my life as sagar

I placed second in my fencing tournament today!!! I did this weird thing where I didn’t over think my fencing and just went with the flow. This actually worked out really well for me. Everything also seemed to move slower while I was fencing, and my parries seemed to be working a lot better. Maybe I’m just starting to notice patterns among fencers. This tournament just got me really pumped to get serious about fencing this semester because I AM getting ranked this semester. 

Also I got grazed in the dick 

My Plans for Tomorrow
  • find a shit ton of cream soda
  • make butterbeer
  • make jello shots
  • make nonalcoholic jello shots for people not drinking 
  • give directions for people who don’t know where I live
  • watch Parks and Rec 
  • make birthday playlist
  • not stress out before everyone comes here 
  • look damn good 
  • turn 21
  • keep my shit together 
  • sing Mr. Brightside
  • make sure no one leaves who isn’t capable of driving
  • stay classy