my life for a pun

ask-trans-feliciano  asked:

Ahhh this us out of the blue but u said u take requests so how about a lil bit O' Monika in my life? (Nyo!Germany and I'm sorry for that pun)

here’s your daily dose of monika, make sure to take in moderation to avoid nosebleeds, heart flutters, and stomach butterflies~~

((honestly she could literally murder me and id thank her,,,,))

Things said at Physcon (by actual speakers):

I’m going to win my bet with Stephen Hawking.

Radio telescopes aren’t sexy anymore.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m gonna talk about.

That boson ain’t doing anybody any good.

Maxwell, interesting enough, wrote some equations.

Don’t wait 20 years to write stfff down.

We’re the scene of the crime how did it happen?

The very prestigious mathematical theory; the fudge factor.

Bubbles invented physics.

This source of all wisdom, Wikipedia.

He makes up stuff for a living.

What’s 16-9?

Instead of being outside you all chose to stay here and talk about superheroes. Nerds.

I don’t have a point I just think it’s cool.

That’s brilliant professor you invented the Blender.

Win 3 Nobel prized how? In a craps games?

‘What’s the deal with hulks pants anyway?’ Unstable molocules.

Ohh my physics sense is tingling

What you want to SEE the data?

What does a congress do?

Yucky humanities stuff

Laser spectroscopy badasses

ok so hear me out, “gaydar” but for bisexuality


“are you getting any Bi-Fi in here” “i only have like two bars of bi-fi” “why is there no bi-fi in here” “the bi-fi signal is great in here”

and my favorite: “what’s the bi-fi password?”

and for pansexuals? PAN-SCAN