my life as a thespian

Unspoken Rules Of Standing In The Wings:

1) shut the fuck up
2) stop touching my damn prop
3) if you can see the audience then the audience can see you 4) just don’t touch anything
5)Get out of the way oh my GOD
6)“I hope you say Macbeth I swear I hope you do”

Do you ever just look back at your stage career and think

“Why the fuck…Do I do this to myself?”

And then you remember oh yeah, it’s because you just effing LoVe constantly being exhausted but exhilarated as well as hating acting/theater at time but also knowing you’d fucking want to die without it.

The slow, slow
burn of life

twentieth-century man
crossing over
into 21st-century
wonder and doubt

corporeal, now
unburdened by weight
gravity meaningless

swimming in a sea
of thoughts
of thoughts

caught by the pull
of your tide
I still contain you
inside me

Awash on the
shores of my own

—  Thespian Drummer / The Burn of Life

You must never fall in love with a writer. Writers, you see, have a tendency to illustrate their emotions so well and so eloquently that we tend to fall for whatever crack they have left open and in the end we were so mesmerised by their pavement littered in gold, we ignored the pit dusted with thorns.

You must never fall in love with a writer. Writers can easily twist and bend simple emotions into long drawn out stories about triumph, comfort, tragedy and calm. Writers tend to be little masochists how they’re aware of just the pull they can cause a person to latch onto.

You must never fall in love with a writer. Writers oftentimes will decorate their musings and mislead your understanding into 50 different directions and when you beg for an explanation, they smile mischievously and say ‘its up to your own interpretation’. Heh, interpretation, you say? Does that mean that those well drawn out concepts to express lone words can easily be a lie?

You must never fall in love with a writer. Because for all you know, everything that you have been led to believe, could have all been a figment of your imagination. Writers tend to know exactly how to say something, exactly when to say something, and exactly who to say it to.

You must never fall in love with a writer.

—  a.eun // Unrequited Whispers #18 - Maybe I’m just saying you should never fall in love with me.