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Kate McKinnon

Male critics are so uncomfortable about Kate McKinnon, a lesbian character NOT made for male leering.

It’s kind of amazing, and sad, to see this so widespread. I see it all over, men who saw the movie calling her “not funny” (though she was the character who got the most laughs in my packed theater last night) and “obnoxious” and that they “just didn’t like her for some reason.”

Online I see articles by women, posts by women, tweets by women, who adore her. Who are calling her their favorite part of the movie. Who are proposing marriage to her. 

Mostly young, mostly queer, women who saw the movie … they love her. 

Male critics are so uncomfortable about her existence. 

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Can you post more of the animator's comments on dsod? where is this info coming from anyway?

I got the information some from my yugioh pals who visited the special viewing where creators themselves of the movie commented on each scene that was held last year in Japan. Unfortunately, these are all that I can say. I chose some infos that are not substantially plot-related. Actually there are more other critical comments from the Japanese movie makers which is so plot-related, but I heard they warned people should not say them in public…. ;w; My friends also warned so. I don’t understand why they want to keep the info secret but promises are promises anyway…. TwT

Movie Monday! #78

 ‘Movie Monday’ is a blog post I share every Monday talking about the 3
 movies that have caught my attention to the most that week. Sharing how
 their plots, how their trailers attracted me and what the critics have to say
them (if it’s already released).
 You can click on the name of the movie to see the trailer.

1. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

In 1983, the son of an American professor is enamored by the graduate student who comes to study and live with his family in their northern Italian home. Together, they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them.

Starring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I’m extremely excited about this movie. I can’t remember waiting this eagerly to watch a film and judging from all the reviews that I’ve been reading, it’s a must-watch. The trailer was simply too beautiful.

I have not read the book yet, but have ordered it already. I cannot wait to experience the beauty of this story. I quite sure that I’ll love it!

2. Last Flag Flying (2017)

Thirty years after they served together in Vietnam, a former Navy Corpsman Larry “Doc” Shepherd re-unites with his old buddies, former Marines Sal Nealon and Reverend Richard Mueller, to bury his son, a young Marine killed in the Iraq War.

Starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell and Laurence Fishburne.

Obviously the casting was a major attraction here, but the plot in itself was so interesting that I couldn’t help myself from sharing it with you guys.

The trailer was partly funny and partly emotional and I’m guessing, that is pretty much how’s the movie going to be, with obvious layering to it as well considering the plot. I’m planning on watching it!

3. Village Rockstars (2017)

A 10-year-old girl living in a remote village in northeast India fights against stereotypes and poverty to pursue her dream of owning a guitar and forming a rock band.

Starring Bhanita Das in the lead role.

I have a soft spot for indie movies and this is one of those lesser known ones that I feel is not getting the attention that it deserves. I came to know about it last week after watch Rima Das’ interview by Anupama Chopra and then reading it’s review by Maggie Lee, which made me look forward to it even more.

The fact that Rima made this movie single-handedly with a cast that is completely new is a motivational story for all the aspiring filmmakers out there. Check out the trailer, you all. I, for one, will definitely watch it!

Sibling Rivalry and Fear of Abandonment: A Psychoanalytic Analysis of Loki

Yes, this is an actual short paper that I handed in last night for an actual grade in my literary criticism class, haha. I thought I might as well post it here because, why not?

Specifically, I argue that Loki’s actions in the first Thor film are a form of regression–reliving the traumatic childhood experience of feeling abandoned, which is his greatest unconscious driving force.

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1. Nickname: K-Fed, Fedora, Kelleh 

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Cancer, a couple days away from being a Leo

4. Height: 5′1

5. Time: 4:54

6. Birthday: July 20

7. Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Neutral Milk Hotel, Evanescence, Rush, Uncle Tupelo, Nirvana, I’m starting to get into Porcupine Tree 

8. Song Stuck in My Head: “Trains” Porcupine Tree

9. Last Movie Watched: JJ Abrams Star Trek 

10. Last Show Watched: I watched a little bit of Ellen, if that counts. If youtube counts, I’m watching Nostalgia Critic right now. 

