 years of age I still call you for silly things like how to work a kettle or washing machine, or is this food still in date? You have that mammy power that I hope I get one day! You inspire me everyday and I can only hope I make you proud! Can’t wait to see you in a few days! 3 month in America without you has been the worst! Expect me to be attached to your hip (that old hip of yours that can still bust a move) 💃🏼 KIDDING! I love you to the 🌙 and back mam! Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

sincerest apologies. (this is going to be kind of long, bear with me.)

hi darlings, i just wanted to post this to let you know about what’s kinda going on in my personal life at the moment.

so, i do have two matchups written up and pretty much ready to post, but as soon as i post those two i’m going to be taking a little hiatus for a while. long story short, i haven’t had a job in almost three months now and i’ve tried so hard to get myself out there and really be persistent in finding a new one, but nothing’s worked at all. this means i’ve basically had no money whatsoever for three months.
i cosplay a lot. it’s one of the few things in life that makes me truly happy- but when i don’t have money to buy materials to make/finish them, i just… fall into this huge pit of sadness. and i live with parents who think that cosplaying is a waste of time and money.
i had the thought of maybe wanting to do art or writing commissions to get the money, but i don’t exactly have an appealing art style and i get writer’s block very easily. then there’s the whole paypal/bank account thing (which i won’t go into detail with, but long story short it wouldn’t work out either), so i’m basically just a sobbing mess right now.

and i want to apologize from the absolute bottom of my heart to everyone who’s still on the matchup queue- i PROMISE you i will get to your results. one thing i will never do is go back on a promise to get you matched up with a jojo character. it’s what my blog is for and i’m so thankful you sent a request to me- i’m so honored and flattered.

it might sound a little selfish, but if anyone wants to send me anything to cheer me up at all, i could honestly use it. it’d make the tough times easier but that’s completely up to you.

you all are some of the most amazing people/blogs i’ve come across to follow me, like what i post, request something from me… thank you all. i shouldn’t be inactive (if you wanna call it that) for more than a couple days. just some time to breathe and get my emotions back to zero from the negative i’m at. 

if you took the time to read this, holy shit thank you so much for understanding. like i said, i won’t be gone long, just enough for me to get back on the ground.
:3 <3
~admin eboni

  Hello everybody!! I’ve been away for a long long time from Tumblr.
Many things have happened in my life since my last login here.
I will try to inform you in few words without tiring you.
  So, in these months that I have been away, my life has changed soo much. I’ve been through the most difficult situations that I have ever lived. I don’t feel still free to talk about them. But at least I can say that now those situations have passed and even that they still hurt, I can move on free without them.
  I prefer to talk now only about good things. First of all, I finally made it and now I am an official Psychology student!!! I am very proud of myself cause it was very hard to get in!! We were almost 500 people that participated in the exams and in the end only 18 made it!! I was one of the 18 that succeeded!!! Now I live the student life for the second time in my life to the fullest! I am very happy and excited because I truly loooove psychology and what I am learning!!!
Also in the months of my absence I participated in a great project that helped me a lot to be a better photographer! I love taking photos! But till December I didn’t take it so serious. In December I took for everyday a photo of Lydia Plain for her project on Patreon! It was a great+difficult project and I enjoyed every single photo-shoot! Lydia is an amazing artist and creative!! I didn’t know how much creative I also could be with her!! It is true!! Beautiful people make you do beautiful things!! I can be very hard with me, and I criticize me like noone does, but these 31 photos are a really piece of art!! Check them out here: Go to the photos of December!! The black&white pictures and let me know what you think!!! Also, I would be more than happy if you supported Lydia Plain on her patreon page:
She deserves it!!!! :)
  I want to thank all of you that cared for me and sent me your thoughtful messages all this time!!! I really needed your thoughts!! And I felt so nice reading your words. It is true that in your most difficult time people that you don’t expect disappear from your life, and people you don’t expect are near you!! And with only a phrase “I want you to be fine” help you so much.. And they don’t even know it!! Thank you !!!! Thank you so much!!! <3
  I won’t be away from now on!! I can’t wait to come in your blogs and see what are you doing all this time!!!
  For now: I give you all a big big hug!!!
  Alma from Athens!!

heavenlysams replied to your post “#dean in the rusty bacon shirt #that would be a serious headfuck"…”

i love how every few months the rusty bacon shirt comes back in some way or another it’s like the blessing (or curse lol) that just keeps giving

it definitely has a freakish ability to rise from its undead slumber and reappear in my life. thankfully we haven’t seen it or rusty cousin onscreen since… s10 i think?? so maybe it has vacated sam’s wardrobe at last…

Please help me find someone else with my rare conditon

My name is Valerie, I’m a teenager, and I’m chronically ill. 

I’ve been sick for a decade now, and unfortunately, I tend to get all the rare and ~special~ disorders. Because of this, I currently have doctors in nine cities spanning across five states. I battle six chronic conditions, and balancing them is a daily struggle, but I’ve managed. 

But my newest condition has turned my life upside down. It’s called Recurrent Subacute Thyroiditis (RSAT) and most doctors will never see a case of this in their lifetime. I luckily have found a doctor who has least seen a few cases of this before, but I am the youngest person she has ever seen with this condition. 

RSAT is an inflammation of the thyroid that causes overactivity, leading to high heart rates, trouble breathing, low blood pressure, dizziness, chest pains, insomnia, fatigue, hair loss, and muscle weakness. The overactivity lasts for about 2-3 months, and then the thyroid flips to inactivity, leading to lethargy, extreme fatigue, depression, low body temperature, and slow heart rates. The inactivity lasts for 2-3 months, making this a 4-6 month condition. I’m currently in the middle of my second episode, and my first episode was just two years ago.

