my les mis au

The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy


I wanted to try my hand at comics. This is a scene (?) from this fantastic fic by @vintage-jehan

This took forever, I can’t believe it’s done!

[edit] I literally just realized I had written “sight” instead of “sigh” I hate myself.

ok so has anyone ever considered stage actor enjolras and techie grantaire??? 

some important points

- grantaire most definitely plans his lighting cues exactly when they make enjolras’ hair glow like a halo

- enjolras always playing the leading man/love interest characters because he’s just so beautiful and has the voice of an angel

- because of all the women that he very convincingly kisses on stage, grantaire is so sure he’s straight

- this doesn’t stop grantaire from flirting with him whenever possible (and most definitely missing sound and light cues because of it)

- when costumer jehan tells grantaire that enj is gay as hell, he couldn’t be happier

- stage manger combeferre is definitely done with all of the pining and shit like come on guys its distracting from the show

- enjolras’ fellow actors cosette, courfeyrac, musichetta, and marius keep trying to tell enj that grantaire likes him, dammit, but enj is having none of it. theres just no way, and besides, itd distract from the show

- the very small pit of éponine, joly, bossuet, montparnasse, and floreal (who i really should talk about more)

- feuilly is the set designer and he builds them with the help of his boyfriend bahorel and they are killing it

- valjean is the director

- no, cosette got in on pure talent

- valjean aint about that favoritism life yes he is


inspired by @inktaire’s goth éponine/cheerleader cosette AU

my headcanon is that éponine’s punk goth style is a byproduct of not having very much money for clothes, so she started to pretend that the rips and smudges were part of an intentional look. she’s fantastically jealous of cosette’s wardrobe of well-made skirts and blouses. meanwhile, cosette can’t get out of the house in anything that’s not proper and modest and would never be able to get permission to dye her hair even a darker shade of brown – can barely convince Valjean to let her wear any makeup at all – so she’s  fantastically jealous of what she perceives as éponine’s freedom to experiment.

for a while, neither one of them can tell the difference between “i want to be her” and “i want her.” 

buuuut they figure it out in the end.

okay but seriously in a modern au enjolras’ phone screen would be a nightmare.

like he’s always at protests so it’s gotta fall every once and a while (because, let’s be real, he’s always gonna have it on him in case of an emergency- i.e. his friends getting hurt and needing an ambulance) so the screen would be completely shattered.

i feel like he’d even manage to break otterboxes, too, with the amount of running around and general carelessness with his own wellbeing in comparison to others.

imagine his friends buying him a new phone case practically every week because he believes more in donating his money to people who need it or funding protests and projects rather than buying a new case.

imagine grantaire attempting to paint the cases in hopes that would give enjolras at least slight attachment to them and help him not break them as quick.

and,,it doesn’t really work.

but enjolras probably keeps a collection of the cracked painted cases because he admires r’s work so much.

imagine courfeyrac literally duct taping his phone to his hand, or jehan suggesting a purse.

enjolras would take the purse but he’d get annoyed with it while he runs or marches and he’d probably hand it to someone else and get his phone stolen.

just…enjolras and phones. probably not a good idea.

Some Enjolras headcanons:

-He cannot stand coffee. He drinks way, way too much of it but thinks it’s disgusting. Usually puts like half a cup of sugar in it.

-Clothing disaster. Owns four copies of the same outfit. Buys t-shirts in packs whenever he needs new ones. The only variation is when he gets gifts from his friends, which he then wears constantly no matter how aweful. No concept of an ironic gift.

-Never sleeps. He has not slept a full 8 hours in so long. Ends up falling asleep in weird places (floors, tables, Jehan).

-Literally attracts dirt? He cannot go anywhere without getting his clothes/general person dirty. All of the jokes have been made. Protests are even worse, he somehow ends up with blood on his clothes at even the most peaceful ones.

-Cold all the time.

-Has a lot? Of feelings? That he is not very good at expressing like a normal human? He gets very intense about things like apologies and gratitude and pep talks. Stares directly into your eyes without blinking, while reciting a passionate speech that sounds like he practiced it. He did.

-When he gives his friends cards for their birthdays he writes extremely heart felt messages all over them that have been known to make people cry. Combeferre has one framed.

-Hugs that are uncomfortably long and tight.

-Usually acts like such a statue that everyone but Courfeyrac and Combeferre are always blindsided when he does something disgustingly sweet and sappy.

-Attends every poetry reading, sports game, and recital that his friends have.

-Constantly gets into fights? Even though he’s a twig that literally anyone could snap in half? Another reason for the bloody clothes.

-Actually one of the youngest of Les Amis! He’s a grade ahead in school, so he went to university not long after his seventeenth birthday.

-Doesn’t make friends very easily. When each new person joined Les Amis he wouldn’t talk directly to them for weeks. Then one day he just sits down and does the uncomfortable eye contact thing and delivers a speech about social change and a better tomorrow and how much their help means to the group. It is the official Enjolras initiation.

-This is because he has no social skills.

-Has never given Grantaire the official welcoming rant. Probably never will.

What I’m getting at here is that the Chief is a living disaster hiding behind a thin vineer of perfect hair and rage.

