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Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Liz, and I’m in my senior year of high school. At my school, we have a capstone project to complete during senior year. For me, because I am in the engineering program, a capstone project is spending the full school year designing a product.

But it all starts with a problem. My friend came to me with his problem, and my engineering partner and I have decided to solve it.

My friend is wheelchair bound, but that is not the problem. The problem is that sometimes dirt, mud, sand, and other substances like that get stuck on his wheelchair’s pushrims. This is the area of the wheel that the user uses top propel theirself in a desired direction. While in the wheelchair, it can be hard to see dirt or the like, especially if the dirt is on the bottom if the pushrim, out of the user’s sight. If the dirt is noticed, it can be hard for the wheelchair user to clean; being in a public place makes it even harder to clean the wheelchair.

My engineering partner and I want to come up with some new solutions to fix this that can be used by many people and without lots of extra effort.

However, before we can build this, we need to justify our problem.

This is where you all come in. I’ll be placing a survey below. If you or someone you know has used a wheelchair for any extended period of time, please take our survey. Having been in a temporary or permanent wheelchair does not matter, nor did manual or power wheelchairs.

Even if you are unable to take the survey, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please pass this on for me.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me, or if you are taking the survey, there is a box for questions.

Thank you for reading all this. The link is here .

TL;DR I’m a high school student with a year long project. Will involve solving dirty wheelchair handrims. Please take my survey (here ) if you or someone you know has used a wheelchair for a bit of time. Thanks. Thank you.
Why I Don’t Just Love Phryne Fisher, I Need Her

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I’m not a shy person. At least, I never used to be. When I was younger, I made friends like they were candy - my mother used to be introduced to at least four thousand new faces every time she let me loose at a public pool. I relished new faces, new ideas, new adventures. 

Until I didn’t. 

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Great, it turns out shooting a bunch of drone video makes you better at it and increases your desire to make cooler stuff.

I’ve been posting videos for about a month now, and at this point I’ve kinda run out of archived footage. So everything from here on out has been shot like at least in the past week?

Going forward that means I’m prolly gonna be posting a ton of stuff I’ve never done before, that I dunno it works (I’m not a professional videographer obvi) and we’ll see how it goes it guess!

Tomorrow’s post is an example of new stuff I’m trying out. Hopefully I come up with something good eventually!

A selection of customers I’ve met;

A Ryan Reynolds lookalike who had no idea the stir he caused

The dude who buys 7 large coffees a day and who we are genuinely worried about.

the hairdresser who’s missing a thumb and should be vibrating through the roof with how many espresso shots she’s bought

The guy who comes through and always gets two large diet cokes and never waits for a straw or to pull away and just starts chugging at the window


Also several cockatoos, a Macaw, a fair number of cats, and a few snakes. AND ONCE A BOX OF PUPPIES.

that guy who said we’d ruined Christmas because we couldn’t give him sausage sandwiches at 2pm on Boxing Day

Hundreds of very confused people who think we have shit we have never served

a shocking number of people who think a potato is the same as a hashbrown. You have no idea how badly I want to start handing out raw potatoes.

That lady who, when I served the guy in the other lane first because they pulled up at the exact same moment, floored it to get to the window first and treated me to a lecture demanding why she wasn’t served first and when I let her run down and asked ‘what do you want’ she screeched EXCUSE ME?? and wouldn’t tell me what she wanted until I rephrased it as ‘what would you like’

The guy who started yelling and calling the sweetest girl I’ve ever met stupid because she smiled at him and he thought she was laughing at him

I-I really don’t need to know the details about your sex life. Really.

That creeper who wanted to know what size my boobs were.

More screaming children than I thought existed. srsly muzzle those things.

one guy who came through drivethough and demanded to know why we refused to serve his wife when she walked through the drivethrough with her dog because SHE HAS CANCER! AND WE TAKE THAT DOG EVERYWHERE IT’S OUR BABY!! when we’d literally not had anyone try to come through the drivethrough who wasn’t in a car in a week

That guy who tried to tell us he’d called in and was told he could get his order replaced when our phones had been down all week

That bitch who always says her order and ‘TOASTED NOT BURNED’ after every breakfast sandwich. we get it. move on with your life.

No, no I don’t have dog treats in drivethru? why would I??

That lady whose expression never changes and who just waits with her hand out for me to hand her her crap because she’s an entitled pos

No you can’t pay with a Tim Hortons giftcard. Or Canadian Tire money. I can accept every card but not those please.

That guy who gives us candy (it’s really good candy too.)

n-no I don’t have a spare hair tie to sell you?

also a lot of lovely people I’m sure but srsly all you have to do is know what you want, verify that we serve it, and pause your phone call for 3 seconds that is all I ask how is that so hard.


Desert Island Disk - Seeing Radiohead live and this close was a spiritual experience. The man, the legend, the Thom Yorke, ladies and gentlemen!

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Me : Coffee is ready.

Me:  Music is ready.

Me: *Scent my room with my favorite perfume 

Me:  Ok now I’m gonna draw some super badass ic Kylux fanart 

Me:  *Draw Kylo Ren in dress 

It’s hilarious to me that my standard for literature now is “this is almost as good as fanfiction”. Somewhere along the way I’ve realized that well-developed, intelligent, clever, non-white/male/cis characters are everything I’ve ever wanted from books, and so few published authors deliver.

Maybe it’s “safer” to go with the worn-out tropes of “boy discovers he can do a thing no one else can and saves everyone” and “girl discovers she can do a thing no one else can and falls in love with a boy”, but I’m sick of it.

Shout-out to Anne McCaffrey for writing openly gay relationships that blatantly exist and are normal to their fellows on Pern. Shout-out to Tamora Pierce for writing brilliant, powerful girls of color who don’t need a man to be important in Tortall. Shout-out to Terry Pratchett for the weirdness that is Discworld. Shout-out to Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor @happierman​ for literally everything about Welcome to Night Vale and the @welcometonightvalebook.

I’m a librarian. I love physical books, it’s a weakness. But damned if I can find many books that meet my exacting measure of goodness these days.

Walk into audition
Read once
Make director and stage manager double over and bust a gut laughing
Immediately get asked to come to callbacks tomorrow without waiting the agonizing hours for a phone call