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Paul Bettany as Jock Strapp in Mortdecai

anonymous asked:

Top 5 Red Hood suits/outfits?

(THIS IS THE BEST TOP 5 QUESTION. I’m gonna be mostly serious but also sarcastic because tbh I don’t like many of them HEH.)

1. Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth Suit

So just even in comparison of the weird N52 design he got that I absolutely hate… THIS IS A GOOD JASON LOOK. Practical. Fits his style. Waist-cut leather jacket with rolled up sleeves. The gloves. Letting part of his forearm show. Taser tits. The no-facial-features except for angry brows helmet. The black boots. The gun holsters strapped to his thicc thighs. The fitted combat pants that show off his thicc thighs. Jason’s thicc thighs…

This is by far my number one look for Jason. 

2. Arkham Knight/Red Hood Suit

I think Jason has like three variations of costume in the Arkham Knight game, including the extended Red Hood story pack. It’s just a really cool high-tech, futuristic looking suit. That fits in with the dark, gritty atmosphere of the Arkham Knight game universe. And the way his voice was synthesised was really smart too. His Arkham Knight suit is well-armoured, and about a solid 10 on the chunky Jason scale…. so it’s a win in my books. 

3. Injustice 2 Red Hood Suit

It’s very similar to his Rebirth suit which is probably why I like it… and it incorporates some other cool elements like the static arm thingy because I know weaponry terms.

4. Batman: Under the Red Hood Suit

Again… pretty similar to the Rebirth suit that I like. But more simple and less sophisticated, which makes sense because it’s his “first” Red Hood suit. The Darth-Vader style helmet that comes off dramatically by opening at the back is fun too. He’s got the fitted clothes paired with the loose black leather jacket, which screams devil-may-care Jason Todd to me. Win, win, win. 

*sorry… had to include my edit^

Last but not least. Probably my ultimate favourite suit ever:

5. Red Hood suit from Batman and Robin (2009)

A pill-shaped helmet for “The Pill.” Also kudos for the Dracula-esque cape, the weird white and black body suit and the mini-red skull on his chest. Beautiful. Stunning. Should be walking down a walkway at Vogue. 

And that my friends are my top 5 Red Hood suits. I hate comics. 

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