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BTS - Rap Class
  • Rapmon: hello class, welcome to Rap 101
  • Jungkook: hello, teacher-nim!
  • Suga: ugh kiss ass
  • Rapmon: Yoongi! don’t make fun of him
  • Suga: namjoon, i really DONT have to be here. im the main rapper in the group. ive got more swag than all of korea
  • Jimin: ooooooh nice one hyung, ill drop you a beat!! aw, aw, yeah yeah
  • Suga: no
  • Jimin: uh uh uh break it down yoongi uh uh
  • Suga: plEASE stop
  • Rapmon: see??? you guys need help. that’s why im here
  • Jin: no no no
  • Rapmon: wha-
  • Jin: no no no no
  • Rapmon: ugh what jin
  • Jin: i am seokjin. i can rap perfectly fine, without YOUR help
  • Suga: thats the biggest bullshit ive ever heard
  • Jin: o really? give me any beat and ill KILL it
  • Suga: please shut up
  • Jin: jimin, drop me a beat
  • Jimin: nope
  • Jin: ughH. JUNGKOOK you drop me a beat
  • Jungkook: ok hyung!!!!! *beatboxes*
  • Jin:
  • yo yo yo
  • hello, i am jin
  • ayo yeah
  • jin is my name
  • i am the one to beat all others
  • thats me, jin
  • Jungkook: *claps*
  • J-Hope: my ears are bleeding
  • Jin: hoseok plEASE stop being so jealous
  • J-Hope: please stop thinking you have swag
  • Jin: swag is in my nature
  • Suga: hA yeah ok
  • Jin: yoongi, you think you’re some swag master? wait until my next track. ill kick your ass. uh yeah uh hit it jungkook
  • Suga: no jungkook PLEASE dont let him rap
  • Jin: fine, i can go acapella.
  • its me, im jin
  • being this hot should be a sin
  • i will steal your girl
  • because im jin
  • V: amazing. i could really feel your passion
  • Rapmon: taehyung whaT are you even saying
  • V: open up your eyes namjoon. look into jin’s soul. he’s got the spark. the fire
  • Jin: exactly.
  • Suga: nah nah nah. this is ridiCULOUS. im out. come on jimin
  • Jimin: ok opp- um hyung
  • *they walk out*
  • Jin: man, they are whack
  • Rapmon: no dont
  • Jin: they dont got da swag
  • Rapmon: pls stop
  • Jin: i think i gotta rap about dis pain. hit it kookie
  • Rapmon: jungkook i swear if you-
  • Jungkook: *beatboxes*
  • Rapmon: i give up bye

BTS AHL: Bangtan’s morning routine 

BTS: *just woke up* 

Tony: everybody say swag  

Swag Master Suga [repeats]: swag.