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Curious anon looking for queer movie recommendations. Do not let me down.

ok let’s Do This

  1. fucking amal: should get a special mention tbh. this was the first queer movie i watched (i got it from the library lmao i still remember checking it out all like DONT BLUSH ALSO DONT ACT LIKE U ARE ASHAMED BC U ARE NOT ASHAMED IT’S JUST A FUCKING MOVIE) anyway i was like 12 or 13 when i watched it for the first time and just…….. my tiny lesbian children sighs i was so happy when i watched this movie it was so cute and there were girls kissing girls and girls being in love w girls and it was so nice!!!! now tbh i haven’t seen it in like 4 or 5 years now so my memory about the actual movie is a bit blury lmao but i couldn’t not put it on the list
  2. in the same category: beautiful thing. first queer movie i bought myself lmao. v simple story of boys falling in love w each other and dealing w (internalized) homophobia and their environment and w each other. you can argue the movie is kind of blah but idk it has a special place in my Heart 
  3. usually i don’t like watching dutch movies tbh (i think it’s the language… idk) but jongens is rly worth checking out. two boys competing on the same team (i think it was running. i’m gonna pretend it was running) and falling in love. the river scene is rly cute. if u watch it you’ll know what i mean. 
  4. the angels of sex a movie w poly relationships!!!!!! or like, poly relationship that goes through a lot of trouble lmao. i don’t know many movies w poly pairings so that’s probably one of the main reasons i so latched on to this one but (weak shrug) whatever. boy and girl are in relationship. boy falls in love w another boy. girl decides boy an date boy and girl at the same time. it gets Complicated. it’s cute. it ends happy. HAPPY POLY RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!!!
  5. but i’m a cheerleader: i know a lot of ppl love this movie and i’m kind of ://// about it but i can’t rly dislike it??? idk anything that involves things like straight camp make me feel kind of uncomfortable lmao, no matter what the situation is, but the storyline in itself is sweet? again girls falling in love and going through Shit but in the end still choosing each other and finding each other in order to be happy sigh. also the aesthetics of this movie are v pretty
  6. okay definitely the way he looks oh my god this movie is so so so cute. honestly i have no words you should just watch it. it’s just such a happy movie sigh
  7. rent because i always rec rent. i’m truly sorry. but hey there is maureen and joanne and angel and collins so i shouldn’t feel bad abt reccing it right??? ok 
  8. private romeo which is probably again more personal but… it’s abt two boys in military academy and it uses the script/lines of romeo and juliet and it’s so…. beautiful. it’s so soft and gentle and so so so beautiful oh my god. the first time i watched it, it was kind of confusing in the beginning bc of the names and the characters and the roles they took in the story u feel but it’s so worth it, honestly. 
  9. boys don’t cry but i sure did l m a o. i don’t have much to say abt it tbh just watch it and Prepare urself
  10. ma vie on rose falls in the same category as boys don’t cry tbh. u will cry. also aesthetically really pretty of i remember correctly???
  11. do i need to add brokeback mountain or is that too obvious lmao????
  12. also can fame go on here? i’m just gonna say it. go watch it. 
  13. heavenly creatures i’m so???? abt this movie?? it’s so pretty but also so fucked up lmao and me saying anything abt it would immediately spoil everything so…… idk yea
  14. kyss mig let’s be real here i don’t remember much abt this movie but i have it twice on dvd for some reason so let me just rec it ok 
  15. there are a lot more but i’m kind of stuck and also answering this question took me like an hour already lmao so…. okay
I abandoned my FIVE children to be a lesbian

By Ihechukwu Njoku

A YouTube video showcasing a heartbreaking tale narrated at a popular church in Lagos has been uploaded to the internet, a Nigerian lady confessing her sordid journey into lesbianism and its horrific consequences upon her young family.

According to Mrs Blessing Okoma, a happy marriage blessed with five children was thrown into turmoil at the premature death of her husband.

Whilst mourning his demise, Blessing had a sickening nightmare. An elderly lady slept with her, ending the inhumane act with the weighty words, ‘Do you know your husband gave you to me?’

