my life and joy

Leaving the office at 830
And I know that it’s late
But I know it’s worth it to do the work now so this weekend I can focus on important things
Like taking care of me and my heart
I never want to have to choose between work and my life
I’m happy that my work brings me joy

february: a recap

February has been gentle and patient with me. 

The first couple weeks were pretty difficult. I was behind in class, doing poorly on assignments, and feeling overwhelmed with life. It felt like the only times I could truly rest were while I was working on the weekends. Even being alone at night felt exhausting. My whole body and mind were tired and heavy. 

The best decision I made was starting my “Full of You” series (if you want to check it out: Writing about all the wonderful people who have made an impact on my life made me realize how overflowing with love my life is. It has kept me positive. Joy is still a choice each morning, but it’s been easier and easier.

Health wise, I am in a really good place. Physically, I think I’m a little overworked. My weight is starting to drop again, so I’m pushing myself to eat enough and rest. Still practicing balance (aren’t we all?) I’m getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night, but usually more. I feel like a grandma, but I’m most productive in the mornings anyway. I’ve been spending time catching up with friends throughout the past month, and it’s been really good reconnecting with them. It’s easy to forget just how much you miss out on when you’re running around so focused on YOUR work and YOUR life and YOUR schooling (see above: balance). 

All in all, I can’t complain. Life is busy, but full of good things. I’m really lucky to be where I am, and a part of the things I’ve experienced. The sun has been coming out more and more recently- I like to think of it as a sign. :) 


“That’s how it works in my ‘Muslim Gangster World’:  You don’t judge your friends, and you stand up for them, no matter what.” 

- Happy 17th Birthday Sana Bakkoush! 

What a happy kiddo!!!!!

(@thecelticassassin - Mob in C1!!)

Have hope so deeply rooted in Christ, so that when the world falls apart around you, you can still stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Trust in Jesus with your whole heart, not just part of it. Our hope is in the One who, unlike anyone or anything in this world, will never fail you. What I find to be even more beautiful about hoping and trusting in the Lord, is that when pain and heartache becomes a reality for those around you, they’ll be searching for comfort and peace. You know the One who brings joy and comfort. They will look at your life and wonder why your hope is unwavering, and why you are at such peace in this crazy world. He will use these things to speak to others. Trusting in God comes with so many blessings that affect not only your life, but everyone around you.
18 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Yuri!!! On Ice"

Just passing on the buzzfeed article of YOI, if any of y'all haven’t read it yet….

I see you in every beautiful part of this world.
—  tina jaxén // Nameless writings #12

Inktober 3! I think.

I loooooooove Sapphy’s hair, it’s so fun 😍she’s such a princess!



thank you for gracing us with your incredible dance ability, your powerful rap, and your radiant smile. you inspire me to follow my dreams and make me happy when i feel like crying. you truly are my hope. (credit: 1, 2, 3, 4)