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Okay, okay, okay, I’ve been reading posts with this tag for the last hour. I feel like I need to contribute… so here’s some #onlyingotham tweets:

I think it’s one of the batfam’s birthdays cause there’s loud chanting from atop my building and confetti is falling from the sky. #onlyingotham


Apparently the fire escapes on the apartments near the police station are a popular place for the bat kids to watch YouTube on their phones. I’ve been hearing sport fail videos and laughing out my window every night for the last two weeks. #onlyingotham


So today during my self defence class, Robin comes barging into the gym and yells, “try those kind of pathetic manoeuvres here in Gotham and you’ll be found dead in an alleyway.” This child then proceeded to show us how to PROPERLY defend against GOTHAM robbers and how to NOT die.


I was studying late at a cafe for an early morning exam. Red Robin, Spoiler, and Catwoman came in for I guess(??) a coffee brake at two in the morning. Catwoman was lecturing Red Robin and Spoiler about how to properly dry clean blood from clothing…. #onlyingotham


I was walking home from work and I saw Nightwing swinging on a fire escape and he yelled, “Marco!” Red Hood jumped from another roof and yelled “Polo!” as he swings through the street. God, I love this city :P #lmao #onlyingotham


There’s this dinky little bar I go to after work. Today Oswald Cobblepot came strutting on in, payed for everyone’s drinks, and left with a beer. #onlyingotham ??


Yesterday I saw this old guy in this huge green vampire cloak arguing with Robin on the street about betraying family duties… #onlyingotham


So Superman paid a visit to Gotham. I literally just saw him flying through the streets, carrying a flailing Robin and a whining Super Boy. #onlyingotham


Whenever I have a bad day I go to the roof of my apartment building and watch the sun set. Last night, Nightwing saw me and joined me on the ledge after he thought I was going to jump. I’m totally fine, don’t worry guys :P. Apparently he loves watching cartoons. His favourite character is Zuko from Avatar because he reminds him of his younger brother. #onlyingotham


I think Red Hood must be grounded or something cause while I was buying a chocolate bar from my local 7/11… Batman is standing outside the foggy glass windows, arms crossed, and tracking every move Red Hood makes in the store. #onlyingotham


I think I just saw one of the bat kids almost die(can they even die??)… that Robin kid, who fell from above, is laying on the pavement and rubbing his arm as this guy in blue and black tights stands beside him, lecturing some kid with a long stick on the roof who’s yelling, “He spiked my coffee with salt!!” Then the blue and black one is yelling, “he’s trying to prevent you from overdosing on caffeine. You need help!” Then the stick one, “Bullshit! You defend him on anything!” “Red Robin, you had a mini heart attack the other day.” Then the Red Robin kid just flicked them the bird and now he’s stomping down the roof… what did I just witness? I’m just a guy from Metropolis, is this a daily occurrence here? #onlyingotham

@guyfrommetropolis yah, if your give the one with the staff(Red Robin) a coffee he’ll buy you cookies and love you forever :P



- Midoriya is autistic ok I don’t make the rules. His special interest is hero’s and quirks, he’ll hyperfocus and infodump about this for H O U R S. This kid absentmindedly infodumping in a never ending cascade of mumbling. Tiny Izuku rocking back and forth HARDCORE waiting for momma to boot up The Video, which he can recite from memory it was the only thing he’d quote for w e e k s the echolalia was Strong

- Iida is also autistic, non-negotiable, this is Fact. Boy has no volume control, he’s gotta have routine and rules or else its !!!!!!!!!. black and white morals/worldview for days. His hands…..they stim. Scripts a lot because he will make All The Friends and this is How You People right

- These two boys are both chasing so so hard after a legacy, trying to live up to and be worthy of those who came before them and both have to deal with the fall of their hero, face the fact that Their Hero isn’t/soon won’t be able to do Hero-ing and it’s up to them to take up where they left off, I mean you gUYS

- How can you not?? Love these two besties????? They and Ochako make up the Trifecta. The Golden Trio. The Original Flavor Squad. They admire and inspire each other and support each otherrrrrr

- BONUS ROUND: ENTER THIRD BOI STAGE LEFT pursued by endeavor. THIS boy trying to RUN from HIS legacy. trying to. shall we say. bend fate????? Like a certain other kid with a hero dad yes??? I don’t need to go into this everyone and their moms heard of tododeku and its a Good

- Todoiideku is the Legacy Trifecta. the Fate Trio. stain arc is a gift and it Opened My EYes to iida and midoriyas fukigns. good vibes. why no one talking about these two, and three, these lovely lovely boys out to grab destiny and make it their bitch

- unrelated: present mic is also autistic but more importantly both he and bakugou have some degree of hearing loss, that’s a whole other story. theres dadmight and dadzawa but has anyone talked about dadmic? I think we could get some dadmic up in here


Some pics from the Knockout! event last night! A few of my friends took pics of some of the slides (including a full map of Inkwell isle) so I’ll try and collect them later for y’all. There were pencil test folders we could flip through of Baroness von Bon Bon’s castle, one of the flying fish from Perilous Piers, and Hopus Pocus, but they were scanned copies (still really awesome to flip through though!)


