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Jealous [Bucky Barnes]

Prompt: 2. “You’ve done your damage. Why have you come back?“

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,357 this is literally the longest fic i’ve ever written wow this makes me feel proud

Warnings: Literally just slight angst, swearing, drinking. I also don’t know anything about bars and what kinds of drinks there are so forgive me xD

A/N: This is for @theassetseyeliner’s 1.3k AU Challlenge. I hope you like it!

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What a View

Tom Wilson x Reader

Team: Washington Capitals

Warnings: Minor cheese

POV: Second Person

Summary: Tom takes (Y/n) for a drive after the stress gets to be a bit much

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Where are we going?”


You didn’t argue with him after that, you knew he was stressed and just needed to get out, so you didn’t want to bother him with further questions and just let him drive. 

“I’m sorry,” Tom sighed, “That was a bit aggressive and now you’re probably thinking I’m mad,” 

“No,” You laid a hand on his leg and softly rubbed it as he drove. “I know you’re stressed, I’m okay with going away.” You smiled and you knew he could see it in the corner of his eye. “I know you’re not mad at me.”

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Seriously? He took a pic of a sign that was at his home earlier n order to send CC "supporters" a secret message to prove how gay he really is? Because it is SO important to him that YOU know? His entire life revolves not around his family, friends, music, career & things that matter but rather his concern is sending YOU a gayness message? Did that sound better in your head? Darren Criss has too much integrity to do the things you say he does-nobody makes their friends lie to that extent.

Oh dear anon you sound upset?  I assume you are referring to the comment I made on this picture X that I thought Darren was snapping a pic of the gay sex sign behind him.  Well I’ve changed my mind and I’ll actually amend that to Darren is snapping a selfie of Nick, himself and the sign, as that’s clear to see on the pic, but Nonnie the secret gayness (REALLY!) message is in your head not mine, because Darren’s pretty open about his thoughts on gayness and LGBTQ issues, for example, the God Save the Queer T-Shirt he wore yesterday at the Women’s March and at Hedwig in San Francisco.

Then there’s the god made me perfect badge he wore standing on a Pride Float in NYC in 2015 during Hedwig.

Oh…and what about the HRC dinner in March 2016 where he wore Kurt Hummel proposal colours, pretty sure that was intentional on his part.

I could go on, but you see Darren doesn’t need to secret message me or anyone else.  He’s pretty explicit where his support is on this and what he stands for and as for friends, family covering up peoples sexuality - I think you should research people like, NPH, Jodie Foster, Colton Haynes, Kristen Stewart, Wentworth Miller and Matt Bomer to name but a few.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot//Liam Dunbar

(A/N): What started as an ordinary practice quickly turns dangerous for poor reader.

Warnings: Language…

“Wait, (Y/N),” Lydia called from behind you, causing you to stop in your tracks. The look of worry on her face as she jogs to your side makes your heart race. “I need you.”

“What do you need?” you question. You were not in the mood to have anymore social interactions for the rest of the day. It had already been tough with a mountain of homework and a pain in your head, but it seemed like she was in trouble.

“Kira wants me to watch lacrosse practice. Can you please come with me?” she begs, clasping her hands together.

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Revolve (AO3)

@perennialcastiel, winner of nicest blogger from my ta asked: deancas jealous roommates. Hope you like it <3

“Hey, nerd. You’re up early.”

Castiel smiles to himself, keeping his head down as his pen flies across the page. “Hello, Dean. Did you sleep well?” 

When Dean doesn’t plop down beside him at their dining table, Castiel looks up at him confused. “Ah, yeah I did but I just wanted to let you know that I can’t do lunch today.” Dean says, nonchalantly.

Castiel squints. “Oh. Okay, that’s fine. What are you doing at lunch?”

“I’m meeting up with Lisa.” Castiel’s stomach drops. Oh. Right.

“Okay, great. I guess I’ll just see you tonight then.” Castiel replies, forcing a genuine smile. 

“Cool. See you then.” Dean replies, with a wink before taking off out the door of their apartment. As soon as the door is firmly closed, Castiel huffs and rests his head on the table. Lisa and Dean have been dating for only a little while and it’s already ruining Castiel’s mood. 

