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i just saw an ad for pizza with anchovies and mini-burgers on it & now im questioning everything i believed about reality and the fundamental goodness of humanity

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Netflix death note is already bad bc they made light an ugly greasy white boy instead of handsome confident japanese honor student lmao

im crying… honestly as an asian i dont mind them doing a western adaptation and thus having white people but why did they make him so greasy i mscreaming 

light is supposed to be, as you said, this handsome cool-headed confident slick guy you would never suspect to be a serial killer

not an internet dweller slathered in grease i 

Sehun – Yours

Characters: Sehun x You (Haein)

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count:1390

A/N: [9/9] And with this, the EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series is finally complete. Like I said in the master list post, if you have any plot ideas for either Kris, Luhan and Tao, feel free to tell me about them. If I get the feel for it, I may write a scenario with them as mains in it as well! Hope you liked it!

“I think you had enough alone time, it’s time to have you back by my side. Right where you belong.”

Getting involved with the Mafia was far from what I wanted to reach in life, in fact, I wanted to have nothing to do with them. The mafia screamed trouble, I knew that first hand. Because of the mafia, my life with my family was hell. Both my father and my big brother were a part of that lifestyle. And because of that, my mum died.

I never forgave them for that and I would never.

I grew up with the feeling of dread and the constant thought that my family had blood on their hands. Feeling the fear creeping in me and growing bigger each day was stressful, to the extent that I couldn’t even sleep probably at night.

And at one point I couldn’t take it anymore, so I left. During high school, I started to save money from every part time job I could get, so that when I graduated, I had enough money to move out of my home and into another city, far away from the cause of my uneasiness.

I found a nice job in a restaurant and worked part time in a cafe to have a bit more pocket money before college really started. With time I learned to leave the past be and look forward towards my future. One without the mafia in it, futile.

I met him coincidentally during my shift in the restaurant I was working at. He ran into me, making me lose my balance and fall to the ground. He helped me up wordlessly, mumbled a small apology and sat down at one table probably. Doing everything without having his eyes leave me.

He was handsome. Tall, lean and blond. And while you don’t always encounter someone as good looking as him, I was just doing my job, way too occupied with my life to think about boys. And while he left my mind in a heartbeat, I seemed to linger in his.

It wasn’t the only time he came. Every two days he would visit the restaurant and sit at the same table on the same seat. He also ordered the same, only coffee. Sometimes tea if he came during the day, but other than that nothing. No snacks, no meal, just a drink; his eyes always on me. One day, I don’t really know when it happened, I found myself actually chatting with him.

He started to crack jokes, smirked at my poor attempts at some and occasionally even broke into smiles at me here and there. We grew closer somewhat naturally, he was the cause of a brighter day for me than the normal routine I have adapted.

It was a switch each time. One day, he would be the one telling something about himself and the other I would tell him about myself. Talking to someone was freeing me, talking to him especially. I had someone to really open up to, something I never did before. It made everything just the more enjoyable, especially after getting more personal.

Sehun randomly started to walk me home, our talk never ending. It turned into another routine of mine, walking me home, talking and meeting up while texting.

College soon started and while I thought that I wouldn’t see Sehun as much as before, he surprised me one day with picking me up from the campus. That turned into another routine until he asked me out. I accepted immediately. I was happy for the next four months. My life was complete and while I never thought about boys before and looked ahead, I was happy that I got to meet Sehun. He was a component in my life I was addressing as constant, something I didn’t want to lose.

The day I found about his profession I was working.

Sehun made it his mission to see me after my shift and bring me safe home at least. But that day he was late and the restaurant was on the verge of closing, so I waited outside rather than sitting on the table he occupied whenever he came.

The strange gurgling voices from an alley nearby had my full attention, no other sounds outside. I was too curious for my own good and went looking.

I saw Sehun holding a gun to the head of an injured man on the ground, his expression scarily blank and cold. His eyes dark with dangerous intent, I didn’t know that Sehun and it scared me. He was in a mafia, the sort of people I didn’t want to have anything to do with. I ran back home that day, spending the next two days thinking of him. Never answering any of his messages and calls. I needed to sort out my mind. I needed to decide if I wanted to go on or leave for good.

Deciding what is best for me, I packed enough clothes and went to a friend. Just so that Sehun wouldn’t find me and I could sort out my head probably, and run away without him interfering.

I was scared of Sehun and everything he was capable of. Questioning if I knew him at all and if his feelings were honest.

I quit the job in the restaurant and searched for an apartment further away from my previous one and the restaurant altogether. I started to live normally again, my thoughts often lost, going back to Sehun and our old conversations on my phone. I couldn’t really forget him in the three months that went by and I surely would never forget him.

