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Yooo, I have started a new longfic, here have chapter one (or if you prefer, here is the A03 link) - fair warning, this is a student/teacher fic because my trashiness knows no bounds, ENJOY!

Burn Through Me

Chapter One


“Yeah?” Bard called, the toast was on but he wasn’t holding out any hopes of actually being able to eat it before they had to leave, because he still hadn’t finished ironing the creases out of Tilda’s uniform dress – creases which definitely hadn’t been there last night – and Bain was nowhere to found.

Actually it was a little concerning that Bain wasn’t downstairs yet, he wasn’t normally this bad about getting up for school and this would not be the way to start the new school year. Bard suddenly had a horrible feeling he was still in fact asleep.

“I can’t find my lucky hairband.” Sigrid complained, looking far more bothered by this than Bard felt she should be in reality, but then he wasn’t a nine year old, so clearly they had different priorities.


Things I’m currently in love with

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1 song: breezeblocks by alt-j

2 movies: the breakfast club and the maze runner

3 shows: skins, orange is the new black and breaking bad

4 people: alex turner babe, dylan o’brien, robert downey jr and i’m developing a huge crush on charlie cox even tho i don’t know anything abt him but everytime i see him on my dash i feel happy

5 foods: ice cream, rice and beans (together obviously), meat, french fries and apples

6 tags: alexturnerers disfordancefloor huckbass fmlester fwn07 articlemokneys

supernatural spoilers ahead


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Forgot to share yesterday’s awesome exotic feeling fruit bowl. I’m really glad that winter does in fact have fruits other then apples, oranges and pears to offer! 

~ watermelon, passionfruit, persimmon, pomegranate, and my latest love custard apples! ~

If you haven’t tried a custard apple yet I really encourage you to! They have an amazing delicious taste, not like other fruits I’ve had (in a great way). You want to have one when they are ripe, this means they are fairly squishy, enough so that you can tear it into half easily, and may also be turning dark/blackish in colour from their usual green tone. You don’t eat the roughish exterior of skin, nor the black seeds, but enjoy the sweet juicy white flesh. I also recommend all the fruits featured in this bowl and generally to be open-minded and enticed by  new opportunities. Much love!


The song Horschestra was published inside the album Heir Transparent

Equius is an Heir

ARquius is a sprite, technically a ghost

Ghosts are transparent