-Grantaire is the only one who has never noticed what a complete mess Enj is.

where are the lm high school aus where the amis are formed initially so they could all just hang out in an empty classroom undisturbed while receiving a budget to do the community service projects they were already doing

Science Teacher Combeferre

Because I love teacher AUs and I cannot lie

  • Combeferre loves teaching so much? Kids can be so curious and like he always says, there are no dumb questions. Even kids who don’t like science have to admit that M. Ferre is amazing
  • His classroom is decorated with projects he organised with his students. There’s a mobile of the solar system, a mobile of an atom, of different chemical elements…
  • There’s an entire wall dedicated to “Quotes Albert Einstein Never Said, But That Could Make You Look Smart Anyway”
  • He used the solar system as his grading system, so a 100% mark is the Sun, a 90% is Mars etc etc. He draws and colours them himself. Students who were absent for the test get Pluto, because Combeferre has to admit it’s not a planet but he’ll be damned if Pluto gets forgotten
  • There’s probably a portrait of Neil deGrasse Tyson framed somewhere
  • “Today we’re going to study astronomy. Notice that I said astronomy and not astrology, because the fault may be in our stars, but giant balls of gas won’t give you the answers to next Friday’s test.”
  • He sings the Period Table song at the school’s talent show every year
  • “Everything is chemical, Kevin.”
  • Probably has some cool patches sewed up onto his lab coat, and students always offer him new ones on the last day of the year

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: grantaire & cosette

handwritten letters and postcards, painting onto skin, being dragged outside on sunny days, lying side by side at the top of a hill, moments of inspiration, soft humming and guitar lessons, old dungarees, meandering through art galleries, patience and encouragement, fighting off the numbness, noticing old scars, letting each other vent, cheap wine and picnic food, things you can’t tell anyone else. (requested by @a-maniac-and-a-queen


So @revolutjolras told me it’s time to post art again…and here we are.

This is my ‘Ghost Whisperer’ AU. Grantaire is able to see and communicate with the ghosts that haunt his friends - the dead versions of themselves from the barricade. Grantaire is also the only one who remembers his past life, which makes everything quite complicated.

So here we have the Ghost Whisperer Grantaire, Enjolras, Jehan and Bahorel, the first of a bigger set I have yet to finish *sweats*

Why are there two Jehan pics? Weeeell I accidentally drew the pic with the book first and remembered I wanted to do sth with his eyes covered…and went all ‘ok then both’

Anyway, more will follow soon (I hope)

Important Cosette things to consider:

Cosette with political and social commitment before and without the Amis and Marius.

Cosette always noticing little changes of people and complimenting the barista on her new haircut or the girl from her lecture on her new dress.

Cosette simply telling everyone how beautiful they look when she thinks so.

Pastel dresses and combat boots.

Cosette taking long walks with dogs from animal shelters through the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Cosette bringing home flowers for Valjean and hanging photos of them on the walls so his room doesn’t look empty and cold like a prison cell.

Just. Cosette and Valjean.

Cosette knitting mittens and hats when it starts to get cold and giving them to homeless people and shelters.

Cosette baking cookies or making soup and showing up at the Amis’ apartments when someone forgets to eat during their finals again.

Also weakly tea parties with the nuns.


eponine x cosette tangled au for @lesbianmiserable

from this post

Enjoltaire Headcanons: High School Au ft. Trans Enj

During middle and high school, Enjolras was in the gsa, debate team, the student council, and actively did community service. He also took a gov’t class.

Grantaire did nothing. He did art, but he didn’t wanna do after school activities. He would only help if asked by a friend, or the school made him.

R ended up making posters for the gsa, he ended up joining after meeting the cute boy with long blonde hair.

Enj struggled to do sports and would never change in the locker rooms. He never told anyone why.

R ran into him in the bathroom when he was changing for PE, confused because Enj was a pretty good kid who would follow most rules unless he was protesting it.

Enjolras finally told Grantaire that he didn’t wanna change in the locker room because of his binder. R kept his secret, he was the only one, aside from Courf and Ferre, who knew.

Grantaire’s crush became even stronger because of how much he admired Enjolras’ strength. He started doing more clubs to be closer with Enjolras. He mainly sat in the back corner, doing the bare minimum for the clubs.

During PE, some kid saw the strap of Enjolras’ binder and they all started to make fun of him. Grantaire got detention for punching the kid.

Enjolras starts crushing on R after the whole fight incident and they are both painfully obvious. Cosette talks with Enjolras, Eponine goes to R and they try to get the two together.

They get together at graduation when Grantaire says he wants to stay with Enjolras after high school. The rest of the amis argue if that counts as being still in high school or after. That debate lasts a few weeks before they finally exchange the money for the bets that they had made.


modern les mis au: joly.

  Joly was the “malade imaginaire” junior. What he had won in medicine was to be more of an invalid than a doctor. At three and twenty he thought himself a valetudinarian, and passed his life in inspecting his tongue in the mirror. He affirmed that man becomes magnetic like a needle, and in his chamber he placed his bed with its head to the south, and the foot to the north, so that, at night, the circulation of his blood might not be interfered with by the great electric current of the globe. During thunder storms, he felt his pulse. Otherwise, he was the gayest of them all. All these young, maniacal, puny, merry incoherences lived in harmony together, and the result was an eccentric and agreeable being whom his comrades, who were prodigal of winged consonants, called Jolllly . “You may fly away on the four L’s,” Jean Prouvaire said to him.
    Joly had a trick of touching his nose with the tip of his cane, which is an indication of a sagacious mind.

jeon jungkook as joly.