The moment I came home from my last lecture, the door to my apartment was wide open. Cautiously walking in, I froze at the figure sitting right in the middle of the room, the only item being the armchair he was sitting on. His legs were crossed and he seemed rather relaxed, his amusement of my shock clear in his dark eyes and the smirk on his lips.

My heartbeat increased instantly. It stuttered with finally seeing him after so long, but also picked up its beat with the fear towards him.

“I hate when someone betrays me, Haein.” He raised his eyebrows at me. “But you knew that already.” He stood up and walked to me, his gaze hard and nearly unforgiving. His right hand ran down my face, while his left arms snaked itself around my waist to pull me to his frame. “You, of all people, betrayed me with running away. That hurt.” He whispered suddenly, his gaze getting softer. “If it would have been anyone else, they would already be withering on the ground in front of me.” He pouted, seemingly contemplating before gazing back at me.

“You should feel lucky that I love you so dearly, my love. That I never left your side and had you in arms reach. I think you had enough alone time, it’s time to have you back by my side. Right where you belong.” He kissed my temple, as I let out the breath I held, a tear trailing down my cheek. He kissed it away, instantly, and I didn’t know how to interpret the feeling in my heart at that action.

“Never even think about running away again, hm?” He patted my head, engulfing me in a strong hug after. “I may just have to lock you up in our bedroom otherwise.”

After being forced to spend time with him, I still don’t know how I was feeling. Was I finally coming to terms with him? Yes. With the situation? Yes, also. But not with his profession, I just couldn’t. And Sehun knew that he was doing everything in his power to not involve me in his mess. He never expected me to be okay with it, he only expected me to be by his side and never leave. For me, he separated his profession from his private life.

“Deep in thought again, my love.” Turning around in bed, I just cuddled into his side, yearning after his warmth. “That’s probably the only thing that doesn’t belong to me, but the rest is mine.” He sighed into my neck, taking in the scent of my hair.

I could only close my eyes and agree. I am as much his as he is mine.

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

Math issue of the day: you give me |A|. I ask you: is this an absolute value? A length? A determinant? It does not matter, you say. It is all just |A|. 

(Later, you abbreviate parallel as ||. It does not help matters.)


28.06.2017: I’m apparently already reaching this point when you try to trick yourself into studying with tons of ice-cream (btw, I can totally recommend “Vanilla Pecan Blondie”, its super great!). Sorry for not posting anything original for quite some weeks now, uni was hell these past weeks and some bad things happened, so I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything, taking pictures or blogging included. I’m doing a bit better now again and went home 2 days ago to spend some time with my family during the last lecture-free uni weeks while studying for my resit exam in two weeks and finishing a paper revision until Sunday. Gonna try to get my shit together to finish these last weeks of the semester as good as possible. Hope all of you have a lovely day & are enjoying your summer break if yours already started!! xx Amber 
(edit: I got into a dog fight yesterday and now my right hand is so bruised and swollen I can’t really move it, which is perfect, because I need it for finishing my paper and studying for a resit exam… guess luck isn’t on my side these days)

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Today’s to-do list! I have a four hour gap between my last lecture and my next seminar, and so it’s the perfect time to be productive. I got caught up doing some reading yesterday instead of doing my seminar questions, so finishing those is the first thing on my list

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Can you write just a cute fluff drabble of Isak needing reading glasses (or just glasses in general) and Even thinking he's the cutest thing on earth when he wears them


i live for isak wearing glasses oh my gosh

“Isak? Could you please read the equation on the board and give me the correct answer?” The teacher asks, snapping Isak back into focus. He strains his eyes, the numbers ahead of him a blurred mess.

He feels heat rise into his cheeks as he stutters out an answer, “I’m sorry, miss, but I can’t read what’s up there.”

The teacher gives him a small, pitiful smile, “That’s alright. Just pay attention next time, yeah?”

“Yes, sorry.”

The lecture continues on and when it finally finishes, Isak shoots Even a quick text to meet him out in the school yard. He rushes to get things from his locker and heads out of the school, easily finding Even standing by the fencing surrounding the school yard.

“Hey,” Even grins, enveloping his arms around Isak’s waist and pulling him in for a quick peck. “Missed you.”

Isak smiles, “Missed you most. Listen, I need to tell you something. And ask you something, too.”


“I think I need glasses,” Isak bites his lip. “While in my last lecture today, the teacher asked me to read something off the board but the thing was I couldn’t. It was so blurry I could barely make out the equation. Do you think I would look okay with glasses?”

Even takes Isak’s hand and they start walking towards the tram, heading home, “I’ve had a feeling that you’ve been needing glasses for a while.”

“What do you mean?”

