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#goD these two #peggy’s literally on the edge of her life #running away from people she works with #some of which she probably even trusted #who are after her for crimes she hasn’t committed #and they don’t even bat an eyelid #all of them instantly go to find her so as they can lock her up #they don’t even think about if Peggy is actually not guilty #even though Peggy has done countless of things to prove herself trustworthy #and then here’s Angie #precious cinnamon roll Angie Martinelli #(who doesn’t even fully know about her friend’s double agent ‘job’ #and the reality of Peggy’s life) #deciding at this very moment #that she is going to protect Peggy #she’s going to lie to FEDERAL AGENTS #put her life and job and home at risk #because Peggy is in trouble #and she’ll be damned if she’s just gonna watch that happen #if Peggy’s life is on the line #then so is hers #Angie Martinelli is Peggy Carter’s shield just as much as Peggy is hers #and I love it so so much


What was it like working with her (Alycia Debnam Carey)?

“It was amazing. Oh my God. I love her. I just saw her the other day – she’s in L.A. at the moment, so we’ve been catching up and having coffees… she’s become one of my closest friends.” - Eliza Taylor (2016)

”Trying to see her (Eliza Taylor) in the madness of my L.A. trip, but yeah, she’s great. I worked with her the most out of everyone on the show, so we definitely got close.” - Alycia Debnam Carey (2016)

I have a one bedroom apartment and I flew my parents in from Puerto Rico for the Golden Globes. I wanted my parents nearby so I gave them my bedroom. It was very humbling getting ready for the Golden Globes and sleeping on my couch the night before! But the beautiful change in my life isn’t really possessions. I haven’t bought anything big or grand, and my boyfriend is still the same, and my family keeps me grounded. But what has changed is my ability to help people, to financially help my family, that means a lot to me, to help my grandmother, to help my sister move to L.A, to help my nieces and nephews go to better schools, that is the best blessing.