my leggings are fab

hello! i got tagged by @self-inkingquill and @textbookellie to name five things i like about myself, and then tag my favorite accounts/followers :) so here we go!

1. my hair (it actually cooperates? and is so great bless up)

2. my handwriting

3. my ability to become friends with anyone

4. my legs (they look good. love summertime clothes/weather.)

5. my fab conversational skills

and i tag @aloha-studying, @lavistudy, @pencil-padawan, @jordanstvdies, and @sanaestudies

an Meme
  • Nicknames: Terpy and various thereof
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Height: just under 5.3″ 
  • Time right now:  2:02 PM
  • Last thing you Googled: refurbished Wii U
  • Favorite music artist(s): I recently started catching up on Muse! but mostly been listening to a lot of various post modern rock
  • Last song stuck in my head: Epona’s Song
  • Last movie: Dead in Tombstone
  • My fab outfit: any combination of DBH shirts, straight leg jeans and various printed converse or other Sweet Kicks 
  • When did I create this blog: a few years ago because - I don’t remember why
  • The trash I post: Silly Shit, Cute Shit usually in the form of strange and underappreciated animals, Art Shit, Weeb Shit, Space Cowboys
  • Do you get asks regularly: Not really!
  • Why did you choose your URL?: I wanted something more distinct and not self-depricating like my old one.
  • Gender: *sweats inexplicably*
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw apparently!
  • Pokemon team: Mystic (I hardly played tho)
  • Favorite color: MMMM I really like magenta and cyan rn
  • Dream job: honestly whatever makes me feel valid LMAO
  • Number of blankets: one! a down blanket that’s usually Just Right
  • Followers: Somewhere around ~610
  • Tagging: anyone who wants to do it!

anonymous asked:

Today at work someone hit me with their metal shopping basket really hard in the leg. I apologised to them and they just scoffed at me? So now I have a huge bruise on my leg which is just fab cos this guy couldn't just look where he was going.