Yo look at me! I’m actually contributing to an internet trend for once!

So yeah, this thing has been going around where artists draw a character based on their ‘type’ but because of my aromantic ass we’re just gonna go with my favorites based on aesthetics and personality.

Bakugou, Kaito and Kira kinda got lost somewhere in there, sorry about that.

Perfect Strangers (Part 1): Knock, Knock, Who’s There

Title:  Perfect Strangers (Part 1): Knock, Knock, Who’s There

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  Bucky Barnes is the consummate ladies man, a different girl every night, no lasting relationships. You are a painfully shy bookworm terrified of getting involved with someone for fear of getting hurt. When the two of you literally run into each other, sparks fly.

Sequel to Three’s Company

Characters:  Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Steve Rogers

Word Count:  1648

Warnings: mild language

Author’s Notes: Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for your invaluable help and contributions.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Seven Deadly Sins for seven deadly Horcruxes.

In order: Wrath, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Pride

Late, woops. I forgot to set a que for this to come out last night. This is my contribution to the @tomarrydarkspringexchange gift exchange for @tomriddleislordvoldemort

The prompt was “ Harry, Voldemort and his horcruxes interact.”

I feel like it’s now my duty to post weekly updates on the ratings for Wynonna Earp. A couple of thousand less than last week, but luckily nothing under 500,000.

I heard a rumour that Syfy wasn’t prioritising viewership in regards to shows. Its a contributing factor, of course, but they were heavily influenced by a fandom rather than focusing only on viewership. So if we keep the figures over 500,000 but make Wynonna Earp trend every week, we could be getting a season 4. I think there’s too much shite on tv these days to expect millions of people (especially on a Friday night) to watch a show on cable. So Syfy would prefer a fandom reaction.

So guys, your mission, should you accept it, is to make Wynonna Earp, Wayhaught, WynDolls, Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Kat Barrell or anything related to the show trend every Friday! Don’t worry if you think you’re annoying people with what you’re saying because you’re not. You guys are the funniest fuckers I’ve ever had the privilege to meet and your tweets on a Friday absolutely kills me.

Let’s go, Earpers! Best fandom ever. I love you all.

here’s a cheeky preview of my submission for @btscoloringbookproject ;’)

very excited for this project to be finished!! please give it lots of love ♡

Perfect Strangers (Part 3): Nobody Said It Was Easy

Title:  Perfect Strangers (Part 3):  Nobody Said It Was Easy

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  Bucky Barnes is the consummate ladies man, a different girl every night, no lasting relationships. You are a painfully shy bookworm terrified of getting involved with someone for fear of getting hurt. When the two of you literally run into each other, sparks fly.

Sequel to Three’s Company

Master Post

Characters:  Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Steve Rogers

Word Count:  2996

Warnings: mild language

Author’s Notes: Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for your invaluable help and contributions.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Trimberly Week (D1)

*swan dives late into Trimberly Week* *splash*

Hey everyone, sorry I’m late but I was on vacation all last week and weekend and only just got back. It was great but when I logged on it was like I had missed a months worth of content! This fandom is amazing! Anywho, here’s my contribution and another post is sure to follow soon.

