my last post in this christmas so merry christmas everyone

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My various MTMTE children gathered around the giant-teddy-bear-child Crossbar.

I actually didn’t get the idea for this until last night. But here it is. Maybe not as polished as I would’ve liked, but good enough. I honestly was going to put more Christmas-y decor in there, but for one reason or another I never got past the lights on Crossbar’s treads. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Handmade Gifts (Joe Sugg Christmas Imagine)

Christmas Imagine- Day 25 (THE LAST ONE!)
A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Obviously this is a scheduled post as I’m currently pulling crackers with 13 of my closest family members! However I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that’s read, liked or commented on these and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas :)

It was Christmas Day and you and Joe were spending it apart. You’d both agreed that you didn’t want much for Christmas this year so you opted to make each other handmade gifts. You always did care more about the sentiment than the price tag anyway.

You’d spent days trying to knit Joe a Christmas jumper, you knew it wasn’t great but hopefully he’d appreciate the effort. You’d hidden it in a gift bag under his tree before you’d left to come home for Christmas.

After spending the morning opening presents with your family you wondered whether or not Joe had forgotten. You hadn’t received anything from him and although you knew Christmas was about giving and not receiving you couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

At that moment your phone buzzed on the side, it was a message from Joe almost as if he could knew what you were thinking about.

Don’t worry babe, I haven’t forgotten you. I’m sorry your present isn’t anything you can unwrap but you’ll see it soon I promise!’

A little while later your phone went off again with a Twitter notification. Joe had mentioned you in a tweet.

Me and Y/N decided to make each other presents this Christmas, so this is my gift to you @Y/T/N Merry Christmas love!

There was a link to a video at the end of the tweet so you clicked on it taking you to Joe’s YouTube page. The videos was titled ‘To Y/N With Love’

Joe’s face popped up on your screen.

'Hi Y/N so seeing as we’re meant to be making Christmas presents this year I thought I’d make you a video. It took me ages to go back through all my old footage and photos, but I hope you like it babe, Merry Christmas’

Cold December Night started playing over the video and the screen cut to a shot of fairy lights that had been placed in lines on a white background. Pinned to the fairy lights were pictures of you and Joe at various stages of your relationship.

You carried on watching as Joe walked to the first photo smiling at it. The camera zoomed into the photo of you and Joe laughing together which then quickly turned into a moving image. You’d wondered where that photo had come from and now you realised Joe must have freeze framed it from the video.

The video continued in the same way. Joe pinned photos to the fairy lights, each one showing another moment from another video and each one zoomed in to reveal a video of you and Joe together.

Your heart warmed reflecting on the memories, all the video clips that he’d used were moments that you’d told Joe not to include in his vlogs. They were your moments together that you’d wanted to keep for yourself, you didn’t want them getting lost in vlogs and forgetting which video they were part of, but now Joe had put them all together for you. All your favourite moments.

The last photo that the video showed was you on Joe’s shoulders decorating the Christmas tree. The camera zoomed in on the image and began playing the footage of you and Joe decorating the house recently. As you put the last decoration on top of the tree Joe dropped you off of his shoulders and spun you around to kiss you. You didn’t know how to feel about it at first, Joe was always careful not to include footage of you two kissing on his channel but this one did feel appropriate. You could see the love in his eyes as he pulled away smiling at you. The camera zoomed back out to show Joe looking at the photo with the very same look on his face. He unpinned it from the fairy lights and flipped it over. On the back it simply read 'With love, from Joe X’

You favourited Joe’s tweet and sent him a quick text.

Joe that was beautiful, now I feel bad that all I made you was a pathetic attempt at a jumper! X

A few minutes later Joe uploaded a picture on Instagram of him in the jumper you’d made he’d captioned it 'best jumper ever made by the girl I love’

You knew it was a terrible effort but you were thankful that Joe appreciated it. You really did have the best boyfriend ever.

━ spiced gingerbread cookies, in the shape of stars, is sent out to everyone in the list below, accompanied by a christmas post cards in various designs, and signed ♥, 맹 ━

this christmas has been even busier than the last, what with comeback preparations and all (pls look forward to aoa’s first full album, to be released on january 2!), so apologies if these are late and i haven’t had the time for actual presents. i’ll do my best to make it up for everyone’s birthdays. merry christmas, happy holidays, and a prosperous new year to you, friend!

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A Secret at Night

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays so far! In celebration of Christmas (because my family doesn’t celebrate it so sad hnn) I wrote a little one-shot inspired by this post! The story is requested by a tumblr anon, who I got to get in contact with just recently! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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watercolor & ink (for the crappy line)


Here is my present for goobergooradio , I was your secret santa :) So you asked Hijack, and it was my greatest pleasure to give you hijack XD (plus it was long since my last hijack drawing ) 

I really thought about giving you some nsfw but christmas without two dorks in a cozy scarf isn’t really christmas right ? 

I can’t be on tumblr to post it myself on this holy day, but I really hope you like it, I put my heart in it.

Happy Holidays !