my life has been thrown into chaos


Cant do this anymore.
I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

college /work life has thrown me some impossible deadlines. And home /personal life has given me some sudden responsibilities that are fucking with me.

Ive been slowly moving into a new place too, so amongst the chaos i dont even have a bed to sleep on. Wifi finally came, thats the only good news. Lol.

If youve been sticking with me since beginning you might remember my first comic… Mentioned my agoraphobia. I think ive been getting better. Obviously, moving is a huge step…considering i havent gone outside for almost four years…

Its a lot of change and I think i just need to have a breakdown. Lol. A good cry. Im okay. No worries, and ill definitly come back, but for now just wanted to make it official im going. Im off to the closet. Ha. Bye-bye