my life consits of this

The diplomatic life started when I was not even able to think. So my very first memories happened in Dubaï, which is why, in my mind, the United Arab Emirates will always be my homeland.

My life consits of moving from place to place, thanks to my parents, who are both diplomats. And each time we leave a country, we start a new life. Which makes the person I am today. I’ve lived in Dubaï, in Lebanon, in Portugal, Romania, Germany, in Greece and in Austria.

“What has been your favorite place until now?” is one of the questions I hear the most. So here you go: It’s very simple. Beirut and Bucharest have been and will always be the cities I appreciate the most. Most important is, the city I disliked above any other, the only city where I didn’t feel at home: Berlin, the capital of Germany, the country of my birth. All of these things don’t have an influence on me. I am not german and I will never be, no matter if it’s written on a passport or on my birth certificate. Here is why. Even if I would say to german on the street “Hey. I’m german!” They would answer “No you are not?!”.

First of all, our names do not really represent the country we actually come from. My name is Samira, my sister is called Shirin and my blond brother with blue eyes, Saïd. My parents had the incredible logical idea to put my siblings and I on the french school when we were 3. “But why?!” is the question. Because back in time, in Dubaï, there was no german school. The next country we moved to was Lebanon, a country where French is the main language. So they thought, why would we send them to a german school now? And since the little Samira was lazy switching language 5 times a day, she started talking french at home! Since that day, my siblings and I only speak french to each other, and with my parents we communicate in german, even thougt they speak french perfectly.

So, no. No one believes me when I say I am german, because of my french accent.