Blessing awoke in a cold sweat. She knew that gnarled, ugly face. Casting her mind back to their initial courtship, Blessing recalled a ‘covenant’ her husband insisted she agree to. “He took me to a spiritualist in his village,” she recounted to the sombre congregation.

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“That spiritualist then took my blood and my husband’s, cooked it with soup and we ate it together.” The same female witchdoctor who intimated the ‘covenant’ was the one that intimately met her that fateful night.

From that day forward, ‘the spirit of a woman’ entered Blessing and everything changed. “I no longer had affection for men,” she confessed.

“I used to go for beautiful girls. Because of this power in me, when I approached a girl, she would accept immediately and I would behave as a man to her. I am the husband; she is the wife.”

Blessing would prowl schools to seduce secondary school students, under the ‘spell’ of a force beyond her control. “I felt like a man and behaved like a man,” she said, introducing countless young ladies in school and university into lesbianism.

Infatuated with a certain lady she encountered, Blessing took her home one day. “My children were outside praying,” she slowly recounted, wincing in remembrance of her dirty past.

Her youngest daughter walked into the house minutes later and met her mother in bed with her lover. She screamed. Embarrassed and incensed, Blessing’s partner gave her an ultimatum – ‘It’s either you choose me or your children.’

“Because I loved what I was doing, I sent my children away,” Blessing admitted, much to the shock of the crowd. “I didn’t care about them or have any motherly love. That spirit would make me beat the hell out of my first daughter. I wanted to kill her.”

Blessing dispatched her five children to be ‘house-helps’ across the country. Robbed of both fatherly and motherly care, her young children were scattered, all of them leaving school to become domestic servants.

“Free from my children, I went out fully as a prostitute for women like myself,” she continued. For four years, Blessing’s children were separated from her and each other. Four years of pain. Four years of heartache. Four years of brokenness. And for four years, Blessing did not even care.

However, after a dramatic ‘deliverance’ at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Blessing said her eyes had opened. “When I see a woman now, I know you are a woman. I don’t have the urge for women again in my life. I want my kids back.”

The clip fast-forwards to a week later, Blessing standing next to five young individuals in the same church. “These are my children,” she told the congregation, the family standing together for the first time in four years.

“Before, I didn’t differentiate between a man and a woman. Now, the spirit of a woman has gone from me. Man of God, help me to beg my children because I know I have suffered them.”

Happiness, her eldest daughter, didn’t mince her words as she addressed the church. “My mother is so wicked to us,” she said, tears streaming from her innocent eyes.

“She beat me up and broke my head,” she continued, showing a large scar close to her eye. “Since four years, I have not seen my younger siblings. I thought they had died.”

Tears peppered the face of Amaka, her next daughter. “She suffered us as a slave,” the little girl told the quiet church. “She used a table to hit my younger brother; he almost died.” Ebuka, Awele and Ifeanyi all echoed the sentiments of their sisters. “We hate her so much.”

Addressing the young children, Pastor T.B. Joshua spoke softly. “After prayer, the spirit of this past pain will be removed,” he assured them. “We will ensure you all go back to school.” Joshua then prayed for the young children, all of them falling to the ground.

The touching story does not end there however. The clip continues to show the family reunited in a new house, purchased for them courtesy of Pastor Joshua and his ‘Emmanuel TV partners’.


“This is not a house; it is a palace,” beams Blessing as she looks around at the fully furnished apartment in Lagos. Smiles lighten the faces of her five kids. With scholarships to continue their education provided, hopes for the future had been remarkably reawakened.

The nightmare had finally come to an end… Nigerian and World News providing global current Nigerian and World news online. Read more »
  • Me talking about Vandermarin one day:I love my lesbian children, they're so intelligent and they're going to have a really bright future not to mention they take no BS and...
  • Me talking about Vandermarin the next day:Someone get these useless shorts therapy asap.

I could either figure out how to draw and draw my OTP of Triss and Meri (or sketch it at least). Or I could try and write a drabble of some sorts but I’m not sure what yet. Or make more headcanons. Or something.

See this is why you people can’t let me listen to Nicotine by PATD b/c this is what happens I start fawning over my tiny lesbian children stop me.