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Linkin Park & Me

If you’ve ever gotten to know me, you know that I’m a Linkin Park fan. Like a really, really, REALLY big Linkin Park fan. I’ve never been one to stan too hard over anything, but I’m a Linkin Park stan. For a long time, Linkin Park has been more than just a favorite band, they’ve been a crucial part of my identity since I was thirteen.

I don’t remember when exactly I first heard of Linkin Park. It was at the end of the seventh grade. The name intrigued me, but I wasn’t really into heavy metal. I remember seeing the video for “One Step Closer” on the wall of TVS at Wet Seal, and being shocked at how much I liked it. Then summer came along. I was watching MTV during a stretch of videos in the middle of the day, and the video for “Crawling” came on. I sat with my jaw open throughout the whole thing. It was utterly rapturous. Beautiful. The most incredible thing I had ever, ever, ever heard. 

At the time, the biggest music act in the world around me was Britney Spears, whose hyper-sexualized little girl act revolted me (the older, more mature well-versed in feminism me still finds the act revolting, but with a more nuanced understanding of female sexuality and the male gaze). With the notion ingrained in my head that being a typical teenage girl meant tiny clothing, suggestive lyrics, and lots of belly-wiggling and hip thrusting, being a “freak” was a refuge. I wasn’t here to shake my ass and coyly tell the world that I was a virgin. I was a chubby girl who was never going to look like Britney, and being a “freak” was how I asserted that I had more to offer than just sexy flesh.

I got emo glasses that were just like Chester’s, thick black, rectangular glasses that I’ve worn ever since. I bought a new wardrobe at Hot Topic. I hung out with a bunch of other “freaks” who adored Linkin Park. On the morning of 9/11, I remember having an argument with my friends over what happened in the “Crawling” video. I listened to Hybrid Theory on the bus ride home every day. I listened to it falling asleep. I made my first serious attempt at writing something. 

That’s the other part of my identity, I’m a writer. A writer and a Linkin Park fan, those are the two intractable parts of who I am and who I want to be that stays the same through everything and around which everything else is built. Everything, every poem, every blog post, every novel, every script, EVERYTHING, I write with the intention of being as good as Linkin Park’s music is. That’s always been my highest ambition, to write something that makes someone else feel like I feel when I listen to Linkin Park. I don’t know if I’ve achieved that goal yet, but I still want to.

I’ve struggled with teen angst, ADD, and depression, and Linkin Park helped give voice to all of that. In a vast, dark sea of love songs, sex songs, and songs about money, drugs, and riches, songs about emotions and experiences rife with darkness was something I could relate to. I sometimes joke about today’s pop music’s lack of angst, “What do kids these days listen to when they want to *feel* something?” 

I always wanted to meet Chester Bennington, but, now I’ll have to accept the fact that I never will. It fucking hurts. But I can still say what I’d hoped to say to him: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For being so unique, for writing such incredible music, for being in my life. From the deepest part of my soul, thank you for existing.

That interview was hard to read (it encapsulated a lot of my feelings around that XF performance of JHO which to this day I have never be able to watch or blog anything from again) but in its way so, so necessary.

So much of Louis is off the page and here it is no different. What he says about the real entity is so interesting. The truth lies in all the things he can’t articulate. Not because he lacks the words. But because there are things he cannot say. And yet that in and of itself says so much.

My heart aches for him in losing not just a parent, but a close friend, when he lost Jay. I hope he never loses the confidence she instilled in him, and that he finds ways to just keep doing what needs to be done.

Proud sometimes seems like a word that I can’t claim as a stranger, but I am tremendously glad to be a fan of someone not only so genuine, but someone who has earned my admiration, respect, and an inner voice that will always cheer him on.

Louis, you deserve everything and more. You always will.

Mother Teresa is going to be declared a saint... and she shouldn’t be

I’m not shocked but honestly I’m so disappointed. I’m a girl who grew up in Kolkata, someone who grew up hearing about Mother Teresa and to be honest I hate the fact that the liberal, white, Western media has held this woman as some sort of paragon of virtue. And she really wasn’t. Here are some things she did:

  1. She was so anti-abortion that she actually used her Nobel Peace Prize speech to rail against population control, family planning and abortion. 
  2. She supported Indira Gandhi’s declaration on the state of emergency in 1975, saying “People are happier. There are more jobs. There are no strikes.”
  3. She idolised poverty and suffering, stating that she thought it was beautiful that the poor had accepted their lot in life. But when it came to her, she would check herself into expensive clinics, in the West, in order to treat her own illnesses. 
  4. She was also associated with and supported corrupt businessmen such as Charles Keating and Robert Maxwell, as well as the dictatorial Duvalier family and Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha. 
  5. She encouraged members of her order to secretly baptise dying patients with no regard for their own faiths. 
  6. Her public image was super misleading because  only a few hundred people are served by even the largest of the homes. In 1998, among the 200 charitable assistance organisations reported to operate in Calcutta, hers wasn’t even ranked among the largest organisations- there were others doing a much better job.
  7. In 1991, a journalist visited the home and described the medical care the patients received as “haphazard” and he observed that sisters, who had no medical knowledge, had to make decisions about patient care, because of the lack of doctors there. 
  8. Her order did not distinguish between curable or incurable patients, so that people who could otherwise survive would be at risk of dying from infections and lack of treatment. She herself described her houses as the Houses of the Dying.
  9. She reinforced the popular colonialist image of the white woman giving up her life to save the souls of the “wretched” brown people.

There are more shady things about her but I’m over this beatification of Mother Teresa. I’m over her, and I’m over this constant fawning. Kolkata isn’t the “city where Mother Teresa lived”. It has it’s own identity and Mother Teresa doesn’t, at least in my opinion, deserve this honour that the Catholic Church is bestowing on her. 

