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Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to draw spider Abbacchio for ages now. Here it is, very spooky and oddly hot. 

what she says: im fine

what she means: trini probably feels extremely responsible for leading the rangers to rita and billy temporarily dying so not only does she have to deal with the aftermath of rita targeting her personally, she has to deal with her feelings of guilt for almost getting billy killed and knowing trini she wouldn’t tell any of the rangers this and instead choose to deal with it on her own, causing her to isolate herself from the others


a kiss with a fist (is better than none) 

by Ashtarok

Explicit, Underage, A/B/O

Harry and Louis don’t get on at all.

BUT they do, in fact, do an awful lot of getting off~

Harry startled visibly, shaking off his deer in the headlights look and huffing quietly. Louis took a final, lingering glance along his scant frame, except the puppy chub at his hips, and then kept washing his hands with a faint sneer. He expected words, biting and sarcastic, as usual. Instead, he was met with silence. Confused, Louis turned back to him as he dried his hands, ready with a scathing remark. It died on his tongue. Harry’s eyes were locked, very deliberately, on his crotch. His crotch, which was still unzipped, and therefore dick on display. Oh fuck.

“My eyes are up here, Styles,” Louis growled, cheeks flushing despite himself as he reached to do up his fly.

“Leave it.” It rasped from Harry’s throat, thick and shaky. Louis froze, fingers cupping himself.

“Excuse me?”

When I was a young boy, my father - took me into the city,

to see a marching band. 

He said: “Son when you grow up 

would you be -

the saviour of the broken. The beaten, and the damned?”

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He said: “Will you, defeat them?

Your demons -

and all the non-believers,

the plans that they have made?”

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Because one day, I’ll leave you. 

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A phantom -

to lead you in the summer

To join the black parade

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Text is lyrics from Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

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Hi, I am so sorry to bother you but you always seem to have amazing recommendations. Could you please, please tell me books that deal with murders and good writing and maybe has a dark vibe? Thank you.

  • donna tartt, the secret history
  • tana french, the dublin murder squad series
  • gillian flynn, sharp objects
  • megan abbott, you will know me
  • katie crouch, abroad
  • abigail haas, dangerous girls
  • margaret atwood, the blind assassin

pens fans keep telling preds fans to take the L and move on but i’d like to see pens fans gracefully take the W and stop being jerks & unnecessarily rude to preds fans when they point out unfair treatment in the league as well as stop bringing up stupid invalid excuses and reasons in defense of their team when someone as much as mentions the word bias

it’s time, again. midnight, the twenty second of the month. i try and close tumblr, but it’s too late. spoilers for the new chapter grab me with insistent hands. i cry silently as i scroll through the vanitas no carte tags, waiting desperately for the new chapter, but forced to live on the scraps of information given to me by a few generous souls.

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1, 7, 10, 12 (๑❛ᴗ❛๑)

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7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?

Hmm, it’s a tough tie between sketching and coloring. Sketching is more free & flowing than when I’m outlining, but choosing color palettes is fun & calming…I can’t choose!

10. are you right or left handed?

Right handed! :’D 

Terribly so.

12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

15 second Frisk!!! Because!! They’re the easiest fav to draw!! ಠ‿↼