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though there were many ups and downs, thank you so much for the amazing past 5+ years. we, as ledas, will never forget the many things you’ve done for us. we love you all ♡ 

“don’t you worry. cheers… to the good times and and let us sing again.” -hanbyul 

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Oh my god, his laugh 😚😚😚💗💙 #kyumin #kyuhyun #sungmin #superjunior #12YearsWithSungmin (cr: on pict)

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A Sehun/Lu Han analysis - Overdose era & beyond

I was debating for the longest time whether I should write this monster of a post, considering how easily bored I am and how quickly I give up on… pretty much everything. It turned out to be not as long as I expected, but still long enough for me to lose my train of thoughts more than several times and end up rambling (most of this post is pure nonsense, you’ll see). It’s something I’ve been discussing with @hunhansguardian though, so I thought I’d still finish it for her, at least.

Boring disclaimers: Most of the graphic stuff are mine. Some are not. Don’t take anything away just to be safe. A big hug to those whose graphics I used instead of my own because I was too lazy to make them myself – you guys rock. Also, words are mine. I guess.

Warning: Kind of image heavy. Don’t use your phone’s browser.

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