Finding you

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Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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I write when I am silenced.
I write when my voice is shoved back into my throat, choking my emotion and seizing my mind.
I write when no one wants to listen. I write when everyone is so caught up in the strings of their own lives that they are tangled within themselves.
I write when I feel that no one can truly understand how my mind works, a million miles a minute, so much to say but no one has the time to listen to my words so a page catches them instead of another soul and that’s okay with me.
Pages don’t interrupt or intervene. Pages don’t tell you that you’re overreacting and your emotion has taken grasp of your whole being, making you feel insane due to merely existing in yourself more than anywhere else, pages won’t leave you feeling like there’s still more to say, but the conversation was cut short by lack of interest, pages never leave you feeling unsatisfied. Pages accept your words, and there’s simply no room for judgement.
—  v.m
Behind Closed Doors (Steve x reader)

Happy Smut Saturday! Oh my god, I’m going to keep this thing going. Of course, I will post smut on any given day, but I will save the smuttiest of smut for Saturday nights. I hope you enjoy this very kinky and very smutty oneshot. I thought I’d give Steve some love, since he’s been lacking attention on my feed lately. God bless all your souls after this, you might need some holy water. xoxo


Description: Everyone thinks Steve is this sweet and gentlemanly guy that goes by his morals and honor. That is true. But, obviously, they aren’t intimate with him like you are. As his girlfriend, you can confidently say that he is no gentleman in the bedroom. 

Warnings: SMUT. DADDY KINK. ROPE BUNNY. (or would it be belt bunny?) ANYWAYS IT’S LITERALLY ALL SMUT. Oh, and cursing, along with unprotected sex (be careful out there)

“You got lucky, F/N. Steve’s a true gentleman. You honestly can’t find guys like that anymore. They’re all dick bags.” Natasha rolled her eyes. 

“Maybe it’s because he’s been preserved for seventy years?” You chuckled, shaking you head slightly. 

“That’s true. I wish there were more guys like him to pull out of the ice, so I can have one of my own.” You burst out laughing at what she said, and both of you were about to be rolling on the floor, dying of laughter. Your stomach was beginning to ache, when Steve walked in. 

“Speak of the devil.” Natasha was holding back a laugh, trying to catch her breath. You got up and met him at the door and pressed your hands against his chest, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

“What’s all the commotion about?” He was leaning against the threshold of the door, a smirk on his face. 

“It’s nothing you need to worry about, babe.” You almost started giggling, but forced it down. “Natasha, we should get going. I’ll see you later.” 

“Alright, you lovebirds. I’ll see you guys later.” She was smirking. You just shook your head at her and waved goodbye, intertwining your hand with Steve’s. It wasn’t a long walk back to your room, it was literally down the hall from her’s. You and Steve shared a room, Tony finally allowing it after two years of dating. 

He opened the door for you, letting you walk in before him. He really was a gentleman, at least in public. But, when that bedroom door closed, he was anything but that. You plopped yourself on the bed, exhausted from the day.

“So, what were you guys talking about?” Steve’s curiosity was peeking through his usually strong, and “know all” demeanor. 

“Natasha was just talking about how I was lucky to have such gentleman for a boyfriend.” You were staring up at the ceiling, laying on your back. You got up on your elbows so you were looking at him. “But, I think we both know that’s not true.” You winked at him, earning a lust filled smirk in return. 

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My personal take and thoughts on ‘Strangers’ by Halsey feat. Lauren Jauregui and ‘I have questions’ by Camila Cabello


Before I comment on the actual song, I would like to point out a very significant matter on this, Halsey and Lauren did a huge thing for our bisexual community and even the whole LGBT community in general by doing this.  BI REPRESENTATION MATTERS. As a bisexual myself there is always a stigma that comes with being one, and it is not all rainbows and butterflies as some would think.

The mere fact of hearing, and seeing a creation from two openly bisexual queens singing a love song to each other on mainstream charts, warms up my cold black heart. It is the pioneer and I hope that this is the beginning of a social change, and opens the gates for further acceptance.

My two cents on the actual song, Well I have played it a hundred times, to say the least. The intro and the beat all throughout gives you the initial “80’s vibe”, a concept; it is unlike any other song on the radio of the similar nature as we speak.

Lyrically, I can never say a bad thing when it comes to Halsey’s writing process. She always does an amazing job. Rather I would say, the message of the song reflects the situation of love, wanting, pride, lust in general at present. Halsey wanted to depict the emotional aspect of loving someone, the raw and honest emotions without sugarcoating it.

My favorite lines would have to be: “To feel anything at all…You lost it.”; “I must’ve crossed a line, I must’ve lost my mind.” and the chorus of course. It is arranged in a candid and realistic conversational form, of which, most if not all could very well relate.

Both Halsey and Lauren have that special raspy voice base, Lauren has this gorgeous massiveness in her voice that perfectly complements Halsey’s soft raspy angelic tone. I would describe it as the perfect marriage of voices.

It is exceptional and special because it represents the truth, It is Lauren Jauregui and Halsey, it is resounded to them both, it echoed them, raw.


First of all, I have to say that this is a very powerful and lovely masterpiece from Camila. I would say that this is my most favorite song she has ever written or done. Next would be ‘I only told the moon’

She has a talent for pouring and translating her soul out into a wonderful creation. The first time I have seen the music video, I was broken for her internally because it speaks to you and not many artists can make you feel that way.

The lyrics elaborate on the emotions, of a certain stage, in a love story, wherein lack of communication is apparent. It speaks of the internal struggle one has to go through after a break up. It asks questions that never were answered. It is giving everything, all of you and yet never knowing why it was not enough.

My favorite lines would have to be; “My name was safest in your mouth.. why did you have to go and spit it out?”

Sonically, I really love the incorporation of the violin throughout the song, it exceptionally matched the vulnerable emotions and the expressive voice Camila has. It is the perfect blend. Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.


In The Land of Monsters

I was always afraid of the gym. Of the monsters that lurked within. A land of giants I had no place intruding.

Sports, fitness and I were never on very good terms, especially when I was a teenager. I was the academic, the imagineer, the dreamer, the geek, the nerd. Whichever way you cut it, there was very much a difference between myself and my “sporty” peers. I’m not going to say “jocks”, because growing up in England we never had that kind of tribalism. But I was a peaceful soul who preferred to bury himself in books and science fiction; they were the brutes who pushed me against the corridor walls, gave me physical and mental torment for my lack of caring for my appearance, for my indifference to their ways. I didn’t even support a football (soccer) team, which in England is nearly as much a capital offence as non-support of rugby is in New Zealand.

Teenage Beastpup in England

So picture me as a young man going through puberty, being inspired by the muscular physiques of bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Culter, Flex Wheeler, Markus Ruhl… monsters, stirring something within me. A desire to be more. A desire to change. To express myself through growth.

But I was scared.

