my life as a thespian

Unspoken Rules Of Standing In The Wings:

1) shut the fuck up
2) stop touching my damn prop
3) if you can see the audience then the audience can see you 4) just don’t touch anything
5)Get out of the way oh my GOD
6)“I hope you say Macbeth I swear I hope you do”

nightaurora  asked:

Hi Sam! So I've been seeing a ton of graduation pictures lately since it's that time of year, and I'll be graduating next year so it's got my thinking a lot about fashion and clothes for it. I was wondering if you had any ideas for casual genderqueer style graduation robes for someone who doesn't want to just wear a buttondown/tie/pants combo or just a dress?

Hi dear! For my graduation, personally I just wore a fancy dress and elf ear cuffs (because damn do those grad hats bring out people’s ears with short hair and I’m not about that life) but for my thespian alumni ceremony I wore a skirt with suspenders, a button up, thigh highs with bows, and a bow tie. Tbh, you can’t really see that much underneath the gown because they’re big and your family/friends will most likely keep covering you in leais. I’d just focus on the shoes and facial accessories 😅 like some nice leather shoes. I love Oxfords with a little heel (like 2 inch) , they feel very androgynous to me. my decision was to do an elf look, because fuck it and it’s the end of the year. So basically I’m saying become a mythical creature???