my life as liv

I actually hate the abortion debate because both sides refuse to see the other sides point of view. Like pro life people are pro life because they see a fetus as a living human being at the point of conception while pro choice people are pro choice because they think the fetus isn’t human until later. But instead, Pro-lifers seem to see pro-choicers as evil people who want to kill children while pro-choicers see pro-lifers as wanting to control a womans body. It’s a complete mess 


Obviously this one still has a lot of clean up to do and I’ll start coloring soon but you know like since the video of Henrik talking about the chemistry with Tarjei happened I just couldn’t and I died and watched it for a million times now. Henrik is such a blessing to all of us and the fact that they clicked immediately and Henrik tried to make things comfortable for Tarjei melted my heart <3 Not to mention that the whole interview is the proof of how great actors they are! I mean they are cooperative, thoughtful, smart and professional ! Now I’m just dying to see more interviews especially from Tarjei 

When all I want to do is watch my shows...

My life this week in a nutshell. 

  • Aaron: Get us another?
  • Robert: Might as well make the most of it, eh?
  • Aaron: Great, cheers. Get us a death-row ploughman's while you're at it.
  • Robert: (to Liv) Oi, you. Don't go upsetting him again.
  • Liv: He was the one getting all edgy.
  • Robert: Yeah, 'cause he's worried about you. He feels bad enough about this as it is.
  • Liv: Yeah, and I'm worried about him. And me. You're not gonna send me back to mum's, are you?
  • Robert: No, course not. I'll look after you with Chas.
  • Liv: You're not my stepdad.
  • Robert: (walking to the bar to Chas) Why is everyone doubting that I'm capable of looking after a teenager? I mean, I brought up Lachlan more or less.
  • Chas: Yeah, look how well he turned out. It's going to be hard for him, isn't it? Being worried about Liv, life going on without him.
  • Robert: My life's gonna be on hold, just like his.
  • Chas: He won't think that, will he? Robert Sugden, the great philanderer.
  • Robert: He's worried about Liv, not me.
  • Chas: No, AND you. I know him, Robert.
  • Robert: What do I do to make him feel secure? And Liv.
  • Chas: You're asking the wrong person.
  • Robert: Right. Well... Tell me this is mad. And I know it won't be official, but... What if...
  • Chas: Go on.
  • Robert: I make us a proper family.
  • Chas: By doing what?
  • Robert: We get married. Tomorrow, before he goes to prison.
  • Chas: (laughing) You are joking, right?
  • Robert: I've never been more serious in my life.