No matter how much I wanted it…I felt I could never, ever join a gym. It would be torture… I’d be like chum in a pool of sharks. Surely from the moment I stepped foot inside my tender, nerd-like nature would be sniffed out by the others, and I would be mocked, tortured anew. Or even then, could I handle seeing how skinny I was compared to the others, when my body dysmorphia took over? Or would my family and friends even understand and join in the mocking that I, the twig, was trying to change himself in the gym? And people would see how sexual it was for me. How much I wanted it… I could never be normal enough… could never get over all these mental hurdles…

 Until the day I did.

Moving to New Zealand in my early 20s brought a lot of changes and positive adjustments to my life. Away from my past, I was free in a new place to start anew. It took many, many months of convincing myself still, but at last I had enough of always wanting and never having. At long last… I was going to join a gym. It was now or never.

 And so my mission began.

Because I couldn’t just walk in there! Oh no. Couldn’t just waltz into the natives encampment… I had to disguise myself first. I had to present myself to the tribe as one of them. Prior to going to the gym, I took myself off to the local sportswear store which was in of itself terrifying as a place I’d never stepped foot in. I despised those overpriced, branded goods put together in sweatshop factories by kids overseas… but for this, I would make the leap. I bought my clothes… a gym bag. Looked up online, I think, what people normally took to the gym… water bottle, towel. It took me a week to psych myself up but finally… I did it. I entered the land of monsters.  I went to the local gym and like a meek doormouse, asked the young lady at the reception if I could join.

 Everything that happened after was so very, very different from all my fears. I was welcomed. I was taken in, I was given my induction by helpful trainers… they equipped me with the confidence to be in that environment, and weren’t intimidating at all! Nor were the other guys there… everyone was just doing their own thing. No torture, no mocking. Just a common pursuit. Fitness. Growth.

The years since have been a blur; a lot has happened in my life. But the gym has always been there… it went from feeling like an alien outpost, to something else. Home. I am at home in the gym. I live for it. I know it. It has become my playground. My stomping ground. And just this week I looked in the mirror, now that I have grown, and I can see staring back at me:

I am now the monster I was afraid of.

 I made my dream come true, and in the process lost my fears. And I’ll say to anyone; you can have this too. You can be it. But if you still have your fear, I understand. But you don’t have to be afraid of the monsters. You’ll be one of them if you want. You just have to work. You just have to leave fear behind.

Happy growing…

 - Beast June 2017

For my wonderful Sasha, may you have a fabulous birthday! С днем рождения @some-people-call-it-tragic​ 

(I hope I got that right and didn’t just call you a blind squirrel in Russian or something even worse.)

“Tell me, did you enjoy yourself tonight, Dean?”

Dean forced himself to look up from where he’d been absentmindedly staring at the glass in his hand, taking a sip of his remaining whiskey before offering Cas a slow nod.

“Yeah, Cas… Yeah, that was nice.”

Castiel -who was sitting right beside him, their knees touching-, nodded too, mirroring Dean. “Sam insisted on inviting some friends over for your birthday, I wasn’t sure you’d appreciate a surprise party, but I trusted his judgment.”

Shaking his head, Dean huffed in amusement. “I figured… It’s fine, it was good seeing everyone again.”

A silence fell, and Dean noticed how soft music was still playing in the background, even though the guests were long gone. His mom had been there, and Jody, and Donna, and some of their other fellow hunters. Even Claire had tagged along; she’d given him a dorky birthday card that jokingly spelled the message ‘congratulations, old man’.

Dean had laughed about it good-naturedly, of course. That was typical Claire.

And yet, now that the only ones left were him and Cas, along with a lot of empty glasses and some leftover snacks, he found that it nagged him. Because even if it had been an ongoing joke between them, she wasn’t wrong. Dean wasn’t getting any younger.

“I can almost hear the gears turning in your head.” Cas muttered, and Dean felt a hand carefully grazing his knee. “Something is wrong, isn’t it?”

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When Soulmates Go Wrong (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4040 (Sorry, got carried away)

Warnings: Aaaaangst

A/N: I’ve got a part two, but I’m going to need you to tell me if you want it. This is just a little something that’s been in the works for at least a month, and I figured it was high time to put it out there. Gif is not mine, and feedback is greatly appreciated as usual. If you want to be added to the tag list, let me know.

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Ah, soulmates. True love smiled upon by the stars themselves. Every person had a mark matching their soulmate’s. The mark could appear anywhere on one’s body, in any color, or any shape, but it always matched what their soulmate had - color, location, shape, everything. And everyone had a soulmate. Except for me.

I’d been born without my soul mark. This terrified my mother on the day of my birth as the nurses had almost frantically tried to find something that could even possibly be a soul mark. There had been nothing to find.

When it turned out that I had powers - the ability to command the elements - in addition to a concerning propensity for all forms of weaponry and an uncanny gift for reading people’s body language… let’s just say that she and my father were afraid for me. Afraid that people would exploit me for my lack of connection as well as my powers.

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EXO Demon!AU Reaction to them all being destined to be with one girl

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Demons can love, but they happen to be more than unlucky, they happen to have lost their hope, yet they still love… love with everything they’ve got* “Maybe… you are what they call hope, we don’t know it… but we’ve heard of it. Maybe you are my salvation… maybe you are the one”


*Some would call him a guardian, some would tell you to stay away, some would say to run away. But he is the one watching you in the distance, no matter how much you insist you want to be close. He’s too scared, scared you’ll end up leaving him too* “That’s the kind of life we demons have, but you are the only thing I can’t lose. I can’t survive it and I’m scared my own lack of luck will push you away”


*He’s the definition of mischief, he’s dangerous, he tempts you, he sneaks at night and watches you sleep. He disappears, makes you miss him while he tries to control his demon side and let you live your normal life. Yet he can’t stay away, the connection between you two is strong* “Even if I’m a demon, do you think I would be able to hurt you? You the one that has proven I have a heart? No matter what I do I can’t stay away and you can’t either. We always come back to each other”


*He would sneak in your dreams, make it seem he’s just an illusion. He would watch you from the shadows yet never show you his face. He would be there but not. He’s a demon, he’s selfish and wants you all by himself but the love is too strong, he knows the’s too dark to be good for you* “Maybe… one day it’ll be possible… maybe one day I won’t be that scary… you want to meet me but are you really sure of what you are wishing? Do you know what my existence means?“


*He would hide it, try to control his dark self. But the bad runs in his veins, he has that reputation at school. Yet he wouldn’t dare to hurt you, even if that means staying away. But he can’t, he can’t just sit and watch other people getting close when you, as strange as it is, are his soulmate* “No one… no one hurts her. Not even you, or me. Got it? She’s the only light a demon can have, she’s the only reason I haven’t fallen deeper in the abyss. She’s my soulmate and I will protect her”


*It’s been centuries, it’s been so long since the last time he was awake. He was reckless, dangerous, feared. The rumor he finally woke up again spread fast, they all fear the chaos may come again. And it might, but there’s a reason for his awakening. Redemption, salvation, you.* “I felt it the moment she arrived to this world, I felt her heart beating just as if it were mine. In all my demon life, this is the first time I felt alive.”