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i kinda want to………………………………write a fic for choke slam couple………….hehehehehehh ;b also omg i’m sorry i was busy yesterday & today 😥 i had my last week of lectures before final exams !!!! i will post some texts 2night (^O^☆♪

1 am study rant

So I’m taking American history post civil war right now (riveting stuff 😔) and I can’t help but think of the proverb “until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” It’s amazing how one sided the American curriculum teaches “general” history. It’s almost as if for one to get the full view of the picture, you would have to go and specialize or seek out a special history class whereas general history is basically an incomplete rhetoric. It’s no wonder so many Americans are oblivious to the misdoings of their ancestors. Even when covering gross injustices, my professor simply says “in hindsight, it’s a shame that’s the way *insert instance of indignation* had to happen.” My last lecture in particular, I was rather frustrated when he began speaking about Thomas Edison and painting him in the brightest of lights (pun intended) without even the mention of how he stole most of his parents and basically drive Nikola Tesla out of business 😒

Ok rant over 😂 time to sleep so I can confirm for this exam🙃


Chapter 7: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Part IV)

Věra had never been a morning person. Maybe it was her mattress – the one she stole from her last boyfriend, which could, in some gentler cultures considered a torture machine. For all she knew that was exactly what it was called, considering most of its tags were in Mandarin. Waking up on that thing hurt, so for most days she just tried not to wake up for as long as she possibly could. 

When she opened her eyes that morning though, the sun was just rising over the thousands towers of Prague, shimmering on the skyline like golden needless, reaching for the orange skies. Her body was well-rested, and she rolled over on her torture mattress, only to find the soft, puffy thing rearrange under her body comfortably. Her blanket was fluffy and warm, smelling of jasmine fabric softener, aftershave and minty soap, with a slight note of cigarette smoke. She burrowed her nose in it and sighed. This was perfect. The Prague Castle offered just enough shade on the horizon so the sun didn’t shine directly into her face…

The Prague… Castle?

She jumped up with a yelp, kicking the blanket aside and pushed her back against the headboard, cursing. Staring straight out of the open window at the golden sun-rays licking the looming towers of the cathedral dominating the castle she realised this wasn’t her Kansas and Toto was nowhere to be seen. 

‘Good morning,’ said the voice in the doorway, making her gaze snap towards it.

‘What the fuck did you do to me.’

Riley Rider, with his midnight black hair still wet from the shower, sighed, taking a sip from his cup. ‘Good morning to you too, Riley. How did you sleep? Was the sofa comfortable? Again, I’m so sorry for taking up your bed. You are a true gentleman for letting me crash here.’

Ignoring his sarcasm she jumped up from the bed and throwing her arms around in exasperation, yelled, ‘I can’t fucking believe you! You kidnapped me? First you lie to the police about a murder and now this?’ He didn’t answer and somehow that made her even madder than him denying her claims. She stalked over to him, pointing at his chest indignantly. ‘That detective said the police is looking for you! Why?’

His lips curved in a lazy smile. ‘I guess they liked my last lecture. You would never expect it but policemen are huge lit buffs.’

‘You must think me a complete idiot,’ she hissed. She did not expect him to answer. She just pushed him aside and stalked down the hallway, growling in the process. ‘Forget it. No fucking way am I getting mixed up in this, whatever the fuck this is. You ain’t worth it. Nobody is.’

He caught her from behind as she was escaping and pulled her back into him, twirling her in the process. His dark eyes burned into her as he snarled, ‘But you, blue, already are mixed up in this. And I don’t know why. I doubt they are after your insanely hot arse, which leaves me with the question: could it really be you? And if you are, what kind of fresh hell will this universe come up with to make me lose you?’

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1 stitch a day (15h May - 18th June)


15th - Graph - I’d been working on assignments! Yay uni life!

16th - Bored face - More working…I’d finished an assignment!

17th - Rain drop - My mum and grandma came down for the day to visit. It tipped with rain!

18th - floss bobbin - I’d bought some more floss ooooops. 

19th -  red confetti -  it was my last lecture of the year! 

20th - Cake slice - I went to go and watch a talk with Mary Berry. She was so nice!

21st- £94 - A couple of my housemates and I went for a meal out because we were bored. We decided to only use my housemate’s card  to pay so it didn’t get all complicated but he managed to give a 100% tip….he ended up paying £94 for 3 pizzas and 3 drinks….ooooops. 

22nd - cow pat - sounds disgusting but my housemates and I went for a walk in a field and there was a lot of cow poo everywhere!

23rd - brown star - I was working all day on assignments. All I know is that it was hot, sticky and I was pretty miserable! 

24th - Pins - I went on a bit of a sewing haul…I bought some really pretty pins for only £1!

25th - Shark fin - My housemate and I bought an inflatable shark costume! It’s amazing!

26th - Blue carpet - My friends and I sat on the corridor floor and talked for ages

27th - Sad face - One of my housemates moved out. Sad times. 

