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I moved out of my house on really bad terms. My mom didn’t want me to meet my girl that I met on Tumblr who just happened to live in of all places Nebraska. I asked her once in February and told me if I went to meet her, I’d be kicked out of the house.

I ain’t have no money to live on my own so I stayed and didn’t fly to Nebraska. I saved for months, got my 401k contributions high, increased and improved my credit and asked my mom one last time in September. She said the same thing. Two days later, in the middle of the night, I snuck out, my homegirl drove me to the airport and with all my clothes, I flew from NYC to Omaha.

The two of us finally met after a year and I got an apartment and a job within 2 weeks. My entire family was distraught and pissed. They finally realized that I’m out here as long as my girl is in college and left it. They’re still hurt but they know they can’t change it.

Then in February, I got fired from my job. For 4 full months, I’ve been looking for a job, paying rent with my credit card, 401k money and my tax return money. I literally was (and still am) in the negative with all my accounts. I haven’t bought food for myself in almost a full month. I was sleeping at my girl’s mom’s house for almost weeks straight cause I ain’t have food in my place. If I didn’t start a job this week, I’d have to move back to NY into my mom and grandparents’ house.

Last weekend my mom actually came to Omaha to see my first apartment. She met my girlfriend, her family and I took her around the city of Omaha a little bit. When she first opened my fridge, there was old butter, jelly, an almost empty jar of minced garlic and some raspberry lemonade. She told me she almost cried seeing I had no food. When she left I had a full fridge of food. I started a job Monday. I just sent her a picture, one of the first meals I’ve been able to cook from my own fridge since May.

I just wanted to thank her for helping me when she really ain’t need to.


Seven Deadly Sins for seven deadly Horcruxes.

In order: Wrath, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Pride

Late, woops. I forgot to set a que for this to come out last night. This is my contribution to the @tomarrydarkspringexchange gift exchange for @tomriddleislordvoldemort

The prompt was “ Harry, Voldemort and his horcruxes interact.”

here’s a cheeky preview of my submission for @btscoloringbookproject ;’)

very excited for this project to be finished!! please give it lots of love ♡

Stercus Accidit

We normally wouldn’t post our own writing here, as it goes against our rules, but today we’re making an exception.  This is our co-written contribution to the @xfficchallenges dialogue only challenge.  We may or may not have gotten a little drunk last night, and this is the result.  We hope you think it’s as hilarious as we did, because we couldn’t stop laughing.

Authors: @kateyes224 and @piecesofscully
Timeline: Season 6, somewhere in the middle of Texas.
Rated: PG-13 (for coarse language and potty humor)

“…and my informant promised me he’d meet us at the rendezvous with the photographs he took of the UFO.  I’m really excited about this, Scully, this is the first legitimate sighting I’ve come across since Antarctica, and I just…Scully, are you okay?  You’re not looking super hot.”

“I’m fine. Just feeling a little queasy.  Keep going; since Antarctica?”

“Oh, since Antarctica there have been only a half dozen or so sightings that have been anywhere near legitimate, and I’ve been thinking, would someone in Roswell, New Mexico, be more likely or less-”

“Mulder, does the air conditioning go any higher?”

“Uh, no, I think it’s at the highest setting.  Anyway, Roswell has been a notorious hotbed for UFO activity since the 1940s, as you know, but lately sightings have been more sporadic-”

“Can you, um, oh wow, could you roll down the window or something?”

“Scully, it’s like 115 degrees outside.  It’s way cooler inside the car than it is outside.  Is something wrong?”

“No! No, I just, is it hot in here? It feels really hot in here.  How many more miles until we reach the next rest area?”

“Uhhh, I think I remember a sign about fifty miles back that said it’d be another fifty miles.  Why?  Are you okay, Scully?”

“Do you have any Tums?  I mean, with the garbage that you consume on a daily basis, I assume you carry some sort of antacids.  Give me one.”

“I’m sorry, Scully, I don’t usually need them.  I’ve, uh, I’ve been blessed with kind of a rock solid gut.  Which is really great for me, given my proclivity for gas station sushi and Velveeta.”

“Oh, my God.  It’s rolling.”

“What does that even mean?”

“It’s my…wow, it’s my stomach.  I knew I shouldn’t have let you talk me into that wet chimichanga, Mulder, my stomach is churning.”