*He’s that kind of boy that gives you chills, his gaze paralyzes you and tells you to run, run fast, run away. But he’s like a magnet too, he’s the mystery you always wanted to solve, he’s the reason you stay awake at night. Just to see him, see how he appears in front of your window taking all the light in his hands and watches you, watches you as if it were the last time he would see you.* “You want to know who I am, what I am. You want to show me that light can be used in many different ways, that the darkness doesn’t scare you. Do you know I love you, me a demon that can’t love? Would you believe it if I walk to your room and let you see me closely?”


*You are drawn to him, you can’t help ti. It’s like being thirsty, like your whole body is thirsty, your soul craves for him. And so is he, he’s feeling, finally feeling. But he’s scared, scared it would be too much to take in, too much for you* “for centuries I haven’t felt a thing, and suddenly this all comes in. It’s too strong, too strong to take it all in. What if… what if in my passion I mess it all? I create the chaos I once did… but this time you get caught in it?”


*He’s a demon… yes he is one and you know. But he is also fighting his demons, literally. Once a demon has found redemption, once a demon has found that hope you give him, you and him become a target. A demon that feels, how could that be? You are a threat in their world, because his need to protect you, his strong love makes him even more dangerous* “I can’t leave your side, I can’t pretend I’m not drawn to you. But my love means you are in danger, my love means chaos. I don’t want that life for you, but is your choice to make… will you accept that we are soulmates?”


*Doing everything in his power to have you is just the beginning. A love that is not supposed to exist, a love that is forbidden. He knows what it means, he knows it could be his end, or the beginning of a new life. He never felt warmth, never felt something similar to the need of his soul for you, never even imagine he would feel a thing at all.* “You changed it all, you changed the definition of demons, you changed the meaning of my life if it ever had one, you changed my existence. Who are you? Who am I? What are we? Soulmates? Even in this hell, there are things worth fighting for. Even after being stuck here for centuries, I can escape. All thanks to you, my love”


*How can it be, that his beautiful existence is also so dark. How can it be that the light you see in his eyes is caused only by you. He had explained a million times and yet you can’t understand how he can be so scared of himself, how he calls himself a dark being. You were never scared, he was always a part of you, and no matter what his nature meant, you were meant to be together. Nothing can change that, nothing will set you apart* “this is the moment I can say that it all was worth the suffering, everything I had encounter during this long life was worth it, because at the end… I could finally find you, my heart.”


*It was be hard, getting close to him. It was dangerous, making him show you his face. It was scary, knowing all the rumors, myths and legends were real. But it never made you run away, you couldn’t. Something inside told you to stay, to help his lonely soul. And the you understood, the reason behind demons’ nature. The lack of affection, the lack of love and light. It’s all because they don’t know what humans do, that there’s always someone for us* “You knew but I didn’t… I wandered on this world for so long without a purpose, questioning why I lived. Until I saw your eyes, it all made sense. Why I was so different from the other creatures in this planet, I didn’t know, I didn’t know someone was meant to be with me”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

O God, I have tasted Thy goodness,
and it has both satisfied me and
made me thirsty for more.
I am painfully conscious
of my need for further grace.

I am ashamed of my lack of desire.
O God, the Triune God, I want to want Thee;
I long to be filled with longing;
I thirst to be made more thirsty still.
Show me Thy glory, I pray Thee,
so that I may know Thee indeed.

Begin in mercy a new work of love within me.
Say to my soul, ‘Rise up my love, my fair one,
and come away.’ Then give me grace to rise
and follow Thee up from this misty lowland
where I have wandered so long.

—  A.W. Tozer

Ok so yesterday I wore this shirt right. It says in rainbow writing “Girls Love Girls and Boys”, but I tied it up to where the only words visible were “Girls Love Girls”. Not really a big deal I thought. It was cute and I felt confident in it.

Well the county Ilive in is pretty open and full of some really nice accepting people (most of them are republicans but the cool republicans that aren’t like OMG HOW DARE YOU ISNCUIDBEBW HXUCBBEJSUDBD AAAAAAAAAAAH)). However yesterday I spent the day with my cousin.

The county she lives in is full of rednecks and isn’t the most inclusive county in Georgia. But hey I didn’t really think anything of it and it honestly didnt cross my mind.

She and I had to go run some errands for her mother in law and went grocery shopping and stuff. Well first we went to food depot. Quite literally the moment I stepped in almost everyone, employee and customer alike, stopped what they were doing and stared at us walking in. I thought “hey, maybe I look that cute today that I’m turning heads,” until my cousin pointed out what my shirt said and reminded me what county we were in. I just waved it off and dismissed the idea witha laugh.

After that we left and ran a few more errands. Well turned out we forgot some stuff at food depot so we went back, only for work to halt once more. We ignored it and continued to walk around until one of the employees walked up to us and started talking to us. The conversation went a bit like this.

Him: “Hey you two are back!”

My cousin: “yeah we forgot a few things so we came back.”

Him: “yeah I recognized the…. Uh… Black shirt.” Proceeds to realize we are both wearing black shirts. “I mean the…. Uh…. The uh…. Gay shirt.”

I have never…. NEVER wanted to break down laughing so hard in my life. Instead I let out a small giggle and replied with a yeah I figured I would show some pride today.

Well after food depot we ran into family dollar (not without me almost killing my cousin with my jokes about ruining family values single handedly with my shirt). As we’re walking in two older women are walking out and, me being the person I am, went to hold the door for her. On of the women smiled at me and thanked me but then prpceeded to stop in the doorway, read me shirt, look at me and with a huge smile say “what a sweet lesbian.”
Y'all…. I had to hold my laughter until we got in the store and dear god…. I could not breathe y'all. My cousin and I were actually dying from lack of oxygen from laughter.