11. When did I create my blog: 2011, with a lot of name changes. It took awhile before I found something good. 

12. What do I post about: memes, shitposting, and some music. I vent a lot too. 

13. Last thing I googled: Ninet Tayeb Vocal Range. I couldn’t find anything :( 

14. Any other blogs: i saved a url, chefgoldblum 

15. Do you get asks: not terribly often, but I IM some mutuals 

16. Why did you choose your url: I am hypochondriac and i love calling everything a boy, unless someone doesn’t want to be called a boy

17. Following: 928

18. Followers: 1,735

19. Favorite Colors: black, red, blue, pink, green 

20. Average hours of sleep: 6-10 

21. Lucky numbers: idk lol 

22. Instruments: guitar and ukulele, but i hardly ever play my uke 

23. Wearing right now: jorts that cut off at the knees and a tye dye shirt 

24. How many blankets I sleep with: 1-3 

25. Dream job: Japanese translator (i’d like to review more stuff before i get into that), singer/songwriter (lol i’m not good at either), comedian (me being a comedian, what a joke)

26. Dream Trip: Go to Japan or go back to Hawaii

27. Favorite food: cheeseburgers, chicken tendies, cheese pizza, french fries, boneless wings 

28. Nationality: American (if we’re talking about ethnicity: eastern european, british/irish, french) 

29. Favorite song right now: Trains- Porcupine Tree

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Suicide Squad: Not the Disaster You Were Promised

With the fanfare of Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War finished, the heroes have mostly packed it in for 2016. This means it’s time for the villains to come out and play in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

With Superman down for the count, Amanda Waller, played brilliantly by Viola Davis, poses this question to the US government: what if the next super-powered alien to come along isn’t such a nice guy? Her answer is draw on the supply of nasty metahumans and other assorted criminals in the maximum security prison, Belle Reve, for an expendable task force with a degree of deniability built in. And so the Suicide Squad is born, and sent off to Midway City to combat a supernatural threat.

To say this film came with baggage is an understatement. It’s the third-installment in the much-maligned DCEU, and some have already written it off as a poor attempt to measure up to the critical darling that is the M.arvel Cinematic Universe. But after seeing it for myself, I don’t think that the critics were entirely fair to this movie. Simply put: it was a blast.

One thing that the reviews did get right is that the performances were absolutely stellar and the characters shone bright in the ruins of Midway City. Margot Robbie brings loads of eccentric charm to the beloved character Harley Quinn. Will Smith’s Deadshot is right on target, bringing pathos to the role in key scenes sometimes without uttering a single word. Jay Hernandez brings gravity to his character, El Diablo’s quiet struggle with his powers, and Jai Courtney is nothing short of delightful as Captain Boomerang. There are characters I wish I could have seen more of, like Katana, and others I could have lived with less of (but that would be a spoiler), but ultimately the characters are the heart of this movie and it beats with vigor. Even while Jared Leto is no Heath Ledger, his interpretation of the Joker is propped up by solid writing, excellent directing, and an amazing score.

Suicide Squad is just over two hours, but it doesn’t feel that long. No moment in this film seemed like it was dragging. Sure, there were more somber moments, but they were executed with strong performances and smart dialogue that helped these scenes raise the stakes of the movie rather than just feeling like breaks. In spite of its at times garish color palette and upbeat soundtrack, Suicide Squad could certainly get serious. But with its well-choreographed action scenes and liberal dose of spot-on humor, I’m hard pressed to call this film dour in any sense of the word. The plot, far from the mess it was made out to be, is tight, straightforward, and even has a neat twist thrown in at the end. Is it the most original story ever devised? No. But the plot was really just a playground for our colorful characters to show us what they’ve got, and it was a ton of fun.

Unlike other blockbusters, the use of special effects didn’t feel jarring. The rendering of Enchantress and the creative use of El Diablo’s fire powers were expertly pulled off. That being said, the choice of practical effects for Killer Croc was a good one, making a human-crocodile hybrid look real was probably no easy feat, but the character looks just as at home in live action as he does in the pages of a comic book.

Standard disclaimer: this movie was not perfect. No movie is. Maybe I’m writing what I’m writing because I’m still awash the post-Suicide Squad giddiness after seeing a movie I’d spent the last year anticipating. But if a movie can make me feel this way, isn’t that a credit to the film unto itself?

And that’s perhaps my biggest fear with regard to all these bad reviews: that they could end up causing people to miss out on the joy that I felt while watching this movie by keeping them away from theaters this weekend. Yet there’s plenty of ways to assuage that fear. As I write this, it has a 73% from fans on Rotten Tomatoes (compared to a 26% from critics), and it’s been smashing records at the box office. With over $65 million as of Friday, it looks like Joker and Harley are laughing all the way to the bank.

In summary: go see Suicide Squad.

How did I get here?

Once upon a time there was a soon-to-launch podcast called @fangirlunderground that had a companion fandom blog called Fangirling Underground. It was run by Amanda and Angela, who learned pretty quickly that their fandoms were different enough that they were going to need two spaces. And so, like the Left Twix and Right Twix founders, they split into @fangirlangela and @fangirlamanda

So my old posts are going to make their way slowly but surely over here. Stick around for Hannigram, GoT recaps, rejected ship names, costume drama fangirling, and media criticism from someone with just about the “worst” taste in movies of any film prof ever. Seriously, had this conversation last month: 

Me: I enjoyed the Twilight movies because I love movies. 

Him: I hated the Twilight movies because I love movies.

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