He knows it’s selfish because he does want Dean to be happy. But why can’t Dean be happy with him? Castiel shakes his head. It’ll be fine. They’re still roommates so it’s not like Lisa is completely taking him away. Right?

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We really need to learn to lock the door Alec!

A/N: This is for the Anon that asked, Can the reader have the same personality as the imagine you did where reader and Alec are making out. They get into a huge argument in front of everyone over readers ex and they continue their fight in private and reader shows Alec that he has nothing to worry about in her own way *wink wink* Doesn’t have to be smutty but definitely some sexual frustration if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you. Love your imagine btw. I hope you like it!

I would like to also thank @jessiedangerous for looking this over for me and putting up with me and my crazy writings.

Warnings: This story has swearing in it. You have been warned.


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“I don’t see what the problem is!” I raise my voice to Alec. I had just gotten home to the Institute when Alec jumped me about being out.
“You were out with you ex-boyfriend!” His voice booming. We’re in the middle of the Institute, attracting the stares of the other people that are working in the main room.
“Your point! I’m allowed to have friends, Alec. My life does not revolve around you, darling, no matter how much you want that to be true. You are not the center of my universe.” I don’t back down.
“That’s not what I meant and you know it! I just don’t want you to see him.” Alec finished with a smug look on his face, a look on his face that I don’t like to see. I want to wipe it off.
“You can not tell me who I can and can not see. I’m your girlfriend, not your property, asshole.” I feel my anger growing. We’re  standing chest to chest at that point. I can feel the heat from his chest radiating into mine. Normally, this would turn me on. Feeling his heat and being this close, but even that is not calming the rage that I’m feeling. Part of me knows that Alec is just jealous of me being around my ex. The other part is not ready to back down. You can see which part is winning.
“I don’t have to take this, Alec. I thought you knew how I felt about you. Last night should have been proof of that. I was screaming your name for the whole Institute to hear! If you can’t understand that, then we’re done. I don’t have to deal with someone telling me who I can and can’t see.” Some of the people closer to us snicker into their hands and others to let out a small gasp. I turn to walk out of the room, but I don’t make it more than two steps.
“Y/N!” Alec grabs my arm and drags me to our room. I want to fight back and pull away, but I need to know what he’s going to say. Is he going to fight for me? After pushing the door open and me into the room, Alec slams the door shut behind him. I can see the rage radiating off of him, but in the corner of eye, I can see the pain I’ve caused. I instantly regret all the things I was screaming before.
“You went out with your ex-boyfriend…The same ex that you were to marry…” Alec turns back to the door before raising his fist and punching the wall with everything that he has in him.
“Alec!” I yell after the crack that sounds throughout the room. I can see a small dent where his fist hit the wall. Alec turns his back to the door before sliding down it and sitting on the floor. I walk quickly over to him and get down on my knees so I can look at his hand. He doesn’t fight me when I grab his hand and inspect his knuckles. There is a small split in one of the knuckles. Being a Shadowhunter means that we have faced worse. Alec probably doesn’t even feel the pain. Standing back up, I make my way to the bathroom to wet a rag. I clean the the small cut on his hand and try to wash away all the blood.
“Alec?” I ask as I set the rag to the side when I notice that the small cut has stopped bleeding. When he doesn’t speak to me or even raise his head to look at me, I place both of my hands on both sides of head and lift his head to look at me. What I find shocks me to my very core. I find Alec with tears in his eyes. They make his eyes shine even brighter, making the hazel color shine even more beautiful. I just wish that it wasn’t from this situation.
“Alec? What…Are you okay? Does your hand hurt, you stupid boy? You shouldn’t punch walls.” He closes his eyes causing a tear to escape from his eyes. I wipe it away with my thumb without a second thought, not wanting to even think or see the strongest man ever known cry.
