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people don’t talk about modern!newsies headcanons enough like 

-they work at Barnes and Noble
-Katherine is an aspiring author/literature student who really loves her maxi skirts and Pinterest

-Davey takes up a part time job to help his parents pay the bills but he gets stuck babysitting Les so he sets him free in the children’s department of the store-
-Jack totally runs an aesthetic blog 

-that’s full of lots of pictures of nature
-and stills from old western movies
-the lodging house is probably a foster group home 

-store manager Wiesel overworking them and cutting their hours

-Spot Conlon works at like Books-A-Million on the other side of the mall
-Jack Kelly in skinny jeans, a flannel, and a beanie
-I’m putting it out there that Crutchie and Davey are total theatre geeks and probably cried watching Les Mis together or something

I am pretty sure there should be spin off related to the chimera pack and their background and they are all alive and we’d get to see their families but also their struggles and friendship and relationships and we need this


HELLO MY SOUTH PARK FAM!!!!! :D who is ready for tonight’s episode cause i know I am!!! This preview image got me so hyped :’D seeing the original 4 at Kenny’s it’s so nostalgic to earlier seasons it’s precious I love these boys<3


“So anyway… about this whole thing we’ve been doing.. I guess this is it huh?.” 

“Oh yeah I suppose that was the last elimination. Sorry, I wasn’t really sure if I should say you won first or send him on. Maybe I should have just told you fir-”

“I think you did the best you could with a really difficult situation. Honestly I’m just mostly relieved it wasn’t me. I had kind of worked myself up for it cause you never know. Could have easily been me walking off there.” 

“I don’t think so. Out of all of them you never really criticized me. You’d show concern but you didn’t ever chastise me. You seemed like a person of compassion and empathy. You have no idea how much both of these things have been lacking in my life. I really like you Liam.” 

“I like you too Kelsey.” 


This list is composed of active participants of the Appblr community, a section of Tumblr dedicated to the application process for colleges or universities. All of these users have granted permission for their names, urls and schools to be posted to give those who are looking into said school the chance to talk with them about their experiences! 

They are organized by alphabetically by location, so for example, all UC schools are categorized by their location (San Diego is with “S” instead of University being with “U” and so on)


Em • @bci-need2study • University of Alberta

Maria • @universitymiracles • University of Texas - Austin

Sean • @debateably-learning • Bates College

Jezel • @bozemanscience • University of California - Berkeley

Sarah • @nxtebooks • University of California - Berkeley

Avery • @igotojerkeley • University of California - Berkeley

Joann • @studydreams • University of California - Berkeley

Raye • @liberalsmarts • Boston University

Ramya • @futurecristinayang • Bowdoin University

Ann • @assof2016 • Bowdoin University

Parisa • @thefaultinourapps • Brown University

Angie • @chaifueled • Brown University 

Annie • @appsalom • Brown University

Sophia • @kittysappblr • Bryn Mawr College

Edna • @collegeluving • Bryn Mawr College

Sruthi • @sloststudies • Cal Poly SLO

Kelsey • @kelsey-studies • Cal Poly SLO

Sara • @studying-my-life-away • California Baptist University

Claire • @sine-pi • Carnegie Mellon University

Nivedina • @lesetoilesdemellarme • University of Chicago

Jazz • @chuck-jazz • College of Charleston

Sean • @ivyjourney • Colby College

Dani • @czexhivy • Columbia University

Jenna • @healthyhermit • University of Connecticut

Tori • @senoritssixteen • Cornell University

Jack • @future-successs • Cornell University 

Natalie • @twentysixteengrad • Cornell University

Amy • @lisle-joyeuse • Dartmouth University

Jennifer • @collegiette-queen • Dartmouth University

Darcy • @darcystudies • Duke University

Rhian • @rhine-pizzaz • The Evergreen State College

Annie • @annieinreallife • Furman University

Rachel • @foxysalad • Georgia Tech

Suze • @girlvsharvard • Harvard University

Deni • @studiousandambitious • Howard University

M • @the-study-quest • John Hopkins University

Emily • @bleujay • John Hopkins University

Hanna • @jhu-gal • John Hopkins University

Brit • @brit-studies • University of Kentucky

Carolyn • @destinationdiploma • Loyola Marymount University

Sayira • @college-bound-2016 • Macalester College

Red • @thebigcrapple • Manhattan College

Kayla • @thegirlwiththewhitecoat • University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Claire • @thisnerdsadventures • MIT

Rona • @cambrigemagic • MIT

Ming • @brain-exercise • University of Maryland - College Park

Brittany • @biochemstudy • University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Chloe • @historicalpotato • Mount Holyoke College