I am terrified. This condition has caused me to be rushed to the ER twice. This condition has rendered me so dizzy and dropped my blood pressure so low that walking is a hazard and I am in a wheelchair. This condition has prevented me from attending school since the end of October. This condition can occur again, and there is no telling when or how often. 

I’ve scoured the web, posted in countless Facebook groups, analyzed research, and even scheduled a conference call with doctors in another country to try to get some answers. Not only is there no information on it, but I can’t find anyone else with it (and due to HIPPA laws, my doctor is not allowed to connect me with the other cases she has seen). I have support from my friends and family, but they cannot even begin to understand what this is like. 

I am alone in this right now, but I know the internet is a powerful place. I’ve seen other kids with rare conditions find support and/or answers, and I thought I might as well give it a shot. Please, please - even if you don’t have this condition, even if you don’t know me, please reblog this and spread this around. I just need to know that I’m not alone in this. Even finding one person who has this would make the world of a difference.

Thank you in advance. Those who know me best know I absolutely hate asking for help, but I can’t do this alone anymore. 


the boy mayor of second life

what’s happened to my kingdom?  what’s happened to my fiefdom?  this used to be a beautiful place - a safe place for children to come play and grow up and get old and work and get older and now my kingdom -

i leave it for a few months and it’s all gone rotten - it’s all gone fallow.

“I fostered thirteen little babies in my life. It’s just a passion I have in my heart. Often they’d just come wrapped in a blanket. I could only foster one at a time because I had five children of my own. But one time a mother dropped three children off on my doorstep. She had just given them chocolate ice cream. I’ll never forget how the ice cream was dripping off their faces. Most of the time I’d only have the children for a few months. And once they were adopted, I’d never contact them again. But I often wonder what happened to them. Maybe we’ll meet again in heaven.”

These are the lessons I have learned, the words left unsaid, the words that have resonated in my heart.

1. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Each and every person goes about life at their own pace. It doesn’t matter if it takes you one month, three weeks, or a few years longer than everyone else. Do not lose your individual color trying to catch up to the world.

2. Look at where you are, who you’re with, what you’ve become. That is exactly where you need to be. Do not be afraid of the future and do not dwell on the past, because at this exact moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Do not doubt that.

3. If you’re depressed and you know it, admit it. That is the first and most important step to recovery. Don’t cover it up with facades like a band-aid. Nor should you wrap yourself with it like a blanket. But throughout that whole process of healing, know that you are still you. When you’re humming along to your favorite Daphne Loves Derby song or when you’re crying in the corner of the bathroom, that is still you.

4. Accept that others want to help you, too. You are not meant to go about this life alone. No one is. There will always be a community of people, small or large, that is willing to stay by your side. Some moments might be obvious and come in the form of a telephone call or a hug. Other times it may be that they see bits and pieces of you in their day, and that is enough. You don’t need to do everything alone.

5. Guard your heart but do not barricade it from the world, even from yourself. I believe it’s been long enough and you owe it to yourself to open up.

6. You had a very simple dream in high school. You wanted to touch people’s lives, to help them love themselves in a way that you never could. You wanted to make sure that everyone saw a light, even when they couldn’t see it themselves. Even if it was only one person, that was your dream. Right now, at this moment, you are accomplishing your dream. Remember that.

7. You will have your time to leave on a new adventure. It may not be now or in the next month, but that time will come. And when it does, be ready to leave without looking back. One day you’ll be able to stretch your wings.

8. You will be okay.

just cute bpd things uwuwuwuw

-ur handwriting is never consistant wtf
-im not happy right now so i must have never been happy in my whole life
-all ur marks are either As or Fs
-literally throwing temper tantrums
-i want to go off the wall ballistic and rob a bank and chop my arm off
-i could just run away. i could just disappear. i could do it
-getting inspired to change your whole life at four in the morning
-deleting all traces of yourself off the internet
-knowing youre wrong in an argument and not letting go
-cant stop gossiping. cant stop talkin shit. cant stop being nasty
-apathy. empathy. apathy. empathy. apathy. e
-cant keep friendships for longer than a few months
-depersonalizimg so hard u think someone drugged you

Riku literally has NO CHILL when it comes to his best friend.

KH1 Riku: Oh, Sora found new friends? Fine, I’m gonna go sulk in darkness for the next few months.

COM Riku: Sora, I’ve finally learned how to handle my dark side - oh, he’s sleeping. Better go on a dangerous journey that could potentially cause darkness to take over me again just for the slightest chance of waking him up.

KH2 Riku: I’m too ashamed for you to see me like this, Sora, but I’m still going to casually stalk you and be helpful. Also, I’d be cool with spending the rest of my life on a beach in the World Between as long as it’s with you.

Coded Riku: I’m not even the real Riku and you’re not even the real Sora, but I feel very concerned about your well-being for some reason. For a journal, I seem to have an awful lot of real emotions. Weird.

358/2 Days Riku: I’m sorry that I’m being a bit of a jerk, Roxas, but Sora can’t wake up if you’re still around. You understand, right?

BBS Riku: I want to be strong so I can protect the people I care about. Sora. I’m talking about Sora.

DDD Riku: So, those two people love each other? I’m going to make blatantly obvious parallels to Sora and I. Dearly Beloved is the combined song of our souls. Sora is in trouble, I’m going to JUMP INTO HIS HEART AND SAVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT THE PERSONAL COST.