my laugh is horrendous


‘Come on and kill me baby, while you smile like a friend’ 🎶

~Alex Turner laughing during the EYCTE era~


Whenever I feel super down and sad
I just remember that there are people in my life that genuinely love me.
This is what my best friend made me for my birthday.
52 reasons why she loves me.
There are silly things she loves about me, like my horrendous laugh that sounds like a dying whale or the way I dance like a stoned hippy (which I am)
And particularly small things: the way she sees me whenever I open the door to let her in.

Yes, sometimes you might feel like utter useless shit and you think no one cares if you’d leave this planet but please never ever forget that this planet is HUGE(!) and there is a wonderful and loving person just around the corner waiting for you.
Luckily I found my soulmate already.
Thank you for being in my life,
I love you.