my left leg looks so banged up

Telemovie drabble. 350 words exactly (it’s the best I could do, I’m a whore for adjectives)

“Lucien, are you limping?” Jean asked as they approached their door back in Ballarat.

“No, I’m fine. Just a little sore from that tumble down Katherine’s stairs.” He lied. His left glute and thigh were killing.

“Well are you hurt? Is there anything I can do?” She turned as soon as they got inside, eyeballing him in inspection.

He thought of asking her to massage his left “rear leg area”, but thought better if it laughing at the thought. If only they were married already.

“What’s funny?” She asked confused by his laughter.

“It’s nothing.” He said brushing her arm. “I’m just laughing at myself. Nothing a hot bath and cold compress won’t fix. I’ll be fine.”

“Cold compress? So you are hurt.” She put a hand on his arm.

“My left leg is a little banged up. I’ll get a better look when I bathe, but I’m fine Jean, really.” He gave her a weak smile and their eyes locked for a heartbeat.

She wished so much that they were married so she could tell him to strip down for that bath, inspect his hurt and take care of him. It’s one of the things she craved about their future, to be able to care for him in every way. That intimate knowledge and permissibity… the only thing missing from them.

“Well, I’ll go run that bath for you. Change into your dressing gown and it will be ready.” She gave a sweet smile that made him ache to have her.

Minutes later they met on the stairs. She noticed his bare leg as he stepped up, and her body physically reacted to the sight of it.

“I hope the bath helps.” She said, placing a hand on his arm. Their eyes catching as they brushed past one another.

“Thank you Jean.” And he turned to watch her descend the rest of the stairs, enjoying her lingering scent. When she reached the bottom she turned to look up at him, she had felt his eyes on her. They both smiled knowingly. They were almost there, just three more weeks.

Today, I fucked up.. by jumping off my high school

Like many fuck ups here, this one did not happen today. It happened a little over a year ago while I was in my senior year of highschool. My two friends and I were bored at around midnight over winter break, so we decided to do what every reasonable teenager would do, climb on top of our high school. We went to a fairly large high school with various rooftop heights, so we decided to find the lowest point on the school parkour our way to the highest point. We found a gate in the front of the school which connected to a wall, which connected to the building, and within a couple of minutes, we were on top of our high school- yay!

This is where the FU starts.

Within a couple of minutes of chilling on top of our school’s roof and feeling like the coolest mfs around, my friend (let’s call him Steve) looks out toward the front of the school (the side that we climbed up on) and points out that a police car is rolling into the parking lot. So naturally we freak the fuck out and attempt to decide what further action we should take. We decided that it wasn’t likely that the police had been called on us since it was fairly dark, and he probably hadn’t seen us yet, leading us to decide that waiting for him to leave was our best option. About 15 minutes into silently waiting for this officer to leave, my other friend (let’s call him Bill) peaks up and thinks he sees the car’s door open. So we decide to make evasive action. We head toward the back of the school (the only somewhat low place we could have jumped down from) and prepare for a solid 16 feet drop. Steve decides to take the initiative and be the first one to jump, which he lands pretty well. Then it was my turn. Now, I have never been the most athletic person out there, but I was confident that I could make this jump. I decide to decrease the distance between myself and the ground by hanging off the roof top, and letting go (fucking genius, I know). BANG. I hit the ground hard and immediately get on my back. I didn’t feel any pain at first, but the look on Steve’s face was enough to tell me that I fucked up big time. I attempted to move my left leg, but it wasn’t having it. It was completely bent to the right and was wobbling where the fractured occurred. Bill saw that I hurt myself (still on the rooftop) and jumped off, but he was alright. So now I’m on the ground shouting profanities while my two friends are figuring out how the hell we get out of this mess. Left with really no options, I called 911 and had an ambulance sent. Guess which police officer responded to the emergency first. Yep, the guy we were attempting to flee from. He casually walked over to us with an unamused look on his face, and proceeded to ask us how this whole mess happened. We gave him a pretty simple explanation, including the part where we were trying to get away from him. His response? “You guys thought I was looking for you? I was just sitting in my car playing angry birds on my phone while waiting for my shift to end.”

tl;dr: Climbed my high school, ran from the police, broke my leg, got help from the police.

