my legs are like a fur coat

Imagine giving Jon a gift before he leaves to join the Night’s Watch...

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Jon Snow is the only real friend I have here in Winterfell. Everyone else tends to ignore me because of what my parents did. Not too long ago my parents and the Stark family were good friends, however my parents got some news they could not keep to themselves and they willingly decided they should share it. 
But they were caught. One of Lord Stark’s associates was the person given the information and he turned my mother and father in; the next day they were flogged for their treason. Jon was the only person who didn’t see me for anything different. He didn’t see me for my parents crime, just the way I don’t see him as a bastard boy.

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things you said in your sleep (34) with my lil blueberry bamf Kurt?

Kurt Wagner +  things you said in your sleep

He normally doesn’t stay up later than you but the heat in the room was driving him up a wall. His blue fur, albeit a light coat, was matted against his skin, the sheets that were twisted around his legs and the uncomfortable temperature stopped him from sleeping. 

But next to him, you were sleeping soundly like the heat was nothing to you but it probably was. Your mutation seemed to always keep you cool, no matter the temperature.

He sat up, back resting against the headboard and closed his eyes.

“The frogs.”

His eyes snapped open at the sound of your voice in the midst of the heavy silence that wrapped around him. He looked down at you, brows furrowed and forehead wrinkling.

“Can’t keep them all.”

Kurt smiled as he realized you were just sleep talking. Your mumbling made him curious as to what you were dreaming but he settled on asking you later as you needed the sleep. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your jawline before moving to lie next to you.



December 25 will fall on a full moon this year.

Christmas Werewolves.

Werewolves having to find the extra-large Santa hats to wear on the night - over the ears or between the ears?

Having to get bobby pins to get the Santa hat to stay on, because tearing through forests at a full bounding sprint isn’t a Santa-hat-friendly activity.

Werewolf FAMILIES.

Christmas dinner is outside at night and consists of 27 various turkeys, ducks, hams, and other delicious meats, roasted the day before.

Nanna had an entire bottle of sherry to get tipsy and is wandering around, telling everyone that they look so nice, and their fur looks so glossy.

That one cousin of yours has just wrapped eight miles of tinsel around himself and is walking around like “I am a GENIUS. Admire my GENIUS.”

Presents are in even more paper than usual because tearing them open is even more fun when you have werewolf claws.

Christopher is Santa-wolf - he’s only 20 but he’s snow-white and fluffy, so stick a fucking Santa hat on him and that XXL red coat from your fat uncle (who ate a whole ham leg on his own and looks like an obese Labrador) and give him a sack and HEY KIDS, SANTA-WOLF IS HERE!

The kids are puppies.

Tim is only two and he wees in excitement - he will never live this down.

The kids are having almost as much fun ripping the wrapping paper into shreds as they are getting the presents.

Christopher is liking being Santa-wolf more and more as the night goes on.

Werewolf families having Christmas dinner.

C H R I S T M A S   W E R E W O L V E S

The Signs As Things That I’ve Said

ARIES: I swear to god if she fucking says a word to me or even glances at me or you I am gonna slap that bitch so hard that she’s gonna wanna climb right back into the womb.

TAURUS: I swear to god I will play all night if I have to so I can unlock this new blade on fruit ninja.

GEMINI: Yeah I’ll be there in like an hour (three hours later) Oops sorry I was playing the Kardashian game while I should’ve been showering :/

CANCER: Tears taste good… they’re salty.

LEO: But I’m cuter than her though lol

VIRGO:  Okay so I exfoliated my legs then shaved then exfoliated them again then put lotion on those bitches and goddamn do I feel alive

LIBRA: That is terrifying and unfair.

SCORPIO: I’m gonna be miserable all alone :(

SAGITTARIUS: I love shopping i2g I have to be rich when I’m older or ill throw myself over a cliff at a child’s bday party hoping to fall into a birthday cake

CAPRICORN: I rly don’t care if I love the guy but I swear I will end up stretched across a grand piano in a real fur coat looking all melodramatic one day

AQUARIUS: Okay but really what do you think aliens look like???

PISCES: Me: Love ya!!!!!!!!! lol

Friend: quit saying you love me !!!!!


SCANDAL meets Disney Villains; Commentary Footage

  • HARUNA: Hello, this is SCANDAL! The one I’m portraying is Maleficent. The main point of Maleficent’s costumes are the horns. As well as these which leads me to be unable to see the members on my sides, these wings.
  • RINA: As Ursula, I can’t see Haru’s face either. How worrying.
  • HARUNA: But at least I won’t get tangled up with anyone. I think that’s the number one part I’m most glad about. Now, the next member, Tomomi.
  • TOMOMI: I might not be able to see Maleficent, but this fringe here? I’m really into the eccentric fringe.
  • MAMI: So what are you?
  • TOMOMI: I’m the Wicked Queen.
  • MAMI: And the one I’m portraying is Cruella.
  • RINA / HARUNA: It really suits her, doesn’t it?
  • MAMI: Speaking of Cruella, it’s got to be her fur coat. And for this round, here’s the dalmatian.
  • RINA: And I’m Ursula on drums. My costume’s main point are these corals that make up of the chocker and stole. And then my hairstyle is alike to that of swimming in the middle of the ocean.
  • HARUNA / MAMI: It feels lovely, doesn’t it? It’s cute.
  • RINA: It’s a ladylike body type of Ursula (laughs). It has a good butt and the legs too, it’s like you can see me swim. This has been Ursula.
  • HARUNA: How was our Disney Villains? This year, the Disney Villains day is set!

Video upload by natalie, translated by fyscandalband. All interviews have been translated. For all of my SCANDAL meets Disney Villains translations, the tag is HERE!

