my latest vid


are you going through life with no idea what you want to do? do you have no clear plan for your future? do you ever wish you could follow some crazy career instead? well i do too.

so watch and make fun of me as i make fun of my quarter-life crisis.

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Another smoothie bowl post 💁🏼🍌🍓 Whats your favourite combo? I’m loving the banana mango icecream topped with more mango, strawberries, and rawnola 😛 To see how I made this check out my latest WIED vid 👏🏼 P.s. I posted a new BURGER recipe vid 🍔 Have you seen it yet?


I thought I’d give you guys something a little bit sexy? I guess. Here ya go. Enjoy my latest Westallen vid! 



My latest Karamel vid! hope you all watch and enjoy :D I loved making it, I had so many feels.

Anyway if you can’t watch it just yet, it’s because I’ve literally just uploaded it so just try again later.


hiiiiiieeeee everyone! my latest youtube vid is up. it’s a cute early sixties glam! enjoy xoxo<3


Check out my latest fan vid! :) 


Check out my latest YouTube vid! Like, share and subscribe if you liked it! @darius willis on YouTube

plushy16  asked:

Omg!!!!! Hailey senpai featured my ask in her latest vid!!! I'm so happy!!!! Eeeee!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I have been noticed by my senpai! ❤❤❤❤ my life is complete!!!

Welp, happy to help! :)


I spent the weekend vidding when I should have been writing.

Here’s my latest vid:
Felix/Izzy from Road to Avonlea.  I keep learning new things.  Pretty happy with this one though it was much harder to make than either of the others in many ways.