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Waiting Pt. 5 (Yoongi)

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Word Count: 1,842 words

Waiting | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 6  | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9 | Pt. 10 | Pt. 11 | Pt. 12 | Pt. 13

The moon. Some nights it shows half of itself. Other nights it wasn’t present. A full moon isn’t even the whole moon, only half. The other half will always be hidden, only showing you one side.

That was what he was to you.

He was your moon. Now, your nights were moonless and moonlight was nothing but a mere fragment of imagination.


“Yes, baby?”

“Do you like Mr. Yoongi?” You were sipping on a cup of coffee while your kids were eating breakfast. You choked on your coffee and placed the cup on the counter you were leaning against.

“He’s just a friend.” You rubbed your arms, your thumb smoothing the fabric of your cardigan as the thought of Yoongi came to your mind. He was awfully quiet nowadays since he kissed you and your confusing response.

What actually were you two? Kissing strangers? An ex-boyfriend that you love and hate? The father of your children that you casually kissed?

“Mommy, you look sad again.”

“Do I?” You made silly faces, making your kids giggle and watched them eat. They said cute little ‘done’s when they finished and you washed their bowls. You finished your coffee and took your kids out.

Their birthday was in only 5 days and you finally got an appointment to pick the theme for the party. You arrived at the location, your kids rushed out the car, running to the door and you caught up to them.

“Right on time. Wow.”

“I’m YS/N!”

“I’m YD/N!”

“You have some cute kids.”

“Thank you..Tyler?”

“I prefer my English name over my Korean name.”

“It suits you.”

“ do you two have an idea of what you two want?”



“Trains are boring!”

“Mermaids aren’t real!” They both kept bickering until he stopped them.

“Hey, hey how about we look like different themes and you two can choose from one of those.”


“Come on.” He let you into a princess themed room and your daughter fell in love with it. You could imagine Jin enjoying the interior a bit and playing along with your daughter.

“You solved that quicker than I would have.”

“I get along with three kinds of people, children, beautiful women and the elderly.”

“Which do I fall under?”

“Hm? Elderly, maybe.”

“Yah.” You poked his arm while he chuckled and he guided you to the next room, which was car themed. Your son gushed at the amount of cars in the room and your daughter pouted.

“Aww, baby don’t pout. We don’t have to choose this room, okay?”

“But I really like this room, mommy!”

“It’s only fair you both like the same theme until you want to split your themes?”

“I still have a few more themes to show you if you still want to look around more?”

“It’s up to you two.”

“More themes, please!” They both said simultaneously and you laughed a little along with Tyler. He showed you an animal themed party and you saw both of their eyes light up.

“I think they like this one.”


“Yes, baby?”

“We want this one!”

“You heard them, they want this one.”

“Perfect, so I just need to steal your mom for a moment and we’ll be right back.”

“What is it?”

“Would you like to go out sometime?”

“Hmm, if you don’t mind an old lady that might fall asleep halfway through the date.”

“It could be a fun activity, sleeping. You probably have cute snores.”

“You’re quite the charmer.”

“I know what I like.”

“Mhm, so tomorrow night?”

“Give me your number so I could get your address.”

“Can’t you check the system?”

“How will I know you saved my number too?”

“Very true.” You exchange phones, adding yourself and he read yours aloud.

“‘That cute girl from work’, huh?”

“If you want my name, you’ll learn it tonight.” You walked back inside the room, collecting your giggling children and said bye to Tyler. You gave him a teasing wink before leaving the place and going back home.

Your kids hopped on the couch, indulging in their cartoons and you got a call from Jin.

