my lamp does weird things to my face


Image description: Four dark, low-quality pictures from my computer’s camera. All four show me, sitting in my computer chair, with my cat Kitty perched on the back of the chair. She is sitting on the top of the chair with her back feet and has draped herself over my shoulder, with her paws hanging down. My facial expressions in the photos go from neutral, to amused, to annoyed, and finally to resignation and acceptance of my fate.

I’m sorry these photos are such terrible quality (I couldn’t really move to turn the lamp on as I had a ten pound cat digging a back foot into my neck and putting all her weight on me) but I just had to show you all what Kitty does when she wants me to stop working and go to bed (she has me on a strict schedule). 

She does this weird parrot-cat thing, and she licks me. A lot. Incessantly. Which I hate, and she knows it. And she purrs really loud. Her stray furs gets stuck to my face. She gets so worked up she almost starts trembling. It’s adorable and really annoying.