28th - Pink lemonade bottle - My housemate and I went on a long walk because we were going revision crazy. We passed a farm shop and bought a drink…then in rained.

29th - Ipad - Revision, Revision, Revision!

30th- Paper - Spent the day planning my exam!

31st - clock face - exam time! I’ve never seen two hours drag so quickly!

1st - Fabric pile - I bought a ton of fabric. I found some Alice in Wonderland fabric which I wanted and I’m in love!

2nd - balloon - It was my friend’s birthday party and my last night at uni for the year. It went so quickly! 

3rd - House - I moved back home! 

4th - roast potato - first roast for a long time!!

5th - z z z - I had a verrrrrry long lay in

6th - question mark - I can’t remember what I did 😂

7th - lilo - I went to my friend’s house and went in her pool!

8th - bureau - I cleared out the bureau in my study and put all my craft stuff in there. It’s great!

9th - paintbrush - I spent the day crafting and painting. I was stressing out a little so it relaxed me.

10th - white hart - went out for dinner with my grandparents and parents

11th - glass slipper - I spent the day with my grandma as it was a sad day. We went for lunch and then watched Cinderella whilst sewing

12th- speech bubble - I went to my first knit and natter!

13th - red seat - I went to the cinema and watched My Cousin Rachel. It was so good!

14th - embroidery hoop- spent the day embroidering pretty much.

15th - running machine- my personal trainer came round. It was hot and hard work!

16th - chicken tikka - went to an Indian restaurant with my dad

17th - strawberry - picked a load of strawberries and made some jam

18th - sun - had a family barbecue! It was so hot though!!

22/05 I forgot to take a picture today and these are mostly the best days. When I forget about my studyblr, it means I’m very focused. It’s okay to forget about posting your progress! 🤗
I solve this problem by keeping you updated a few days later. It’s not a big deal, is it?! So today I had my last lecture from the best professor ever. It’s a fenomenal woman. I’ve got so much respect for her. She’s funny as well. I love her more than she can imagine. I respect her so so much. So I’m kinda sad this was the last lecture ever. I hope to see her again soon.
And after class I edited a lot of my class notes. That’s really the advantage of typed notes. #day64


it’s like this:

you’re seven years old. inexperienced. a child. you catch glimpses of tv couples kissing, pay attention to the way their lips noisily move together and hands grasp at shirts and backs slam into walls and counters and doors and suddenly your father’s hand rapidly covers your eyes and you realise your mouth is hanging open. dad! what is that?! what was that? nothing, it’s an adult thing. a clearing of the throat. the click of the remote as he changes the channel. do grown-ups really do that? you think, gross.

it’s like this:

you’re twelve years old and when you’re with your boys by the swings and tabitha corrigan approaches you with a smirk, you can’t remember why you ever thought kissing was gross, because suddenly that’s all you want to do with her. for the rest of your life. and who cares if she’s a little weird, and she shares a name with her cat, and her older brother will definitely give you a beating when he catches you in the playground staring after her the next day? maybe it’s love. maybe he’ll understand. you signal to your boys so they clear off on their bikes and you’re there, together, and you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing but if you open your mouth and tilt your head to the side only slightly, it looks and feels real.

it’s like this:

it’s unexpected. you’re fifteen and there’s less teeth, spit and desperation because finally it matters. he teaches you how to kiss. properly. slowly. his hands on your hips and yours in his hair, around his neck, sliding down his back, and now it’s you with your back to the wall and your legs around his waist and holy shit you didn’t even know it was possible for human beings to make that noise. your breath catches in your throat and he’s your first everything. almost. no strings attached. you’re a little confused.

it’s like this:

it’s been a week and you date her for less than a year and it’s blissful. until three months in when you’re tired, sad, and your confusion only grows as she sings the 1975 songs in the shower because she thought that you were straight, but now she’s wondering. you fall in love for the first time and convince yourself that anything before this moment is a lie, a game, irrelevant. you do your best work beneath tall, well-built guys with messy hair and holes in their jeans but this here is who you really are and who you’re gonna be and who you’ve always been. right?

it’s like this:

the strings come two years later when you’re clad in a suit and surrounded by beautiful people and you’re awkward, confident and nervous all at once. he comes bounding up to you and his arm slides around your body, eyes narrowing at the person in front of you. they’re rude and sneering and he leans forward with his voice low and fingers digging into your side and announces himself as your boyfriend. you take him in and he’s like the boys you would never commit to – with rips in his clothing and chuck taylors on his feet, and a navy pullover hoodie he’s going to throw on over his button-down as soon as he steps foot out of the room. you decide then and there that he can be whatever he wants to you, for however long, and maybe you’re not who you’ve always thought you were. maybe you don’t know yourself yet.

                                               AND IT’S LIKE THIS: 

                                         THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NOT KNOWING.