How was the appointment?
It’s great, got a guy’s number, a date tomorrow and their birthday party is animal themed.
Wait, back up. You got a guy’s number and you’re going out with him?
Yeah, he seems very sweet and he was cute
But what about Yoongi?
What about him?
He told about what happened the other night.
It was a knee jerk reaction. It doesn’t mean I’m still in love with him
But there’s something there.
Jin, we’ve been over this. Yoongi and I have been apart for 4 years and I needed to move on. Maybe it’s time I let someone else in.
Y/N, you still have lingering feelings.
Maybe he’ll end them.
When are you two going out?
Tonight at 7, you mind be my babysitter?
How can I say no?
Thank you JinJin
*Sigh* You’re going to make me promise not to tell him, aren’t you?
Jin, you’re the best. Honestly.
I love you~
You two..aish. I’ll call you later.

You ended the call and texted Tyler your address.

Is there any way I can know your name before our date?
Afraid not ;)
Are you always this much of a tease?
I better get an answer tonight
You will :)

You left it alone, wanting to have the last word and joined your kids in the living room. They watched their shows excitedly and you made lunch after a while.

You called Jin to come over and you started getting ready. You wore a champagne cocktail dress and black flats, putting on effort for this date.


“Mommy looks pretty.”

“Is it for Mr. Yoongi?”

“No. No. Mommy is going to go meet a friend.” They nodded and went back to playing and Jin stared at you.

“Is there lipstick on my teeth?”

“No, you’re just putting a lot of effort into this.”

“First date in 4 years, I need to look presentable.”

“You look like you’re really into him even though you met him today.”

“Jin, come on. Not tonight, please.”

“Fine.” You heard a knock on the door and you opened to be welcomed with a bouquet of flowers.


“I felt like you were the flower type.”

“Your guess was right.”


“Of course. Let me just say bye to my kids.” You kissed both of their heads and left with Tyler in tow.

“You look great.”

“I don’t look like I have two kids, do I?”

“That doesn’t matter, you’re gorgeous regardless.”

“Well you clean up nice, much better than your orange and blue uniform.”

“Sometimes, I want to burn that thing. The colours are all wrong.”

“Which would you choose?”

“Red and white.”


“What about you? What do you do?”

“I’m an editor but I work at home because I can’t trust my kids in daycare. One time I had to leave a meeting because my son decided to draw pictures on their sleeping assistant.”

“But they seem so well mannered.”

“They oddly enough listen to me, my friend Jin and apparently you too.”

“I’m the third person to tame them.”

“Consider yourself lucky.”

“Here’s my car.” You stopped in your tracks, eyeing the red exterior and slipped into the passenger seat.

“You like it?”

“Prefer it in blue.”

“I can’t please you, can I?”

“I’m just messing with you, I like it.” He smiled at you, his smile was so cute. He drove you to a restaurant and you linked arms with him on your way in.

“Table for two, it’s under Lee Jinki?”

“Right this way.”

“Jinki? Like Onew from Shinee?”


“Almost as cute as him.”


“You gotta prove that you’re cuter.” He started doing aegyo and you felt yourself getting second hand embarrassment.

“Yah, stop it.”

“I try to look cute for you but you just end up looking cuter.”

“Stop it.”

“Are you going to blush?”



“Fine, now quit it.”

“Say I’m cuter.”

“You’re cuter.”

“Was that so hard?” You kicked his legs under the table, him grasping his shin and you smiled innocently.

“Is everything alright, sir?”

“Just banged my leg against the table, I’m fine.”

“What will you two be having tonight?”

“Can I have some tomato soup please?”

“And you, sir?”

“Chicken parmigiana.”

“Your meal will be served shortly.” The server left and you turned back to him.

“You still haven’t told me your name.”

“Why is that first thing that came to mind?”

“I want to be about to say ‘I just had an amazing date with…’”

“You’re going to brag about me?”

“The elderly need their time in the spotlight too, the young kids can’t have it all the time.”

“I’m not even a grandma yet.”

“Maybe you’re just a old soul.”

“In a young woman’s body?”

“A gorgeous young woman’s body.”

“Too bad my life this time was still pretty bad.”