“I can't… lose you, Y/N.” Alec mumbles almost so low that I can’t hear him.
“Alec, I’m not going anywhere. Not unless you want me too.” I can feel my heart break at the sound of his voice.
“But you said… and we’re just so different, Y/N. We don’t fit together, but you and Jacob do. You both have the same personality, the same humor…”
“But he’s not you, Alec.” I interrupt him before he goes too far, wanting to stop the pain that he is feeling. “You’re right. We aren’t the same and that’s why we work. Have you forgotten that? We are fire and ice, keeping each other tame, never letting one consume the other. You make me a better person. You make me want to be a better person. I’m a better Shadowhunter with you by my side. I love you more than anything in this world, Alec. I know that I’m a bitch and I put you through a lot and I’m so sorry for that. But that’s just who I am. I should be telling you how thankful I am to have you by my side. I would die for you, Alexander, and travel to the very deepest parts of Hell just to have you by my side, you stupid Nephilim.”
Alec lets out a quiet sob before pulling me into a bone crushing hug. I hug him back just as tight, holding him to me as my hands find their way into his hair. We sit there on the floor, just clinging to each other. It’s not before long that my legs go numb.
“Alec, come on. Let’s go take a shower. Let’s wash today off.” I grab his hand and help him up off the floor and walk to the bathroom. I fill the bathtub full of warm water before I slowly strip Alec of what he’s wearing. That says a lot about how Alec is feeling. He’s letting me take care of him. Alec hates it when someone tries to take care of him, even if it’s me. I don’t let go of his hand as I walk him over to the tub after it was done being filled with water.
After Alec is in the tub and leaning back, I remove what I’m wearing as well and get in the tub with Alec. I sit between his legs with my back against his chest, his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to him.
“Alec? You know I love you more than anything right?” I whisper to him as I turn my face into his neck causing my lips to butterfly kiss his neck. Alec just hums in the back of his throat as he tightens his hold around my waist, his thumbs rubbing soothing circles on my stomach. I place my hands on top of his before I intertwine our fingers together. I let us enjoy each other’s warmth before moving so I could let the water drain and turn the shower on.
Once the shower is on, I move to stand under the spray of water to get my hair wet before moving so Alec can as well. We take our time and wash each other, just enjoying the casual intimacy, knowing that this isn’t going to lead to anything more. With Alec washing my hair, I can’t help but let out a groan at the feeling of his hands working the suds into my hair and dragging his blunt nails across my scalp. I turn to give Alec better room to work and rinse my hair.
Once I’m done, I move and wash his hair, giving him the same treatment. I work my fingers through his hair, working out any knots, and then I turn him to rinse. I move to turn the shower off, but before I can do that, Alec pulls me into a hug. I lay my head on his shoulder letting it block the water from hitting me. We must be standing under the spray of water for longer than I thought because when I finally notice, the water has gone cold, letting shivers make their way through my body.
“Alec, we need to get out I’m freezing.” I mumble to him as I let go of his hands before running my fingers in my Y/H/C hair moving it away from my face. I move out of the hug and out and wrapping a towel around me. I turn and help Alec of the tub, wrapping another towel around him.
We both move to the dressers and pull out our clothes. I pull on one of Alec’s old t-shirts that goes down to my knees and a pair of black panties before making my way to the bed. Alec is already in the bed and under the covers waiting for me to join him. I slide into the bed and lay my head down onto his chest letting me hear his heartbeat. The gentle rhythm of it calming me down and letting me relax into the bed. Alec suddenly turns on his side and looks me in the eye.
“Why did you go see him?”
“He wanted to tell me that he’s getting married. He wanted to introduce me to his soon-to-be wife.”
“Oh, so he’s getting married?” Alec gulps.
“Yes, to a wonderful mundane. He was telling me that he plans to leave the Clave and join the human world. He wanted to say goodbye because once he leaves the Clave, we’ll never be able to see each other again.” I still feel my heart give a little jump at the thought of losing my oldest friend, even if we didn’t part on the best terms.
