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I swear this is the last post about this before I leave for my hiatus and hopefully come back.
1. Admins are saying we have attacked them and didn’t want to compromise. FALSE. I sent them a message and got blocked right away. I don’t know who else contacted them, but I’m guessing some of you got the same treatment. The admins are fooling their audience by saying that and playing the victim. We never said we hate Russians or anything like that, that’s just false information that they’re giving out. My work is copyrighted and so is everything else on this site, so you saying we’re lying about that is wrong and false.
2. The comments are saying how there can be compromise. We offered it. We said you need to ask someone for permission to use their content, just like you have to ask fan sites if they allow edits for their fan cams and pictures. Some people do, some people don’t. I mean, there are lists of fan sites who do and don’t allow editing so there wouldn’t be problems.
3. I’m sorry so many people have wasted their time translating our stories and posting them without credit, but you should have asked before starting to translate. My site clearly states that I don’t allow translations, so you went against my rules and translated it, thinking I won’t find out. You could have asked and found out, I’m sure there are people out there who allow translations.
4. Nobody said to close the site down. We asked you to take down the content you didn’t ask permission for. If that means that you have to close down your site, it means that you stole every single post, which is honestly insane to me, and what’s even more appalling is the fact that people are supporting these sites and trash talking us when it’s our/your content that they’re posting.
5. This isn’t just about fanfics. These sites post reactions, texts, gifs, pics, even text posts. So many people are deciding to not get involved because it’s not their content that’s in question, but honestly I wouldn’t be so sure.
Yesterday I talked to an admin of another site for hours. First they were rude and disrespectful and laughed at my face when I told them to ask for permission from people. Then they said it would be impossible to ask everyone for permission because their site has 3000+ posts and they don’t know who they took what from. Your content could be there too. Then they told me that they didn’t take anything from me personally so they don’t get why I’m asking them and that content creators should contact THEM and ask to get their stories taken down. I told them that it doesn’t matter because they’re stealing from the entire community. I don’t make gifs, but I know it takes a lot of time and effort to create them. I know how long it takes to write a story, so I’m going to take a stand against plagiarism even if my story wasn’t in question.

I’m sorry that some of you are ignoring this situation because it’s “drama”. Yes, it’s drama and it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating to stand up for 3000 people that got their work stolen and get called all kind of names and get bashed by everyone on the site and threatened with a backlash of negative comments etc. I honestly expected a lot more of you to get involved because you don’t even know how much work they have stolen from you since nothing is credited and there are thousands of posts there. I know it’s easier to stay on the side and let a couple of us talk to these people and get hate and get reported for it while you wait for it to blow out, but that’s not the right thing to do. They’re acting like a community and we’re not. They’re going to get away with this and I don’t have the strength to spend another day arguing with these people and explaining to them why it’s wrong to steal content and use it without permission.
I’m disappointed by this entire thing, but mostly the lack of solidarity here.

droughtjoy 2017 ficlet: to ease the pain of idleness in every grain of sand

for Prompt 8: Theon builds a sand castle of Winterfell (got the idea from @youbuggingme​‘s anon ask) (submitted by anonymous)

what says on the tin. jon also stars. pg13, show spoilers of course, set sometime after 7x04 and before 7x05. title from bob dylan, sort of because I mashed two different lines from the same song /o\

The beach is empty.

Of course it is.

The queen flew off with her dragon a while ago, Jon Snow hasn’t come back down from Dragonstone – and why should he? – and no one else stayed.

Of course they didn’t. They were his sister’s men before his, and of course they all think he was a coward for leaving her, as if he could have done anything other than getting the both of them killed.

Theon sighs and drops sitting down on the shore. He might as well. He doesn’t feel like going back inside the castle, he doesn’t feel like answering the same questions over and over and sure as the seven hells he doesn’t want to explain anyone why he jumped. Maybe someone would understand if he said, I thought I was back in Winterfell, but he has a feeling they would not.

It’s been such a long time since he sat on a beach and just stared at the sea, though.

Hell, maybe he hasn’t done it since he was nine.

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Dear Newbies 2017

If your pred is mean/difficult/unresponsive:
If you can’t talk to your Regional Representatives/Block Leaders:
If you have no connections in your prefecture yet:
If you’re feeling crappy/culture-shocky:

My ask box is always open and always has Anonymous options turned on, and I’m not gonna judge you. If you chat me through the message feature on Tumblr, I’m gonna respond to you.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t feel right, or good, it is okay. That happens sometimes. And if for some reason you’ve found my blog and you’re lookin’ for a little sympathy, it’s more than okay to reach out.

I mean it’s ALSO really okay to message me to gush about how happy you are, how excited you are, about the good things happening. But I know sometimes the tough things are the ones we have trouble discussing. So y’know. Whatever you wanna do!


Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: Mirkwood Escapes, Confessions and Promises, Drunk Nephews, and One-On-Ones with Frerin

Pairing: Thorin x Sister!Reader; OC x Reader.


Previous Chapter: Chapter 14

Next Chapter: Chapter 16

A/n: I lied. This is my last post before I leave for the weekend. It’s really long and has A LOT of time skips. Also I felt like Frerin need to get more love. Have a good weekend.

“Y/n? Where’s Thorin? Or Frerin?” Fili asks as you get shoved into his cell.

You were hoping to be put in Gilrin’s cell, but then you remembered that he was already with Dwalin and you highly doubted that you could fit in there with the two of them.

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“What was all that for?”
“Charlie thinks I’m sneaking out.”
“Oh.” He contemplated that. “Why?” As if he couldn’t know Charlie’s mind much more clearly than I could guess.
“Apparently, I look a little overexcited.”
He lifted my chin, examining my face.
“You look very warm, actually.”
He bent his face slowly to mine, laying his cool cheek against my skin. I held perfectly still.
“Mmmmmm…” he breathed.
It was very difficult, while he was touching me, to frame a coherent question. It took me a minute of scattered concentration to begin.

The ‘M’ Signature

Summary: Jack has his soulmate’s signature on his arm, but he can’t read what the fuck it says.

A/N: Okay, I lied. My last fic wasn’t the last one I’ll post before I leave for camping. This one will be, hopefully. I managed to write this one up before we leave. So have a short soulmate au! :P Thanks to @inexception for the help!

The heat of the day was an uncommon phenomenon in Ireland. It’s a far cry from the usual dark and dreary days that usually plagued the country. But that doesn’t mean that it’s pleasant. Because it’s not pleasant at all. 

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Magnolia [+ Steel]
M2U feat. Guriri
Magnolia [+ Steel]

Last actual post on my personal Tumblr before I leave for a bit, i’m getting too busy o<-< my page has been set up for hiatus. I finally got to play Deemo for real though, since I got a new device that supports the game, and i’m so happy with most of the songs on there.

Another instrumental-less sing. I’ll bring my blog back when busy subsides.