my laugh doesn't sound like a laugh at all

3. Young Thieves

inspired by @julykings prompts

What makes them young? They were laughing.

What makes them thieves? They stole.

What did they steal? Something from inside my throat. Isn’t that where laughter lives? 

What did they actually take? Nothing.

What about their hands? You can steal without your hands. 

So, how do you know it was them? I heard them laughing.

You need proof. Like I said, I heard them laughing.

Yes, you said. You don’t understand.

Explain. They had my laugh in their throats.

How could you tell? I know the sound of my own voice. Don’t you?

No. Maybe you only recognize it once it’s gone.

Maybe you’re looking for someone to blame for your emptiness. Maybe.

They were just kids laughing. Maybe.

You are just sad. Yes.

iwatchshoujo  asked:

So first of all, THANK YOU for your blog, because the first thing I've been doing for a year after my bi-monthly shoot of Crystal (hum... doesn't sound right) was to check it for updates and laugh. THANK YOU also for your anime recommendations. Mangaru Penguidrum was so awesome to watch and I'm balancing some dark Madoka-chan with some fun Umaru-chan right now. Let's keep on laughing at haters and enjoy our magical girls!

Really happy that you like it!.

Also really happy that you love my anime recommendations, especially with shows like Mawaru Penguidrum. It is really unfair that this anime is so underrated when it’s one the best ones I’ve ever seen.

This anime has one of the best and most touching stories ever, it’s also really funny, it’s full of symbolism and the style and animation is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

So I’m really happy that Mawaru Penguindrum is getting so much love from all of you.

Also it’s a good idea to balance some dark Madoka

with happy and funny Umaru-chan

Also if you want some more ~suffering magical girls~ don’t forget to check out the flawless Yuuki Yuuna is a hero.

At first it’s like

and then it’s all like

YAY for Mahou Shoujos!, they’re the best <3.