“Oh.  Oh God.  Ummm…do you need me to pull over?”

“On the side of the road?!  No, Mulder, there’s nothing but sand and tumbleweeds out here!  Just keep driving.”

“Scully, it’s okay.  There’s no shame in popping a squat.  I promise I won’t look.  I think we have some napkins in the glove compartment or something…”

“Mulder, please, I’m begging you, stop talking and drive faster.”

“Okay.  So our informant allegedly has some kind of intel from a source on Sheppard Air Force Base’s drone project, which Langly told me a few months ago has been-”

“Oh, God, please shut up.  I need to concentrate- oh my god, Mulder, why won’t my window roll down?  My button’s stuck, Mulder, roll my window down.”

“Sorry, Scully, I think the child proof window lock was engaged.  Here, let me see if I can…there, is that a little better?  It’s still over a hundred degrees outside, Scully, I’m not sure why you-”

“For the love of all things holy, stop talking! I need quiet and the wind in my…Mul- Mulder, pull on my sleeve.  I need to take my blazer- Oh, God, now it’s coming in waves…”

“Here, just give me your arm.  There, is that a little better?  What do you mean, ‘it’s coming in waves?’  You’re looking really red, Scully, are you sure you’re okay?”

“How is there not a rest stop for another fifty miles?  What kind of hell state has rest stops so far apart?  Okay, okay, wait.  It’s getting better, I think it’s going away.”

“What’s going away?  Scully…is there something you need to tell me?”

“No, I’m fine.  I don’t think that Tex-Mex agreed- Oh, God. Oh, no. Shit, Mulder, you need to pull over.  Now, right now.  Pull over, pull over.”

“Scully, there’s nothing but desert as far as they eye can see.  Are you sure you can’t wait?”

“I, um, holy sonofabitch.  Now, Mulder, pull over now!  It’s imminent.”

“Imminent?!  Jesus, Scully, there’s…uh, I guess there’s a cactus over there that might offer you some protection?”

“It feels like there’s a brick with claws sitting in my lower abdomen.  I don’t care, pull the damn car over, and give me the napkin!”

“A brick with claws? Jesus, Scully, that’s…graphic.  Hey, I think I remember an X-File about that, ha. Okay, I can tell you’re not in the mood to joke right now, so, uh…listen, we haven’t passed another car for the last ten miles so I don’t think anyone will-”

“THE NAPKIN! Mulder, give me the damn napkin!”

“Do you want me to get it a little wet, Scully?  ‘Cause that might feel a little better on your…”

“I’ll, uh, I’ll be right back-”

“Okay, Scully, vaya con Dios!  Or, ya know, vaya con…ya know…whatever. Just let me know if you need any, uh, you know…help…or…something.”

“…Oh my god, please no, please no, just a little further.  Just get behind the cactus, Dana…I, shit.  Shit!  Oh, God, Mulder.  Mulder!”

“SCULLY!  Hold on, I’ll be right there!  Just let me-!”

“It’s the spines on the cactus, I can’t hold on to it.  Just… my hand.  Hurry, I need you to hold my hand.”

“Okay, no problem.  Um…Here, just squat down and I’ll support your weight..”

“Don’t look at me! Mulder, do NOT look at me, turn around!  Oh, God, I can’t hold it…”

“It’s okay, I’ve got you, Scully.  Just, uh…there.  Just rest back on your ankles.  I’m not looking, I swear to God.  Just let it go, Scully.”

“God, I swear, I will never touch Tex-Mex again if you- oh God, oh my god, Mulder, don’t listen. Can you sing or something?”

“Sing?!  Okay, ummm…

‘Love…is a burning thing…
And it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire,
I fell into, a ring of fire…’ ”

“The Ring of Fire? Really, Mulder?”

“I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down,
And the flames went higher,
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire…the ring of fire…”

“Shitshitshit… Um, Mulder, the napkin…it’s, uh, it’s not enough.”

“What?  Uh, wow, okay…well I don’t have any Kleenex or anything so unless you want me to give you my tie I don’t think-”

“Your tie, give me your tie.”

“Scully, no. I was only joking, and besides, I love this tie!  Frohike gave me this tie.”

“Mulder, just give me the damn tie!”

“Fine. But you know what, you owe me, Scully. And you get to explain this to Melvin when he asks why I never wear my UFO tie anymore.”