“I overreacted, didn’t I” He looks away from my face to the wall.
“So did I. I should’ve told you I was going to see him. I was wrong too. If you tell anyone I said that, I will deny it.” I make him look at me again, a small smile making its way onto his face.
“You? Wrong? Never.” Alec’s smile growing even wider.
“Don’t you forget it.” I pull myself closer to him and place my head under his chin. I close my eyes and just listen to Alec breath, in and out. We both must fall asleep because I’m waking up to the sun shining in my face. Not wanting to wake up just yet, I snuggle closer to Alec letting the warmth of his body seep into mine.
We moved in our sleep, my back now to his chest with his arm around my waist and his hand has made it under my shirt and resting very closely to my breast. Our legs have intertwined together with one of Alec’s between both of mine.
“Alec, are you awake?” When I don’t get a response, I turn and look at Alec to find that he’s still sound asleep. I love watching Alec sleep. He just looks so much younger, like the weight of the world is no longer on his shoulders. The lines of worry that always seems to be present smooth out and he just seems like he’s free. When he’s asleep, he finally looks the age that he should be.
I gently push Alec over so he is on his back. I climb up and sit on his hips before leaning down, giving a light kiss on the cheek. When he doesn’t wake up, I lean over and give the other cheek a kiss. Moving and kissing both of his eyelids, I pull back and  see a smile on his face before he opens his eyes.
“Oh, good. You’re awake.” I look down at him. “ So, are you happy to see me?” I rock my hips back and forth, with an evil grin on my face. Alec lets out a groan as he sits up and wraps his arms around my waist locking them behind my back.
“You are going to be the death of me, Y/N.” Alec mumbles to me as he places his forehead against mine.
“It will be one good death then.” I smile at him before leaning up and placing a small kiss on his lips. Before moving from the corner of his mouth and over to his jaw, I give it a small bite before soothing it with my tongue and moving down to his neck. Moving my hands down, I push them under his shirt before pushing it up and over his head.
“You know, I always did like make-up sex, not as much as angry sex but…”
“Y/N! Really? Way to ruin the mood.” Alec tries to sound mad, but the grin on his face tells me differently.
“You sure?”  I run my nails down his chest, leaving small pink lines in their wake, causing Alec to let out a moan. He grips my hip and turns around so I’m laying on the bed and him hovering above me.
“I just love when you show me how strong you are.” I smirk as I look up at him. His hands make their way under my shirt rubbing circle on my stomach. I arch up into his touch and let out a soft groan.
“You know, I bet this shirt looks so much better on the floor.” I lean up and place a soft kiss on his lips.
“Well, let’s find out. Lift your arms.”
I lift them gladly, happy to be out of my shirt. After my shirt has been tossed across the room, I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him down onto me. Right as I finish running my hands down his back and putting my hands in his pants, so I could feel up his ass, the door is pushed open, revealing Clary.
“For the love of the Angel, not again.” She turns around. “Y/N, you are needed in the common room. We have a mission to go on.”
“Okay.” I don’t move my hands from Alec’s pants. Alec hides his face in my neck, not daring to say anything and definitely trying to hide his blush. “Oh Clary, make-up sex is just as fun as angry sex.” An evil smile on my face.
Even with her back to me, I can see her ears turn red. She doesn’t even say anything, just leaves the room and closes the door behind her. I can’t help but let out a small laugh as she retreats from the room.
“Alec.” I pull my hands out of his pants and up to his shoulders. I grip them in my hands feeling the warm flesh under my hands.
“What?” He asked the blush still raging across his cheeks, making me smile at how cute he looks.
“We really need to learn to lock the door.”
Alec lets out a laugh before rolling off of me and standing up. I love the view of Alec above me.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Disappointment clear in my voice. Even if I enjoy the view, I don’t want Alec to go just yet. The fun was just starting.
“We have a mission to go on.” Alec states.
“So, why does it have to ruin my fun?” I grumble as I move from the bed and make my way to get dressed for the mission. I decide that we can pick this back up later.