“You got two cute and wonderful kids, a supportive friend and an idiot chasing after you.”

“You’re not an idiot.”

“I do pretty stupid stuff.”

“Can’t be that bad.”

“One time I was dyeing my hair back to black and end up with pink hair for three weeks.”

“Do you have a picture?” You stifled a laugh and tried to imagine him with pink hair.

“You’re laughing at my pain.”

“No, it’s just. Did you time it wrong?”

“Fell asleep and washed it way past the time it said on the box.”

“You probably looked cute with pink hair.”

“I looked like my little pony throw up on my head.”

“Was there glitter?” He chuckled and you smiled. Your food came out after that, your tomato soup looking inviting,

“Mind if you give me a taste?”

“If you give me a bite of yours.”

“Fair deal, sure.” You fed him a spoonful of soup and patted his cheek.

“You eat well.” He gave you a bite, repeating the same thing to you. You finished your soup, the hearty goodness of tomato soup slowly being digested.

“Still don’t know your name.”

“I said I would tell you tonight but I didn’t say when exactly.”

“You sure you’re not a lawyer?”

“I should be, shouldn’t I?”

“You should have. You could have taken the justice system by storm.” He drove back to your apartment after paying for the meal and he followed you up to your apartment door.

“So, this is the part where we say goodbye.”

“I guess so.”

“I had fun tonight.”

“I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.” He looked at you, his eyes glancing at your lips a few times before he rested his hand on your waist. You stepped in closer before he leaned in to kiss you.

You tasted the chicken on his tongue yet his lips was oozing with sweetness. Your hand made its way to his tousled hair, tugging at the strands and you heard footsteps coming towards you.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

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About Living Through a Roll-Over Car Crash

I’ll go ahead and cover the specific details of what happened, then go back and go over all the many thoughts and feelings on everything.

I left work on Friday, October 24th 2014 and almost immediately started on what was supposed to be approximately a 13-hour drive with my friend up to the Colorado Springs/Denver region in Colorado.  The hope was to attend the memorial service of Justin Carmical, aka JewWario, on the morning of October 25th.  I’d never made the drive up to Colorado before, although I had made the drive back down through the exact same route before.  I was driving my 2005 Chevrolet Malibu, a car I’d had for nearly 10 years and had already driven all over the country, from San Antonio to Orlando and back a couple times, to California and back a couple times, to Washington DC and back, to Seattle and back, took it on a 3,500 mile honeymoon trip, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven to Dallas or Houston and back.  I put over 160,000 miles on that car, and I’d made lots of really long trips.  I wasn’t exactly afraid.  And I had my friend in the car with me to keep me awake for the drive.  I thought I was being safe.

We’d made it maybe 9 or 10 hours, and had actually made it all the way into Colorado.  In the grand scheme of things, we were almost there.  By that time, it was almost 2 AM on Saturday morning.  It was completely dark outside, and we were far away from any cities and any light.  I wasn’t even around any other cars.  The last cars I’d seen had long since passed me.  I was going fast, although not over the speed limit.  I was going 70, and with all the mountains, I was shocked that people weren’t scared to be driving 80 or more.  My friend fell asleep for just a little bit.  I was headed northbound on the I-25, driving in the right-hand lane of the two-lane northbound highway.

And that’s when it happened.  There was a big ol’ buck deer, standing tall and huge with massive antlers, standing with his front half in my lane and his back half in the shoulder.  But it was so incredibly dark outside, so far away from civilization, I didn’t see him until I was nearly right up on him.  So I slammed on my breaks and swerved to the left to try to avoid hitting him. 

