my life as a 50s housewife

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I literally act like a 50s housewife, but I also have standards. No one who acts like the incels on Reddit would ever be allowed in my life, romantically or otherwise.

Watch out, every neck beard with sweaty balls is going to be after you.

several people have been asking for 50s/greaser outfits so here ya go!

kankuro and temari are the leaders of the suna greaser gang, easily recognizeable by the blue suna marks on their jackets. gaara is their prep brother who for some reason refuses to become a part of their gang. they still love each other tho, and kankuro always lets gaara ride to school with him on his motorcycle ^^

(kankuro really wants a pompadour, but his hair lives a life of its own so that is the best he can manage)


5SOS Crime Au - Chapter Five

Based on Request - Hi, could you make me an imagine that’s not a typical love story? Something surprising and unpredictable? Thanks xx

Contents - Mentions of drugs, violence, gang activity, prostitution, and sex

Word Count - 9,000+ (sorry)

Author’s Note - The final chapter! I hope you all enjoy it!! 

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The music shook the whole house as we entered it, her giggling all the way beside me. I couldn’t deny the butterflies building up in my stomach at this idea we’d thought up, something so illegal and wrong that felt like driving 100 kilometres per hour on the motorway. Something we shouldn’t have been doing, that gave us such a rush; I lived for it. And so, when the guy by the front door of the foreclosed house the whole party was in offered the pills to us, I couldn’t find it in me to refuse. I wanted to live, like how I thought a teenager was supposed to live.

It took a while, but soon enough my friend and I felt like we were on clouds; we couldn’t sit still. Everything buzzed around us, and we joined the people dancing and grinding and drinking too much, it felt like freedom. I wasn’t thinking about anything else but the moment I was in. Not anything having to do with school, or at home, nothing but this. I didn’t even notice when my friend left, I didn’t even notice when some guy started dancing behind me; I only noticed when his hands went too far up my shirt. I looked around, for help, for anything, but everyone seemed so unaware despite being so close to me. I tried screaming, but my voice was lost over the speakers. I was tugged away by someone, though, after muttering a few words to each other, the creep left. I was still high, I couldn’t stop moving, couldn’t stop fidgeting and dancing; I had to be doing something.

“Woah, woah, are you okay?” A voice yelled out to me. He was saying other things as well, but I couldn’t hear him, the music was too loud. “Are you high? What are you on?” He steadied me as I stumbled, giggling and running my hands up and down his biceps; I was so erratic, I could hardly feel anything but the buzz circling around in my stomach, but I was still conscious enough to recognise the cute boy standing in front of me.

“The guy outside gave us pills!” I yelled happily, my head falling back in laughter and grabbing a hold of him whenever I lost my balance.

“Fucking shit,” He cursed. “God, how old are you even? Stay with me, alright? You’re gonna get yourself in trouble. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“What’s your name?” I giggled, as I let him lead me towards the front door.


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A message from an argentine to americans

So, today I was on twitter and I found this reaction video. This video showed a girl, between the ages of 10 and 12, being told by her mom that they were going to see Donald Trump in person. That little girl’s reaction was the same one I had when I was told that I would see Green Day live when I was 13. Actually, hers was worse than mine because I didn’t start crying of happiness. The thing is that not only I find it disgusting (I don’t blame the girl; it’s not her fault that she has such shitty ass parents), but I also find it… Terrifying.

You must be wondering, why I find it terrifying. I mean, she is only a little girl having a fangirl moment over Donald Trump. But the thing is that, I find it terrifying because I’ve seen that behaviour in the past. And I still see it nowadays.

You see, I’m from Argentina. A country that, until last December, lived under a government controlled by some of the worst people for the last 12 years. How is that possible? Well, a new president took his place as president in 2003. And then his wife did it. After his wife presidency finished, he was supposed to take her place as president after her. And when he finished, his wife would take after him again. So in that way, they would be ruling the country for 18 years.

Now, this guy died in 2010, his wife was left alone and their plan was fucked up. But still, she won the election again and they managed to rule for 12 consecutive years.

This government was fucked up. They would give subsidies to people each month but, it’s not like there was a limit. It’s not like they would say “okay, if you don’t get a proper job in 8 months, we’ll stop giving you this money”. They didn’t even encouraged them or helped them to find a fucking job. They would keep giving them the money.

Also, they were always stealing money. How do we know? Well, let’s just say that all the lady president wardrobe cost more than a million dollars. And they would always said that there wasn’t enough money.

You know where that money came from? My mom’s wallet, my dad’s, my aunt’s, my uncle’s wallet, from anyone who had a proper job. Actually, they would make everything more expensive so they had even more money. They would even take it from my granddad’s fucking pension. My grandma was a housewife all her life so she doesn’t has a pension. You actually believe they could live if my dad stopped paying their bills for them? No.

You know they actually killed people? They said that changing the trains and the rails were too expensive and it was a hard thing to do. 50 people died in a train accident and I don’t know how many got injured because of that.
They let people died during a flood because they weren’t “able” to fix the fucking sewers.
For fuck’s sake, they even killed a public prosecutor because he accused and had proofs that the President had made business with actual terrorists. And lots, lots of fucked up things happened during those 12 years.