Eleanor • @apportunities • Mount Holyoke College

Tessa • @oh-crapps • Mount Holyoke College

Emme • @thebluelyon • Mount Holyoke College

Beata • @promienisci • North Carolina State University

Tiffany • @7yrmed • The College of New Jersey

Lingyi • @jaschinka • Northwestern University

Viv • @whoretons • University of Pennsylvania  

Sydney • @sydney-studies • Princeton University

Sylvie • @sweet-studyblr • Princeton University

Sehar • @studyingwithgiraffes • University of California - San Diego

Ali • @aliberalux • University of San Francisco

Sammy • @seesammystudy • Stanford University

Eleni • @hotdamnford • Stanford University

Lyla • @cardinal-sinner • Stanford University

Abigail • @abuhgayul • SUNY Providence

Ariana • @arianawantsan-a • Temple University

Jacqui • @jacquivshighschool • Vanderbilt University

Victoria • @ani-malia • Vanderbilt University

Kit • @ccllege • Vanderbilt University

Brianna • @senioryearstudies • Vanderbilt University

Kat • @nerdnamedkat • Virginia Tech University

Claudia • @thefocusyear • Washington University at St. Louis

Maggie • @successmess • Wellesley College

Corinna • @whylarry • Westminster Choir College

I tried to tag as many members as possible, but some have changed their URLs since submitting their requests to be on this master list. If you are on this list and need your URL changed, or know of someone we can add to this list, let me know be messaging me @studying-my-life-away so I can make the necessary changes!

thelilnan  asked:

i suppose that was rude. shift gears into modern Alex being really affectionate on his bf randomly. sneak hugs. random cheek kisses. clinging to him while talking to the rest of the revolutionary set, out of habit. burr is always 1000% embarrassed but alex is so cute he wont tell him to stop.

Alex’s acts of affection start simply: a light touch at Aaron’s wrist when they’re out with the others, while Alex references something he said the night before, saying, “…and then I thought the reallocation of funds would make the company thrive. Right, Aaron?”

Aaron tenses when Alex’s fingers curl around his wrist, snapping his gaze up to Alex’s. What he finds are Alex’s big, brown, keen eyes staring back at him.

“Yes,” Aaron says. “That’s what you said.”

He doesn’t shake away Alex’s grip. Although, he later wishes he did, when Alex intertwines his fingers with his and they hold hands, displayed on the table for all to see.
It’s not that he has a problem with Alex touching him. He likes it a lot — he is his boyfriend, after all — but it’s best in private when it’s just them. Alex has no subtlety, and often gets overly affectionate and handsy in public. Aaron wishes Alex had some semblance of restraint (a futile wish, truly); there are some things that should be kept just between them. It’s exclusive, he shouldn’t have to share it with the world.

He tries to not give it too much attention — it only encourages Alex — but it’s difficult when Alex is hanging on him all the damn time.

Aaron has just about had enough when Alex finds him in the library and pounces on him. Startled, Aaron makes such an undignified yelp and then he hears a familiar chuckle trilling behind him.

“Gotcha,” Alex says in Aaron’s ear, wrapping his arms around Aaron from behind.

“I’m busy,” Aaron hisses.

Alex rests his chin on Aaron’s shoulder, and nuzzles against his face in a way that Aaron likes (it’s unfair, he’s using tactics against him). “Come home. You’ve been here all night, and I miss you.” He pauses. “And I’m hungry and you know I am so awful at cooking that I’d burn water.”

“Alex,” Aaron says through gritted teeth. He will not look away from his laptop screen. He will not turn to look at Alex. He will not lean into his touch. He will not give in.

But then Alex kisses the side of Aaron’s mouth, and Aaron lets out a frustrated sigh. “People can see…”

“What?” Alex’s question is sharp in his ear. “Are you embarrassed?”

“No!” That’s ridiculous. Aaron breaks his promise to himself and looks to his side at Alex. “I just. It's—,” Aaron says, stumbling over his words and proving exactly Alex’s point, because okay, maybe he does feel a little exposed being so vulnerable in front of others.

Of course Alex notices—he notices everything—and Aaron is well acquainted with the grin growing on Alex’s face to know trouble is about to follow.

And that’s how they got kicked out of the library for making out.

“I will never understand you,” Alex says as they rush away. He obviously isn’t mad with Aaron, he’s got his arm linked in Aaron’s and is looking up at Aaron with genuine warmth.

Aaron supposes he’ll allow it. He did shove Alex out of lap when the librarian came over to scold them and, well. It’s hard to deny Alex when he’s looking at him like that.
It doesn’t occur to Aaron until months into their relationship that there could be more to Alex’s public displays of affection than just fondness, or intention to tease him.

He wonders if maybe Alex does it because he thinks if he lets Aaron go, he will disappear, like everyone else in his life.

Aaron understands that.

Alex does not quiet his affections; this time, it’s with the entire crew present — John and Herc and Gilbert and Peggy — and Alex is clinging to Aaron’s side, and then stands on tip-toe to kiss Aaron on the cheek.

Aaron’s face immediately feels hot and he knows everyone else is staring at him—

—but then he decides, go ahead, let them stare, and then he kisses Alex back.

I was an addict.
I craved the way
the smoke left your lips
and the way whiskey
stained your breath.
I was endlessly fascinated by the
way your mind hid in
space and all you
could see were talking stars
and a faceless moon.
I had a ceaseless longing to feel the looseness
of your muscles and
the sweat from your palms.
Loving you was like seeing a
rippling wave in
a motionless sea—

Unforgettable—and utterly consuming.

—  Kelsey Gustafsson

Guys Leah is the love of my life. She is so perfect. She never makes me feel small or inferior or anything. She makes me feel beautiful and loved and wanted and valid. She’s perfect for me. I want her for the rest of my life

- drunk Kelsey