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     Loch rubbed his forehead, trying to block out the background noise as he sifted through the pile of important papers on his lap. He should have known this wasn’t the best place to do this, but the room had been empty when he’d started. Trying to read through a particularly complex paragraph, it took him a few moments to realise someone had spoken to him.
     “What?” He glanced up irritably, repressing a curse word as he lost his place on the page, remembering the little girl in the room. 
     “I said, do you think you’ll ever want kids?” Sky asked over her shoulder, not taking her eyes off their niece. Loch looked up, already knowing he would have to reread the whole page again anyway.
     “No,” he replied flatly, avoiding eye contact with the man on the other sofa. “Why?”
     “Hmm, really?” Sky tilted her head, still not turning to look round. “I thought you would, since you always used to look after us all. Sometimes more than Mum and Dad,” she said with a soft chuckle. “I just assumed you’d want kids of your own one day.”
     “I… No. I don’t think I will.” He watched his sister with Heaven, trying to read if there was an ulterior motive behind the question; she may not have directly complimented him, but it was possibly still the nicest thing she’d ever said to him. Normally, that would suggest to him a trap, but she seemed content to keep playing with the little girl in front of her, unaware he was expecting more.
     “Obviously.” Amir sat up and smirked at him, and Loch finally acknowledged him with a scowl. “You would have to find someone willing to put up with you first, anyway.”
     “Funny,” Loch replied caustically, flashing him a sarcastic fake smile. Of course he would spoil the nice moment. Loch quickly looked back to his sister, but she was too busy showing Heaven how the wooden blocks fitted into the correct holes to notice any tension behind her. “Excuse me, I have work to do.” He gave a terse nod, getting up from the sofa with his papers. Even without looking back, he could feel those golden eyes glaring at him as he made his way to the stairs. Asshole.


“What was all that for?”
“Charlie thinks I’m sneaking out.”
“Oh.” He contemplated that. “Why?” As if he couldn’t know Charlie’s mind much more clearly than I could guess.
“Apparently, I look a little overexcited.”
He lifted my chin, examining my face.
“You look very warm, actually.”
He bent his face slowly to mine, laying his cool cheek against my skin. I held perfectly still.
“Mmmmmm…” he breathed.
It was very difficult, while he was touching me, to frame a coherent question. It took me a minute of scattered concentration to begin.


Sherlock’s Reactions to John Being Hurt by People

Season 1: The Blind Banker | The Great Game
Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia | The Reichenbach Fall
Season 3: The Empty Hearse (x2) | His Last Vow (x2) (+1)
Season 4: TBD!

Gifs are mine inevitably-johnlocked. Please feel Free to add any moments I missed to the appropriate season!

Magnolia [+ Steel]
M2U feat. Guriri
Magnolia [+ Steel]

Last actual post on my personal Tumblr before I leave for a bit, i’m getting too busy o<-< my page has been set up for hiatus. I finally got to play Deemo for real though, since I got a new device that supports the game, and i’m so happy with most of the songs on there.

Another instrumental-less sing. I’ll bring my blog back when busy subsides.

The ‘M’ Signature

Summary: Jack has his soulmate’s signature on his arm, but he can’t read what the fuck it says.

A/N: Okay, I lied. My last fic wasn’t the last one I’ll post before I leave for camping. This one will be, hopefully. I managed to write this one up before we leave. So have a short soulmate au! :P Thanks to @inexception for the help!

The heat of the day was an uncommon phenomenon in Ireland. It’s a far cry from the usual dark and dreary days that usually plagued the country. But that doesn’t mean that it’s pleasant. Because it’s not pleasant at all. 

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