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hello! sORRY for the lack of original posts :-( so here’s my mini (growing) washi tape collection on my new 2017 muji planner ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! hope you all had a great one🎄well if u didn’t, don’t worry,, cos i didn’t too :-)


Hello, all my lovely followers! Long time no see! Sorry for the prolonged lack of original posts, but I’ve been crazy busy at my new job as Library Technician at Smithsonian Libraries (@smithsonianlibraries)! I’m working primarily at the Cullman Library in the Natural History Museum, which houses the Smithsonian’s special collections relating to natural history, although I’ve also spent some time at the Dibner Library, which is home to special collections relating to the physical sciences.

Although I’ve only been there for two months, I’ve had the opportunity to do and see some amazing things! From a shelving unit for miniature books to a well-loved 13th century Armenian manuscript (MSS 1675B), the Libraries are truly full of wonders great and small. One of my favorites is the volvelle, or rotating calculator, found in a 16th century alchemical manuscript (MSS 867B)– I just love it when books are interactive! Expect more from that one in the future.

In Killing Stalking Chapter 5, in regards to his parental situation, Bum says, “No… I’ve lived with my grandparents ever since I was a kid… and now my uncle…”

But that’s not what he says in the Korean????

In the original, he says, “아뇨… 부모님은 어릴때부터 안계셨고… 할머니랑… 삼촌… 이랑…” which literally translates to:

“No… My parents haven’t been around since I was a kid, so… with my grandmother… with… my uncle…”

In the original, the lacking presence of his parents is emphasized by their direct mention, and rather than ‘grandparents’, Bum specifies that he lived with his grandmother, although it is unclear whether he means maternal or paternal (which are different words in Korean). Further, there is no indication of a timeline in the original. It could even imply that he lived with both his grandmother and his uncle at the same time.

Further, there is a nuance in how he pauses or hesitates between “with” and “my uncle,” that has been lost in the English translation. 

He does say in his next line that he presently lives with his uncle, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he went from his grandmother to his uncle, and jumping straight to “and now my uncle” is a mistranslation anyway.


hey!! in honor of me logging into tumblr at school and reaching 2k (WTH I GOT TO 1K TWO WEEKS AGO TYSM GUYS THIS IS SURREAL [even with my lack of original content recently (’: ] ) i’ll be doing blogrates!! (and two other things that i’ll be announcing later teehee)

this wasn’t my original plan actually…but lots of people wanted br’s when i started doing the emoji ask game so…!!!


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for example: after sending in blog rates twice before, you changed some stuff and you want me to look at your blog one last time. you’d put  ✨ (3) in the ask!


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MBTI Types as actual things in an ISFJ’s search history

inspired by @mylifeisfandom​‘s awesome post. I’ve seen lots of these and my history is pretty weird, so I thought I’d make my own (sorry for not being original).

INTJ: “when will the olympics finally be over”

INTP: “extreme spanish insults”

ENTJ: “how to write thank you card without being passive aggressive”

ENTP: “surnames starting with ‘egg’”

INFJ:  “how to draw bunting”

INFP: “when i die will i become a tree”

ENFJ:  “moral compass define”

ENFP: “dr jean avocado song nightcore” (this was actually searched on my computer by my ENFP sister)

ISTJ: “picture of person taking out recycling”

ISFJ: “is it morally correct to ship your teachers with each other”

ESTJ: “how to tell if someone is hungover”

ESFJ:  “hearts on fire with the love of jesus lyrics”

ISTP: “why do I find little children so annoying”

ISFP: “cheap yellow sweater buy online”

ESTP: “people with small mouths”

ESFP: “video with guy screaming ‘i’ in a bus offkey kpop”

still getting used to these paints but anyway here’s a tattoo idea I had at work today (bonus: you can always add on when another album comes out)