“Mulder, we are never to speak of this again.  And, for the love of God, stop humming Ring of Fire.”

Ok so I’m adding to the “tea spilling”

I hate to do this because I’ve stepped away from the fandom and really am just fed up with it. And in light of the kind of stunts they are running right now - this is the last straw. I have been sitting on a story from my friend (I’m posting this for her. And she previously wanted me to keep it private but she gave me permission to post it.) I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS NOT MY STORY - MY friend gave me permission to post it. Please respect me and do not ask me who it is. She is not famous so it doesn’t matter who she is. This will be my last post about 1D for a long time if even forever. Because this fandom is NOT healthy. But anyway here’s the story (I won’t answer asks about it because I’m not posting it for the attention on me.) It’s a receipt that UAs deceive and contribute to damage control. Also if they tweet random shit about Larry or anything really that’s out of place like there’s prolly a reason why even if nobody is talking about anything in particular.

Now my friend was telling me and a group of friends about this little incident clubbing. It was in May in LA (it would have had to be May 9th? Because I tweeted the 10th about last night Calvin fucked up which I’m gonna add later.) that time Louis went clubbing with Calvin, Oli and Liam. It’s nothing incriminating to Louis OR Harry’s sexuality. BUT my friend’s friend went clubbing with them that night (the one night Liam was with them.) My friend told me that that her friend told her that Calvin was trying to get these girls to go back to the hotel where Oli, Calvin, etc were staying at and he was SO smashed and he was saying that the guys will be there and that they should come back with them and then backtracked to say that Louis wouldn’t be there because he’s staying at Harry’s. Now my friends and I didn’t really know if this was true but nonetheless we got a kick out of it and (I have a couple screencaps of tweets I sent out about the situation.) TO WHICH THIS GETS BETTER:

SO the next day 1DAlerts comes online to say they’re pretty sure Louis was staying with FRIENDS not Harry. Pretty convenient, eh? Nobody understood why they tweeted this. Because I mean aside from the normal chatter like NOBODY was tweeting about this story which is the MOST hilarious part! “Obviously….”

So here are my receipts:

If you see my tweets shading the situation are timestamped a couple hours BEFORE their tweet. And even better another friend of mine posted shading them for covering up when his friend fucks up and they called her crazy and were just “stating their opinion” They didn’t even mention the UA by name or the people involved :’)  The funniest bit is we all were sitting on this and they really just confirmed the story to us when they were trying to cover it up… And no that one I’m replying to on these screencaps don’t know anything and is not my friend in this story so don’t harass them about this. I will not be divulging who it is. So again PLEASE respect and don’t ask who it is. I don’t wanna send out 18237429847289 replies saying no. It’s just gonna be a blanketed no.

Spent tonight being a sort of moral artist support, researching and doing face studies with a good mate who happens to be a tattoo artist who’ll in a few weeks time be smashing out a winter soldier portrait on one of the last leg gaps I have. This is my contribution to the art night, made using oil pastels (which I now have learned I don’t like). Thanks for looking! ✌️

Creepypasta #1118: What Happened To Lucie Drummond?

Length: Long

For a few years, I’ve been running a “Post a Secret” type art project in my small town in Utah. For me, it serves two purposes - to keep me feeling like I’m still attached to the art community but also as a way to advertise my coffee shop, where I hang them. It’s been pretty popular and I think the locals have a lot of fun contributing to it. Many of the secrets I get are cute and fluffy, like the little girl who sent me one about being the person who took the last cookie. Some are a bit more serious, like one-night stands and the like. But, about a month ago, I got the most unsettling one I’d ever gotten.

When the Saturday mail came in at the shop, I had one regular postcard about peeing behind a tree at the sled hill and then a second one in a greetings card envelope. I looked at the envelope and saw it was addressed to me in a typed letters with no return address and had been postmarked in my town. Inside there was a postcard. 

Thinking it was odd that someone would pay the extra postage to send it inside an envelope, I began examining it. On the front of the card was a vintage-type image with a little girl with bright rosy cheeks and curly brown hair looking up in awe at Santa, who was grinning wildly and putting presents under the Christmas tree. I remember thinking it was kind of a cute card until I turned it over and saw, typed along the place where the message usually is was “I stole Lucie Drummond from her yard. December 4, 1978.