Coffee Shop/College/Fake Dating au

  • Kim meets Jason when they’re six
    • he moves into the house down the road from hers but since they live in the mountains and there’s nobody else close by they’re essentially neighbors
    • his mom offers to babysit Kim while her parents work and thus they become best friends
  • They’re twelve and at Amanda Clark’s birthday party when they’re dared to kiss
    • It’s a little gross and a lot awkward and it lasts five seconds but they’re the talk of their friends for weeks
    • that night however when Jason’s mom picks them up and they’re chilling in his room playing video games Jason confesses
      • Jason: “I… I think I like boys.”
      • Kim: “Oh… me too. And girls.”
      • Jason: “Oh. Cool cool.”
    • they pinkie swear not to tell anyone else
  • They start “dating” when they’re fourteen
    • they’re freshmen and Jason’s dad worked him into shape so when he tries out for the football team he makes varsity
    • and Kim has always been a fan of gymnastics so she joins cheer
  • but then one day at lunch, one of the older football guys makes a joke about how gay Jason is for the captain
    • its supposed to be a hazzing thing, but Jason really does have a crush on the captain and he freaks out too much not to raise at least a few suspicions
    • and Kim knows how bad it could get if Jason’s father found out about his son being a homosexual, not to mention social suicide by the other kids in highschool
    • so she waltzes up to the football table and plants one on Jason in front of everybody
      • Kim: “You wish Jason was in love with you Zeke. But get in line, I was here first.”
    • and everyone buys it
  • that night they come up with the ruse: pretend to date, appease their peers and their parents, and never tell a soul
  • it works… for the most part
    • because they’re best friends they love each other but theres a period of time when Jason really questions his sexuality
    • Kim tries to help and support him, to assure him that what he’s feeling isn’t wrong, but Jason’s insecure and scared
    • they argue and fight a lot of the time
    • then one night when they’re sixteen and at another party thrown by Amanda, they get drunk and sleep together
      • and it’s super awkward
    • after its over they’re just lying in Jason’s bed when Jason jokes
      • “Yeah… definitely gay.”
    • and Jason has to smother Kim with a pillow she’s laughing so hard
  • And then senior year happens and shit hits the proverbial fan
  • because Jason gets detention for wrecking his car and Kim gets detention for kicking Ty Flemming’s ass because he was being homophobic and trying to spread shit about Jason and because Ty is Amanda’s boyfriend, out goes cheerleading
  • but then Jason meets Billy Cranston and Kim meets Trini Gomez
    • and Billy’s smart and silly and amazingly wonderful and Jason really really likes him
    • and Trini’s aloof and snarky and honest if not absolutely adorable and Kim really really likes her
    • and more times than not the couple spend the time they’re together talking about their respective crushes
  • And of course no one knows Jason and Kim aren’t really dating
    • and Billy’s confused because he thinks Jason’s hitting on him but he’s horrible at reading people and he keeps telling himself that it’s just Jason being friendly because he has a girlfriend
    • and poor Trini has to deal with Kim constantly flirting with her and trying her damnedest not to give in because Kim has a boyfriend and she’s straight
  • which just about blows up in all their faces
  • Trini’s still struggling with her sexuality and lets slip to Kim one night that she’s gay and Kim is like, oh honey i’ve known
  • but she’s mayhaps a bit too enthusiastic because Trini goes on the defensive and says Kim doesn’t understand, that she doesn’t get it
  • and then Kim accidentally lets slip Jason’s gay
    • and when Kim tries to explain the whole “fake dating” thing and her being bi and Jason being gay, Trini “nopes” it out of Kim’s window
    • Kim chases after her and tackles her over a cliff into a pond
      • Trini: “What is wrong with you?!”
      • Kim: “Well I’m in love with you but I wouldn’t say that’s ‘wrong’.”
      • Trini: *shook*
  • Kim totally kisses her after that but since they’re up in the mines they get caught by Billy and Jason
    • (Billy had told Jason they were going treasure hunting and Jason was almost in the same boat as Kim)
  • So they explain to Billy and to Trini again that they’re not really dating and that they’re in love with them, but now no one knows what to do because outing themselves could mean hell, both at school and at home
  • (I sorta forgot about Zack until this point, my poor baby. Just pretend he’s Billy and Trini’s friend whom they go to with their Jason and Kim problems)
  • Zack comes up with the plan
    • They’ve got a month til graduation so Kim and Jason will continue to “date” and then break up over the summer and since they’re all going to the same university, they all get a place off campus and then Jason can be with Billy and Kim can be with Trini
    • because Bily’s uncomfortable engaging in any type of relationship while Jason’s still technically with Kim and Trini agrees that she doesn’t want to be a side piece, even if Kim and Jason aren’t technically dating
  • It’s difficult but they follow the plan… mostly
    • Kim and Jason win Prom King and Queen but instead of dancing together they break up on stage and then bounce, Billy and Trini following discreetly behind them
    • everyone’s stil in shock when Zack jumps on stage and steals both crowns, calling himself the “Almighty Prom Quing” before highjacking the music and crowd surfing before he’s chased out by chaperons
  • They graduate and spend the summer sneaking around with each other before Kim finds a place off campus and they move in within the week


  • Zack ends up moving into the basement because that’s the only place sound doesn’t travel to and he can finally get some sleep
    • the new rule is to always knock before entering any room and then knock again just to be sure
tears in the mirror

so last night was angst night for @thesschesthair, @optomisticgirl, and me. (unfortunately, @xpumpkindumplingx, @fergus80, and @kat2609 were subjected to it, as well). here’s my contribution—1k of some 6x15 spec/possible spoilers (but probably not).

