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150625 Givenchy Fashion Show

As promised, here’s my fan account!

Givenchy chose the Parc George Brassens as the venue (I had to cross all of Paris to get there, it’s not really in the center of city lol). It was open to the public, which was great! I was able to see the whole show from outside (either from the street or from the park). I saw Naomi Campbell (which I didn’t recognize at first lol) and Kendal Jenner!

It wasn’t very crowded when I arrived so I found the perfect spot, I was right in front of the entrance. With other meigeni’s we were planning on shouting “吳亦凡我們約吧 !” (Wyf, let’s date !). But when we actually saw him we forgot about it lol

The press was allowed to get in and guests started to arrive. While we were still waiting for him, we saw pics of wyf leaving his hotel on weibo and we were all fangirling so hard “omg omg omg” lmao I didn’t like his hair tbh and it ruined the surprise a little but I couldn’t wait to see him. Suddenly everyone started to yell “Kris”. So I thought “omg he’s finally here” but… it was actually Kris Jenner lmfao 

A few other guests arrived and… FINALLY LORD KRISUS BLESSED US WITH HIS PRESENCE LOL It went really fast because, there was no red carpet, he just had a few meters to walk lol He didn’t stay long, he walked, waved to everyone and got in. He stayed a minute or two at the entrance for the reporters to take pictures. They were so many of them, we couldn’t see him well.

I regret not taking an actual camera. I didn’t want to carry it around and I never thought I’d have such a good spot. Anyway I knew fansites would be there so I didn’t want to focus on taking pictures, I wanted to see him with my own eyes and not just through a screen.

In fan accounts, I always read about how he’s so much more handsome in real life. Well it’s kind of true, but I wouldn’t say he’s 10000x more handsome, he’s just like in pictures. It was sunny and really hot yesterday, I hope he didn’t suffer too much from the heat in his suit lol

Right after, we decided to leave our spot to have a better view of the stage. Sorry Kanye* and all the other guests but I was there for the one and only Kris Wu lol 

Wyf talked to guests and the press (I guess), the poor boy kept sitting down/standing up lol I could see Kris Jenner and Courtney Love well but there was an annoying pillar hiding wyf. Since I couldn’t see him, I had no other choice but to enjoy watching the show (life is hard).

He went backstage as soon as the show ended.

I wanted to see him leave but there were 2 exits lol I didn’t know where to wait but then I got a call telling me he went back to the stage. He gave some interviews. Li Hui was there as well. They took some pics together. Too bad I couldn’t hear him from where I was. Then he posed for a few pics (I can fly, I’m praying, I’m in a cage, etc…  sorry for my bad description lol). Givenchy’s official weibo account posted a picture from that photoshoot already. 

Then he left from the entrance. He kept waving at everyone and I “rushed” to his car. I should have given him my fan letter at that moment but I didn’t… I don’t know I didn’t want to shove my letter to his face, there were many fans and sighs

He got into the car, we were waving and saying goodbye even if we couldn’t see him because the windows were tinted. BUT BECAUSE HE’S SUCH A SWEETHEART, HE OPENED THE WINDOW SO WE COULD SEE HIM. He kept smiling and waving. It’s was a sincere smile, he really appreciates our support and is grateful towards his fans. I waved goodbye too and followed the car with my eyes until it disappeared (the traffic was really slow because of all the other celebs and some people were standing in the middle of the road).

Overall cfans were really nice and cute (at least the ones I’ve talked to). Nothing like what I’ve read from fans who were in New-York, I was really afraid they would be bitchy and all with their huge dslr lenses but no. It wasn’t as chaotic as I expected. I also met nice European fans so it was a nice experience.

Oh I almost forgot,  some people were selling their invitations and I kid you not, they were selling it for 200,000€!

*In the end Kanye West didn’t attend the show