There’s been times in the past where I’ve questioned what to do with a secret - should I hang the one about an affair or the one about wishing he or she had never wanted kids? But, I’ve never, ever been in a situation in which I felt I needed to contact the police until this one. I called over and an officer stopped by within half an hour.

Examining the card, he asked me about what I knew about it. I told him the story briefly and left it at that.

“Do you know who Lucie Drummond is?” I asked. I hadn’t even been born when this would have allegedly occurred.

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Romanogers Appreciation Week 2017
↳ February 9th ~ Freedom & Pancakes

Pancakes, Freedom, & You

          Months had passed since the civil war amongst the now disbanded Avengers, when Natasha and Steve had reunited over a helping of pancakes. Three Sundays later, a breakfast of pancakes at Natasha’s has become something of a tradition for the two ex-Avengers. It was something they had left to hold onto even though everything else was gone. It was something that was theirs.

          As the warm sunlight cascaded through the window and into the small kitchen, Natasha found herself lost in thought. She couldn’t help but think of their little tradition and how comfortable she had become with it. Sundays were the one thing she looked forward to and considering how unstable her life has been for the past five months, she didn’t want to lose this. She couldn’t.

           Holding onto her cup and gazing at the man across the table from her, a small smile crept its way onto her lips. Steve lifted his eyes from his plate, locking onto the redhead’s gaze. Soon, Steve found himself smiling back at her.

          “What’s on your mind?” He asked, leaning closer towards her.

          She was silent for a moment, averting her eyes down at the cup of coffee in her hands. Her smile grew as she returned her gaze to him.       

          “I was just thinking about what we have going here; these lazy Sunday mornings,” she replied with that same small smile from before. “Everything has been so hectic these past several months, so it’s nice to be able to relax. I enjoy these mornings we have together.”   

          Steve smile turned into a beaming grin with her words, “So do I.”

          “It’s as if the outside world doesn’t exist pass these four walls,” Steve listened, completely enthralled as Natasha began to radiate a pure joy with every word. “There’s a comforting aroma of pancakes mixed with coffee in the air. There’s the freedom from our Avenger obligations and all the stresses that come with it. I enjoy watching the sunrise and our small talks; You know, the ones that turn into deep and meaningful conversations about life, love, and everything in between?” 

          Steve couldn’t help but laugh as he nodded his head in reply.

          “I don’t know,” she began to trail off as her sights returned to the lukewarm coffee in her hands. “There’s just something about these lazy Sunday mornings that I love so much, but what I love most of all is that I get to experience these little things with you. I just don’t want to lose this, too.”

          “Natasha,” Steve cooed as he reached across the table, taking her hand in his. Natasha looked up from her coffee and her gaze was met with the caring blue eyes of his. “We’ll always have our Sunday mornings.”

          Even though she knew well enough that life was unpredictable, something in the way he said those words made her believe him. They would always have their Sunday mornings. They would always have their pancakes and coffee. They would always have their talks. They would always have each other.

This is my contribution to RomanogersWeek2k17. I had almost forgot about it all together until I seen a fic from one of my followers for yesterday’s prompt. I stayed up late last night to make this because I really wanted to participate in this years RomanogersWeek. So here’s an aesthetic and small fic for the prompt: Freedom & Pancakes.

I’m really proud of how this all turned out.

This is it - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, fluff - pure fluff.

Request: “ I was wondering if you wanted to make an imagine where Y/N is Luke’s girlfriend Y/N is nominated as the best actress for the Oscars and Luke is her date and lots of fluff and red carpet pda…. ❤️❤️😁”

Summary: You’re nominated for an Oscar and you decide to bring Luke, your boyfriend at the ceremony.

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to help improve my writing. Also, don’t forget to request new stuff!

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Far From the Maddening Crowd

A Chloenette fic- 

I was actually really proud of how this turned out so I wanted to share it will you all as well ^_^  This was my contribution to the ML Rare Pair Challenge

Chloe had brought it on herself really.

No matter how much time she had spent trying to learn to bite her tongue, every once in awhile she just couldn’t help it. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been stretching her niceness quota to the max today anyways. To celebrate their last day of lyceé, she and Adrien had pooled resources to pay for the entire class to go on a weekend getaway at the coast, starting with a mass sleepover (the boys at Adrien’s mansion and the girls with her here at the hotel) on Friday night. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. A feather in the cap of her ‘road to redemption’ as Adrien had taken to calling it.

