my larry feels got the best of me

Member Berries Election 2016 Edition

This past week has been one for the history books! I decided to go through and have a bit of fun. If you aren’t familiar, South Park had these little member berries that made you feel good and nostalgic for better times. I gave it my own Bernie Bro twist (another joke I’m a Black woman). Laughter is the best medicine. Others have gotten in on the fun including The People for Bernie! Enjoy and share your own memories. 

Thank you Zoe for helping me when storify failed lol. 

  1. Member when the State Parties never got any of that money member
  2. Member Republicans for Hillary member
  3. Member Larry Cohen member
  4. Member Flint Michigan
  5. Member when you thought your shadiness would land you a whitehouse gig Member
  6. Member democratic socialist member
  7. Member Rosa Parks on the back of the bus logo
  8. Member volunteering for events and making new friends
  9. Member the picket line member
  10. Member the transcript clock member
  11. Member not mi abuela
  12. Member when Tessa Thompson, Rosario Dawson, and Michelle Alexander did a panel in Harlem member
  13. Member NNU and the red bus member 
  14. Member The People’s Convention member
  15. Member Women for Bernie meetups member
  16. Member Tim Kaine and his fluent spanish and black church member
  17. Member Bernie made me white member
  18. Member what Brock did to Anita Hill member
  19. Member million dollar brock trolls member
  20. Member this just politics member
  21. Member when Kasim Reed was spoonfed attack points by Correct the Record member
  22. Member when Bakari Sellers challenged Rania Khalek to a debate and then bailed member.
  23. Member when old men for HRC were attacking women Bernie supporters member
  24. Member when super volunteers paid their own way and were denied badges and access at the convention member
  25. Member the photo of POTUS Obama in Kenya member
  26. Member He would’ve been carrying our bags member 
  27. Member The People For Bernie Sanders member
  28. Member Neera Tanden
  29. Member when they kicked Ben Jealous off a convention panel and banned Nina Turner from speaking member
  30. Member when delegates raised money to go to Philly and were treated like the enemy. 🍇🍇
  31. Member Republicans for Hillary member
  32. Member when Killer Mike quoted Jane Elliot member.
  33. Member when we were just here for the boys member. 
  34. Member when women were told they weren’t feminist for supporting Bernie member.
  35. Member Goldwater 
  36. Member Bernie was responsible for Sandy Hook member
  37. Member when VT was the source of all the guns in NY member 
  38. Member millennials 
  39. Member Palestinians
  40. Member the HBCU tour member 
  41. Member when she released a statement against anti-trump protest in Chicago member 🍇🍇🍇
  42. Member when they chanted USA over Bernie delegates at the convention member 
  43. Member when Bill Clinton doubled down on superpredators in philly member 
  44. Member when Hillary said why don’t you run for something then 
  45. Member when they called us communist member
  46. Member the vatican member 
  47. Member when thousands in brooklyn were purged from the rolls. Member. 
  48. Member when Keith Ellison warned Trump had momentum and would lead the ticket. Member.
  49. Member when they said where was Bernie when she was fighting for healthcare in the 90s and then there was video of him standing behind her? Member? Member he was with her? 
  50. Member when we joined a grassroots movement and gained brothers and sisters! Member when we kept organizing. I member. 

Something in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself

Makes me wanna lose myself in your arms

There’s something in your voice, makes my heart beat fast

Hope this feeling lasts for the rest of my life

If you knew how lonely my life has been, and how long I’ve been so alone

And if you knew I wanted someone to come along, and change my life the way you’ve done

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me

It feels like I’m all the way back where I come from

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me

It feels like I’m all the way back where I belong