Needless to say I am going to wear this shirt whenever I come to visit her for the soul purpose of causing more mayhem and funny comments.

I want to make it clear that the only hateful/disrespectful things that happened in this shirt were grown ass men looking at me like a piece of meat which resulted in my cousin almost commuting murder, but I didn’t get any disrespect for showing pride. Everyone else was very kind. There were just some really funny reactions that I felt like sharing.


Uncharted territory, I dig deep for answers to my questions. What are we after living day after day? Some people search for love with their head in the clouds, some people burn with a love so bright you’ll always glance twice as they walk on by, will you let them walk away if the time is right? Would you pull them closer if you had one chance to hold them, even if it wasn’t right? Right, you probably would. We love in such strange ways, my heart likes to blend roses with your favorite scent, I’m just as lost as you– I’m just conscious of it. Which avenue will I bump into you? Which coffee shop will you be at? Are you in love with life or are you just searching for me too? Which book store do you frequently visit? Do you have stars painted on your dark complexion? Do you have the horizon slowly slipping into your smooth and milky lips? At which part will I meet you? Do you love flowers too? Maybe you’re writing the same poem. Maybe we’re having the same thoughts. They say that opposites attract, I don’t believe that to be true. We may have shared the same kind of poison, we may have been in the same room, we may have crossed the same street, we may have been the same soul, we may have the same smile. Our hearts may have connected at some point. I lack colors, so I blue my blues when I think about you. Life isn’t so bad, it’s okay to feel a little sad. Do you have a strong fear that the bees will go extinct some day too? There goes the flowers, we wither and wilt from skin to bone– I’ve been told that I can’t let go because love to me is like air to lungs like how can you not look for something if that’s all that you know. Which star are you under? Do we share the same fingertips? Hold the moon a little tender tonight and I’ll kiss my words into this poem.
—  your body language and mine
Crazy Cas isn’t really crazy?

I don’t know how well my thoughts will get across with this, but I feel like Demon Dean and Memory Loss Dean (do we even have a thing for that?) help explain some of “Crazy” Cas’ characteristics.

I know there’s been some talk about why Cas was so different from Sam when he took on his suffering (Sam mainly experienced hallucinations, Cas didn’t), but when I consider the aspects and arguments of Performing Dean and when that wall comes down, I want to say Cas wasn’t really crazy at all.

He was definitely affected by what he took on from Sam and I can’t say what exactly it was, but I feel like it did to him what being a demon and having no memory of himself did to Dean.

Why do these get so long? Under the cut: 

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Deadly Nightshade pt1

Requested by anon: “Could you do an imagine where you caught pan cheat on you but he regrets it and trys everything to make you forgive him”

Word count: 2,174

Warning: Swearing, violence, light smut,

This will be in two parts as I had too much happening and didn’t want it to be too long. I changed it up a little as I couldn’t really think of a way to have him cheat without that stuff I added. I hope it exceeds your expectations xx


  “Wake up,” Peter’s soft voice broke into my dreamless sleep as he shook my shoulder.

  “No,” I groaned.

  “There’s someone new on the island,” I could hear the smile in his voice.

I turned over to face him with an unhappy expression. “They better be the fuckin queen,”

  “No that’s you,” he chuckled before leaning over and kissing me. I smiled as I kissed him back.

  “Okay… fine… I’ll wake up,” I said between kisses.

He jumped up and tore open the curtains with no warning.

I shouted and covered my eyes as they hadn’t adjusted to the light.

Peter, the Lost Boys and I made our way to the beach where the shadow drops the newbies in search of the one Peter sensed this morning.

  “How old do you reckon he’ll be?” one of the younger boys asked as we all hiked along.

  “I don’t know, am I a witch?” the older boy he walked beside snapped.

  “Hey!” I shouted at the older boy. “One, what the fuck do witches have to do with knowing someones age? And two, speak to him or anyone like that again for no reason and I’ll remove you tongue,”

The older boy glared at me but apologised and ran ahead. The younger boy grinned at me and thanked me and also ran to find his friends.

  “I love it when you get all ‘authority’ like that,” Peter snaked his arm around my waist as he whispered seductively in my ear.

  “Really?” I looked at him out the corner of my eye with a smirk. “So if I was to pin you against a tree and do whatever I wanted to you, you wouldn’t object?”

  “I would not, but it’ll have to be later or we’ll miss meeting the new boy,” he winked and grabbed my hand as we sprinted past all the lost boys so that we were ahead of the group.

  “Race?” Peter smiled at me but didn’t wait for a response before letting go of my hand and running even faster.

  “Hey no fair!” I tried my best to catch up but I was no match for his long legs and lean build. He was just fast.

He burst through some bushes in front of me and disappeared from my view for a few seconds before I also hit the same shrubbery.

  “What’s wrong?” I asked when I made my way through to almost crashed into his back as he was standing completely still staring out to the beach.

  “It’s…” he said slowly.

I looked around to see the new comer.

  “A girl,” I finished his sentence.

She turned at the sound of our voices with a glorious smile. She wore a white dress  that swayed as she turned. It was long and sleeveless with ruffles around her claves. It looked like a 1800’s sleeping gown.

Her smile vanished when she made eye contact with me. Despite her unhappy expression for me, her beauty was striking. Golden curls fell down her back and her fair face was dotted with freckles across her cheeks and nose. Big hazel eyes glared at me with a hate that made me feel intimidated.

Peter seemingly unaffected by her glare, walked forward with his signature smirk.

  “Welcome to our island,” he bowed dramatically. “I am Peter Pan, King of Neverland. And you are?”

  “I am Belladonna,” she flash the same hypnotic smile from before and gave a small curtsy. “You can call me Bella,”

I frowned as I tried to remember why her name rang a bell in my memory.

  “Belladonna… “ Peter hummed thoughtfully. “Y’know this island has its own deadly plant. But I must say it is nowhere near as alluring as Belladonna,”

That explains why her name is familiar to me.

I stepped forward also and gave a warm smile to this girl.

  “Hello,” I said, still smiling. The smile she had for Peter turned into a scowl for me. I ignored it and took a protective hold of Peter’s hand. “I’m Y/N. Peter here refers to me as his Queen since he is king here. It’s going to be nice no longer being the only girl,”

  “There are no other girls?” This Bella girl said this as if she was hopeful or relieved.