She had not expected, when she had unthinkingly asked her father to make sure arrangements were made for refreshments for their celebration, that he would include a champagne fountain. She should have- after all it made perfectly logical sense that her father would simply instruct the staff to prepare their top tier catering package and arrange for it to be set up in Chloe’s personal suite. Her father had never really been one for personal oversight. Still, it ended up putting her in the rather uncomfortable position of playing babysitter to a hoard of tipsy, rambunctious, teen aged girls who clearly didn’t have her alcohol tolerance.

Still, she should have just kept her mouth shut. So what if Rose and Juleka had been extra affectionate from the minute they walked in the door? Who cared if they wanted to spend the evening cuddling and exchanging kisses in between bites of high end truffles and chocolate dipped fruits snatched off of the refreshment table? It wasn’t like she was jealous.

OK so she was totally jealous.

read the rest here:

DAY 3271

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Mar 12/13,  2017                    Sun/Mon 2:28 am

Festivities for HOLI abound all over .. it is the time of year when there is celebration .. change of season, harvesting, and general cheer .. the colours bring in the otherwise dull countenance .. song and dance have accompanied all such occasions .. the freedom of liberating your inner constraints play over … mixing guests, forgiveness of old animosities, friendships bonded over, the consumption of the traditional ‘bhang’ and the joys of its after effects …

BUT ..

When adverse health conditions plague relatives, the celebration is stopped .. and so it shall be for us this time .. we pray yes, but we also respect ..!

The attention to the conditions at home with the health issues of relatives, kept me not too well informed with the other winners at the Zee Awards last night .. I just came in at the back of the stage, minutes before I was to be announced on stage, for bringing in a tribute to those we lost from the fraternity .. did my remembrance of those we had worked with, and who had left behind their own contributions to be cherished and kept in posterity .. and left the stage, only to be rushed back as the Best Actor was announced, graciously received it from Sridevi  and Bonny Kapoor acknowledged all those that contributed to the film PINK and left for the hospitals where relatives have been admitted - two different hospitals ..

ShahRukh had called in the morning before, asking me to drop by at his place for dinner .. the Founders and owners of Netflix were coming over and had expressed a desire to meet me, among others. I kept my word to him and did drop by. I do not think that Netflix biggies were even aware of who I was .. so completed a formality and met a few other friends - Karan, Alia, Vinod Chopra, Zoya, Imtiaz, Anand L Rai, Farah, Aamir, Ashutosh, Vidhya, Ronnie, Siddharth Roy Kapoor et al .. and left ..  and as I drive away, I get the opportunity to see many parts of the city which have eluded me for long and find many facilities fresh and new, eateries all over, bridges and flyovers for convenience .. and the younger generation hounding every feet of the environ about - on bikes, in cars, eating by the wayside, walking about .. free in mind and thought .. laughter and music around them .. its a live surrounding .. and I am talking past midnight .. the roads are traffic snarled, but happily so .. its just so wonderful to see all this .. alongside also is the misery and the poverty - the pavements and dividers becoming temporary living quarters .. and this worries and pulls the heart .. you drown yourself in the music of your creation in the vehicle you travel in, and strain your neck to the multitudinous material that keeps the entire universe occupied - the mobile and the net !!

Somewhere though, those lasting visuals never leave you .. will they ever ??

What also notices that pass by are the bill boards .. each one larger than the other, placement challenged, content attractive to catch the eye for the commerce, or campaign, they all have reason .. some of mine are there in some generosity …

…..  and they do not need explanation or attempted description ..

The next do .. for they are of well wisher fame and they describe their love each Sunday .. a Sunday after missing out on the last one .. the Ef are there as always in large numbers promoting SARKAR 3 in interesting ways .. thank you so much, the Prashant and AG group .. you do understand that it does become difficult to invite you in after the gates shut .. there are some though that do get in, but its their first time and I relent ..

And this my fan from Iraq .. been here for almost 30 years or more .. runs a video store in his country, and started his business by showing my films first .. these are constants and can never be ignored .. his emotions I never challenge .. except I wonder why he feels that I am not bathing myself adequately .. because on each trip he brings bags full of soap !

There is a heaviness of heart and mind .. 

Amitabh Bachchan