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"I owe you an answer" One Shot
Author: the-johnlocked-woman

Original Imagine Link:  Imagine Samadriel telling you he loves you for the first time.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1354

Summary: Samandriel and you have been friends for a long time, but a hunt goes wrong, and finally he reveals his biggest secret.


“You will not go.” 

“I have to.” 

“That’s not true.” 

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Stuck With You, 4/?

Malcolm Tucker, Rose Tyler

In a parallel world, Malcolm Tucker doesn’t return to government after being bested by Steve Fleming, instead taking a lucrative offer to be personal spin doctor to the wealthy Peter Tyler.  It’s all fun and games until the daughter Pete never had comes to stay.  DW-The Thick of It crossover fic.

Genre:hurt/comfort, romance

Written with the lovely dryadalis, with the lovelythedoctordanceswithrose contributing her mad beta skills.

Catch up here or AO3

Chapter 3: Battle Plans

There’s a certain kind of euphoria that Rose gets when she’s full of adrenaline; it’s what made her not mind the running, despite jumping head-first into her life of adventure and excitement when she hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in a few years. As she pushes herself faster, the treadmill automatically adjusting for her speed, she searches for that feeling desperately so that the numbness still lingering in her body will disappear.

It’s been three weeks since she and Jackie arrived in this new Universe, and Rose would be lying if she said she was settled. Though a lot of things still remind her of home, it’s the little things that let her know she’s out of place; the zeppelins, the soldiers guarding the entrances and exits of the various parts of the city, the way this world is overly suspicious of anything foreign. The second night on this world she had researched its history, learning how World War Two had lasted for ten years, how the Cold War had been between China and nearly all of Europe, how America separated as a consequence of its civil war. It made her feel lonely; the Doctor would have loved learning about how this Earth had diverged from her own, about the technological differences and how one could buy a robotic maid but couldn’t fly in anything faster than a zeppelin. She wouldn’t have minded the adventure with him by her side, but now it’s like she’s stuck in a cage that serves to keep reminding her of all she’s lost.

When not studying and thinking of the Doctor, she’s surviving on coffee and adrenaline, taking cat naps here and there so that her trainers won’t be suspicious about her sleeping habits. Pete had been as good as his word on getting her put in the advanced class, and while she’s miles ahead of most of her class in running, critical thinking, and average on hand-to-hand combat, her marks in weaponry are lousy. She had come here to the gym to work out her frustrations since her weapons instructor had threatened to fail her if she didn’t get it through her mind that the guns are required.

Plus, there’s the issue of the interview. She pushes the thought away, not wanting to think about that until the last possible second.

Unfortunately, Tucker proves once again to be too smart for his own good, and finds her three minutes later. “Well, if it isn’t my least favorite Wonder Woman. I thought I told you to be dressed an hour ago,” he growls, and yanks the cord on the machine when she ignores him.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii sweetheart. I just, I saw a post of yours on the Blackfish documentary where you claimed it was just a 'movie' - I'm just a bit curious where you get that information from. Blackfish, as in what Orcas are known as, is a very real, very true documentary based on Tilikum, a captive Orca here at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. I'm not sure what part of that seems like a MOVIE to you, but it is a very true and sad thing.

glad i got asked this question. I only “claim” things when in know the facts. I took 2 semesters of oceanography last year and I’m currently taking aquaculture. before christmas break my teacher (whose life revolves around all things marine biology) showed us the movie. I’ve seen one like it before but this one is newer. I’ve had him as a teacher for almost 2 years now and trust everything he says. He has a friend who I forget exactly what she does but has a lot to do with marine biology and animals. I know what happened and where, however seaworld is the most admired in marine biology studies especially by students and other aquariums. Everyone who spoke in the movie was fired  from seaworld for mistreating and/or abusing the animals there. I know one of the men that spoke in the film was fired for kicking one of his sea otters in the face. Tilikum is an orca that may not have been born in captivity but was originally in Sealand. He possesses a trait that SeaWorld was not informed about when they received him. They continued to breed him and he has done very well with that and as far as i know, they’re still using him for breeding purposes. I only see one thing wrong with seaworld, and that is that they don’t provide enough space for the orcas when they’re not doing a show. Other than that they do their best to provide for the whales.  When the trainers took their jobs they were fully aware of all risks. It’s the same as going into the military, if you lose someone you love in the line of duty, are you going to sue the US government? of course not because you knew your loved one took a risk to do what they love. Every single trainer takes a risk every day that they continue with their jobs. The attacks were because of captivity, yes, however if you were release the orcas, dolphins, etc. into the wild, they would not survive. If you were to release a dog or cat into the wild they’d barely survive 48 hours. This is because they’re domestic. Blackfish does show facts but overstretched the truth. The people that agreed to be in it are upset with seaworld over losing their jobs (and will most likely never get a training job again) and sort of did it as a kind of ‘revenge’, as my teacher would say. It’s so sad to hear about the trainers getting injured or passing but it’s something that was a risk worth taking for them, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion :) if it weren’t for my teacher i would have never even watched it! the people who mistreat animals don’t work at seaworld, they were in the Blackfish. A documentary shows EVERYTHING. 

ps if you ever call me sweetheart again, I will hunt you down and kill you :)