Emma had been sitting on their bed, staring at that ring for the better part of an hour, an uneasy feeling growing in her stomach. It was a sick kind of comfort that Liam’s ring was here; she knew Killian wouldn’t leave it behind, so he hadn’t planned on skipping town—but then, where even was he? What happened?

No matter how many realms or planes of existence separated them, she always had a good feel for whether or not he was safe. And she now realized the gnawing in her gut that had been there the past half day had less to do with anger and more with his own personal turmoil, both emotional and physical.

She had to find him.

But, as small a town as this was, he could literally be anywhere—within Storybrooke’s limits and without. She briefly contemplated using a locator spell on the ring, but the odds of it leading nowhere were high. She stared at her reflection in the vanity mirror—with her red-rimmed eyes and messy hair—as she racked her brain.

Wait—the mirror! She’d dealt with them enough recently to know just how useful they were. She didn’t know the spell Regina used to communicate through them, but she definitely knew how to see someone through one.

She was off the bed and in front of the mirror in two strides. “Show me Killian,” she urged, her voice rough with unshed tears.

Her reflection began to blur and warp, like dropping a pebble in still waters. The glass darkened, but then an image began to rise to the surface: dark colors and low lights that eventually sharpened to a view of an unfamiliar room.

The walls were made of green steel, but the furnishings were oddly lavish, and there, seated on a plush, red-covered bed, was a hunched form she’d recognize anywhere and everywhere.

“Killian,” she practically sobbed out, even though she knew he couldn’t hear her. He was bent over, head in his hand, but the physical anguish was easily readable.

She could only stare at him, watching as his shoulders shook with silent tears. What was being done to him? She’d only ever known him to cry once, maybe twice, and even then, only in extreme circumstances.

He looked up into the mirror. His cheeks were wet, and the blue of his eyes stood out all the more against the redness from his tears. Seeing him like this, and not being able to do anything, made her heart break all the more.

Just then, a knock came from somewhere. She glanced around to see if it was her door, but Killian sniffled and wiped at his face before standing and calling out a watery “Come in.”

She watched as Captain Nemo entered the room; they must be on the Nautilus.

“Did you get it to work?” Killian asked the man. Get what to work?

“No; we can’t figure a way around the spell. It seems to have a destination in mind and won’t stop until we’ve arrived.”

“And where might that be?”

The captain sighed. “I’ve no idea, but I do know we’re back in the Enchanted Forest.”

“Bloody hell.” Killian cursed and collapsed back on the bed, hand coming up to pinch his nose like he did while trying to rein in emotion.

Before she had realized something was amiss, she would have believed it if he’d ran off with Nemo’s crew; but now—what was going on?

Nemo sat down next to him. “Have faith, Killian. We’ve both come out of worse scrapes and lived to tell the tale.”

“It’s not just getting home,” Killian lamented, exasperation bordering on fear in his tone, and listlessly dropped his arm to look at the other man. “Emma has no idea where I am. As far as she knows, I’ve abandoned her; walked out on her, just like so many have before. Despite our issues, I swore I would never do that to her and I haven’t yet. But now…”

His face fell into his hand again and she saw a tear track down his face; she felt a few slide down her own and she ached to pull him into her arms and comfort him.

“Every minute I’m down here is killing me, and whatever Gideon has planned for her is surely no better. How can I sit idly by when she might be in danger?”

Emma’s tears were free-flowing now. Her beautiful pirate—her True Love, regardless of their problems—who had been stolen away by the son of his mortal enemy was only concerned with her well-being. Yes, they still had things to work through, both of them, but right now, she needed nothing more than to wrap him in her embrace and kiss away his tears.

“Who said anything about idleness? Come; the princess thinks she has a plan.” Nemo gave Killian a comforting pat on the shoulder and an encouraging smile.

Killian nodded and gave half a smile in return. “Just…give me a minute.”

Nemo left and Killian stood, moving closer to the mirror. For a moment, it felt like his eyes were on her, though she knew he couldn’t see her—and that was almost worse.

He wiped his face again, closed his eyes, and placed his palm on the mirror. “I love you, Emma,” he whispered, quietly and reverently.

She lined her hand up with his and murmured back, “I love you, too,” through her tears. He gave no indication that he’d heard her, but the unease within settled just a bit.

Killian sighed, looked at his reflection once more, and then followed Nemo out. Emma watched him leave, took a deep breath, and steeled herself for what was to come.

She’d deal with Gideon later. First, she had a pirate to save.