  “Just me and like 30 teenage boys,” I laughed nervously. “I could help you set up a nice tent a little ways from the boys. They’re lovely but they’re still teenage boys so-”

  “That’s okay,” she cut me off as she smiled at Peter and took his  other hand. “I can handle some teenage boys. Just fix me up a tent while the King gives me a tour,”

  “Uhm,” I had to hold myself back from biting her face as she looked at my boy liked that. “I offered to help you set up your tent. I’m not going to do it for you,”

She gave me the filthiest look then turned back to Peter with a smile.

  “Give me that tour now?” there was something about the way she spoke to him. She looked at him like she was giving a small child instruction.

He smiled at me awkwardly but I could see in his eyes that he truely wanted to go with her. So I did what anyone would do. I gave the bitch a glare that said ‘touch him and I’ll kill you’ then I  released Peter’s hand and walked away.

I was back at camp setting up this girl’s tent as she a Peter still had not returned. I’m a murdering pillaging queen (sorta) and I fucking hate this girl but I have a role on this island and that is caring for it’s inhabitants so I’m not about to let her sleep outside.

Still there was something very off about this girl. The way she looked at Peter and they way he seemed to be under her spell.

I furiously searched my brain for some kind of magic she might’ve used to enchant him.

Is she some kind of siren? A fae?

She’s a bitch either way.

  “Hey Y/N?” I heard one of the boys call my name. I turned and saw Felix.

  “Yeah?” I dropped the tent fabric I was holding and brushed dirt off my knees. “What’s up?”

  “Didn’t Pan go ofw with the new girl?” he scratched his head as if he was uncomfortable with the topic. “Don’t you think they should be back by now? It’s sundown and he’s usualy back before then. He never misses dinner. Should we go look for him?”

I looked at the sky and saw he was right. I’d been so focused on my displeasure of setting up this girl’s tent that I hadn’t noticed how dark it was.

I was suddenly very worried.

  “Get the big boys together, but have Connor stay with the rest,” I instructed. “We’re going to go find them, but I need to make sure the littlies are safe,”

He nodded then jogged of to find the ‘big boys,’ which were the 12 oldest, ages ranging from 15 to 17.

He returned with them all and they stood before me awaiting further instruction. Some held torches.

  “We’re heading to the beach to track them from there,” I took off at a jog, leading the group to the spot where we found Bella.

It was a short journey at this pace. Or that might’ve just been my mind zoning out until we got to the beach.

  “Find their tracks,” I shouted. “Then fan out and pay attention to anything that might be off,”

I found our footprints in the sand from earlier and followed them in the direction Peter and Bella left the beach.

  “This way,” I called and the boys spread out and followed the direction I was heading.

We’d been following these tracks for about an hour and a half when I saw something that made my mind reel.

  “Stop!” I hissed. I reached out to the fabric hang from the branch in front of me.

Peter’s shirt.

The boys all halted in there tracks and stared at what I was holding.

  “What the fuck…?” Felix muttered. “There aren’t any water’s here…”

  “I know,” I growled. I thrust the shirt into Felix’s arms then I stomped forwards.

I pushed my way into a clearing. It was dark and I couldn’t see much but I could hear fine. And what I heard was moans, groans, heavy breathing.

I looked to my left, where the noises were coming from.

There they were. I could see their silhouettes in the darkness.

Then the boys and their torches came into the clearing, lighting up the place and the sight before me had me shaking with rage.

Peter was sitting on the ground, obviously without his shirt. He pants were pulled around his knees but his privates were covered, by Bella.

She straddled his hips with her dress hitched up around her thighs.

He held her in place with his hands on her thighs under her dress.

She held his face to her chest and he stared up at her like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Her striking beauty from earlier was gone however.

Her skin looked grey and her light brown freckles were now black. Her hazel eyes were a piercing ice blue and her golden hair was orange, it looked like flames dripping down her back, Her curls quivering as she grinded up and down on Peter’s lap.

But this was not the most fearful thing about her appearance.

No, she had strange growths on her back, poking out of her long hair, tearing through the fabric of her dress.


Dark grey leathery wings sprouted from her shoulder blades like those of a giant bat.

I know what she is… Why she hated me, why she was happy there aren’t any girls, why Peter is mesmerized by her.

  “Succubus,” I spat.

She looked at me now. She made a sound that could only be described as a shriek and bared her pointed fangs at me.

Peter blinked as if waking up from sleep. He looked at was happening and it was like a switch was flicked in his brain.

He vanished from where he sat on the ground and reappeared a few metres from Belladonna with his pants returned to his hips.

  “Witch!” he snarled at her. “What spell have you cast on me?”

  “No spell,” she laughed. Her voice was still like music. “You are merely a male, and they are weak to the charms of my kind,”

  “She’s a succubus,” I explained to him, but after what I saw, I couldn’t bring myself to look in his eyes. “They’re demonic women who prey on men. Some stories say they eat their flesh, others say they eat their souls but the stories always has sexual deeds in common,”

Peter noticed my lack of eye contact and his face filled with shame and guilt.

  “Y/N…” he took a step towards me but I turned away from him and focused on Belladonna.

  “Fitting name by the way,” I said to her. “‘Deadly nightshade, commonly known as Belladonna’ means beautiful woman, but is a deadly flower. Did you come up with that yourself?”

  “Actually no,” she smiled as if remembering some great memory. “A village I used to torment gave it to me after I killed half the men there-”

Her face suddenly contorted in pain and she clutched at her throat.

I looked at Peter and saw that he was using magic to choke her.

  “Filthy creature,” he seethed as he stood in front of her. “You come to my island, and think you could do your vile things to me?

  “I did pretty well don’t you think?” she managed to squeak out. “I could feel how close you were. Didn’t you enjoy yourself? I know you did,”

He pulled his dagger from his belt and drove it up under her chin into her skull.

Her eyes rolled back and her hands fell from her throat, lifeless at her sides.

Peter dropped her corpse, not removing his dagger.

He turned away from her and stared at the ground.

  “Boys,” he said. “Please leave us,”

Felix looked at me worriedly but left with the others.

I looked at my feet, unable to look at Peter. I know it’s not his fault but I still have that image of him with another woman seared into my mind.

  “Y/N,” his voice was filled with such sadness.

I looked up at him briefly. There was blood spatter on his chest. If this was some other situation my demented self would’ve found that riveting but it just made me feel sick. Even though he killed her, she is still on him.

