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Out of curiosity, will we be seeing anymore Plance from you ?? It doesn't matter if we will, I love your art no matter what you draw !! <3

I mean, I made this just last week, but ended up not liking it, so I didn’t post it on here… You can have it though, just because you asked

EDIT: yes Pidge is on a stool.

Pikmin headcanon: Olimar keeps a collection of home movies stored onto the ship’s hard drive, and watches them whenever he’s feeling down. Most of them are old, because he hasn’t had enough time with his family in recent years to record anything new. As time passes on PNF 404, he starts recording videos of his second family: the Pikmin, and to some degree, Louie. Louie is camera shy and hates being recorded, but he puts up with it… so long as Olimar remains his test subject for his new (and potentially dangerous) recipes.

The Hocotate Freight ship complains about “sentimental nonsense” taking up space, but it admits Olimar’s videos aren’t as annoying to store as Louie’s hundreds of files, most of which have titles like “coolgarlicbread.jpg” or “AAAAAAA1838392.”

What do you call an emo during fall?

A punkin