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So I'm back(the comic thingy person) With personified seasons what gender do you think they would be and what do you think they would wear?

ok so its very late and im avoiding work but i dont care because I love this.  First of all I dont think they would have a discernible gender, since seasons are so rarely binary. 
Secondly, Clothes!  For reference I am looking at some work by @prinnay right now because I think her personified cloud women are wonderful.

Summer:  leaves in their hair, a light cover-up type shawl hanging off their arms.  a crop top and shorts would be my go-to for outfits, since summers are hot n stuff.  Sunglasses, sandals, bright colors everywhere.  Lots of golds and pinks and light blues. 

Fall: A long scarf and a cardigan with patches.  pants with mud on them and boots that look just a little too worn out.  probably a hat of some sort, but maybe they’re carrying it like they thought it would be colder than it actually is. 

Winter: ok full disclaimer here i kinda grew up in wisconsin so my idea of cold is not normal.  A long puffy coat but it’s not closed up so its blowing behind them.  A turtleneck sweater.  Bruises and chapped skin cuz winter hurts.  Fingerless gloves OR a muff depending on how formal you wanna get.  One of those winter hats with the braids on the earflaps.  Skipants (they look like thick leggings but they’re wide at the bottom for boots to fit inside).  Winter boots with fur-like lining at the top.

Spring: As much color as possible.  Light greens and reds and purples.  Jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up.  a t-shirt and a sunhat.  either a skirt or ripped jeans.  hiking boots. 

I dont know how magical you want these to look, so i didnt add a lot of the stuff like “fall carries the wind with them” or “winter is holding a blanket of snow” or anything like that but I can definitely go into that too if you want!  Good luck!

~ Lucy (nicole add your own!)

I’ve always personally thought of personified seasons as female (probably due to some mother earth imagery I picked up somewhere) but I don’t think that seasons really have a gender either. I grew up in Florida so some of my interpretations are probably a little off and i’m terrible at describing clothes (lucy is honestly so much better at this) but here goes nothing:

summer- very light fabric, golds and blues and whites. seashells and sand and foam from the ocean. sun kissed hair and skin, maybe in the form of gold flecks or freckles?

fall- leggings or jeans and boots. neutrals and deep, warm colors. a scarf and a jacket that’s been left open. leaves and acorns and squash. a sweater that’s slightly too large but very snuggly. when i think of fall there’s also like a calico cat or a wolf or something? idk fall feels both cozy and mysterious to me.

winter- icy blues and whites or jewel tones. i always picture it with a cape or cloak of some sort. fractals. either very shiny fabric or very soft like velvets. winter always feels formal and rigid to me and presents as dangerous and intangible.

spring- hi-low skirts, capris, rolled up jeans. delicate fabrics. bright colors and clashing patterns. flower crowns and daisy chains and bubbles.

I’m not sure if any of that was remotely helpful but good luck! ~Nicole

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Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: vacation

Izaya didn’t like the sun. Despite him almost always being some degree of cold, he preferred it that way; he didn’t go out of his way to seek out the sun, simply turning up the heat or kotatsu if needed. Sometimes just find Shizuo and lay next to him.

And, besides, the sun did extraordinarily harmful things to human skin.

But Shizuo wanted to go on a vacation and Izaya, being Izaya, figured he probably owed him some sort of nice deed for putting up with him. And since Izaya had intentions on keeping their relationship, he realized that while he most often took, once in a while he’d give. And this time, his giving was a three day vacation in the most disgusting and humid and hot tropical location he’d ever been in.

The name slipped his mind, probably because he was too busy being angry. While Shizuo seemed perfectly fine in flip flops and an open shirt, swim trunks on and sunglasses, Izaya felt like he was sweltering. He donned a hat, swim trunks (because of Shizuo’s nagging), flip flops (also Shizuo’s nagging), and only won on keeping his fur trim coat.

Which turned out to be an absolutely terrible idea.

“Izaya,” he heard. “Why don’t you take it off?”

“I’m protecting my skin,” Izaya mumbled, grateful for all the sunscreen he had applied to his exposed legs and feet, skin pale from a lack of exposure. “Shizu-chan should too. Did you even apply sunscreen?”

Shizuo blinked. “No.”

“…Is Shizu-chan capable of getting burnt–aah, never mind, probably not…”

Sighing, he was only too grateful to reach the umbrella they’d set up on the beach. The beach, he’d been appalled to see, they were by a beach and Shizuo wanted to spend all day on it. Again, Izaya decided this was a time of giving and agreed to go with him, but he found the biggest umbrella and towel he could, brought several water bottles, was ready to make up any excuse to get out of swimming–

“Hey, so I don’t know if you can swim–”


“But I got you something. It might make it a bit better. Even blew it up myself.”

Expecting a raft or something (it would actually sort of be nice, he thought), Izaya turned, but he came nose to beak. A disgustingly orange beak connected to an atrociously yellow duckie tube, the kind that little five-year-olds ran around in. Except this one was larger, apparently made for adults.

Izaya stared.



“…It’s… great…”

Orihara Izaya really liked his relationship with Heiwajima Shizuo.

In Sheep’s Clothing

Part 2: Little Green Riding Hood.

By: Alliswell. Find me at AOO. (All mistakes are mine, but the Characters are not)

After meeting a stranger on the way to grandmother’s house, Katniss starts to experience steamy inappropriate dreams about the man with the startling blue eyes; her fingers are crossed, hoping that her dreams would come true, and Peeta Mellark will help her understand her newfound sensual desires. (M for sexual content)   

Inspirational sources (used very loosely): Little Red Riding hood, by Charles Perrault, dream sequence loosely based off: An American Werewolf in London (1981 Horror Film)

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