I turned my head down and squeezed my eyes shut.

  “Y/N please…” he pleaded.

  “I-,” my voice came out as nothing but a whisper. “I have to go,”

Then I ran away. Away from him, away from the camp. I didn’t have a destination in mind. I just ran.

anonymous asked:

I'm rewatching "The Trial" and like- When Steven says "I'm just glad you're okay" to Eyeball it sounds so,,,idk how to describe it. Snotty, probably? He sounds like a little brat in the entire ep but that part in particular makes my soul sneer in "oh, shut up kid". Like don't act all ":( why won't u talk to me, I'm nothing but Nice To You" to someone you left for dead in space you little Squeaky Toy. Damn.

The lack of necessary dialog in SU is really the most annoying thing, especially as you are a writer yourself. (Most of us are, I’m sure)
Although cartoons should be “show, don’t tell”, we all know Steven has to be present…..but then they don’t even do “tell” lmao a mess…

Like the flow of conversation made it so that we should side with Steven and his did-my-best. Eyeball does not specify her AND her ENTIRE PLATOON were thrown into space.
The whole healing/stabbing nonsense left Eyeball in space and the rest, whom Steven already identified with whom would be easiest to talk to, are also left in space. I wish Eyeball addressed that her entire platoon would be suffering at the hand of Rose if it wasn’t for Navy to save them.

And the most backwards morality here is that this show’s entire message is individuality and the ability to be free as who you are. In that regard, Steven made the Rubies individuals for us as an audience by giving them names. And the show did it by giving them very specific characteristics.
But the moment they are getting rid of, they lose their individuality for? ease? Just leave ALL the Rubies in space? All of them? After all that?

lilian-cho  asked:

Can we have more Soul to Soul please? What does Anakin think about the situation? Does anyone show interest in taking him on as a padawan? What does Qui-Gon do to try to earn Obi-Wan's forgiveness? Thank you for your writing.

“What does it mean that you are soul bonded?” Obi-Wan looked up at the cautious voice, blinking at the blond shuffling in front of him wearing a set of Initiate robes instead of the ragged clothes he had from Tatooine. “I-I mean you don’t have to ans-”

“Its alright, its not a term you usually find outside of Force sensitive so you wouldn’t have heard it before I imagine.” Obi-Wan set his homework aside, running his hand over his short hair. “As for what it means…” He mulled over that while waving Anakin to sit down beside him.

The former slave slowly did as told, settling beside Obi-Wan on the couch while watching the other closely.

He hadn’t meant to disturb but he really wanted to know what it meant to be soul bonded and he wanted to know before he moved out from the Jinn/Kenobi quarters.

“Soul bonding can mean…different things…when applied to different people. Different relationships.” Obi-Wan started haltingly. “What it really means though is that…a person soul isn’t complete, there are parts missing and someone else has the missing part.”

“Like a lock needs a key?” Anakin tilted his head.

Obi-Wan gave a small snort but nodded, smiling approvingly at the other. “Yes. Like a lock needs a key. Master Qui-Gon is my missing part and I’m his missing part.” He settled his hands on his own knees, watching Anakin. “And we lend each other stability through the soul bond. But because of that we have…difficulties bonding to others in the same way. In some ways, it isolates us but it also makes us stronger as a pair.” He explained.

“Is that why the council says Mr Qui-Gon take me as a padawan?” Anakin squirmed.

“In a manner yes. There is a potential that he could bond with you but…it would be a very lacking bond.” Obi-Wan explained. “And padawans deserves the best.” His tone was firm. “They deserve their master’s best and not to be considered a burden or a second thought.”

Anakin blinked at him, staring at the redhead before slowly nodding, knowing better then to ask.

Thinking that was it for questions, Obi-Wan reached for his homework again.

“Are you and Mr Qui-Gon lovers then?”

Obi-Wan’s hand froze at the innocently posed question and then he sighed and looked back at Anakin, looking faintly worn. “Sometimes. The soul bond doesn’t require it but…we…its…” He ran a frustrated hand over his chin. “Its complicated. Loving Qui-Gon Jinn can be a complicated thing, especially since I’m still his padawan.” He sat back on the couch.

The boy on the couch hesitated, fingering the edge of his tunic. “Does…does he hurt you?”

“Force no!” Obi-Wan sat up quickly, giving Anakin a wide eyed look. Then he grimaced. “Well, not like you’re thinking. But emotions can be a difficult thing and sometimes you say things that hurts others without meaning to.”

“Oooh…mom says I have to say sorry when I hurt people.” The blond offered solemnly.

“And that’s what Master Qui-Gon is trying to do now. By giving me my space and letting me decide what I want to do about my trials.” Obi-Wan sighed a bit, resting his elbows on his knees and his head on his hands. “Emotions are difficult Anakin. And with a soul bond… I can always feel him.” He tapped his temple, catching blue eyes with his green. “Right here, faintly when far away or the bond is shielded or clear when its open and he’s close. Sometimes I feel just how much he cares for me and it makes it difficult to…sort through my own emotions when I’m upset.”

That got a grimace from Anakin. “That doesn’t sound nice.”

“No, it leaves him a tendency to run rough over my feelings because I tend to forgive him so quickly.” Obi-Wan sighed. “And we need to work on that. But at the same time…” Obi-Wan’s lips twitched a bit. “At the same time its the best thing in the world when I can feel how proud he is of me, how much he cares for me, how grateful he is when I’m close…” He let his words trail off.

There were some things a close to ten year old didn’t need to hear.

Like how desirable Obi-Wan felt when he could feel Qui-Gon’s lust and love.

He shook his head and looked at Anakin. “Has the Council decided what’s going to happen with you though?”

Anakin fiddled heavily with his tunic at that, flustering. “Well um…you got to promise not to tell mr Qui-Gon but…uhu.” He nodded.

Raising his eyebrow in faint amusement and mostly worry, Obi-Wan wondered what the council was up to now. “Okay, I promise.”

“Master Koon is going to take me as a padawan, because he’s um…” Anakin blushed and Obi-Wan nodded encouragingly to him to finish his sentence. “Because he’s old and knows a lot. And he’s raised a lot of padawans.”

Obi-Wan couldn’t resist a little snigger. “Ah, okay then. Makes sense.”

