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Today is the start of my “love the skin you’re in” campaign. I’m fed up of seeing articles, facebook statuses, depressing tweets, pictures on Instagram of people hating their bodies or putting down others because they aren’t perfect; This is me saying WHO GIVES A FUCK!!

I want every single person on this planet to feel amazing about the way they look. Not one person is completely flawless. We all have our lumps and bumps and I hope that I can inspire others to realise that that’s okay and above anything, it’s normal!
I’m fairly slim, a UK size 6-8, but my belly is a little bit squidgy, I’m not completely toned, I don’t have a thigh gap, but I can clearly see that I’m not overweight and I certainly wouldn’t say I’m fat! I’m really happy with the way that I look at the minute. I used to be so hung up on not looking perfect because my belly isn’t completely flat and my legs aren’t as fab as angelina jolie’s!

I wear an ileostomy bag which I will for the rest of my life, and I don’t care who knows or what other people think. I’ve learnt that there is more to life than worrying about every single small detail about myself. There is so much that I want to do and achieve in life and it’s never going to happen if I’m too bothered about not shaving my legs in a few days.

This is the message im trying to spread. Push yourself one day and wear a crop top, put yourself out of your comfort zone for a while and you’ll feel so proud that you’ve done that. Maybe it won’t happen straight away but you’ll feel great for having a go!
This is the start of a fantastic campaign for everyone to feel amazing!

Had to reupload due to forgetting to edit some stuff! Sorry! My Japanese has been going well, just learning vocab for the JLPT 3. I’m not wanting to admit I may be out of my depth with level 3, but I won’t admit defeat! I also may not be able to take it in December, it clashes with my German classes. For Chinese I’m listening to a lot of Chinese music, and I have most basic grammar structures for level A1 down! Just need some vocab and more grammar and I’ll be away laughing 😆 I also started reading Harry Potter in German. I’m keeping a little notebook with the vocab I don’t know in it so it gets easier as I go along! I start my German classes in 2 days, and when I start classes I also start the 100 days of productivity challenge to keep me motivated 😄 Hopefully my small amount of German knowledge helps me out and gives me a leg up on my competition (๑و•̀ω•́)و Have a fab week! 🌱

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Today at work someone hit me with their metal shopping basket really hard in the leg. I apologised to them and they just scoffed at me? So now I have a huge bruise on my leg which is just fab cos this guy couldn't just look where he was going.