Admittedly, from everything I’ve ever heard, if you’re about to hit an animal you’re really supposed to speed up instead, if you can’t safely avoid them.  But when you have what probably amounts to less than three seconds to react to what’s in front of you and you’ve never been in the situation before, your gut reaction is to go, “EVASIVE MANEUVERS!”  So I braked and swerved, but in the end it really wasn’t enough time to clear the buck.  I’m not sure just how much of the deer I hit or how much of the car was actually damaged by the deer, but I’m pretty certain I clocked him in the head on the passenger side, he hit the windshield, shattering the left-hand side.  That woke my passenger up, and as you can imagine he started screaming obscenities.  The push from the hit, on top of my swerving and breaking, caused my car to fishtail even further into the left-hand lane, and I could feel myself starting to lose control.  It’s a sensation I can only compare to having played some broken racing arcade games, like Daytona USA, where the steering wheel is completely loose and barely responsive, and when the game is supposed to give rumbling feedback and feel weighty in your hands, it does none of that at all.  At that point it probably didn’t matter which direction I turned the wheel in, it wasn’t gonna matter.  And at that speed while we were sliding, that slide soon turned into a roll, rolling further left.  We rolled at least twice.  My friend and I swear that we might have even felt ourselves roll a third time, but the officer who later surveyed the scene said the evidence suggested we only rolled twice.  We finally landed, thankfully right-side up, and in the middle of the grassy median between the northbound and southbound lanes of the I-25 away from any possible traffic that might show up, and the car completely shut itself off aside from its amber parking lights, with my never-used car alarm blaring from somewhere in the trunk. 

So, that was a lot of words, but, how long did that whole thing take?  I dunno, really.  But if I had to make a guess, I’d say from sight of deer to hitting full stop in the grass, maybe 15 seconds.  I don’t know, it’s a really rough estimate.  I’m just saying, it doesn’t exactly take a whole heck of a lot of time for a lot of damage to go down. 

So, my first instinct is to identify how bad I am.  I really quickly determined that my left leg felt banged up from my left leg slamming against it and knocking it into the door, but I was otherwise fine.  I hardly had to look myself over at all.  Which then came the immediate reaction of asking my friend if he was okay.  It was dark, but he was talking and I could see him moving.  He seemed relatively alright, although reacting to some kind of slight soreness or pain.  I immediately said out loud, “I have to call 911!”  My phone, shockingly, was still basically where I’d left it, between the driver and passenger seats, although it had been knocked out of its protective rubber case.  As I was pulling my phone up, my friend managed to find his phone and use the flashlight app to look me over and see if I was okay.  He gave it to me to look him over and… he did not look as okay as I felt I was.  I was scared it was so much worse than it ended up being, but the right-hand side of his face was covered in blood, and there was blood and hair on the roof near the window.

The paramedics were relatively quick to arrive, really just a handful of minutes.  Ten minutes at the most, maybe?  I was really alert, and I think I was pretty calm, able to clearly answer questions with “Yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am”.  Standing up wasn’t really a problem, just that slight soreness in my left leg, it seemed.  But my friend was taken away in a stretcher.  He was pretty alert, though.  Actually, I wonder if the worse experience was as they were trying to give him an IV, because he hates needles.  His screams were worse with the needle than they were when we were rolling.  Before we got in, I was trying hard to find my purse because it had my identification in it.  I looked at the car, and it just looked like death.  Every window was blown out, the rearview mirrors were gone, and the roof and doors were somewhat crushed in.

We were taken back to a little hospital in Trinidad, Colorado.  They gave us excellent care, the best I’d ever had from a hospital.  The thing I’m most thankful of is that my friend only had a minor head wound.  Once his face was washed all that was scratched up was the top of his head, and even then the scratches weren’t deep.  They didn’t even need stitches or glue, they just cleaned it up and bandaged it up, and for the most part he was good to go, although they gave him some other things to take care of himself.  If you looked at me, you almost wouldn’t think I was in an accident.  But I was pretty concerned for my friend because that whole day he never seemed to have much of an appetite. 

