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It feels really good to open your email and find a nice comment from AO3 on something you’ve written, but I think it feels equally as good to find a reply to a comment you left on someone else’s story. COMMENTS ARE WHERE THE LOVE IS PEOPLE, LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE THING YOU ARE READING NOW.


- having the same profile pic for 2 years because its the only one in which you look decent

- being afraid to post comment on facebook because some douche might roast you based on your profile pic

- looking at the main bitch in the class being rude af and still having thousands of friends while you have to be extra nice to get 1% of attention

- when your parents say: “you are pretty to me”

- having a crush but his friends keep making jokes based on your apperance

Babam telefonda konuşurken telefondaki adam, Zeynep nerede ya uzun zamandır görüşmedik dedi. Ben de o sırada annemle konuşuyordum babamın tepkisi car car konuşuyor duymuyor musun, oldu...

Evlatlık olabilirim…

Okay call me crazy but why is everyone so against them admitting that they lied about some things when this is all done and over??? Like, they could come out and if he’s asked about “didn’t you have a kid with a woman?” Louis could just say “yeah the kid wasn’t mine but I wasn’t ready to come out at the time and the rumors helped me out so I just went along with them” like even if he’s confronted about this later how many outlets are going to spin that as “HE LIED” ?????

  • Me:*calling my almost 16 year old brother that's waiting for the Deadpool Movie*
  • Brother:Yes? Hello?
  • Me:Deadpool is going to be R
  • Brother:...
  • Me:for 18+ people
  • Brother:YOU SON OF A -
  • Me:*laughs and hangs up*
  • -5 minutes later a text from my mom-
  • Mom:what did you do? Your brother is almost crying
  • Me:nothing. I did nothing