You want to know why all of this happened? Because stupid people believed their lies. And they did EVERYTHING to defend these lies. I’m not kidding, this followers were crazy as fuck. Kinda like the followers in the Party in George Orwell’s 1984, and I’m not even exaggerating. I’m currently reading it and it’s really creepy how alike they are.
These people were so sick they would try to push you and convince you to join them. Some members of my family tried to do that with me and my parents. And when you defended yourself or told them to go fuck themselves, they would play the victims saying that you didn’t understand shit and you were betraying your country. And you know what? They were the traitors. They never cared about anything, except when it affected/benefited them.

Now, why does this has to do anything with the girl and Trump? Because now, we have a new President from another Party and yet the old one tries to do everything in its power to fucked him up, and to fucked everyone who voted him up. Actually, they are educating (and when I say educating I mean brainwashing) their kids so they vote for their Party on the 2019 election, just the same way they were educated by their parents to vote it.

I know elections are this year in the USA and I know a lot of people are considering voting for Trump because he says he’s going to make America great again and “save” your economy.

Guys, please. Don’t vote because of the economy. Your economy is absolutely fine. I mean, with 10 dollars you can buy 5 t-shirts. I can’t buy that without spending at least a thousand pesos argentinos. Our currency is so devaluated that this year we are going to start having a thousand pesos argentinos bill. So believe me, you could be in a worse situation.

Please, don’t vote what is good for you. Vote what is good for everyone equally. Don’t worry if economy at some point goes to shit. I mean, come on! You are the United States of America. You are a First World country, not like us. You’ve already been through economical crisis before and you’ve managed pretty well.

Because, what if Trump wins? Yes, he might fix the economy but, what about the people? What about black people, latinos and immigrants in general? What about health care? And gun control?

What if he fixes economy and he gains more followers? And what if that little girl and all her brainwashed friends in the next election votes for him and he wins again? You’ll have to live under his command for 8 years?

Please, if you can stop him now it will be the best thing. Because if you don’t do it now, then when?

Yeah, I know what many of you are thinking. “Shut the fuck up, this is not your country”, “no one asked your opinion, you dirty latina”. And you know what? You are right. But because of the things I lived, I have the right to make sure no one does the same fucking mistake my people did. Whether is you guys, the UK, South Africa or India.

Because, like a wise man once said:
“And do you know what you do with all that pain? Shall I tell you where to put it? You hold it tight till it burns your hand, and you say this: no one else will ever have to live like this. No one else will ever have to feel this pain. Not on my watch!”

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Feminism is all about women equality and empowerment, and how women should not be held back by gender roles. Well, I too am an advocate for equality, but I want to be a housewife. Not because it's the only thing I can do/anyone told me to do, but it is a real DREAM of mine: children, cooking, my husband coming home to me for a dinner I made. I wouldn't be a house laborer 24/7, but I am 18, and have no real plans for the future, because I have always wanted to be a housewife. Is this bad?

this isn’t bad, but I think you need to kind of… stop focusing on yourself? I don’t know a tactful way to put that

like: you’re seeing this through kind of a privileged lens. Millions of mothers stay home with their kids right now, not because it’s their dream, but because they literally have no choice. Childcare isn’t subsidized, and a lot of them can’t access jobs that pay enough to cover the cost of childcare (which is super expensive). People stay at home with their kids because they can’t afford to keep having a job, which makes already vulnerable [near poverty] families more vulnerable (being reliant on a single paycheck which will make things extra difficult if that individual gets laid off etc)

Feminism isn’t about patting you on the back for having a dream. It’s about lifting them up so that they have a choice as to whether they stay home or not. Conservatives (ok, a lot of people TBH) are constantly trying to make you forget that there are women — families — who struggle with this stuff day in and day out, so they paint it instead as a struggle for the upper-middle class woman who just wants to stay home and goddamn those feminists standing in her way ! But it was never about her.

My mom stayed home once I was like, 10ish, because my family can afford it. Not a ton of families can honestly afford that and still pay for everything else in life on one salary. If you can be like my mom, you’ll be one lucky duckling. This isn’t about her though, and it’s damn shady to pretend that feminism is genuinely concerned with telling my mom (and other moms like her) she’s not good enough because that really isn’t true.

Also just as an aside, I come from a pretty housewife… friendly… family. And for a lot of them, it’s “the dream.” Divorce comes sooner or later for some couples, though, and it’s shitty, but it’s even more shitty to try and watch aunts try and carve up a new career for themselves when they’re in their 50s. 

Live the life and be a housewife if it works out for you, but have a back up just in case. I hope everything goes well for you but even if, say, your husband dies earlier than you expected, you’ll want to be able to provide for your kids (or if we’re really in dreamland I guess you have a huge life insurance policy? All I’m saying is, hope for the best but plan for the worst)

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I fucking dig everything she has worn so far more than ever why tf everyone tripping I think she looks bomb

tbh i think she looks great too. a few of the looks i dont care much for but otherwise, i like this. it’s a bit to get used to seeing as she went all in without like dipping a toe or anything but i think it’s an alright look. at first i was like “jfc this is not her what is she doing this is atrocious my goodness” (because she literally went from 0 to 100) but like the more casual looks are where it’s at for me. anything she’s done involving denim and sneakers has been A+ in my eyes. i just keep seeing this as her making up for her early 20s tbh because if you think about it that’s when she was dressing like a 50s housewife and the media just wasn’t on her side like it is now (for the most part) but now she has a gang and parties to hop in and out of with a man to go home to like, she can redo that whole stage of her life right now. she’s growing up but she’s also going back to what she evidently missed why the fuck am i talking so much none of this makes sense and no one cares