I was feeling a lot of different things.  One of my perhaps more selfish feelings was that I’d gotten so close to Denver and wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to my friend, Justin, at his memorial.  I was pretty broken up about it.  I was also feeling incredibly guilty about my friend.  I was convinced it was my fault he was hurt now, and in a way I still somewhat feel that way.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done with myself if something worse had happened to him.  But the people at the hospital comforted me saying, “You know people have accidents, right?” and, “A deer in the road is not your fault.”  Heck, even the insurance company is saying I wasn’t at fault because of the deer.  But I asked him to come with me, and if I hadn’t done that he wouldn’t be like this now.  And looking his mom in the eye when we flew back into San Antonio, all I knew how to do was say, “I’m so sorry.”  I couldn’t have handled it if it was worse than that. 

Strangely enough, I thought about my own condition very little.  In fact, I’m a little weirded out at how I handled a lot of things.  I think I was most afraid right before I clipped the buck.  I don’t know how loud I said it, but I just had enough time to say, “DEER!” out loud before everything happened.  But once we got into the fishtailing, and throughout the rolling, I don’t remember feeling much.  I don’t remember my heart pounding.  I only remember so much fear.  I mean, yeah, there was fear, but it wasn’t, like, terror.  In fact, I don’t feel like the scream I was making in the car really sounded like terror.  Like, it was a loud, “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!”, but it wasn’t this blood-curdling sound like you might imagine from a movie.  It was just… a noise.  I remember once we landed and it was basically all over, I do recall feeling sensation coming back to the tips of my fingers, like either my blood had left my extremities for a while or that was me coming off of adrenaline.  But it was only in the tips of my fingers.  They say you don’t feel much when you’re in the heat of things and that you’ll feel it all later, but I remember feeling my legs knocking during the roll, and I immediately felt the slight pain and soreness and examined it when we first landed.  Since then, nothing else has popped up unexpectedly.  Furthermore, the roll seemed strangely smooth, when you think about it.  I sort of pictured a roll-over looking kind of bouncy, and granted, I have no idea how we actually looked, but it felt more like being on a pre-built rollercoaster built with smooth corkscrews, and I just wasn’t expecting it.  I felt two rolls, but only because my sense of gravity was telling me I was turning upside down.  I wasn’t necessarily feeling bounces and slams. You know, I wonder if it would have been more scary in the daylight.  At night, I couldn’t see anything during all the rolling.  At daylight I might have been able to see everything or get dizzy or something.  But there was one other scary thought, although I didn’t think about it until after it was all over, that I had no idea where I was or when we were going to stop.  

My friend and I had some incredibly gracious help from some wonderful people - Sarah, Maureen, Jacob, and so many other people.  Without all of these people and the care and love of so many people, my friend and I wouldn’t have been able to make it home the following day safely without them.

And I’ll tell you this much; that I was in such an awful accident while on the way to say goodbye to my friend Justin, it has only made me want to finish the FamiKamen Rider movie all that much more, and do it to the best of my ability with Josh, even though we only have so much time.  In fact, Matt will be out here prepping to film with us in a week.  There’s still so much to do.  I need to keep doing this.  Maybe it really is what I’m supposed to be doing.

Unlike a lot of people, which I do to an extent understand, I believe that things happen for a reason.  I believe that, despite the fact that my friend and I were in an accident, I believe that the fact that we weren’t anywhere near other people, that we landed upright, that we landed away from any possible oncoming traffic, and that I walked away with only bruises, might just be significant.  And, if I’m still alive after all that (I mean, I could have been thrown out the window, much like my purse was when they found it on the scene far away from the car), then I think that there’s quite possibly a very real reason for that.  There’s still something I’m supposed to be doing.  Probably something important.  I don’t know what that might be.  But whatever it is, I haven’t done it yet.  

This is why I said on Twitter that some days, you need to be able to appreciate that you’ve been given the gift of one more day to live.  You’ve got to get out there and do something with all the breath you still have left in your lungs.  There’s still a point to you being here, even if you can’t see it right in front of your face.  Just keep looking.  If you haven’t found it yet, it means it hasn’t shown itself to you yet, and there’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s coming.  I can’t tell you when.  But it’ll come.

Also, just so we’re clear?  Seatbelts.  Wear your freaking seatbelts.  I might’ve been flung out a wide open, shattered window if not for seatbelts.


Can’t stress it enough.