Obviously feeling the amusement, Obi-Wan felt Qui-Gon reach out to him through their bond, Qui-Gon’s side fully open as it had been since that disaster of a council meeting, his query curious but not intrusive or demanding to what had amused his bondmate and padawan in this moment. Obi-Wan just sent a ‘speak to the Council about it.’ Hum back to the man.

“Do you think Mr Qui-Gon will mind?” Anakin fiddled with his tunic some more. “I mean he wanted to train me… And Master Koon says I’ll be moving in with him at the end of the week once he has the quarters ready. He had to move from the…um the ones up stairs to down here?”

“He had to move to the padawan and master quarters, yes.” Obi-Wan nodded, smiling. “And I don’t think Qui-Gon will mind right now. He’s kind of busy…” A bit of steel entered Obi-Wan’s tone.

“Getting your forgiveness?” Anakin smiled shyly.

“Yes, that. He’s doing good right now but we’ll see how long it lasts.” He hummed.

They quieted down for a bit.

“…Do you like Plo Koon?”

“…He says he’s going to get my mother free.” Came the shy whisper.

“Ah. I’m glad Anakin. Congratulation on getting your teacher.”

The two shared an understanding smile.

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demon hunter Bones sounds good tho. I'd really like to read something about it!

I’m glad u asked!

  • “Have you heard anything from Uhura and Spock lately?” Bones asks into his phone. “No,” Sulu replies, “last I know, they were hunting that nest of vampires in Montana. They’re not nearby.” “Jaylah, Scotty and Keenser?” “New York. I can ask Chekov-” “No,” Bones says, “Chekov’s our primary researcher, keep him that way.” “I don’t have anyone else, Bones,” Sulu says, “you’re going to have to go in by yourself. You can wait a few days, but we’ve not seen any demons leave the premise in three days. You’re our demon specialist.” “Fine,” Bones sighs, “but just for the record; I hate you.” He hears Sulu chuckle at the other side of the line. “Noted.”  
  • Bones is by no means a specialist in any way. He just happens to send more demons back to Hell than most. Often he works together, though. Most of the time, Bones teams up with Spock and Uhura, two fellow hunters who aim to make the world a bit safer. Often with the help of Chekov and Sulu, who are their general contact persons if they need any research on lore. Scotty’s gang has the cool gadgets, but Bones likes his weapons old fashioned.
  • He makes his way inside the abandoned warehouse, guns loaded with rock salt and a flask of holy water at the ready. He holds on to his gun tightly, quietly following the dried blood trails on the ground. Clearly, whatever they got dragged down here, Bones is too late to save them. That’s going to gnaw at his guts for a while. He finds the body, tortured and mutilated on the floor. A mere second later, they crawl out of their hidey holes. Demons. At least six of them. Bullets don’t kill them, but at least they’ll hurt.
  • Within a minute, though, he’s getting his ass handed to him. His nose is bleeding, his entire body is sore and covered in bruises, and Bones thinks he might just end up in the same position as the corpse. Was bound to happen at some point, anyway. Today is not that day, though. Because just as he fights one of the demons to the ground, the demon drags him down with him, and Bones finds the demon on top of him, strong hands closing around his throat. Before the demon can actually kill him, though, Bones watches the demon’s skull get stabbed by a long dagger. The demon possessing the human body vanishes, and the body collapses on top of him. By the time Bones pushes the body off of him, the other demons are on the ground, too. “I can’t believe how dependent on me you’ve become,” Jim says, putting the dagger back in his belt. “Jim,” Bones groans out his name, “took you long enough.” Jim reaches out, grabbing Bones’ hand to help him up on his feet. “You’re bleeding,” Jim says, reaching out to run his fingers gently over Bones’ cheek, and he watches the other tense under his touch. “Come on,” Jim says, “let me get you cleaned up.”
  • “You really ought to take better care of yourself, Bones,” Jim says once they’re in Bones’ motel room. Bones shrugs lightly. Jim has been cleaning up the wounds on his face, and Bones’ nose is no longer bleeding. “I would’ve been okay,” he says, “just needed to perform that exorcism.” “Bit difficult to say that out loud when you’re being choked, and not the good kind of choking,” Jim replies, lips turning into a small smirk. “Why’d you come and help me?” Bones asks. Jim sits down next to him, resting his hand on Bones’ leg. “I’ve been good,” Jim says, “but I’m starving. Figured I’d stop by you and see how you were doing.” Bones sighs, though not entirely annoyed at that. “Fine,” Bones says, smiling lightly when Jim’s eyes glow a little lighter when Bones reaches out, pulling him in a little closer.
  • Sleeping with an Incubus is a generally terrible, frequently fatal idea. Jim is different, though. Doesn’t take much, just enough to survive. Jim also joins him on hunts occasionally. Bones knows teaming up with a demon is a little unethical, considering he’s hunting them, too, and he makes a point not to trust Jim for anything other than the occasional intimate company, and someone who has his back on a hunt when no one else is available. 
  • Jim rolls on to his side, his hand running over Bones’ naked chest. “You’re my favorite hunter,” he says, and Bones smiles lightly. “That because I didn’t kill you?” “It’s not for your lack of trying,” Jim huffs with a grin, “no, I like you because you trust me. Not a lot of people do.” “I trust you for about as far as I can throw you.” “So, against the wall or the mattress, huh?” Jim teases, straddling Bones’ lap and kissing him. Sweet at first, but quickly more passionate. “Wanna go for round two?” “You gonna feed off my soul again? Then no,” Bones replies, and Jim laughs. “No, I’m good. Don’t want to end up swallowing my favorite hunter,,” Jim says, pressing gentle kisses over his chin and his neck. “What I am gonna do, is swallow something else entirely.” Bones rolls his eyes at that, pushing the Incubus off of him. “No, you’re not. Not when you say things like that.” “Come on, Bones. I need sex to survive. You’ll literally save my life by getting naked with me again.” “Nice try,” Bones says, feeling a little amused when Jim obviously looks defeated when Bones pulls on a shirt again. The hunter reaches out for his phone, checking for messages. “Sulu says there’s a wolf pack nearby.” “Ugh, I hate wolves,” Jim says, “with their pack mentality, weird sexual appetites-” “You’re one to talk,” Bones says, “weird sexual appetites? You’re literally a sex demon.” “Hmm, always consensual, though,” Jim points out with a grin. “You coming with me to hunt them down or what?” Bones asks, and Jim smiles. “Absolutely.”